Packers Vs. Bills: First Impressions – 2014 Game 14

Packers James Starks vs. Bills

Green Bay Packers vs. Buffalo Bills:  2014 Game 14 (Packers 13, Bills 21)

As always, this post it what it says it is, unfiltered initial reactions as the game progresses. I always find it entertaining to compare initial impressions from the heat of the moment with more measured thoughts with time to think about it.  Everything is up for discussion.



The NFL leaders in QB Sacks, the Bills will provide a true test for this Packers offensive line that has been getting a lot of praise this season.

Packers currently have an 18ppg disparity in points scored between playing at home versus on the road, by far the largest in the NFL.

The Packers have never beaten the Bills in Buffalo.

Buffalo defense is the most penalized in the NFL – not surprising for a Jium Schwartz led defense.

No surprises with the inactive list today.


Today’s captains will be G T.J. Lang(offense), LB Clay Matthews (defense) and DB Micah Hyde (special teams).


Inactives for today’s game:

Green Bay PackersGreen Bay Packers
16 Scott Tolzien
31 CB Davon House
54 LB Carl Bradford
72 C Garth Gerhart
80 TE Justin Perillo
83 WR Jeff Janis
99 DT Bruce Gaston

Buffalo Bills
25 S Da’Norris Searcy
38 FB Frank Summers
58 LB Randell Johnson
71 T Cyrus Kouandjio
80 WR Deonte Thompson
89 TE Chris Gragg
92 DE Jarius Wynn


Mike McCarthy Pregame Show on 620 WTMJ:

Atlanta game , first half vs second half:  My biggeest concern going in to the game was the start of the game – would we be ready and get out to a fast start.  We knocked that out of the park. Negative was we didn’t finish it in the second half, especially on Defense. We ran into a hot quarterback and receiver.

“Balmy” 40 degress in Buffalo: It’s like Green Bay in December , if you go up there and it’s only 40 degrees, you’re doing cartwheels.

Davon House injury: He’s responded very well this week- I have to think he will be back sooner rather than later

Lacy & Starks: We love playing with both of these guys, one-two punch. We’ve gone about it a little differently each game.

Buffalo defense: Excellent DL, starts up front with them, high draft picks. Linebackers – I like their linebackers, didn’t know much about them until watching tape this week. Physical, downhill players. Very agressive secondary. It’s a physical group.

Schwartz schemes: Very similar – there’s a lot of carryover.

Pressure w/o blitzing: That’s the strength of their personnel.

Kyle Orton: Good football player. He’s played well against us with Chicago, Denver, Kansas City. Old scheool preparation guy. Tough QB.




Packers vs. Bills – First Impressions – First Half:

Packers win the toss and elect to receive.

Eddie Lacy hurting people already. Second play, second carry, DB that tackled him is not getting up. Trainers on the field. His arm hit Lacy’s knee and bounced off like it was made of rubber.

Quarless drops a 3rd down pass from Rodgers and the Packers have to punt.

AJ Hawk back as a starter in base 3-4D to start the game.

Packers stop Bills on 3rd and one as DL gets great penetration and Hawk comes around to get credit for the tackle.

Packers three and out, Bills with ball at the 50. Packers’ D comes up big. Defensive battle so far.

Rodgers and Packers WRs are NOT on the same page so far. Something’s very wrong. Rodgers currently 2 of 9 for 12 yards.

Packers DL kicking the Bills OL ass so far…

Bill secondary not giving WRs any space. Personally, I’d be running the ball more the way things have started out here.

Buffalo offense no threat, so special teams and turnovers their best chance to score points. Bills’ 75yd punt return TD exactly what they needed.

McCarthy listens to my suggestion and starts running the ball. Lacy with several big gains. In the Red Zone now. Not like the Bills had shown ability to stop the run. Duh…

Score at end of 1st quarter:   GB 3 Buf 7

Bills with a very fortunate drive. Orton throws up a wounded duck that Watkins somehow comes down with, Clinton-Dix misses a sure tackle for a loss and Bills get a 10 yard gain. Woods pushes off on Shields and gets away with it. Packers D steps up again and holds Buffalo to a FG.

Jordy with the defensive play prevents the pick six. Huge play.

Davante Adams looking like a thoroughly overmatched rookie against this Buffalo secondary.

