Packers 2015 NFL Draft – 10 Last-Minute Whispers, Predictions and Opinions

2015 NFL Draft - Green Bay Packers

As the 2015 NFL Draft is about to begin, here are some things that have been whispered into my ear as well as some of my own opinions and predictions.

1) Whisper: Everything I’m hearing indicates the Packers will not take an ILB in Round 1.
2) Prediction: The Packers first pick will be a Cornerback.
3) Whisper: Packers top two players on their CB board are Kevin Johnson and Jalen Collins.
4) Opinion: Packers should use one of their sixth round picks on another ILB with special teams value.
5) Prediction: The Packers will draft a running back or a quarterback, but not both.
6) Opinion: According to the Packers Roster, they have eight defensive tackles and only one defensive end (Datone Jones). Time to draft another.
7) Whisper: Late round targets for the Packers: OT Darryl Baldwin-Ohio State & DE Cashaud Lyons-Tusculum
8) Prediction: Expect Ted to pull off a Day Two trade to move up and nab the object of his desire.
9) Opinion: Every year I pick the one guy I would trade way up for in RD1. This year it’s Dante Fowler. (previous picks were JJ Watt, Michael Brokers, Sheldon Richardson, Mike Evans)
10) Whisper: Last minute whisper coming my way states Denzel Perryman is now the Packers target at ILB. Perhaps because they expect him to be there in Round 2?

11) Bonus Whisper (1 hr before draft started) Packers looking for any and all additional info they can get on Stephone Anthony.

Those are my Predictions, Opinions and Whispers – what do you think?


JUST FOR FUN: Let’s take a quick look at what we got right in previous years:


Whisper: If Derrick Sherrod were to fall into their lap.  Then he’s the guy.     DONE
Prediction: The Packers will take a wide receiver in rounds 2-4    RANDALL COBB
Opinion: This should be the year Green Bay breaks out of it’s disdain for small wide receivers. Give me Jernigan or Cobb    DONE


Whisper: The Packers love Casey Hayward in the second, but will have competition from the 49ers.  DONE
Whisper: The Packers are seriously considering some linebackers that are thought to be more suited as 4-3 LBs, but who they consider to be  “moldable.”  TERRELL MANNING
Prediction: The Packers will not draft 12 players. Trade-ups will be made.  DONE – (WORTHY & HAYWARD)
Opinion: Ted should increase the weight he gives to need in this draft. The team is in a position to warrant it.  DONE (PERRY, WORTHY DANIELS)
Whisper: The Packers are considering Austin Davis as a late-round development quarterback pick if they don’t pull the trigger on B.J. Coleman much earlier..  COLEMAN DROPS


Whisper: If there is one player the Packers would consider trading up for, it’s Sheldon Richardson.  DIDN’T HAPPEN, BUT BOY DID THEY HAVE THE RIGHT IDEA.
Prediction: The Packers will draft a running back and/or wide receiver between Rounds two and four.  LACY AND FRANKLIN.
Opinion: If a trading partner can be found (49ers? Pats?) Packers should trade back a bit and pick up another third rounder. TWO TRADE BACKS – 2ND and 4TH ROUNDS
Whisper: Top running back on the Packers’ board is Johnathan Franklin, UCLA.  CLOSE…
Prediction: There is no way the Packers come out of this draft without taking a running back.  DONE. TWICE.
Prediction: Johnathan Franklin or Le’Veon Bell will be a Green Bay Packer.  FRANKLIN


Whisper: Packers have done EXTENSIVE research on two safeties in this draft – Deone Bucannon and Kenny Ladler.  I’VE BEEN TOLD THAT IS BECAUSE THEY NEVER EXPECTED CLINTON-DIX TO FALL TO THEM.
Prediction: The Packers will draft a WR in Round 2 or 3 and probably another in Round 6 or 7.   DRAFTED 2 WR, BUT ROUNDS 5 & 7
Opinion: I really think the Packers MUST do whatever it takes to pick up safety by end of Round Two.  DONE
Based on the addition of Peppers and Guyon, the subtraction of Pickett & Jolly and other indicators, we will see a decent amount of straight-up 4-3 this season.  DONE.




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7 thoughts on “Packers 2015 NFL Draft – 10 Last-Minute Whispers, Predictions and Opinions

  1. I think you’re probably right: that the Packers will draft a CB at #30, but something in my gut says don’t be surprised if it turns out to be an OLB/DE.

  2. As you point out the Packers have only one DE listed on the roster Datone Jones…two if you count Mike Neal. That is why I still think a DE in round one could happen if he’s BAP and Ted can’t trade back.

  3. I like Henry Anderson from Stanford as a 2nd round 3-4 DE. He may not have quite as high a ceiling as Armstead, but from what I’ve read, he had a much stronger motor. If Ted can trade down a bit in the first round, it will be easier to move up in the second. Two relatively high 2nd rounder’s would be ideal IMHO.

  4. “Opinion: Ted should increase the weight he gives to need in this draft. The team is in a position to warrant it. DONE (PERRY, WORTHY DANIELS).”

    How did that work out? Well, Daniels is good, but we have a abject 2nd round bust, and an underwhelming 1st rounder (who I still like). Go BPA.

  5. Al: Since Randall technically is a FS, does this mean you get to count your “1st round CB” prediction as correct? 🙂

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