Packers Re-Sign Backup Quarterback Scott Tolzien

Scott Tolzien

The Green Bay Packers continued working to bring back their own free agents and agreed to terms on a one-year deal with quarterback Scott Tolzien on Sunday.  The contract can’t be finalized until 3pm EDT on Tuesday, but the agreement was announced by Bill Huber of Packer Report on Sunday.

Tolzien joined the Packers in 2013 when he was signed off the San Francisco 49ers practice squad just days before the season began.  He was thrust into action when injuries forced Aaron Rodgers and back up Seneca Wallace to miss time.  Tolzien appeared in three games in 2013, starting two, before the Packers opted to sign free agent Matt Flynn to take over until Rodgers would return in week 17.

In 2014, Tolzien spent most Sundays in street clothes and holding a clipboard.  He was active for only the last three games of the season, including the two playoff games.  He had zero snaps.

The Packers opted for Tolzien to be Rodgers’ primary back up and reportedly will not bring Flynn back in 2015.  Flynn was able to keep the Packers afloat after he was signed mid way through the 2013 season, but was serviceable at best in 2014.  Tolzien has long been described as a very intelligent player who can always be found studying and preparing for the next opponent.

This has created speculation as to where the Packers might add another young signal caller this spring.  The draft would be a natural spot and the Packers are also very active in the undrafted free agency pool each year.  With receiver Randall Cobb also having agreed to terms, the Packers could focus on adding a quarterback in the middle to later rounds.


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20 thoughts on “Packers Re-Sign Backup Quarterback Scott Tolzien

  1. “…but was serviceable at best in 2014. ” Sorry I do not see Matt’s plays to be serviceable at all… Scott i s good choice, now he knows the system and he will be more relaxed at the position…

    1. Flynn wasn’t awful and actually he didn’t get the chance to be bad or good for that matter, based on play calling. To me, that’s at least serviceable.

      He didn’t have to be good in 2014, he played when the game was out of hand. He threw one pass for 8 yards against the Saints when Rodgers hurt the hamstring.

      1. Well I count with following data:
        Flynn played in seven games — including five times in a span of six games at the end of blowouts. He completed 8-of-16 passes for 66 yards. He threw one interception, was sacked twice and had a passer rating of just 34.9.

        How to call that serviceable?

        1. In a vacuum, those are not good numbers. But you’re not taking into account that, minus the Saints game, he didn’t have to do much more than not fumble the snap. Based on the expectations, that’s why I say serviceable. It just comes down to a difference in how each of us define it, which is fine. Obviously the Packers want better, they aren’t bringing him back this next season.

          1. Sorry, I really did not want to sound like arguing with you. Just wanted to support what I saw in 2 important moments. 1st it was game against Saints and 2nd was game against Lions at Lambeau. In both games, Aaron had to rush back to the game due to poor performance of Matt Flynn. After that, Scott was activated! That is how I remember!

              1. And honestly Joe, I think maybe I’m a bit guilty of thinking back to that game as well. If you look at just 2014, Flynn didn’t have any starts (thank God) and outside of the Saints game, had a lot less on his plate than last year. And as I said, it’s all moot now that the Packers have decided not to bring him back in ’15.

              2. I remember Detroit game on Thanksgiving day. That was pure Matt Flynn performance…. Dallas 2013 way Eddie Lacy game. Eddie brought us back. Not Matt Flynn…

            1. No need to apologize at all! You make a good point, I just want to establish some of my baselines for future writings so you have an idea of why I rate certain players as I do. Just because we write it doesn’t mean it doesn’t have holes or can’t be discussed. That’s actually what we want! Thanks!

              1. Sticks and stones may break my bones but the word “serviceable” can really wreak havoc. lol
                I have to admit I got a kick out of reading the back and forth banter over this word.

    1. And they did sign their own FAs before Tuday, but they cannot submit a contract to the NFL when the NFL offices are closed on the weekend (have to wait until at least Monday to make it official, and then the NFL has to review and approve the contract …)

  2. Probably the right move for the Packers at this point. They need to move on from Flynn and Tolzien will get his shot to prove that he is a legit #2. In the mean time the Packers can either draft a QB to develop and/or sign a legit backup if available via free agency. Tolzien can now focus on learning the offense versus just trying to stay on the team. Thanks, Since ’61

    1. Probably? I tell you what. Rodgers better watch out because Tolzein is right on his ass just like Rodgers was on Favres in 2007. This move was a no brainer. The Packers just signed a solid young starter at qb for their backup for peanuts.