Said it before and Packers scored running Lacy. Will say it again. The Bills have not shown they can stop the run. Stop forcing passes.

Special teams. Ugh…

There better be a tongue-lashing in store from Mike McCarthy at halftime.

Anyone else have the feeling the Bills have a little bounty program going for intercepting Rodgers? Jumping routes like mad.

On the plus side, the Packers defense has been money, except for that one drive, but Bills got some lucky plays on that one.


Score at end of 1st half:   GB 10 Buf 10


Packers vs. Bills- First Impressions – Second Half:

Right now, I’m more in the Packers offense is playing poorly camp than the Bills defense is playing great camp. But that could change…

Rodgers hasn’t been sacked and hasn’t even been pressured much either. That’s what makes his numbers so surprising.

Not much use of the tight ends since the very early Quarless drop. Not one completion, I believe. Some TE catches would be a big help here.

Baktiari holding penalty negates a Lacy first down, Packers end up punting again. Sixth punt today.

Well, Bacarri Rambo wins the INT pool. Rodgers finally picked off. Lots of near misses today.

Penalty and huge sack by Matthews takes the Bills out of field goal range.

OMG Nelson, right in your hands. Would have been a 94 yd TD…


Score at end of 3rd quarter:   GB 10 Buf 16

When something like that Nelson drop happens, you have to question if it’s just not meant to be today. brutal.

Double disaster. Rambo picks off a ball off of xxx hands and then Bulaga down on the ground. And then immediate commercial so we have to sit in panic mode. No mention of Bulaga until plays later when they show him walking to the locker room. Great job, FOX.

Bulaga blind-side on the INT return. Concussion symptoms.

McCarthy livid on sidelines. Probably not for one specific reason. Just an awful day.

Huge gain by Lacy negated by holding on Sitton. McCarthy after seeing the replay jumps as high as is is capable of with a “How the F* is that holding?!?!” Don’t think I’ve ever seen him this mad.

If the Packers pull this out, Randall Cobb will be the MVP.

4:50 left, up to Packers D now to hold and get Rodgers the ball back.

Bills convert a big 3rd down after taking a timeout and coming out in a formation that totally confuses the Packers secondary. Orton had his choice of open receivers.

That blocked field goal a huge factor right now. Packers need to travel 90+ yards with 2 min and no timeouts.

First play – SAFETY. That’s all folks…


Final Score:  GB 13 Buf 21


Final Thoughts:

Fuzzy Thurston passed away today. Rest in peace Fuzz, you will be missed.

Davante Adams has shown an inability to master the back shoulder route so far. Always overrunning the route.

McCarthy & Rodgers went away from the run after the first possession or two, despite Buffalo having little success against it. Tactical error.

I’m fairly surprised anytime James Starks catches a pass. Misses so many easy catches.

Play of the game? Jordy Nelson breaking up the pick six or Jordy Nelson dropping that deep pass?

Packers special teams a veritable dumpster fire today.

Penalties, dropped passes, wasted timeouts, bad special teams. What year is this again?

Packers failure to bring Bill’s RBs down, even when tackler is seemingly in control, is pretty embarrassing.

For those that say McCarthy shows no fire (like me), he was scorching hot today. At the refs, at his team’s faux pas, at life in general.

If (this is a hypothetical) we’re going to give the Bills defense credit for what the Packers offense looked like today, then can GB beat the Seahawks anywhere?

What a god awful game to watch.



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85 thoughts on “Packers Vs. Bills: First Impressions – 2014 Game 14

  1. As you said, Al, a case of the Packers offense playing like total crap, much more than the BUF defense dictating the play. Hats off to the winners, but Buffalo got little pressure on the passer and surely didn’t stop the run. It wasn’t just that GB receivers dropped passes either. Rodgers just sucked today. Worse yet, his body language was saying, “Aw crap, we lost” already in the second quarter.

      1. If the Lion’s D doesn’t play better at Lambeau than Buffalo’s D played today, GB should win going away…

        1. The difference is that Detroit–even though they haven’t played all that well offensively this season–won’t be held back by Kyle Orton at QB.

          1. That Kyle Orton dramatically outplayed our QB is what should concern you today….. I expect a major bounceback from #12 next week in tampa.

