Mike McCarthy Way Makes Debut

Mike McCarthy

Green Bay Packers head coach Mike McCarthy received one of the biggest honors a head coach can, at least in Green Bay.  On Tuesday this week, Potts Avenue officially became Mike McCarthy Way.  The renaming was approved last summer and it was made official this week.  The street runs east and west along Ray Nitschke Field.  Ironically, McCarthy wasn’t even in town when the change was made.  He was in Arizona at the NFL’s annual meeting.

McCarthy joins Vince Lombardi and Mike Homlgren as the other two Packers head coaches to have streets named in their honor.  McCarthy is receiving the honor while still coaching the team, however.  This has sparked some debate about whether the city should have waited to put McCarthy’s name on the street sign.

If winning percentage has anything to do with it, McCarthy certainly deserves the consideration.  Last season, he surpassed Lombardi for total wins as Packers head coach and now sits behind only Curly Lambeau in team history.  McCarthy has also coached the team to a Super Bowl championship.  He’s had just one losing season in his tenure with the Packers and has missed the postseason just twice.

McCarthy sent some shockwaves out earlier during the offseason when he announced that he will relinquish the play calling duties in 2015 so that he can become more in tune with other areas of the team.  Associate head coach Tom Clements will handle those duties this season.

Despite McCarthy’s successes, there are still those who are not convinced that he’s the best answer to getting the Packers back to a Super Bowl.  This is where you all come in.  Carry on the discussion below and chime in as to whether you agree with McCarthy getting the street sign this soon or not.


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18 thoughts on “Mike McCarthy Way Makes Debut

  1. I can’t believe it took this long. They better start working on Ted Thompson. I don’t think a road or street does justice to this legend. I suggest a highway possibly I-43 needs to be changed to I-TT.

  2. Rename the bathrooms at Lambeau… go into the MM door if you have to piss and go through the TT door if you have to take a dump. MM’s picture on the back of the urinal and TT’s on the toilet seat. Those two legends deserve that honor.

    1. Big T, that’s cool, you are entitled to your opinion. Where shall we put all the other Packer coaching legends like Devine, Starr, Gregg, and Infante?
      Big T, some day and it’s going to be sooner than think, the Packers will go back to the dark days of the 70’s and 80’s and you and Archie are going to be begging for the glory days of Thompson and McCarthy. Mark my words!! Be grateful for what you have Big T.


      1. If we go back to the dark days at least the price for admission will go down so more of us can go to the games. The dark days start when Rodgers is done. This is Aaron’s team and he wins despite TT and MM’s experiments. Maybe they could bring back Brent Favor for a couple more seasons.

  3. This is a great honor for MM. However, I believe these type of honors should be awarded at the end of a career. The book is still being written about MM and by the time it’s completed who is say what he will have achieved and how they should be honored. The flip side, although a very low probability in MM’s case, is that things go horribly bad in the future. Then what, take down the sign. I have no problem with naming a street after MM I just would wait until we have his entire career to honor. In any case, my congratulations to MM and my best wishes for his continued success in the future. Thanks, Since ’61

  4. Is that honor for authoring the biggest choke job in GBP history if not for all the annals of the NFL? And TT would get his for waht? Brian Brohm? Patrick Lee? Or any of dozens other failed high round selections? Hey I’m at least as big a Packer fan as anyone and I bleed green and gold 356 days a year but c’mon guys, MM & TT are clowns who got lucky once, thanks mostly to AROD. Neither one achieved anything noteworthy in their careers before or since. Unless you count picking Alex Smith over AROD. But if it makes so many of you secure at night believing otherwise who am I to ruin your night’s sleep. My last comments on either till this draft.

    1. What the heck are you doing the other 9 days? 356 days puts you well down the chain in terms of being a packer fan!

      1. Starchie could find the negative in a Super Bowl winning season. It amazes me one can be such a pessimist in a sport that takes great skill and discipline to achieve such consistency.

        1. Addiction is a terrible thing, ruining your mind is worse. I think I knocked him enough for all of the real Packers fans, like us older guys who spent every Sunday watching and waiting to win again after Lombardi left. All those “wait till next seasons”. But maybe he needs our prayers?

      2. That’s what I said? He mus be a crack piper, a Bears impostor, or something like that.

    2. What’s that Arch, you don’t like winning 69% of the time??? You say you bleed Green & Gold 9 days short of a year, so what about those nine days? Are you DRUNK? You talk of being a big one, or was that a fan? Sure don’t sound like one. Then you ask (“waht – no spell check”) Ted Thompson did? Then you go on using the baseball players nick-name ARod, while Aaron Rodgers was called ARodg (with the “G”) by teammates years ago, and since has been worn it out or forgotten by most.

      To say MM or TT never did anything worthy of honors in their career is a notch below asinine. MM won more games than 96% of all coaches, on any NFL team,ever. And I hear you badmouth not only him, but Ted Thompson also? Perhaps you read as you write, uneducated and too high to be in public. Since the answer to your lacking is right up there in writing for M McCarthy who now is second in wins only to the Packers founding father, Curly Lambeau, and MM is now ahead of Vince Lombardi in TOTAL victories as head coach. What the heck are you, some kind of escaped mental? Anyone coming on a Packer sight, talking like that must be from Bears country. I don’t know what sounds more uneducated about this team, rubbing McCarthy’s or Thompson’s nose in the ground?

      It’s good you won’t write until the draft, but make that the 2050 draft, and in the mean time, follow the Lions or a team that plays as well as your comments depict your football knowledge. One other thing: Who said anything about sleeping at night, and what’s that got to do with the Packers? I can understand a mistake or even two, but brother, ditch the crack pipe, pal, it’s not doing you any good.

