Green Bay Packers Draft Prospect Videos – 2015

2015 NFL Draft - Green Bay Packers

Here’s a running compilation of highlight videos identifying college players that we feel would be good prospects for the Green Bay Packers in the 2015 NFL Draft. This is not an attempt to predict who the Packers will select, just a running list of players that might fit their needs and schemes.


Damarious Randall, 5’11” 196lbs, S, Arizona State


Erik Kendricks, 6’0″ 230lbs, ILB, UCLA


Paul Dawson, 6’2″ 230lbs, ILB, TCU


Ramik Wilson, 6’2″ 232lbs, ILB, Georgia


Danielle Hunter, 6’6″ 240lbs, OLB, LSU


Shaq Thompson, 6’0″ 228lbs, LB, Washington


Hou’oli Kikaha, 6’3″ 250lbs, OLB, Washington


Eli Harold, 6’3″, 247lbs, OLB, Virginia


Clive Walford, 6’4″, 251lbs, TE, Miami


Ben Koyack, 6’5″ 260lbs, TE, Notre Dame


Devin Funchess, 6’5″ 235lbs, TE, Michigan


Marcus Peters, 6’0″ 197lbs, CB, Washington

Byron Jones, 6’1″ 199lbs, CB, UCONN


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18 thoughts on “Green Bay Packers Draft Prospect Videos – 2015

  1. To be honest, I just don’t think there are many choices available at ILB in this year’s draft, not at No. 30th anyway.

    I honestly think the best option to go this off-season is dipping in the free agency pool for a ILB. There’s a number of them out there that could be a little intriguing. Might as well bring in Casey Matthews for a spin while we’re at it, couldn’t possibly hurt at this point as stupid and as useless as that may be.

    I don’t know where he will land, most likely 3rd round from where I can tell, but one draft choice that deeply intrigues me is Dorial Green-Beckam. The best kind of receiver, are the tall and athletic one’s in my opinion. Kelvin Benjamin and Mike Evans both had stellar rookie season’s, and it’s no coincide that they’re a rare combination of size and athleticism. They both remind me a great deal of Calvin Johnson.

    Point is, there are a lot more, no, a TON more receiving threats that thrive in today’s NFL that are both athletic and extremely tall. I certainly hope the Packers know better and try to get themselves involved. This guy is 6’6″, he could be a big deal.

    1. I would argue that you can find decent, playable ILB well into the middle rounds. If you’re looking for a Ray Lewis this year, though, I think you’re going to be disappointed. They must find an impact player for the defense this offseason, though.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if TT picks a WR in the first two days…after all, you’ve got to give ARod toys. If there’s a good athletic TE, though, that would be a higher priority. I think with Lacy’s history of concussions, it would be a good idea to have a 1B-type running back (I love Tevin Coleman from Indiana as a faster back with good size and good hands) come out of this draft. Gotta get a swing tackle, too.

      1. but what about that kid from Wisc, Abbracadabra or what ever and Janis…they should develop into something…i think there are a lot of ILBS that should be avail at 30…not superstars but good players…maybe TT doesn’t even like 30 and drops out, i can see that too…or moves up, but it would have to be someone he really wants…

  2. Regarding ILB prospects Benardrick McKinney & Denzel Perryman should be much better prospects than Danielle Hunter. McKinney can go to high for the Packers (30th), but Perryman would be available at the position. I saw on NFL they are suggesting NT for Packers in the 1st round. Do we really need NT (Raji, Pennel, Guion)? If that guy is so good (Jordan Phillips, Oklahoma) to spent 1st rounfd pick on him?

  3. IDK Al, Hunter looks like a great athlete but the thing that jumps out to me is that is appears to be the last one off the ball on nearly every play.

    1. Hunter didn’t show me anything in the clip provided above. He’s too light for 4-3 DE in the NFL. He might be a project at OLB. MSU seemed to run at him a lot.
      Looking at the Erik Kendricks clip, my first thought was his motor reminds me of former Packer LB Nick Barnett. Kendricks is intriguing, but will he be available at #30?

  4. When I looked up and saw that the senior bowl was this week, I lost a little spirit for it. I love the senior bowl. Struggling to get into it after the collapse. GoPack!

  5. WAY WAY WAY too early Al. I just don’t care about specific prospects right now. And I won’t until at least a couple weeks after the super bowl. Gotta let the hurt settle a bit.

    1. I beg to differ, it’s never too early to look ahead. This team is 1-2 legit pieces away from being a complete and nearly unbeatable team. The loss hurts, hurts possibly more than any other in GB history, but that, for me at least, does not make the prospect of a potentially, blazingly awesome future any less exciting.