            1. Yah, I wouldn’t want to be Tampa next week…especially with McCoy potentially done for the year.

  2. I thought not having Joe Buck and Troy A working this game would be a plus but David Diehl and the other guy were even worse! They didn’t seem to be hiding the fact that they were pulling for the Bills did they!

    1. Not only did he say Baluga many times, but he also called him Mick-ah Hyde. He called the game as well as our catching, tackling, special teams, and throwing. As poorly as we played, how did we ever come close to a chance at winning?

    2. “Mukiah Hyde” and “Bryan Bahlooga” agree with you. LOL. They could at least learn the names of players…

  3. Today’s game changes the playoffs so much for the Packers. From going after the #1 seed spot to hoping to make the playoffs, to losing home field advantage against teams like Seattle. The Packers produced too many dropped balls, bad passes, poor tackling, blown coverage for big yardage, missed field goal, safety, bad punt return coverage, costly penalties….I could go on. I don’t think they would have won today even if it was played at Lambeau. Buffalo outplayed them offensively, defensively and special teams. Sorry Aaron, I cannot R-E-L-A-X. The next two games the Packers are playing to make the playoffs.

    1. The Packers defense was fine. It’s the offense that bit. And, of course, the inexplicable failure to properly protect on punts and field goals…

      1. And the OL played well for the most part. They kept ARod clean today and were regularly opening holes for the running game. The untimely holding penalties were killers, though.

      2. Sorry marpag, we disagree. I don’t feel that the defense was fine, far from it. Missed tackles, blown coverage (especially the Bill’s last FG drive), and the final third down open completion was the dagger. The Bills offense is not the Broncos, Patriots or even the Packers offense we’re talking about. We have a better QB, they have no RB’s like Lacey, no receivers like Cobb and Nelson. We’re talking about a team that ranks close to the bottom in so many offensive categories. The D was awful.

        1. The Packers held the Bills to like 250 yards. They got the ball back for the offense time and again. They can’t tackle but this is nothing new. Actually for as bad as the Packers tackle they held them down pretty well, 4 FG. I saw A.J. Hawk in the line up getting blown 8 yards back so our choices are Hawk tackling 8 yards down field or Barrington making boneheaded plays. Al hit it right on the head, McCarthy totally got away from the run every time it was working for him. The sideline reporter told me everything I didn’t want to hear after halftime. McCarthy to her, “We will throw and catch better in the 2nd half”! Yikes, Mikes ego is in full force. Nevermind Lacy averaged 6.4 yards a carry but still only ran the ball 15 times. Nevermind there wasn’t one screen pass thrown, AGAIN! Lots of blame to go around but not on the defense. The Packers would be better off FIRING Slocum tomorrow and playing the rest of the season without him. 6 blocked kicks, FG, and punts this year. Unbelievable!!!

          1. Agreed. Fire Slocum. Even had a blocked extra point couple weeks ago.
            I thought defense looked good 60% of time, But so many times, they looked like bozos running around. At one point 4 packers had RB in the backfield.

          2. I think MM is a good HC for the most part, but I hate his play calling, stubborness, and ego.

    2. Packer defense, sloppy tackling included, easily played well enough to win today. This one was on the offense and on special teams.

      My opinion? They talk about the “unfamiliarity of AFC opponents” but Jim Schwartz knows the Packers (and the Lions and the Bears) very well. The Bills beat them all.

      1. Outstanding observation regarding Schwartz. The Bills new owner will probably change staffs. Wonder if MM and Schwartz could coexist?

        1. Schwartz is one of those guys who is probably destined to be a really good coordinator, but poor HC. He brings fire and an edge to the defenses he coaches…wouldn’t mind him in GB. Don’t see him leaving Buffalo anytime soon.

    1. Honestly, this is the best I could make of it. Offense couldn’t catch, Rodgers off early, special teams subpar, but defense making stops and creating a turnover at opportune times while the offensive line gave great protection.

      And then that Safety… dear lord.

  4. Shades of Detroit game for the offense again. Dont know why they abandon the run. Thats how you win games in the playoffs by pounding it. No screen game either, why are they forcing it. I think its obvious teams are playing the WR tight on LOS they need to adapt or it will be one and done if they made it. D played great only 4 fgs.. Special Teams gross AGAIN!

