Eddie Lacy Happy to Be in Washington this Weekend

Packers Eddie Lacy

With all due respect to Lambeau Field and Wisconsin fans, Eddie Lacy isn’t complaining about a trip to Seattle.

The sportsbook betting line for the game gives the Seahawks a 7.5-point edge against Green Bay, and a significant part of that lean comes from Seattle’s dominance at home. Still, even if CenturyLink Field is known as one of the toughest stadiums to play in, what it won’t be is cold. And against the Cowboys, the Wisconsin cold was a real problem for Lacy.

After racking up 45 yards on seven carries on Green Bay’s first drive, Lacy suffered an asthma attack caused by the cold air at Lambeau. Lacy has always suffered from asthma, and even with medication the condition can flair up in frigid weather.

Lacy would eventually return to the game, after needing more than a quarter to recover from what is essentially severe hyperventilation, and picked up right where he left off, adding another 63 yards on 11 tough carries.

The forecast in Seattle calls for a relatively balmy 50° F on game day, temperatures much closer to the California running back’s norm.

It goes without saying this is a massive game for Lacy. The Packers need as much production from their run game as possible to keep Rodgers from taking hits on his injured calf, and to keep the ball out of Russell Wilson and Marshawn Lynch’s hands for as long as possible.

Lacy will also be looking for a statement game on a personal level. His running style is very similar to Lynch’s and the young back was held to 34 yards on 12 carries in the season opener against the Seahawks after sustaining a concussion on a hard-earned first down run.  

Will Lacy be able to match Lynch’s production? We’ll find out on Sunday.

8 thoughts on “Eddie Lacy Happy to Be in Washington this Weekend

    1. Yeah, that confused the hell outta me too. Lynch went to Cal, maybe that was the confusion?

  1. Rather than using Lacy at lot to keep Seattle’s offense off the field, would rather see spread formations, really hurry up offense and let Roger’s win the game. Go deep early and often and tire out that vaunted defense. Throw caution to the wind and put 38 points on the board. Let Seattle play catch up.

    1. All I’ve been hearing weather wise is that game in Seattle is going to be rainy and shitty. Temps might be good for Lacy which is why they should run the ball not air it out like you want to do David. This is a game made for Eddie Lacy to be a hero. Rodgers can be the hero for the super bowl. I just don’t see Green Bay having a lot of success trying to win by airing it out with shitty rainy weather. Whoever has the better running game wins this one in my professional opinion.

      1. Frankly, I think airing it early is a better strategy. We’ll have trouble stopping Lynch and Wilson on the ground, big trouble. Whereas if we score early and lead, say by 14, it will force Wilson to go aerial
        and their receivers are not the best of quality. Once we have a lead, we can run Lacy lots to give us the time advantage.

    2. 38 points? Not going to happen, ever. I’d be happy if they had a 13 point lead by half time.

  2. Run right up the gut behind Sitton, Lindsley and Lang. They should be able to push back Seatttle’s interior D line.

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