Packers To Sign Free Agent Tackle Bryan Bulaga

Even if the Green Bay Packers don’t sign any of their remaining free agents the team has to consider their moves in free agency as a whopping success.

Per Ian Rapoport of the NFL Network, they have agreed to terms with their own unrestricted free agent OT Bryan Bulaga. The Packers now have signed three of their own players- all on offense.

Without doubt Randall Cobb and Bryan Bulaga were the cream of their talented free agent crop. With the signing it means that the NFL’s highest scoring offense – 30.4 average points/game – will return intact.

The terms of the contract were reported to be for five years averaging close to $7M per year.

It appears that much like the Randall Cobb signing announced earlier, the market may have offered him more money than what he ultimately accepted from the Packers.

On a Tuesday conference call, Cobb reasoned that he was willing to give up money for the comfort of playing for one of the NFL’s best teams, with an MVP quarterback and an opportunity each year to win the Super Bowl. The same sentiment apparently also applied to Bulaga.

The 25 year old right tackle was a former first round pick out of Iowa where he just completed his original rookie contract. Under Ted Thompson the Bulaga signing continues the trend toward renewing his own successful draft picks after their original rookie contracts.

Bulaga was thought to be the top tackle available in free agency and was thought to be sought by a number of needy teams including the Buccaneers, Eagles and Redskins. Pro Football Focus had Bulaga rated the #4 right tackle in the league with +1.9 overall rating for the just completed 2014 season (very good). He was ESPN’s #11 overall top free agent regardless of position. He was also Pro Football Focus’ number 11 overall free agent.

With the Bulaga, Cobb and Tolzien signings, and Davon House leaving for Jacksonville, the Packers have 12 remaining free agents on the open market. Acclaimed players Tramon Williams, BJ Raji and Don Barclay are some of the more prominent members of that group.

The Packers have also tendered a low contract to offensive lineman Don Barclay, as well as Safety Chris Banjo, according to a league source. Barclay’s 2015 salary will be $1.542 million once he signs the tender. The Packers chose not to tender DuJuan Harris.

The team is estimated to still have about $20M in cap space with which to operate. Should they choose to sign another free agent – either their own or another team’s – they will be able to do so with ample money left over to pay their draft class.


Jeff Albrecht grew up just north of Green Bay and was lucky enough to attend some of the Lombardi Era classic games, like the 1962 championship and the Ice Bowl. Jeff went on to play HS football in the Green Bay area and College ball at UW - Stevens Point. Jeff is retired but still does some writing for his local paper. Jeff is a writer with and you can follow him on twitter at @pointerjeff .


13 thoughts on “Packers To Sign Free Agent Tackle Bryan Bulaga

  1. This is great. Too bad we lost House, but with Randall and Brian only taking up 16 mil in cap space each year for the next 4 or so, this is a BIG win for GB.

    AND Seattle made it’s dumpster fire of an OL MUCH worse by signing a declining TE and shipping away a 1st rounder. AND SF is a dumpster fire in general. AND Suh is gone from Detroit. AND Chicago paid WAY too much for McPhee!

    What a good few days to be a Packer fan.

    1. The Lions did pick up Haloti Ngata in trade, but if they lose Fairley to FA (which is likely), their DL–which was the strength of that defense–won’t be the same.

      More trades this year than we’ve seen in recent years, it seems. I like it. Seems that the cap and the valuation of the draft had killed trades in the NFL for awhile, but it’s coming back.

  2. Great news. I think Bulaga was arguably more important that Cobb. Surprised they tendered Barclay. Love to know the % guaranteed for Bulaga.

    1. By resigning Bulaga, I think Tretter becomes the swing tackle by default and Barclay backs up all 3 interior line positions. I think Barclay was valuable to the Packers whether they signed Bulaga or not.

  3. With D. House gone – Tramon W. resigning is far more probable. House got way more money than anyone I know predicted. Looks like overpaying to me.

    FWIW – I couldn’t find his Tweet about white guys getting more money.

    1. Agreed about the alleged tweet. I would have to think if he actually said what is claimed, it would’ve made some headlines by now. (unless it was deleted?)

  4. If Bulaga remains healthy $7 mil per year may be the steal of this year’s FA crop. It says a lot about the Packers organization and their locker room that the 2 best players in their free agent class opted to take less money and remain with the team. Great job by TT and Bulaga. With the offense remaining intact the Packers can focus on defense with their remaining cap space and their draft picks. Maybe still pick up a TE, DL, ILB or another DB via free agency. They are set up really well to meet their needs for the 2015 season. Go Pack Go ! Thanks, Since ’61

    1. Exactly: it does say a lot about GB’s organization; and it does allow TT to focus on the draft in a proper fashion. With having only a major need at ILB, TT can draft the BPA in the 1st rd., even to the extent of taking a luxury pick if the value is too tempting. TT does need to lock up Raji and or Guion, or find someone else in that price range.

      Looking at the 2016 cap, it might get a bit tight. From a cap standpoint (not current need point of view), TT would be wise to look to stock up at OLB, LT, DL, CB, SS, and to a lesser extent, RB. But most of these positions are ones that TT looks at most years if the value is there.

  5. I have to think guilt played a small factor in this. Bulaga being a small town farm boy could have felt a little guilty or bad for accepting pay without play when he was injured those two years and simply returned the favor by giving his team a home town discount. I know if that was me that’s how I would be thinking especially if I loved working for my employer and didn’t want to change teams.


  6. Great job by the organization. At this point, my only concern is retaining enough talent at CB. Without both Williams and House, we are very thin at the corners. I would like to see Williams get a moderate 2-3 year deal that allows us to move on after year 2.

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