      1. I think anytime you give up 4 field goals on the road with Rodgers at QB it should be enough to win you a football game. Unfortunately ST was a joke again and offense had an off day to say the least. They have been on quite a run getting field goals blocked and loose coverage, it was only a matter of time before it actually affected the outcome of a game.

      2. Was the defense great? Not great, but they showed up, which is more than we can say for other parts of the team’s performance.

  5. O-line played well again today. Good run blocking and little pressure on Rodgers most of the game. D was Ok, and played well enough to win – although Orton was pretty bad. I will say opposing RB’s ability to gain an extra three to five yards after contact is ridiculous and has been a season long malady.
    Else, just about everyone else sucked, especially on ST.

  6. Well as I mentioned in one of my posts earlier this week, the Only way the Packers would lose was to beat themselves and they did. Something needs to be done about Special Teams. It seems like every week there is a blocked kick of some type or poor coverage, etc… Today they gave up a TD on a punt return and had a FG blocked. That’s 10 points they cost the team, basically the difference in the game. Some really bad penalties, legit and otherwise. Then a terrible day for the WRs with 6 dropped passes. Jordy dropped what was probably the game winner, unbelievable. Rodgers badly off and I don’t know why, he had good protection for most of the game. Why did we stop running the ball? Anyone? At least we can’t blame this one on the defense. They did not allow an offensive TD today. Very frustrating game since in spite of everything the Packers out gained the Bills. Hopes for the #1 seed took a hit today. Would not want to be around MM after this game. Thanks, Since ’61

  7. It’s tough to lose, but when you beat yourself it’s so much more frustrating. This is how playoff games are lost.

  8. This loss falls squarely on the shoulders of #12. We all love him. We all think he is the best in the business, but today, he was awful. The Oline played great. Running lanes were there but too often, Rodgers missed throws he usually makes. Yes, there were some drops but there were also countless uncatchable throws, late throws and what should/could have been even more picks. He made poor decisions, threw late and was generally off all day long. — The D gave up 4 fg’s. That’s winning football. I felt it had less to do with the Buffalo D and more to do with him throwing poorly. Overall bad game on offense. — I would never blame the refs in a game like this but players were getting mugged beyond 5 yards. There were also some other phantom calls. Can’t blame the loss on that, however, receivers and QB played worst game of the season. Regroup and take it to Tampa next week. GoPack!

    1. Maybe just maybe the Buffalo D made the Packers play bad.
      Receivers were covered like a blanket and Rogers was off because of it. Just shows how a good Defense will beat a great offense most, if not all, of the time. By the way, GB Defense STILL can’t tackle.

      1. A QB without any pressure in his face, making bad decisions with the ball and throwing his sideline routes out of bounds…..hmm, no I don’t think that is due to the D. Yes, Buffalo did a good job jamming receivers and playing tight but the throws were possible. Too often they just weren’t made, and when they were, they were dropped. Bad day on offense. GoPack!

      2. Certainly this is the same defense that went on the road and made Peyton Manning look awfully pedestrian a week ago. They are playing with a lot of confidence right now…still, that doesn’t change the fact that the Packers did them a tremendous number of favors.

  9. Al – thanks for the news, although very sad, about Fuzzy. Sad to learn of the passing of old #63. Thurston and Kramer, “Poetry in motion”, leading the great Lombardi Power Sweep back in the ’60s. Fuzzy, thanks for always playing hard and with great heart. A true Packer forever, you will be missed. Rest in peace. Since ’61

  10. The passing of Fuzzy Thurston this morning before the game clearly hit the Packers team hard especially Rodgers. The emotion just was not there you could see it. This reminded me so much of when Joe Philbin’s son died right before the Giants playoff game. Death tends to kill the kind of emotion/intensity you need to play a game of this magnitude.
    I will give this team a pass because of this unfortunate and untimely death. RIP Fuzzy.

      1. David, a member of your family dies hours before you are to play a game and you are telling me you won’t be affected by it? I find that hard to believe.

        1. I’m not so sure about that. The death of Michael Philbin, definitely, but Fuzzy Thurston affecting Aaron Rodgers, who wasn’t even born when Fuzzy hung up his cleats? He was a great player in Packers history, but it’s not like he was a member of the staff…

  11. Wow that was painful to watch. One of the flattest performances I have ever seen from this offense.

    Rodgers was just off in every way possible. At fault for the first INT, wasn’t accurate and his vision was off as he couldn’t find wide open receivers at times.