      Teddy Tee does it again!! Damn that guys good. He really should go to Vegas and become a poker player. The guy is always two steps ahead of everyone else. Nobody ever knows what he’s going to do and when he makes a move it’s usually right.

      1. Ted – while I think that Tolzien has a reasonable chance to establish himself as the Packer’s #2 QB I haven’t seen much from him that would lead me to believe that Rodgers is threatened as a starting QB or as the Hall of Famer he will most certainly become and possibly one of the greatest QBs of all time. If we look at Tolzien’s record to date he has appeared in 3 NFL games, 2 as the starting QB and he was replaced in one game by Flynn who rallied the Packers to a 4th quarter tie after Tolzien had them way behind. In his 3 appearances, Tolzien has thrown for 717 yards, with 1 TD, 5 ints and 0 wins. The yardage total is decent and his completion % of 61.1% is good. But his record to date is not the stuff that dreams are made of. In fairness to Tolzien he has not had much of a chance, but there are reasons for that. He throws a decent deep ball but not always very accurately. He may thrive in the Packers offensive system if he gets enough playing time and the opportunity to learn from Rodgers and MM. But that is unlikely as long as Rodgers is healthy. Anything can happen in the future and I haven’t seen enough of Tolzien to make a fair appraisal of his ability to play QB but I don’t think that Aaron Rodgers has anything to worry about. I’ll be fine if Tolzien never sees the field after pre-season except in blowouts because that means that A. Rodgers is healthy and that the Packers have the best QB in the league every week. We just need Tolzien to be a reliable backup and not blow up any games that he comes into, at least until he has command in the huddle. Thanks, Since ’61

        1. You and I will just have to disagree on this guy Since 61 and that’s fine. I see greatness with Tolzein as I did with Rodgers. It took Rodgers nearly 3 years before he started to look like the Rodgers we all know. Tolzein was spectacular last preseason after finally getting an offseason to learn the offense. Mentally, he’s on par with Russell Wilson and possesses just as strong an arm and yes, throws a better deep ball than Rodgers which is insane.
          I am glad he’s our no. 2. I don’t expect him to be a Matt Flynn lifetime backup. I fully expect the Packers (if they can) to do with Tolzein as they did with Hasselbeck and get a rather high pick for him. Tolzein will be starting for another team shortly. He’s now like Aaron Rodgers was… stuck in backup hell behind a guy who is going to play for 5 to 7 years yet. At least for next year the Packers are tops in terms of their backup. I believe Tolzein is that good. I really do.

          1. For me, it’s not a matter of agreeing or disagreeing. I just haven’t seen greatness from Tolzien yet. That’s probably my fault. I don’t put much value on pre-season performances. Yes, Tolzien looked good during the preseason, but so did Boykin and DuJuan Harris and other players who made little or no contribution during the season. I’m fine that the Packers have re-signed Tolzien. If he is as good as you believe him to be that makes the Packers that much stronger. He just needs to do it in a real NFL game. We knew we had something in Favre back in ’92 when he led the comeback against Cincy and then beat Pittsburgh the next week. With Rodgers we knew we had something when he played against Dallas in 2007. We have yet to see that moment or that game from Tolzien yet. Maybe we will in 2015. Thanks, Since ’61

  3. Maybe I am the only one here but I am just as giddy about this Tolzein signing as I am with Cobb. This was absolutely huge not to let the guy get away. I am sky high on Tolzein and think he can start right now for many other teams. He’s ready no doubt. Hell, last year he blew away Flynn which was why many were surprised Flynn was the no. 2 all season. I think it was more a respect thing than anything else plus he’s Rodger’s best buddy on the team as well as a road roommate so I think that had a lot to do with it. Now that Rodgers has a new squeeze in this Olivia Munn, Flynn becomes expendable.

    Flynn’s 9 lives are finally up. He’ll go down in history as one of the richest overrated backups that made a long term career based off of one fluke game against the Lions. Only in America. Either way, good luck Matt and thank you for your service to the Green Bay Packers organization.

    Ted – Part Owner of the Packers

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