Packers Stock Report: Thinking bad thoughts Edition

The Green Bay Packers really needed that win over the Dallas Cowboys on Sunday. If the Packers would have lost, I had some evil, nasty thoughts running through my head.

Thoughts like, “If the Packers have another one-and-done in the playoffs, they’ve essentially been a more exciting version of the Cincinnati Bengals since winning the Super Bowl in 2010.”

Whew. That’s a bad one. Not entirely inaccurate, but still bad. Nobody who loves the Packers as much as I do should ever put the Packers in the same sentence as the Bengals, even if it’s just in your own head and the Packers are trailing by eight in the second half of a divisional playoff game against the Dallas Cowboys.

Another thought I had: “Fire everyone.”

That makes me no different than the (dozens? hundreds? thousands? tens of thousands?) crazies on Twitter who call for Dom Capers’ head after every first down allowed by the Packers, or demand the public flogging of Ted Thompson for every big-name free agent not signed by Green Bay.

The last, and most insane thought I had: “Put in Matt Flynn!”

Seriously, my mind was so weak when the Packers were trailing that I actually allowed this thought to creep into my head. If I would have tweeted this insane thought or allowed it to escape my mind in the form of words through my mouth, a team of medical professionals would have pulled up to my house and confined me to a straight jacket before hauling me off to a faraway facility for further evaluation.

Thankfully, the Packers won. Now, only the Seattle Seachickens stand in the way of the Packers reaching the Super Bowl.

My mind is right again. As Mike McCarthy would say, my mindset is no longer polluted. But sometimes my mindset gets polluted when the Packers are losing an important playoff game. I can’t help it.

Thankfully, the following players stepped up and knocked all those crazy thoughts out of my head. The Packers Stock Report normally contains a rising, steady and falling section. But when the Packers win a playoff game, I get so happy and amped up that I eliminate the steady and falling categories.

(Brad Jones, you’re off the hook this week.)

A Packers postseason win means everybody is rising, but here are a handful of players who stood out a little more than others:


Aaron Rodgers
24 for 35 for 316 yards, 3 TDs, zero interceptions and a 125.4 QB rating. On one leg. Damn.

Davante Adams
Football is a funny game. Two-thirds of the way through the season, we were wondering if Davante Adams was a bust. Now he’s helping the Packers win playoff games. Adams reminds me more and more of a young James Jones. Frustrating at times, but talented enough to be an impact player.

Julius Peppers
Even if Peppers didn’t do a single thing in the regular season, his strip of DeMarco Murray in the third quarter was worth every penny the Packers are paying him this season. Remember the playoffs of yesteryear when the Packers lined up guys like Erik Walden and Andy Mulumba at outside linebacker? Yikes.

Randall Cobb
The price tag for re-signing Cobb goes up after every game and he deserves every penny. What a big time player.

Mike Daniels
Daniels might not make the flash plays like Peppers or teammate Clay Matthews, but he’s a constant force inside. On Sunday, he even fought through a blatant hold to sack Tony Romo.

Andrew Quarless
Speaking of quietly making an impact, Quarless has turned into a nice second option for Rodgers if Cobb is covered when the play breaks down. Tough, reliable and consistent. That’s what Quarless was on Sunday and what he’s been most of this season.

Richard Rodgers
The Rodgers-to-Rodgers connection to take the lead on Sunday was one of the most memorable plays of the season. Once a game for the last several weeks, Richard Rodgers has come up with a big play.

Mike McCarthy
When the early success of the running game didn’t carry beyond the opening drive, McCarthy found his team stuck in the mud. So what did he do? He ditched the buttoned-up game plan, spread the Cowboys out, and tested the limits of what his one-legged quarterback was able to do. The adjustment and strategy shift paid off. Now the Packers got a shot to play in Arizona.



Adam Czech is a a freelance sports reporter living in the Twin Cities and a proud supporter of American corn farmers. When not working, Adam is usually writing about, thinking about or worrying about the Packers. Follow Adam on Twitter. Twitter .


27 thoughts on “Packers Stock Report: Thinking bad thoughts Edition

  1. Perhaps you should have titled your article “Warm and Fuzzy Feelings”. Maybe you just want the fans to go out on a positive note. Truthfully, I could hardly watch the game. If ARod didn’t show up in the second half, we would have been looking at Cowboy tail-lights, wondering what hit us. We should be thanking Calvin Johnson for inspiring that crazy rule.

    I am not a praying man but we will need the best game from all players and coaches to beat a World Champion Seattle squad. All the weaknesses that you don’t want to highlight will be very evident against Marshawn Lynch and a mobile, Russell Wilson. Still, a strong performance by our O-line will give us a chance to go blow for blow with the Seahawks. Get an early lead and force them to play higher octane may give us a chance. Amen

    1. So…you want some cheese with that whine? How about McCarthy and Dom made some adjustments that saved the game? Yes, Rodgers made better plays in the second half, but hey, Romo could have made a ton more, and Dez could have showed up all game instead of on one botched play. You need to go take some prozac, take down your droopy dog wallpaper and wake up a little. That 15-1 season where the Packers were “dominant” just wont happen again, and those 40-0 routes by halftime sure as hell wont happen in the playoffs…because its the playoffs. Man up a bit and realize this is what it takes to be the best.

