Packers Casualty Report: Conference Championship vs. Seattle Seahawks

The big news coming out of Green Bay will be Aaron Rodgers’ calf injury until the Packers are done with the playoffs, whether that is after Sunday or the Super Bowl.  While how effective Aaron Rodgers can be against the vaunted Seattle defense will probably be the biggest deciding factor on who wins the game, it should be pointed out that the Packers, who always seem to be star-crossed when it comes to injuries, will go into the game with their whole complement of players; an outstanding 3 players are on the injury list, with the two obvious being Rodgers and Josh Sitton.

New Injuries

Imagine that, no new injuries to report, which couldn’t have come at a better time with the Packers facing their toughest opponent yet.

Continuing Injuries

Aaron Rodgers: Rodgers has basically admitted that he’s not going to be on the field at 100% until the 2015 season starts, stating that he has “120 minutes left in him”.  In a turn of good news however, Rodgers was listed on Wednesday practice as “limited” which is a good sign of his recovery, considering how early in the week it is.  However, even when he’s on the field it was pretty obvious that Rodgers was severely limited against the Cowboys, really only becoming “Aaron Rodgers” near the end of the game.  Luckily, Rodgers only needs to be himself for a couple of series it seems to give the Packers a shot to win and it will likely be the same plan against Seattle.  While the Cowboys don’t front the most dangerous defensive front 7’s, the Seahawks do with the secondary to back them up.  Perhaps most important will be to give Rodgers as much time as possible in the pocket upright, since his ability to roll out and make plays on the perimeter will be very hindered.

Josh Boyd: Boyd mysteriously appeared on the injury report after missing practice on Wednesday before the Cowboys but did manage to chip in 11 snaps on defense, which is less than he usually sees but not by much. Boyd has been dealing with a slow recovery of a knee injury for a sizable portion of the season and it’s probable that Boyd reaggrivated his injury during practice or is on a rest day to help his knee recover. Even though Boyd has had a down year with negative grades both against the run and the past, having another big body on the line might be beneficial against the best running team in the NFL.

Josh Sitton: Not much to report, Sitton has been dealing with a toe injury for weeks and now has settled into his scheduled routine. Fully expect Sitton to start and play as well as normal. Sitton has steadily been getting more and more practice time and now has practiced in a limited fashion on a Wednesday, which is a very promising sign indeed.

Recovered Injuries

Davon House: House has been injured with a shoulder issue over the last couple weeks and hasn’t been much of a factor, even with Sam Shields playing particularly poorly.  House looks to be fully recovered from his shoulder injury but didn’t see anytime on defense, even with Tramon Williams playing as poorly as he did against Dallas.  House wasn’t listed at all on the injury report so it appears as if House is ready to play if the coaches bring him in against the Seahawks.  Overall, House has been very hot and cold and it’s a true mystery of what the Packers want to do with their upcoming free agent.

Brandon Bostick:While Bostick has found himself off the injury report, he hasn’t been able to find his way onto the field; while active against the Cowboys he didn’t see the field on offense and didn’t record a meaningful statistic on special teams either.  The Packers had Justin Perillo on their inactive list but it would be all that big of a stretch to see Perillo active on special teams with Bostick taking his spot at this point.


Thomas Hobbes is a staff writer for Jersey Al’s


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    1. “Coach Mike McCarthy described the move as precautionary. “I think Eddie will be ready to go on Sunday,” McCarthy said. “It’s just, coach was nervous. … I was just being conservative, so I pulled him in the middle of the practice.” It’s obviously something to keep an eye on, but for now, there’s no reason to believe Lacy won’t be ready for his normal role against the Seahawks.”

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