      As for TT let me mention just a few names he brought in to this team: Peppers, Mathews, Rodgers, Lacy, Cobb, Nelson, The entire O&D-LoS, D-backfield and a long list of now retired, or moved on,due to senior salary cap pay-out numbers, that were good enough t win right through February to teams who could pay as much as the cap says they must. Instead, he brings in younger talent and plenty of it, good enough to rack up yards at record pace. If it don’t take brains to hold on to 10’s of millions, in using 1st through 4th or 5th year veterans as the base of a team, that can win, and (to MM’s credit) win often enough to be in the playoffs all but once in a decade, win a SuperBowl, and run to conference championship games how many times? If you like talking the way you do, go to Cincinnati, MN, Cleveland, or Oakland, where 8 -8 is a good season.

      Just to balance the budget, and keep the team on par with any of those just mentioned is a tough job, but to compete year after year for the NFC crown, come-on pal, get with it. You are no Packer fan. I’d bet a buck to a speeding bullet you are about 14 years old, experimenting with bath salt, crack and other mind killing junk. Get off it and stay off, then you might see reality as it is. Those two guys took what Ron Wolf, Holmgren & Favre did to make this a winning tradition in Green Bay once again, as it was ans always shall be, and kept it back after they retired.

      Not knowing what real fans like “since 61” and I have been through watching Lombardi win and then having 25 losing seasons with two or three over .500 all that time, was hard times, and we never wrote up nonsense like you do here, in all those years.

  5. Well deserved and we as fans are hopefully enjoying what some teams only have a season or two (in the last 10) to be happy about. Anybody that knows football, also knows G.B. has one of the best organizations, top to bottom, in the league! Enjoy it while it lasts!

    1. In the last 10 years BIll? Favre, Holmgren & Wolf began in “92. We’re up to 14 through last year. That is already 23 seasons since it began moving into the wins again. If it holds up 3 more, we’re tied with the losing seasons or even one year ahead. Sure, there were 3 or 4 years not too great, but even at that, it does seem like about 10, I know what you mean. The thing with TT is, will he leave someone to follow in his and Wolfs legacy? I think when he sees retirement coming (10 seasons from now) he’ll hand pick his predecessor. For now, Ted and Mike both said they’ll be around another decade, or until losing sets in. They both enjoy success and keep on creating it. Enjoy it while it’s going down as the 2nd dynasty today, or 3rd counting the Lambeau years.

  6. Let’s get serious! Some of these comments sound like fresh out of Romper Room, the old TV show before Big Bird, made to babysit the real little kids. If you cannot contribute to this site as an adult, go elsewhere. It’s a serious game, and let’s keep it that way.

    MM is doing a knock-out job for the Packers, and this honor to him came with a ton of blood an sweat, as a testament to him and the boys who played for him. Every coach after Lombardi will not get enough respect, he was a legend in his own time, and will more than likely never be outdone. But then again look at what Mike McCarthy had to say about his job in Green Bay a year or so back. “I plan on coaching another ten years, at least, and my job is not done here yet.” Ted Thompson goes hand and glove along with MM. It is nothing short of pure genius to mix finance with scouting and do so well with the not only holding the bottom line with reserves, but bringing in talent on the top shelf by NFL standards year after year. There are only one or two teams dong it as well as The Packers, New England, and Seattle. They both spend more to get where they are, So, with a smaller market and cash flow, it took more brains to get a team to win and contend year after year as the Green Bay franchise has done.

    For that, as suggested by one serious fan here, TT deserves an Interstate highway named after him. But don’t forget, it’s not over yet. Both of this teams elite Administrators might have another decade or longer before the final chapter in Packers history is complete. As for going into another quarter century of hard-times after No. 12 retires or goes to MN (whatever), As long as this offense is kept in the system and adapts to change as has been the case over the past twenty seasons, it will prosper well with almost any Pro quarterback, as with Favre or Rodgers. Something is said for the system itself. To put that all on Rodgers is not the case. Sure he’s great and leads the league in many stats year in and out, but so did Montana, Young, Favre and a number of teams who incorporated the old West Coast with adjustments to faster stronger athletes and rule changes, in order to get every yard possible from that system.

    As long as well planned adjustments keep up with changes, you can bank on a great team with from Rodgers, or even the next talented rookie brought in. Each one has their own set of greatness, reached through maximizing their best traits, along with good chemistry between the units.

    In giving up the play calling, MM has taken his eight or so methods of operation (MO) into a new phase, that will show in the plays called and their order through new methods we’ll see from Clements. As far as having this be a failure, not a chance. Id expect Rodgers to have new milestones in a new set of play calling traits. Bart Starr would go long on 3rd and short, setting the trend that went on for a half century almost so far. You see things like this in every great offensive mind the NFL has. In having a team set and able as much as Green Bay is today, even if not well planned, the offense can rock n roll on half-baked play calling. The biggest setback this team can have this coming season is not enough plowing over opponents on the LoS. (Line of scrimmage) That’s nothing new, and an age old micrometer of how well a team is doing. The let downs against big strong fast LoS’s have to be addressed. If one more rookie comes aboard as good as 69 did, we’ll be the team to beat once more, still.

    But look for the improvements MM will have due to his management of other things now with the time he used in he past on play calling. Those talents won’t be lost, only used in other areas. And yes he deserves a street named in his honor, but what will they give him in ten more seasons and a couple more rings?

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