Cory’s Corner: Kuhn, Bush and Flynn — who will stay?

Ted Thompson has set the standard for keeping his own players in the fold. Of the nine signed free agents, five have agreed to come back to Green Bay.

But three Packers remain as free agents. With the NFL Draft looming on April 30, will Thompson bring back John Kuhn, Jarrett Bush and Matt Flynn?

I could make an argument to not bring back any of those guys. Kuhn’s role has continually been slashed each year. And with Eddie Lacy taking on the role of the bruising power back, Kuhn has been left in the shadows.

Bush is listed as a defensive back, but his real position is special teams. His quickness and coverage skills get exposed whenever he is asked to be in coverage for a length of time. The Dec. 20, 2009 Steelers game comes to mind. Ben Roethlisberger continued to pick on Bush and he didn’t have an answer as the future Hall of Fame quarterback lit up the Packers’ secondary for over 500 yards.

And Flynn is just out of time. He doesn’t have the arm speed to make all of the NFL throws anymore. I completely understand putting him as the No. 2 quarterback last year, because he was a trusted guy that knew the system. With an ever-improving Scott Tolzien, Flynn will be hard-pressed to make the Packers’ roster let alone remain an NFL player.

But all that said, I could still see the Packers keeping one or two of these guys. Kuhn is a fan favorite, but that will have no bearing on Thompson’s decision. He turns 33 in September, but there is a mutual interest between both sides — mainly because the 9-year veteran would be willing to take a minimal contract.

Flynn is out. There’s no way he comes back. Tolzien outplayed him in the preseason and Flynn looked very tentative in limited game action last year. He might be great in the huddle and is well-respected by everyone, but that only gets you so far. Sooner or later, you have to produce.

Bush is a wild card. I actually would like to see the Packers bring him back. His deal is going to be much lower than the 3-year $5.2 million contract he signed in 2012. But the reason I would like to see Bush, who turns 31 in May, remain as a Packer is because special teams has been a sore spot in Green Bay for awhile now. It’s why Shawn Slocum is gone and now more than ever, special teams should have some stability and a familiar face.

But even if the Packers sign Kuhn and Bush, I wouldn’t be surprised if either one got cut in the summer. Like Flynn, both of those guys are almost out of time. And it won’t matter how much love Packer Nation gives Kuhn after a meaningless one-yard plunge or the applause Bush receives following a tackle on a successful punt coverage.

Neither one of those guys is going to hold the key to Super Bowl 50. Kuhn’s 20 carries aren’t going to make much of a difference and neither will Bush’s 10 tackles. But if they can make a positive impact off the field by being a player-coach for the younger guys, then it’s well worth it.


Cory Jennerjohn is from Wisconsin and has been in sports media for over 10 years. To contact Cory e-mail him at jeobs -at- or follow him on Twitter: Cory Jennerjohn


35 thoughts on “Cory’s Corner: Kuhn, Bush and Flynn — who will stay?

  1. As I ‘ do not,did not or ever try’ extensively to have one,I have no disagreement with any part of this article and agree fully with the author,which I guess would be assumed as incredible by at least one….eh Ted?

    1. As I was reading the article I said to myself, I bet the first one to respond would be Taryn or Tearin as you love to tear into people for the smallest reasons. Sure as shit I was right. I figured you would respond exactly like you did just to prove a point. I’m on to you Tearin. You can’t fool Ted!!

      1. “You can’t fool Ted!!”

        What is to be gained by attempting to ‘fool’ he who is a constant ‘fool’?

        Do you think yourself worthy of my time and energy,of which I have an abundance of,to make comments in the lone hope of drawing your view on such to any degree?

        My comment was a simple agreement with Cory while adding a mere jest toward your,now and proven apparent addiction, of how I comment about Cory’s articles since another was published in close time to the other of original point.

        But,it appears to have have offered a false sense of ‘I give a sh%t’ in regards to your thought on the matter and for this I apologize.

        1. Now you know how Cory felt. It’s not fun when you are the one being criticized is it Tearin. I didn’t think so.

          1. “Now you know how Cory felt.”

            No I do not,especially since I know him not on any real life personal level.

            Does Cory know that he has a self appointed protector and if he does my respect will drop drastically of him.

            Again,Cory and I have no issues except for those in your mind and made via a keyboard.

            As for me being criticized and not liking it,I would suggest you research back and find that not only have I not cried or asked for defense from such,I never hid nor ran from those critics but accepted them as part of what comes by commenting or writing/publishing(no itch/desire to do so) an article.

            Something that is a must to know when partaking in either…..The thin skinned should not offer thoughts or critique with idea of not being criticized or the need of acceptance of such as being an understood.

            Have a really nice day Ted and remain vigilante in your protection services of the thin skinned whether they are or aren’t as you’ll decide for them…..moving on.