      I for one believe that if we get another Bishop-like Linebacker (or two), another passing threat for Aaron Rodgers, and I guarantee you, no one, not even the Seacocks will be able to look past us so easily anymore. And imo, there’s a likelihood that we will get even more pieces to the puzzle than that.

      I know I sound very overly optimistic, but I always start my opinions of a team by how they look on paper, and on paper, the Packers are very close to a finished product.

      1. Sure. I believe all those things too. But I just don’t have the energy to think about the draft WHEN WE SHOULD STILL BE PLAYING! This Super Bowl was ours to win. Ours. And with the Pats embroiled in deflate-gate, I wouldn’t be surprised if we had completely buried them.

        I just can’t think ahead until a few weeks after the SB fervor has died down. As a matter of fact, I haven’t read barely anything about the NFL outside of here, CHTV and a few articles on jsonline since the game. I just can’t bring myself to do it. So the draft? Out of the question. At least for me.

        1. I completely understand what you’re saying. But I think even just one more receiver, just one (like say: if we had retained James Jones), then we would have been able to make up for McCarthy’s questionable Play-calling antics. One of those goal-line stands would have resulted in a TD.

          If we actually had capable ILB’s, Lynch wouldn’t have ran over us like he did in the final 10 minutes of the game.

          Again, you’re right, we should be talking about a 5th Super Bowl title, but that being said, even buffoonish coaching will no longer likely cost us a game like it did this last week as long as TT does his job in free agency and nails another couple of draft picks.

      2. You are so very right about being one or two pieces away from great. Since you never know how the draft will play out I would trade the entire draft for the two or three pieces needed. TT has no idea how to draft a decent DL. Check his past drafts. I would trade a 1 and a 4 for a ready DE or DT. A 2 and a 3 for a starting ILB. We lead the league in scoring so you have to figure the offense is pretty well set. Trade the rest for a good CB.

  6. I am not that sure whether Seattle or GB had the better team. I think I could make a pretty good argument for both teams. Assessing our team, on offense we needed a WR #3, a TE, and some depth on the Oline and a #3 RB (a 3rd down back who can pass pro and receive out of the backfield). We probably have the 3rd WR in Adams, with help coming from Janis, Abbrederis, maybe Dorsey or some pick TT takes this May, probably fairly late. TE, RT if Bulaga is not re-signed, and depth needs to be addressed in the draft and/or FA. If we bite the bullet and Pay Bulaga $6-7 million a year, and re-sign Tolzien, our only need is TE and depth.

    Lots of issues on defense. It depends on who is re-signed. My view is that one DE (Daniels) is fine, but the NT and other DE were serviceable but below average. So, Raji or Guion, or both (one might be able to sign Guion for $3.5 and Raji for $2.0 – not much more than was devoted to the position last year and which might be a good rotation)? Pennel comes back but seemed to be in the doghouse. We can live another year with Datone and Boyd splitting time and one of them could get better. If Peppers comes back, we are OK at OLB with CMIII as a hybrid, Peppers part time, and Neal, Perry and Elliott. We need ILBs. Barrington is not terrible and he might take a jump. We are okay at Safety. Tramon or House? What if both get big offers? Need a CB, either as depth, like a #3, or high if we lose both Tramon and House. Need to re-structure Peppers’ $12 million cap hit down: that is elite pay for a part timer.

    Priorities: ILB (but 2nd or 3rd rd. is okay- not thrilled with the ILB prospects) and maybe even two ILB prospects should be taken; CB (as high as value dictates 1st to 3rd rd okay); TE; DT/DE. The most important thing is for TT to find 2 to 4 guys who can help this team, so BPA all the way (except a bit for S, QB, WR, C, OG). BTW, pretty good year to consider trading back for 2 second round picks and picking up a 3rd or more likely a 4th rd. pick.

    1. I wish ted would play for now, sure this is a dumb comment… but seriously, sign cobb.. draft dgb in the first round, spend some money on a proven ILB, JUST ONE! and your golden…

      1. Also, I feel we’ve been a draft and develop team for a while… now isn’t the time to do that.. Rodgers is 31. We have 6 years maybe. Spend the money, draft the best available. Once he is gone we are not gonna be as lucky as to get a Favre/Rodgers Montana/Young type of duo. We got lucky.. Win some rings while doing so, spend some money. I know our plan has worked in the past, but building through the draft when you can pay to fill very few holes to win a superbowl are worth it. See: Patriots Revis/Browner.

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