Are The Packers In Touch With Fans?

Packers Tailgate Tour

With the offseason in full swing the Green Bay Packers looked to stay in touch with fans as they set out on their 10th annual Tailgate Tour.  This takes some current and former Packers around various Wisconsin cities to attend and put on charity events and give fans a chance to engage with some of their heroes.

This year’s tour features former Packers Jerry Kramer, Dave Robinson, Gilbert Brown, Antonio Freeman and Bill Schroeder along with current Packers Casey Hayward, Micah Hyde and Andrew Quarless.

Packers fans are said to be some of the most loyal and engaged in all of the NFL and while the team has enjoyed over 330 straight sold out games at Lambeau Field, the team still understands the need to recognize that loyalty.  The popular Fan Fest was cancelled after a six-year run for what the Packers said was a declining fan interest.  Judging by many of the comments and a Facebook page dedicated to bringing it back, it appears there are quite a few who would value a return of the Fest.

It’s hard to ignore the financial aspect of these fan events.  If they were profitable enough or created enough good public relations, the team wouldn’t stop doing them.  From the reputation that Green Bay fans have earned over nearly a century of following the team, it would seem odd that there is any lack of interest over any activity related to the team, especially in the middle of the offseason.  Football fans barely get their cravings satisfied during the regular season let alone in the middle of April.  It would seem any chance for them to be around their favorite team and players in the spring would be quite a draw.

I know there are varying opinions on this topic so please carry the discussion on below.  Are the Packers doing enough to stay in touch with their fans?


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14 thoughts on “Are The Packers In Touch With Fans?

  1. I now live in SC. However, I grew up in Wisconsin. I must be frank. I think that many people in Wisconsin are somewhat “cold”. Perhaps its the weather there or the Midwest/Northern European background of the natives there but they seem to keep to themselves. Perhaps that is not a bad thing but it does reflect in how they act. And (just my opinion) they are cheep when it comes to money and time. Don’t get me wrong I loved my time there. Being away for so many years has given me a new perspective of the people in that state. I LOVE the Packers and travel to some of their games both in Wisconsin and here in the South. I guess it takes being away to really appreciate our team.

    1. I have to disagree with you about the people of Wisconsin. But I will be fair, where did you grow up? I was raised 30 miles North of Green Bay and the people of those towns would give you the clothes off their backs, When i moved down towards Madison and Milwaukee is when I seen the coldness. I now live in PA and in steeler country, and yes in a small town and you want to talk about cold people try living here. Hell i have lived here for 4 years and still don’t know most of my neighbors as they stick to themselves and don’t like others knowing their business.

      1. Thanks Dave. I spent 10 years in Racine and went to UW. So perhaps you make a valid point. However, I also visit my brother in Keil (a small town) and he says the same thing. I found the people in Lacrosse like that as well. Don’t get me wrong, I still consider myself a
        “CheeseHead” but now more of a “Grits and CheeseHead”.

        1. I agree with Dave. WI has some of the nicest people in the world if you can just get them to look up. I think the problem you are experiencing is the fact most people nowadays don’t know how to have a conversation without staring into their effin phones. That’s the culprit. Blame technology. Everyone in the world has a cell phone but nobody talks anymore and you can never get a hold of anyone ironically. It pisses me off too. I still like to actually talk to people on a phone vs. texting. I’m in the minority I know.

        2. I was born and raised in Kenosha and before the 90’s it was a friendly town but since the Illinois boomers took over and started buying all the property to build cheap houses the town has become a little chicago so I moved north to a small town to get that friendly feeling again and it worked. So it all depends on the town and size.

          1. I live in NJ (7th generation in this area) and have a farm in small town in upstate NY on the Canadian border. I have travelled around the country a lot and I can tell you it’s really no different where ever you go. People with ‘big city’ mentalities seem like they expect you to be more like ‘one of them’. People in small communities cherish their privacy and respect others’ as well. The small town in NY doesn’t even consider you a ‘local’ until you are 4th generation. It was a lot like that around here in ‘The Swamps of Joisey’ until the mass influx of people from NYC after 9-11. Now, after a decade+, they have taken over with their ‘warm and fuzzy’ beliefs. They have chased out most of the farmers whose families have lived here for generations and built massive housing projects where you are told how to live. I’ll take the “cold” people, thank you! 😉

      2. No coincidence that Milwaukee and Madison are the two most liberal areas of the state, as is LaCrosse as Patrick mentioned. The conservative areas of the state have the friendliest, most open people in the state, IMHO.

  2. The Packers are definitely aware of what the fans mean to the franchise. They are constantly looking for ways improve to improve that relationship…in all of sport it’s a unique situation. I’m just glad Ted Thompson doesn’t listen to the fans on Draft Day.

  3. I can honestly say without exaggeration that I could not possibly care any less than I do about fan fest, tailgate tours, senseless “operation fan mail” crap, Vic Ketchman, Packer tweets, twitter accounts, facebook and insta-bullshit, game day promos, bobbleheads, a bronze statue of Lynn Dickey’s jockstrap, or whatever. Show me the game. I’m also willing to watch how the roster is built. I don’t care about anything else.

      1. To the contrary, Al, I appreciate a good Packer fansite, and I consider this to be one of the few. If people actually want to talk a little football, I’m down with it, but the big sports media outlets have been dead to me for years. McGinn is still a gem. Gosslein at Dallas Morning News is pretty good, etc. But honestly, I just despise all the inane crap that the idiot “sports bloggers” put up on CBS Sports, ESPN, SI etc. Like I should somehow care what sort of fruit “The Gronk” was spiking in a shopping mall parking lot, or whether or not Jim Harbaugh wears khaki pants. There’s no way in heck I’m going to fight through a “MMQB” if it means that I have to endure a list of Peter King’s favorite beers and coffees… as if this should be of interest to anyone. Seriously, what the hell is going on in King’s mind when he says, “What should I write about? Hey, I bet a lot of people would like to know what I order at Starbucks…”

        Here are some headlines that are running right now over at CBSSports:

        Bears OL Matt Slauson ranked the NFL’s top 10 beards.

        Spieth ‘can’t even count’ how much money he’s taken from Romo in golf.

        Dansby: Rehab will make Manziel ‘better man’

        LOOK: Roman Harper has a ridiculously sick Panthers Lamborghini

        Aaron Hernandez’ prison is a 3.5 mile drive from Gillette

        Watch Jaguars mascot hit TPC Sawgrass island green with driver

        Top NFL prospect calls New Orleans ‘boring,’ Twitter backlash ensues

        Browns unveil new uniforms for 2015

        Tom Brady finally explains why he jumped off a cliff in Costa Rica

        WTF??? Why would anyone even think of reading crap like that?

    1. Marpag, In the South college football is king. I see a lot more fan crazys here than up north. I would think that the Packers would have that same kind of fan base. You are a good example of what I think of from people up north.

        1. Well, then I get your point. I agree bout all the nonsense in NFL news. However, mine was just a reflection about why the “locals” do not support the Packers as the article points out.

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