    McCarthy I thought had a really bad game. Biggest thing for me was he could clearly see Rodgers and the passing offense was off so why didn’t he use the run game more? Its not like the Bills were shutting the run down completely or the Pack were down by a significant margin where they had to abandon the run.

    Drops, Drops, Drops. I counted at least 6 and even the reliable Jordy had a killer one that probably would have been for a TD. If Boykin is still on the roster next season I would be surprised.

    I thought the o-line actually held up quite well against one of the best d-lines in football. Bulaga going down with a concussion was significant as Trettter looked shaky and played a part in the safety that cost us the game.

    Defense did their part, they made enough stops for an in sync offense to win the game. They held up their end of the bargain the offense didn’t.

    Got to find a way to rebound from this and pick up some form going into the playoffs (that’s if they even get in – no guarantee). It’s just an awful time to have a performance like this when home-field this year could have been key.

  12. Loss is simple like all things. McCarthy out coached, again. Special teams brutal, again. Mastay can’t kick anymore. Great defense’s beat offenses most, if not all, of the time and the GB defense STILL can’t tackle. Don’t want to hear that they gave up no offensive TD’s. Buffalo’s offense is brutal. Needed 3 and out on Buffalo’s last possession but, again, could not tackle. Bye bye home field advantage!

    1. McCarthy didn’t miss any tackles.
      McCarthy didn’t drop any passes.
      McCarthy didn’t telegraph passes or throw behind receivers.

      In all, this one was lost by the players on the field. The only real knock I have against MM’s call was not running the ball a little more, but when you’ve got #12 on your side–even if he’s not on–why do you take the ball out of his hands knowing he could snap out of it at any time?

          1. Well if it was Rodgers or McCarthy the decision made no sense. Lacy had 15 carries for nearly 100 yards. That Bills front is very good but the Packers did look like they could run on them. Plus if they had the running game going they could have implemented more play action. Though truth be told the way Rodgers was throwing and the way receivers were dropping balls maybe more play action opportunities wouldn’t have achieved anything.

            Still I think my point about perhaps running the ball more when the passing game was struggling is valid.

    2. Glad you mentioned bad kicking. I thought the same all through the game. Poor punting. And Crosby can’t drive a kick off through the end zone when he needs to without a strong tailwind.

  13. The Packers can look back at this fiasco if they don’t get a first round by. Hoping Seattle loses today. Nines are up 7-3 at half time. Gosh, I hope we even win the division at point. What a pathetic performance in such a big game today. Extremely disappointed with the Packers right now, to say the least. We still have a shot in the NFC, but not if they play like this!

  14. I wish I hadn’t watched it. It was agonizing. O line held strong and D was solid. Passing and special teams were crud.

      1. you must not have been around in the middle and late 70s, this time it was the o that let us down and we’re not used to that, back then it was both!!

  15. Thanks for great summary AGP! Had to work and missed game and had to rely on agonizing phone updates, Glad this is the one I missed, Two thoughts: When Jordy misses one of those you know it is not your day. And 2 at least Lacy is OK

    1. Yes, if you had told me this morning I would be cheering loudly for the Niners and Vikings today, I would have gagged and yet, here I am doing it. ugh.

    2. Painful, boring, and ugly. How that awful product Detroit puts on the field is 10-4 is a mystery.

      1. Minnesota plays hard, and they’re much improved on the defensive side of the ball.

        Detroit’s problem is inconsistent play from the OL and the QB. Some weeks Stafford looks like Favre…other weeks he looks like Cutler. The OL was the strength of the Lions team a year ago, this year they’re barely average (and have had to deal with injuries). They win because they only need to score 17 points on a weekly basis.

  16. Please, please line up Jeff Janis opposite Jordy Nelson. Been saying it all year. When it happens, the Packer offense barring injury will be unstoppable.

    1. Boy, could the Packers have used a Charles Johnson today. Losing that guy to MN just kills me everytime I see him play.

    2. Janis is a local boy around here (Tawas City) and he dominated D-II at SVSU (just like Charles Johnson did for a year a GVSU), but he’s a one-trick pony at this point: run fast! Even though I love his long-term potential, does he really merit PT above Cobb or Adams? My guess is that he’s ineffective on ST (there’s a laugh!) and making him active means that Boykin (who contributes on ST) has to sit.

