Play The Draft With Us – 2015 NFL Draft Contest

2015 NFL Draft - Green Bay Packers

Is the boredom of no football on Sundays and endless conjecture about free agents, pro days, and draft picks getting on your nerves? Is the empty hole that is filled with fantasy football normally slowly eating away at your soul? Well my friend, the All Green Bay Packers staff would like to invite you to join us and play Play The Draft!

For those of you that don’t know, every year we host a fantasy football league where we pit the writers against with readers of the website.  We’re going to do something similar during the offseason with Play The Draft(It’s FREE to play)

Essentially the game works like stock trading, but instead of stocks of companies you trade stocks of prospects looking to be drafted.  Everyone who plays will be given a same amount of “money” and then allowed to buy stocks of players they think will be drafted well and after the draft, each player will be “sold” at a value based on their draft selection.

You can also buy and sell players at any time and take a profit or cut your losses.  The value of a player’s stock will rise and fall based on real world news; so if a player has a great pro day his stock will rise or if he gets arrested, his value will fall (though he might become good value if it doesn’t effect his draft status).

There are 10 open spots for readers. If you’d like to play against us, click on “CONTACT US” at the top of the page and send us a short message with your name and email address.

But wait,  that’s not all; not only will you get bragging rights as the resident Draftnik, but we’ll also throw in an t-shirt and an autographed 8×10 photo of Packers legend Fuzzy Thurston – courtesy of Waukesha Sports Cards.

Fuzzy Thurston Autograph



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3 thoughts on “Play The Draft With Us – 2015 NFL Draft Contest

  1. When is the time to trade up?

    When a player has dropped in the draft to a point of value greater than the ordinary value of the picks that are sacrificed to make the trade. For example. when Muhammed Wilkerson was in the Packers cross-hairs and dropped to 30, oit would have been wise for Ted to give up a 4th ot 5th rd pick to move up a few spots to grab the stud DE. Instead he sat still and picked a bust with the 32nd pick.

    Note that this is far different than saying you should always trade up or down. When you view a large group of players as having similar expected values, it makes sense to trade down, pick up extra picks, and still get one of the guys in that group. Ted understands this tactic but I’m not sure he fully appreciates the M Wilkerson example.

  2. Packer needs going into 2015 DRAFT.

    (1A) CB
    (1B) Edge Rusher
    (3) DL
    (4) ILB

    There’s a coincidence – top 4 needs are on defense.

    The good news is that the Pack should find a nice player at one of these positions with pick 30. Odds are the value pick at 30 will be an edge rusher. Maybe somebody like Eli Harold or double O. If there’s a run on edge rushers, maybe a NT like Jordan Phillips will tickle Ted’s fancy. We all know how he believes God made only so many big fellas. If not edge rusher or NT, then maybe a CB. Having lost House and Williams to FA, and needing lots of CBs in this age of lights out passing, Marcus Peters and Kevin Johnson would figure. That leaves us with the oldest need of all, ILB, which may not be a need if CMIII moves inside for another year. Eric Kendricks and Stephone Anthony would seem like logical picks at 30.

    What if all or most of these guys are still available at 30? Then consider a small trade down.

    And what if they are leaving the board at lightspeed, trade up or wait and trade down if nobody you are in love with makes it to pick 30.

    But don’t sit there and watch a top 20 player fall into the late 20s and sit there and do nothing. Go get him.

    Is there an offensive player that figures for the Pack at 30? Well, there are lots of good looking WRs this year. And if Todd Gurley makes it to 30 it should be a no brainer, Eddie Lacy or no Eddie Lacy. Beyond that I suppose there could be value at pick 30 on the OL.

    That’s a thumbnail overview of the Packer draft, one month out. We’ll see on draft day how close my evaluation turns out.

  3. 26*Ereck FlowersOTMiami (X)

    27*Marcus PetersCBWashington (O)

    28T.J. ClemmingsOTPittsburgh

    29*Jordan PhillipsDTOklahoma

    30Cameron ErvingC/TFlorida State

    31*D.J. HumphriesOTFlorida

    32Owa OdighizuwaDEUCLA

    33Kevin JohnsonCBWake Forest

    34*Eli HaroldOLBVirginia

    35*Breshad PerrimanWRCentral Florida

    Above is taken from most recent mock draft of Great Blue North. These ten picks are all worthy of GB’s pick 30 and they are projected to go within 5 picks of pick 30.

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