NFL Draft Prospect Profile: Blake Bell, TE Oklahoma

Green Bay Packers NFL Draft prospect profile: TE Blake Bell

Player Information:

Blake Bell, TE Oklahoma
6-6, 252 pounds
Hometown: Wichita, KS


NFL Combine:

40 yard: 4.80

Bench: 14

Vert: 33″

Broad: 116″

3 cone: 6.85

Shuttle: 4.32

News and Notes:

While Randall Cobb is a fantastic player when it comes to running routes, catching the ball and moonlighting as a running back, Aaron Rodgers has stated that Cobb’s best trait is his “quarterback intelligence” back from his time as a wildcat quarterback at Kentucky.  Understanding what the offense is trying to accomplish and what the defense is trying to do to stop it isn’t something that all players possess but Cobb uses it to his advantage on scramble drills when he finds a soft spot in coverage and the awareness to know Rodgers is going to look for him.  Blake Bell is another former quarterback who converted to tight end for his senior season at Oklahoma and displays many of the same traits in awareness and maybe has even more potential as a receiver than Cobb but lacks the refinement in technique to really showcase his ability.

 What they’re saying about him:

  • “A newly converted tight end who was a short-yardage specialist and red-zone brute for the Sooners as a quarterback. Bell was looked over by scouting community during the regular season, but he has flashed sure hands and shown improvement as a blocker and could have an NFL future if a team is willing to be patient with him.”



Video Analysis:

  • Oozing with potential; given the background of recent star tight ends, coming into the league with a ton of experience at tight end doesn’t seem to be a requirement
  • Completely understands the offense based on his time at quarterback; he’s very good at chipping a defender and then clearing to the second level and knows who to block (as opposed to blocking the first defender he sees)
  • Is completely hit or miss as a blocker; often times he can wall off a defensive end all by himself but is definitely technically not there and might not be able to get away with it with NFL caliber defenders.  He is however a willing blocker even on passing routes, which is important for Packers receivers.
  • Didn’t get the ball very often, but shows soft hands and good understanding of passing concepts.  His routes aren’t the most refined as expected.

If drafted by the Packers

Bell is definitely a pet project for a patient coaching staff but possess the measurables and awareness that the Packers covet but has been overlooked somewhat and projects as a 5-6th rounder.  Bell likely wouldn’t make much of an impact during his rookie season as he continues to learn the position but could be an option in the zone where he can use his height and frame to his advantage and in special teams where his speed and quickness would be an asset.  Keep in mind Bell is basically as raw as Jermichael Finley when he entered the league but is considerably faster and an inch taller.



Thomas Hobbes is a staff writer for Jersey Al’s


5 thoughts on “NFL Draft Prospect Profile: Blake Bell, TE Oklahoma

  1. Blake Bell? I don’t know. I guess TT could use one his 6th round comp picks on him. Personally, I wouldn’t reach any higher for a developmental TE who won’t be expected to contribute much next season. Obviously, I am not that enthusiastic about the prospect. He isn’t that much faster than Richard Rodgers (4.80 40 yard dash, compared to Rodgers’ 4.87). That late in the draft, I’d prefer to see the Pack take someone who can at least better stretch the field; for example, Auburn’s C.J. Uzomah, who runs a 4.58 40, is 6′-5″, weighs 264, is a better blocker, and is a match-up problem for linebackers and safeties. He could be a pleasant surprise for the team that gets him.

    1. I think you hit the key points: if the Packers are going to draft a TE or WR conversion, they need a guy who either A) has enough in the way of wheels to really threaten the seam or B) has the height to come in, raw or not, and threaten defenses in the red zone. Despite his up-and-down hands, JMF posed that threat to defenses. The Packers really don’t have that right now.

  2. Nice write up. Seems fair. But Blake is really a developmental guy. Routinely blocks with his hands outside the shoulders. Routes look poor to me. Maybe he could make the 53 man roster with coaching. Maybe he is on the PS. Pass unless a UDFA.

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