  17. The Packers just moved down to the sixth seed, I think. With Detroit winning another close one and Seattle mauling another team. Green and Gold are in deep do do. Just shows what a really good defense, which the Packers do not have, can do. Seattle will dominate them in Seattle if they even get that far.

    1. Glad to see you have it all worked out. I guess you can skip watching the rest of the season. Think about all the extra time you’ve created for yourself and all the other things you can be negative about. You’re already predicting playoff losses…..unbelievable.

      1. Have you watched what really good defenses do to Green Bay’s offense? Have you not seen all of the missed tackles today? Have you not seen the Packer’s get outscored and out coached in the second half in the last three games? Have you not seen the special teams lay an egg every week? Have you not observed that the Packers are a mediocre team on the road? Have you been paying attention at all my brother?

        1. Yes, I have seen some of those things. I’ve also seen our QB play a million times better than today. I just won’t let the past lead me to automatically judge our future games as losses the way you do.

          1. you been watching the Pack on the road? Against good to mediocre teams? not pretty…this will prove to be a huge lost chance today…

            1. Home field means something in the NFL. Buffalo is an 8-win team at this point…a couple breaks and they could win 10. Losing to a 10-win team on their field, regardless of how their offense looked, is nothing to be ashamed of.

      2. well…he’s for the most part correct…deep do do…if you liked what you saw today good for you…i also predict a playoff loss if we have to travel to Seattle…

        1. Billy,
          I don’t like what I saw today, by any stretch, I just don’t want to over-react to a loss. Rodgers played his worst game as a pro. The receivers played horribly. — I guess it hinges on whether you think they will continue to play that way the rest of the season. I don’t think all of it was because of the D. You apparently do and so predict failure in the future. I think more of it was self induced and thus I think all of their goals are still attainable. We have a difference of opinion, and that’s ok. GoPack!

  18. Quite simply, GB blew it on special teams and offense today. Assuming they win their last 2 (which IMO they will), they’ll be the 2nd seed. And probably GOING to Seattle. UGH.

    Shawn Slocumb needs to be fired. He’s never done a solid job. This year is almost as bad as 2012 – and this time he doesn’t have the injuries to use as an excuse.

  19. Win the final two, get a bye, maybe get lucky and Seattle loses one,probably not but two wins should get a bye, lay an egg in Fla and the team doesn’t deserve to be in anyway….the bye and at least one game at Lambeau is crucial….

  20. Once again, GB makes another average team look great. Wonder how great the Bucs will look next week.
    I thought GB was way over-rated the past 3 weeks. But the last 6 quarters of football shows GB is about the 3rd best NFC team and 7th best NFL team. I never get the feeling GB has powerhouse mentality like NE, Seattle, Denver. I don’t see GB making playoffs; won’t beat SF, NO, AZ or Detroit even.
    How comes we have no Tight Ends?

    1. Didn’t GB just beat NE? SF couldn’t beat anyone right now, NO lost three in a row at home. AZ without two QBs and Ellington? Doubtful.

  21. Now we might conclude that the defense is adequate, and that the O-line with Bulaga is really good. Also, that just falling into coverage, even if GB gashes you with the run, and even if you don’t get any, any, pressure on A. Rodgers, is the way to play GB (and mug the WRs as much as possible). Ignore the TEs, and put a S or even a LB on Boykin (who runs a 4.74 40-yd dash, so many LBs can run with Boykin), thereby making either Adams beat you or forcing Aaron to be on his game and be very accurate that game. Clog the middle with a sea of LBs, Safeties and CBs. I wrote before this game that GB needed 6 receptions from its TEs, but we only got 1 reception on 6 targets for all of 7 yards, and we only got 1 reception on 5 targets to Adams and Boykin for all of 6 yards. I have called for Janis to be active, even though I don’t know if he is ready, for twofold reasons: his speed is something that is otherwise lacking, and my lack of confidence in Adams and Boykin. This is the 2nd near-certain long TD pass dropped by Nelson this season.

  22. (in my best crazy-whiny Jim Mora voice)

    “Home Field? Don’t talk about – home field? You kidding me? Home Field? I just hope we can make the playoffs!”

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