Cory’s Corner: Super Bowl XLIX caps excellent postseason

The playoffs ended poorly for 10 NFL teams, but that doesn’t mean that the postseason will be remembered like a “fart in the wind” as Ron Wolf likes to say.

Injuries doomed the Steelers and Cardinals. Pittsburgh was without its featured back in Le’Veon Bell and Arizona was still smarting from losing Carson Palmer to a torn ACL in November. Their team complexions completely change with both guys healthy.

Then there was the Detroit-Dallas no-call game. The Lions have been the doormat of the league for a long time — and they own an imperfect 0-16 record to prove it. The Cowboys got away with a pass interference in the wild card round, which put everyone in the 313 area code thinking about next year…again.

In the divisional round, the Ravens dropped a pair of 14-point leads at New England. On second-and-5 from the Patriots’ 36, Joe Flacco threw it off his back foot and took a gamble by trying to get blackjack with a touchdown pass. Of course, we all know he busted after getting picked off.

We didn’t find out until after the Colts surprised the Broncos in Denver that Peyton Manning was dealing with a torn quad. Now Manning is trying to weigh the pros and cons between losing the fight to Father Time or a surgical bed. He will be 39 next season.

And while Manning was struggling on his right leg, Aaron Rodgers was in the zone on his bum left leg. An annoying calf injury couldn’t stop Rodgers as he reeled off 316 yards to seven different receivers. He tossed an absolute laser beam to rookie tight end Richard Rodgers for the go-ahead score.

And that brings me to the championship round. The Packers might have the most epic collapse in all of sports, mainly because they had so many chances to win and continued to find a way to lose. Pete Carroll turned the NFC Championship Game into one of his USC games by going for a fake field goal in the third quarter, which turned the tide in the game and ultimately terminated Shawn Slocum’s job.

The AFC championship was put to script because the Colts are one-dimensional. The fact that Indy got as far as it did shows how good Andrew Luck is. He drove that rusted-out Chevy pickup as far as it could go.

Super Bowl XLIX will be more of the same. Will we see a safety in the Super Bowl for the third straight year? With the way Seattle tackles combined with how well Jon Ryan punts, I wouldn’t be surprised. Just as long as the game isn’t decided by an officiating error, the rest of the country will be happy.

Oh, and nobody wants Marshawn Lynch to win the MVP either. Because what does he have to left to say?


Cory Jennerjohn is from Wisconsin and has been in sports media for over 10 years. To contact Cory e-mail him at jeobs -at- or follow him on Twitter: Cory Jennerjohn


13 thoughts on “Cory’s Corner: Super Bowl XLIX caps excellent postseason

  1. No it doesn’t cap an excellent post season. I hate both these teams. I will NOT watch the super bowl for the first time in 25 years.

    Ravens had the Pats on the ropes and choked. Packers had the Seahawks on the ropes and choked. Those right there should be your super bowl participants.

    That’s my story and I’m sticking to it.

    1. Rarely agreed, but, this time, right on the spot. That was my SB prediction at the beginning of the post season!

  2. Cowards….how can a true fan of football not watch the epic ending of a season regardless of who is or isn’t playing in it.So many often say it’s hard enough to get in the playoffs and then run away and pout because their team failed to get there for whatever reason….sour grapes….temper tantrums…turning away with arms folder….staring at a wall in denial….shameful cowards…..disgraceful to very act of sportsmanship… something that Packer fans are suppose to pride themselves with…..Sheesh !!!!

    1. Cowards? Run away? Pout? Sour grapes and Temper Tantrums? (There are more I choose not to repeat). Those are a LOT of bombs you just threw Taryn and I really do take offense at your words.

      You can call me a coward. But you’d be wrong. It takes courage NOT to watch and to do what’s right by your family and friends. I don’t like the Pats. I don’t like the Seahawks. I don’t want either of them to win and whoever does I won’t be happy for them. Further, I know myself and I know I couldn’t watch that game without a lot of anger and “sour grapes” coming out. I refuse to make my wife and child (and anyone else I happen to be around) miserable for 5 hours tomorrow.

      So I choose to take the higher road and check out. But go ahead and assume my motives. Judge my character. smh…

      1. “So I choose to take the higher road and check out. But go ahead and assume my motives from behind your keyboard. And then after you’ve done that, you can screw off.”

        Seriously…you should really grasp what you wrote here and think of the standard you’re setting for your child.

        Because your team didn’t win…stop watching others who did…….that high road is pretty low……

        “I don’t want either of them to win and whoever does I won’t be happy for them.”

        Yes the high road always starts with….if I can play and win…no body should…..WOW!!!!!

        1. Ok. I rarely do this. But we are now done talking. Forever. The “You’re dead to me Fredo” Treatment. What you have said is very offensive.

        2. you are the smartest person on all blogs thats for sure, I’m so proud to read you super intelligent postings even though it makes me feel small and illiterate…why, if i didnt have spell check every other word of mine would be misspelled…your truly wasting your immense talent here on these commoners football blogs….

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