What was Ted Thinking? Packers lose Davon House to Jaguars

Packers cornerback Davon House may have been the most impressive player at Wednesday's practice.

Davon House wanted the opportunity to be the #1 cornerback on a team, and of course, the eventual payday that will come with it. Looks like he’ll be getting that opportunity with the Jacksonville Jaguars, and he didn’t do poorly in the money department, either.

House, who has a total of 14 career starts for the Packers in four years, will reportedly be accepting a four year contract offer between 6-6.25 M per year, with roughly $10 M in guaranteed money.

Unlike Randall Cobb, who decided to forego other, more lucrative opportunities, House went for it all, and we can’t really blame him.

The kicker for House (a tidbit we learned thanks to JSOnline’s Tom Silverstein), is that House’s college head coach and position coach are both on the Jaguars’ staff.

So what was Ted Thompson thinking in letting House fly the coop?

Well, Silverstein also reports that Ted was willing to come close to the salary offer, but balked at the guaranteed money, only willing to offer $5M.

I call that a prudent move by Ted Thompson. House has had issues staying healthy and while he has played well in spurts, his overall body of work and availability issues do not suggest #1 CB status and worthy of that much guaranteed money. Thompson (and Russ Ball) are masters at managing the NFL salary cap and are always looking at both the present and future effect contracts will have on the team.

Every year, the Packers have cap space available to re-sign the guys they consider core players and even dabble in free agency if the right situation presents itself (see Julius Peppers).

As a draft and develop team, they highly value their draft picks. Looking on the bright side, the contract House signed will probably result in a 4th round compensatory pick for the Packers in next year’s draft.

House leaving does, of course, shed a different light on the Tramon Williams negotiations, who now has a much stronger bargaining position. before the House signing, I didn’t think the Packers were overly interested in bring Williams back, unless they got a substantial bargain. That may now have to change.




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16 thoughts on “What was Ted Thinking? Packers lose Davon House to Jaguars

  1. I call that a prudent move by Ted Thompson. House has had issues staying
    healthy and while he has played well in spurts, his overall body of
    work and availability issues does not suggest #1 CB status and worthy of
    that much guaranteed money. Thompson (and Russ Ball) are masters at
    managing the NFL salary cap and are always looking at both the present
    and future effect contracts will have on the team.

    I agree. I’m thinking their plan is to start Casey Hayward at the other corner spot opposite Shields. And in comparing House and Hayward, Hayward is the more talented of the two with more upside. I would be more inclined to give Hayward that kind of signing bonus when his contract comes up rather than House. But, good for House, he’s got a new contract and a chance to start.

    1. Hayward is too short and not fast enough to play outside. I know he might disagree;) CB is a pretty steep learning curve in the NFL. I really don’t want to rely on a rookie corner as GB tries to return to the SB. I hope TT has a solid contingency plan if Williams isn’t signed?

      1. Bullshit. Hayward is 2/10″ taller and 2 pound lighter than Tramon and much faster. In fact his combine time in the 40 is only 3/100’s of a second slower than House at 4.47. Shields and Demetri Goodson at 4.45 have faster 40 times. Hayward, though, has phenomenal 20 yard shuttle and three-cone times, much better than any other corner including Shields. That is why he had incredible numbers as a rookie and made Woodson expendable.

        1. I love Hayward but his strength is playing the slot. It’s quite a specialized position because slot receivers are shifty, fast, and elusive. For the very reasons you state, he should remain in the slot. TW, the depth players behind him,or true outside CB’s from the draft should be the plan outside. CH’s anticipation, loose hips, and lightening first step are what allows him to be so effective inside. I seriously doubt that he will be moved outside on a permanent basis. Who then will play the slot? House is gone and Hyde isn’t quick enough IMO. Goodson is an unknown. Is that Rolle kid they were so high on last year in camp still with us? He really looked the part last year in training camp and was a tough cut. I believe they brought him back onto the practice squad? I trust TT has this situation covered. I just don’t see CH moving to outside CB unless something goes south.

          1. I agree with you that Hayward is an ideal slot-corner, but he is certainly talented enough to play inside our outside, many people forget the phenomenal rookie season he had in 2012 (6 INT’s) If they don’t re-sign Tramon, do you think they might look at a guy like Quinton Rollins?

          2. I don’t care if he plays the slot or outside, I was only answering your erroneous statement that Hayward was to short and not fast enough to play outside. You just admitted he can. Also if he is your best or second best it doesn’t make any sense to put him on a slot receiver. How often is the slot guy the one or two receiver?

            That said I still see him as a Woodson type, just being that ballhawk. As LO pointed out, he had 6 picks 2012, but he also had 21 passes defensed for a total of 27. Best as a Packer since Woodsons’ 27 in 2009 and 6th best total in the NFL in the last 5 seasons.

            So initially Hayward was way better than I thought, but last season he didn’t look so good a number of times. In particular the second to last play of the season for the Packers. He let Baldwin toast him on that 35 yard pass on 3rd and 6 without even getting a hand on him or redirecting in anyway.

            While I’m not as high on Hyde as some, I believe he is quick enough to play the slot. His 20 yard shuttle is -1/100 and his 3-cone is +1/100 of a second compared to Sam Shields. Not bad! He lacks the top end straight line speed you need to stay with a deep threat which isn’t normally a slot receiver.

  2. Yeah, the money was just too much for TT. Can’t blame him. You can’t keep everyone. TT is so good at draft and developing that some teams like MN and Jax just sit and wait to sign whoever the Packers can’t keep. I don’t even think MN has a scouting department.
    Happy for House. He got his money now I hope he learns from Matt Flynn and does something with this opportunity. I think he will.
    It’s back to some serious work for TT. I think he just rolled up his sleeves. Look out NFL!!

  3. Six-plus million and 10M guaranteed is way too much for a guy who’s likely to be a subpar #2 CB. He’s never done more than flash. He’s probably a decent #3… except for the fact that he’s definitely an outside guy. He’s not quick enough and doesn’t move well enough to cover the slot, which kinda sucks for your #3.

  4. Well written. House was a good player for us but inconsistent on the field and injury prone. He is the type of player that teases teams into a big deal betting on his ceiling. If he doesn’t hit his ceiling (chances are he won’t) the deal looks bad. I like re-signing williams and drafting another corner that can play outside. We have an abundance of slot corners and nobody with both size and speed. Antonio Cromartie would look great in a packer uniform and prob be pretty cheap!

  5. The SchenySchen plan if tramon Williams gets away: sign Raji and Guion for NT. Draft CB in round 1 and find ILB help in round 2 or 3. GoPack!

  6. Your headline initially misled me, and I was all set to disagree, until I read the body of your article. Guaranteed money is king. House deserved a prove-it type contract, and that’s all TT was willing to give him. Guaranteed money is king (can’t repeat that often enough)!

  7. I don’t see this as a significant loss. We can either draft a corner for depth if we re-sign T. Williams or we draft a CB in the early rounds if we lose Tramon as well. We can play Hayward at CB while a younger DB develops. IMO, Jacksonville has over paid House. Thanks, Since ’61

  8. The Jags overpaid for a relatively untested, injury-prone CB, albeit with worlds of potential. TT and RB managed House’s cap number appropriately. Sign Tramon for another year or two, and draft a stud corner that Capers and Joe Whitt can bring along slowly.

  9. Maybe they think Goodson is ready to take the next step! After all this is why they drafted him isn’t it? Hayward is their slot guy so Goodson needs to prove his worth.

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