Report: Randall Cobb re-signs with Green Bay Packers

Randall Cobb signs with Green Bay Packers

According to ESPN’s Adam Schefter, Randall Cobb is re-signing with the Green Bay Packers for 4 years and $40 million.

How the deal is structured and how much of that $40 million is guaranteed is unknown at this time. Ian Rappaport from tweeted that Cobb turned down more money to re-sign with the Packers.

Who’s ready to watch Aaron Rodgers throw the ball to Jordy Nelson, Randall Cobb and Davante Adams through at least 2017? I know I am.

Keep it locked to throughout NFL free agency. We’ll have further analysis of the Cobb signing when more details are revealed. We’ll also keep crossing our fingers that the Packers and Bryan Bulaga can reach a deal.



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23 thoughts on “Report: Randall Cobb re-signs with Green Bay Packers

  1. Rapoport also noted that Cobb had offers from six or seven other teams and turned down more money to remain in Green Bay.

    1. Smart man! He may have never sniffed the playoffs again, much less a Super Bowl if he went to Oakland, Jacksonville or Kansas City.

      1. I’m not going to be a sarcastic as Big T down below, but I thinik we need to be careful when talking about players taking ‘less money.’ Which of these is the better contract:
        A. $60 million for 5 years with a $10 million bonus but the final (5th) year is a $10 million roster bonus and $10 million salary.
        B. $40 million for 4 years with a $12 million signing bonus, $5.5 million guaranteeed roster bonus in year 2, and $4 non-guaranteed roster bonus with $8 million salary in year 4.
        Both contracts give the player $40 million in the first 4 years. Contract B has a better guarantee and gets the player back into free agency a year sooner. (yes, contract A means the player will be cut or renegotiate after 4 years — but contract B implies re-negotiation after 3.
        Plus contract B is with a team that in known for letting the star players it wants to keep explore their market value and then offering a competitive contract the next time…
        But what contract B is *not* is signing for less money.

  2. way to go ted. I’m adding a star on your report card. Core offense is nearly set. Think I’m hearing a collective sigh from Wisconsin.

    1. Damn right!! Teddy Tee is the greatest GM in all of football. I knew Cobb would sign from his comments yesterday.
      Talk about being a team player holy shit. We owe this guy a huge debt of gratitude for signing for less thus helping his team sign other key guys. This is huge. Thank you Randall !!
      Bulaga is next. Probably signs tomorrow.

  3. Tip-of-the-hat to you ‘since 61;

    “Getting back to Cobb, it will probably take $9.5 to $10.5 to keep him. However, that salary plus a good shot at an SB ring and playing with AR should be enough. If he really wants just the $$$ then he’ll go to Oak or Jacksonville. But for a difference of only $1-2 mil per year I don’t see why he would do that. I think the Pack is still in it with him if TT comes up over $9 mil for 5 years”.

    Please counsel Bulaga appropriately:).

    1. Packett – hopefully Bulaga will be similarly motivated to remain in Green Bay. Unfortunately for the Packers OLs stats don’t necessarily improve based on their QB. I hope TT can sign Bulaga for around $8.0 – 8.5 but who knows. As for Cobb I felt that he and/or his agent were posturing to get the Packers offer up from about 8.5 to about 10.0. Which they did. Fortunately, TT got the job done. Thanks, Since ’61

      1. If the Packers are serious about bringing Bulaga back, my guess is that he’ll be signed by this time tomorrow.

  4. Since ’61 — you were right. Looks like all that stuff we were reading in the media really just was posturing. Now I’m thinking it was moreso coming from Cobb’s agent. Given Cobb’s tweet the other night saying “don’t believe everything you hear in the media,” and then the next day he signs, makes me think his agent was hyping all this up.
    Anyhow, great news!! Now re-sign Bulaga!!

  5. My ceiling was 4 yrs., $37 million with $18.5 million guaranteed. Over the course of his contract Cobb might get $3 million more than I wanted to do but he gets $1.5 million less guaranteed. I can live with that since I think GB will contend for the super bowl with Cobb, and they have no proven WRs other than Nelson. Maybe some of those guarantees will turn out to be roster bonuses that only get guaranteed down the road. I am rather neutral until I see what is really guaranteed and when it is guaranteed.

  6. Huge win for Green Bay, but not really that surprising at all. Kudos, though, to TT and Mr. Randall Cobb for getting it done at a reasonable price.

  7. I had a hard time believing that Cobb would get away if the Packers really wanted him back. I think it’s money well spent. Allows TT to focus on other priorities in the draft rather than having to fill a hole as big as Cobb would have left.

  8. What we know today it seems deal is fair. Randall got 17 million guaranteed, 40 million deal for 4 years. Turned down higher price deals because he is SMART & CLEVER guy. Bravo Ted Thompson!

  9. Now if we could get rid of T Williams whose true racist colors were exposed with his twitter comments to Cobb about how GB does right for the white players and ships out the black players.

    1. So Sam Shields gets $39 million for 5 years and he’s white?
      Tramon Williams himself gets $33 million for 4 years.
      Corey Linsley gets $556,000 a year. Last time I looked he’s white and gets 10% of William’s money. Presumably for Tramon that is his idea of racial justice?
      This reminds me of Seattle last year when it was reported everywhere that the black players on the Seahawks whined that Russell Wilson “Wasn’t black enough”. ?????
      Tramon can go to Seattle where there is talk he is going and get on the Russell Wilson isn’t black enough bandwagon. Should make him happy. What a dirtbag.

    2. He actually said that? If he did, he’s an asshole and no, he won’t be back period. Green Bay will not bring back people like that. As Montana points out Williams was paid accordingly and it had nothing to do with skin color. Are you sure it was Tramon and not Greg Jennings or his sister that said that? I just want to be certain as it just doesn’t sound like something Tramon would say.

  10. The right move for both parties. Barring injury Cobb will only get better. Should Davante take his game to the next level or (2) we will have a very tough receiving corps to contend with. Add Richard Rogers improvement we should be fine. Sign Bulaga next you can double his money now and it will still be a good deal for both parties. Just don’t spend to much of your cap money on him. I think FA is where your going to have to get a MLB to go with Sam B. for now until you can develop a rookie

    1. I still think the Packers draft a TE, but they’re going to have to either draft an athletic ILB or move a bulked up safety over if they’re planning to find the athletic, sideline-to-sideline, TE-covering animal they need. That guy currently isn’t on the roster and the ILB free agent class is pretty thin.

  11. Can’t believe how sweet Cobb is…. to take such a hit salary wise to stay with the Packers. Just don’t know how the hell he will live on only 10 million a year. Ramen noodles for the Cobb family. He may regret this poor salary.

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