            1. It’s all you do Tearin. Now you are tearing into me for simply pointing out that you tear into people for the smallest reasons. You are not even close to “moving on”. lol
              Have a nice day Tearin.

              1. oh palease guys. Can we get back to grown up talk, and football talk, and show some modicum of respect to fellow packer fans of differing opinion? This kind of exchange does a disservice to the authors and will only lead to an exodus of fellow fans.

            2. oh palease guys. Can we get back to grown up talk, and football talk, and return respect to fellow packer fans? This kind of exchange does a disservice to the authors and will only lead to an exodus of fellow fans.

          2. oh palease guys. Can we get back to grown up talk, and football talk, and return respect to fellow packer fans? This kind of exchange will only lead to an exodus of fellow fans.

        2. oh palease guys. Can we get back to grown up talk, and football talk, and return to respect to fellow packer fans? This kind of exchange leads to an exodus of fellow fans.

          1. I would say repeating the same thing 4 times is excessive and would lead to a massive exodus of fellow fans should you continue. Come on packet, you should know better than this. That was overkill.


  2. I agree with re-signing Bush to maintain some stability on Special Teams and he has been an effective ST player. Kuhn is a tougher case because of the limited number of snaps he is on the field for, although he is still an effective blocker for Lacy’s runs and Rodger’s passing. But if he is not brought back that’s OK too. As for Flynn, he is probably done unless the Packers do not draft a QB or sign an UDFA. After their experience in 2013, I’m sure that the Packers do not want to have just 2 QBs on their roster. Even if they draft or sign a UDFA they may bring Flynn back for competition purposes in camp. In any case I believe that he is done by the start of the season if not sooner. Thanks, Since ’61

    1. My bet is that Kuhn comes back as ARod’s security blanket, but that Flynn is gone and they only re-sign Bush if they don’t find someone that they feel can be a gunner in the draft. Many of the CBs in this year’s draft class are listed as good ST gunners…

      1. Dobber – your post is a very plausible scenario. I can see it playing out that way. Thanks, Since ’61

  3. I’m done with Bush. He’s been a great worker, but he’s not a ST “Ace” – he’s just been our best ST player. He is replaceable. Richardson, Hubbard, Janis etc… all have strong ST potential.

    Flynn is gone. Tolzein is the 2nd guy. Hope they sign him for like 5 years.

    Kuhn will probably be back. He has some value to us, as long as it’s no more than 1.5 on another 1 year deal.

    1. Only paid him $1.05 million last year. He did have a better year than the year before, but he’s also a year older. Guess here is that he gets about a million at most, or signs a “qualified contract” to help with the cap.

  4. Oh my God, don’t even think of bringing up Matt Flynn. The guy is history. He’s never coming back in a zillion years. Tolzein blew the guy away last year. I almost believe they kept Flynn on for the Dallas game the year before as a sort of thank you. He didn’t deserve to even be on the team last year if judged by his play. His nine lives are officially up.
    Bush will be the only guy you would consider bringing back as he does have a value to the team in special teams and can still play any db position in a pinch if a injury happens. Kuhn is also done. Not enough value to keep a roster spot for. There was always one question I had regarding Kuhn that bothered me. Does he wear a hairpiece? or is that his real hair? If anyone knows please tell.

    1. Kuhn and Murphy wear the same toupee. That is why you never see the two of them together.

      1. I didn’t know Murphy wore a toupee Big T. Regarding Murphy now that you bring him up. Here’s another thing I can’t fathom. Why can’t Murphy fix his teeth. He has the worst teeth I ever saw for being in such a powerful and public role for the Packers. It makes no sense to me why he can’t go to a dentist unless he can’t afford it or the Packers have no dental insurance plan. I swear he’s English. I am sure if he was married to Tearin she would have tore into him years ago and forced him to have them fixed.

  5. Bring Flynn back as water boy/ Rodgers assistant. He can room with Rodgers and massage his calf as needed. Bush can be kept on as an inspirational speaker. “If I can play in the NFL, anybody can” As for Kuhn, keep him for home games and have him come in once per quarter to block. COOOOOON!
    This GM thing is not that hard, come on TT…

    1. frankly I don’t know why a packer fan would rip a packer player like this. Was Flynn an immature jerk? Flipped off the fans or something? Did I miss something? Any player serving the GBP to the best of their ability, dedication to hard work has my respect, period. If they lost their edge due to age, then they go out with honor. I ask you to somehow respect players as if they read this site, b/c they and Free Agent prospects just might read what packer nation is like, and may they know most are fans, critical, but respectful for the services rendered.

  6. I agree. Bush was never any good and a poor draft pick, Kuhn has been taking up space for three years and well, Flynn, no one wants him. However, with all this said, I’ve always felt MM was lazy and if he brings back people who know ‘his system’ then he has a lot less coaching to do. I heard he prefers walk throughs rather than practice so new guys don’t fit that mold.

