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Week 14 Atlanta Falcons vs. Green Bay Packers
Name Record To-Date This Week’s Pick Score Prediction
Kris Burke 8-4 Green Bay Packers 28-24
The blowout train does not resume this week. The NFC South is a complete disaster but Atlanta is still in good position for a division title. Look for them to give the Packers all they can handle but it’ll be too little, too late
“Jersey” Al Bracco 9-3 Green Bay Packers 45-21
 Blew it last week. Probably my only chance to catch up in the standings here. In any case, I see a typical Monday night shootout, but with one team doing most of the shooting.
Adam Czech 10-2 Green Bay Packers 40-27
 The Falcons will move the ball, especially if Shields and Daniels miss the game. But they won’t be able to match Aaron Rodgers and Co. as the Packers pull away in the second half.
Thomas Hobbes 9-3 Green Bay Packers  27-17
 I actually think fans are underestimating the Falcons; yes they have a poor record, but they still are a better than average team.  With that being said, the Packers best performance will destroy the Falcons best performance, so all that matters is that the Packers get out of their own success.
Chad Toporski 9-3 Green Bay Packers 42-24
At this point, the fans are just waiting for the playoffs to start. Fortunately, I don’t think the players take the next four games the same way. They are a focused group who keep their focus on what’s directly in front of them, and right now that’s the Falcons.
Jason Perone 9-3 Green Bay Packers 38-17
It’s another big home win for the Packers.  Atlanta may be leading the NFC South and better than their record indicates, but there’s no team better in the NFL right now than Green Bay.  Atlanta isn’t the same team on the road and they struggle to keep up with the Packers’ high-octane offense.
Jay Hodgson 9-3 Green Bay Packers 31-24
The Packers continue to surge towards the playoffs. This game could be a “trap” game because the Falcons are having a down year. However, if the Packers take them seriously, they should have their way passing on the weak Falcons’ secondary. The Falcons are improving, and have shown they can score points, so this game will be closer than most expect.
Cory Jennerjohn 10-2 Green Bay Packers 38-17
The only way the Packers lose is if they get lost driving to Lambeau. This game will be over by the second quarter. The Packers’ biggest weakness is stopping the run and the Falcons counter with an old and worn-out running back. Case closed.
Andy Burch 8-4 Green Bay Packers 38-21
 The Falcons will be fighting with everything they have, because even though they’re 5-7 they are in first place in their division, and they want to keep it that way. The Packers will be too much for them since the game is at Lambeau. I think the Packers defense is fueled from their performance against the Patriots and they hold the Falcons offense in check, except for Julio Jones if Sam Shields isn’t playing.



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11 thoughts on “Falcons vs. Packers 2014 Week 14 Predictions from AllGBP.com

  1. The only game the Falcons have won all season against a non-NFC South (Google the word “pathetic” and this division appears) team was last week, at the Georgia Dome, against a severely injury-depleted Arizona team. You have to give them credit for beating a team with a winning record, but there’s no way the Falcons beat the Packers at Lambeau. Pack, 37-17.

  2. The Falcons D with no pass rush means Aaron Rodgers will be putting on another clinic. How to Carve up a Bird Part ll ( Eagles Part l ) Seriously this thing has the potential to get real ugly for the Dirty Birds. Packers 45 Falcons 24 with most of the Falcons points and yardage coming in garbage time! Oh almost forgot, Matty Ice throws a minimum of Two Picks .

  3. If Packers team consider Falcons seriously, I can see result of 50 something vs less than 20 (56-17). If result will be ugly at the half time, Mike will put his foot on the brake and result will be less favorable, but still big win. But if there will be some Packers players who underestimate Falcons, I can see Packers win, but by much less margin (something like 28-24). Still, the only way for Falcons to win this match will be if Packers win themselves out…

  4. I see 6-7 trips to the red zone for Rodgers and Co. resulting in a 41-23 Packers win. Many of Atlanta’s points will come during garbage time in the 4th quarter. Go Pack Go! Thanks, Since ’61

    1. I think the game will be a little bit tighter, although not much of a struggle. A 34 – 20 Packers win. Go Pack Go!

  5. I see the weather becoming a huge factor in this game. Chance of snow. This will hinder the Packers passing game somewhat. I see Eddie Lacy getting his first career 200 yard rushing game. The Falcons will not give up without a fight because they have Matty Ice Ice Baby. This game will be much closer than the score will indicate: Packers 54- Atlanta 13

    1. Love the prediction but for the life of me I can’t understand how a 54-17 Packers win being close at any point!

      1. It won’t be. Just giving some false praise to the other team like all the players do leading up to the game.
        The reason I am doing so is because according to Big T, the Falcons coaching staff most likely reads these posts to try to figure out strategies on how to beat the Packers so I want them to believe they’ll have a chance at winning when deep down I know they are going to get slaughtered. Just don’t say anything ok? lol

  6. Packers will jump out to a big lead in the first half and have Rodgers watching again by the 4th quarter. Might not be a 50 burger but they’ll score 40+. The defense will shut down the Falcons for 3 quarters and give up some garbage yards and garbage points. Lacy will have 120+ and Starks will have 50+ yards rushing.

  7. These are the teams that make the Packers fall asleep at the wheel. If MM can keep them focused we will be ok…

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