      1. Thanks for pointing out how big a man you are Thomas. And, thanks for contributing to the conversation. I can only assume that you are a troll because I would hate to think that a Packer fan could be such an ignorant asshole.

        1. I’m not sure your the one who needs some Prozac…someones all cranked up, put down the pipe bro…

        2. I don’t see how I was being a troll. I was pointing out how you were being a defeatist and have no faith in the coaching staff or our players. You could hardly watch the game? So you only watch easy wins? Why not have some faith in the franchise to gut out a tough win. Lets give Dez the score. The way Rodgers was playing, we would have had the opportunity to march down and win it with a TD.
          I’m a little ashamed that the first comment on this article highlights how crappy we played vs. Dallas, and how we are definitely going to lose against the Seahawks because we don’t match up well. So yeah, get it together, and thanks for personally insulting me. I’m not being ignorant, I’m looking at the glass being half full in that we pulled out a win after a flat first half. So, thanks brah, and make sure you have an old taped episode of Downton Abbey all ready to go in case the Packers are down by 10 points on Sunday to soothe your anxiety.

    2. Just a clarification… Johnson didn’t inspire that rule. It was in the books already. He just made it famous.

  2. First bad thought was understandible. Second one was premature but third one was for sure for hospitalization! Did you watch Peyton against Colts? Terrible! Same as what we got from Matt Flynn this season! So, never ever allow yourself to fall that deep in bad to think about putting Matt Flynn on the field to win the game. What was it was. It will never turn around. There is the reason why Mike McCarthy activate Scott Tolzien for the last 2 games. Aaron can be pushed out from the game and I do not see Matt coming in his shoes..

  3. “The price tag for re-signing Cobb goes up after every game and he deserves every penny. What a big time player.”

    Tough call. Functional slot receivers are a dime a dozen, so on that note I have a hard time shelling out the big bucks for one. On the other hand, clutch players are a rare breed. The Packers can’t afford to give him #1 money…but they can’t afford to let him go, either.

    1. I hope Cobb is double checking the ‘checks and balances’ that his agent will be throwing at him with the ‘checks and balances’ of who will not be throwing to him if he departs for a bigger payday elsewhere.
      I will not diminish what Cobb has in talent but the number of QB’s he can play with can make that talent… appear to disappear. 🙂

  4. Adam, I think you need to revise your statement about Adams. Saying “WE thought he was going to be a bust”, when in reality, only YOU thought he was a bust and in my opinion that was a ridiculous thought on your part. Hitting a rookie wall, possibly, but a bust? You have got to be joking. GoPack!

    1. I think there were more people than just Adam who were questioning Adam’s consistency this season.

      1. There’s justification to still question his consistency….Next week for one and hopefully another in two weeks later and how he gets out of the gate next season.

      2. Chad, questioning consistency and labeling a “bust” are truly two different things, don’t you think?

  5. Truly thinking of putting Matt in? That is a very dangerous thought. The fact remains that, despite all the news hype, our secret weapon against Seattle will be a much more mobile and healthier Aaron going into Seattle. If we lose this game, it will be against beast mode. I see the Sea Chickens running the ball eternally unless they get behind. So the only way to beat them is to score early and get 14 points on top where they’re forced to rely on Wilson’s arm and his receivers. But if we can’t control Lynch from the beginning, we lose the game.

    1. Rodgers has said he came out of the game worse than before it started. What makes you think he will suddenly be more mobile and healthier? Unless you think he’s playing coy? Don’t see Rodgers doing that…

      1. He did say that on Monday he felt “better” than he had after the prior game against Detroit, but not sure what the really means in terms of mobility. Even in the 2nd half he didn’t look remotely mobile. If he doesn’t have improved motion it will be a long day against a much better Hawks pass rush and in hostile territory.

        1. Rodgers also called Chris Christie a “New York Bozo” than claimed it was all made up. Of course Rodgers is going to say he’s better than the week before. Maybe he is but more than likely maybe he isn’t. You never let the enemy know you are wounded if you can help it.
          To me this game all balances out. Seattle’s defense is better than Dallas’ and Dallas’ offense is much better than Seattle’s offense. Green Bay is going to be fine this week.

      2. Even though it does not seem like him, I think he could be. Wouldn’t surprise me and I sure hope so.

  6. Falling Category:: whoever taped Matthews arm… that crap was coming off and flopping all over the place. No wonder Matthews didn’t have a huge game. Please get a trainer that knows how to tape for the SeaChickens game. Matthews doesn’t need distractions like that….sheesh

  7. IMHO, GB would have a better team with Andy Mulumba on the roster rather than on IR. That is not the case with Erik Walden.

    Seems there is a love fest setting in for Quarless and Richard Rodgers. IMO, neither is much good at this point. One author even wrote recently that GB needed “another” big game from R. Rodgers next week against Seattle. 1 reception for 13 yards (albeit also for an important TD) does not equate to having had a big game, particularly when he missed multiple blocks and is still aspiring to mediocrity as an in-line blocker. He does show improvement each week and may well develop into a good #2 TE. Quarless should be a #2 or #3 TE.

    Agree with Dobber below. Cobb as a slot receiver only, though excellent at it, has a limited market value. He is a clutch player who makes difficult catches (and one wonders how many other QBs could make those throws) but I don’t see him gaining as much separation as I would like to see.

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