    1. Come on Mr. Dante. Bush was never any good? The guy made a critical interception in the super bowl for crying out loud. We probably don’t win if Jarrett Bush doesn’t make that play. I can never dog someone like Bush. He works his ass off every single year and never gets credit. He will some day be in the Packer hall of fame mark my words. He deserves it. I seriously think half the reason some people hate him has to do with his last name being Bush. In other words this is all political.

  7. I hope Ha ha is getting a lot of rest because they just lost Richardson so just who is going to play db? You only get so many picks and Ted by ignoring free agency and letting people go has decimated the defense.

    1. They’ve got a potential 3-man rotation at safety with Dix, Burnett and Hyde. Banjo is still on the roster and has as much field experience as Richardson did. Richardson was OK in limited snaps, but very replaceable…he was also an UDFA.

  8. With Sean Richardson likely gone, and then Jarrett Bush, the Packers special teams is only going to get weaker. You gotta have some veterans…..I’m not sayin’ sign ’em both, but if I had to choose, at least Bush has more than proven his worth and he only earned $2M last year! Richardson is not worth $2.55.
    Flynn — no way. It’s Tolzien’s time.
    Kuhn — he’ll be 33 in September. He’s a class act, but it’s time to move on. Plus, he plays a dying position with reduced snaps.

  9. Flynn is gone. No one else will sign him, so if GB does need him, heaven forfend, he will probably be available.

    Re-signing Bush is fine, if cheap. 1 yr. at $1.5 million, little or no guaranteed. He is still our best ST player. Make sure that a gunner is found in the draft or is already on the roster before letting him go.

    Re-signing Kuhn to a qualified veteran’s contract under which he counts like a 3rd yr. player minimum salary against the cap is fine. Less than $65K in guaranteed money. If GB is fortunate enough to draft a FB late, Kuhn can mentor the prospect and is still cheap.

    I was of two minds whether GB should even tender Richardson. I had hoped to not tender and sign him for less. Clearly, I don’t think we should match a higher offer, unless the coaches feel that he has finally shown in practice that he has a glimmer of understanding about how to cover anyone. I’ve seen no such evidence, but maybe the coaches just haven’t unleashed him. Kidding aside, see ya later, Mr. Richardson.

    1. I’ve wondered whether or not Richardson had the instincts to play ILB. He’s mostly a box safety, and there are plenty of ILB out there playing around or under 230 lb (look at this year’s draft class). Clearly they don’t think he’ll do that…

      1. Richardson is listed at 216 Lbs. Worry about Shaq Thompson is that though he was 228 Lbs. at the combine, I’ve read that he plays at 219 Lbs, has narrow lower frame and hips, and that might not be able to sustain his weight at close to 230 Lbs., much less gain some. Thompson can cover receivers though.
        Richardson is fast enough though that if he bulked up to 230 Lbs. and it cost him half a step, he might be able to afford that half step. One would have thought that Capers tried him at some kind of hybrid ILB/SS role. Only evidence of that is that he was the spy against Seattle in the playoffs, not really what I had in mind. I would not match unless the coaching staff makes a really strong pitch for him as to his coverage ability as a SS or as a ILB candidate.

  10. I hope that Bush returns for the reasons that Cory expressed. I think that we can do without Kuhn and Flynn. TT could use one of his 6th round draft picks for Yale’s Tyler Varga, who is a good blocker and versatile FB/RB, and pick-up and undrafted free agent QB (e.g., ASU’s Taylor Kelly or Nevada’s Cody Fajardo, among others) for development on the taxi squad.

  11. You guys go ahead and duke it out. Matt Flynn didn’t show me much last year but then he was never the guy who was going to start the game. He does much better when he knows he is going to start. Maybe he does have arm problems not sure we know that Scott didn’t do well when had his chance. Of course that is two years in the past now and he should have gotten better. Now for Kuhn he blocks for Lacy and he blocks for Rogers. Aaron is sold on him so I think he has a role. If he does it for minimum okay if he gets a little more that minimum I think that is okay too! Bush special teams specialist okay at minimum I guess. I’m worried about CB and ILB. Who do we take in the first round. I think CB as there is more depth at ILB and if all goes to shit there we still have Clay.

  12. Kuhn is a great one to protect Aaron and a good for the crowd, and did so much for our community, and now that Mike (coach) knows that they are not booing the coach. fans love to holler KUHNNNNNNNN. Kuhn can still play football.

  13. Flynn is gone. Bush can be brought back as a special teams guy and emergency backup in the secondary. Kuhn, I just don’t see it. The fact that he is a fan favorite will have no bearing, I don’t believe. The last time that happened, with Driver, how did that turn out? The guy took up a roster spot for an entire year and almost never saw the field. Can’t see TT doing that again.

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