ALLGBP Casualty Report: Week 8

It was great that the Packers managed to win a decisive victory against the Carolina Panthers, but perhaps even better was that the Packers ended the game with no serious injuries.  While the Packers win streak is impressive, it’s the health streak that is even more impressive when you consider how banged up the Packers are usually by this point.  While the Packers did manage to win a Super Bowl with many players on IR; you only have to look back to 2011 to see what a really healthy Green Bay Packers squad can do when the are healthy.


New Injuries

James Starks: Starks injured his ankle midway through the 3rd quarter but was able to limp off the field on his own power; initially the injury didn’t appear that serious since Starks remained on the sideline with his helmet, which almost indicated that he could have played if the score hadn’t been so lop-sided already.  Fast forward to Wednesday, Starks did not participate in practice and was characterized by head coach Mike McCarthy as minor.  With such a minor injury, it’s likely that all the treatment that Starks is receiving is ice, elevation and perhaps compression.  Overall, since Starks is a veteran there still is a very good chance that he could play against New Orleans even if he doesn’t practice tomorrow; in the event that Starks cannot play, Dujuan Harris will rotate in with Eddie Lacy.  Interestingly Harris has only had 6 rushing attempts this season after being the “starter” for some of the 2012 season while he from outside appearance would be a better compliment to the physical north and south running style of Lacy.

Morgan Burnett: The loss of Burnett sometime during the Panthers game likely will come as a shock to some Packers fans; there was no noticeable play where Burnett came up gimp nor did it seem like the Packers changed what they did defensively in any way.  Perhaps this is more due to the emergence of rookie safety Ha Ha Clinton-Dix, who has been steadily growing as the season has gone on to the point that he started and played ever snap on defense against Carolina last week.  Either way, Burnett was the surprise missing participant in practice on Wednesday but was also characterized as minor by head coach Mike McCarthy.  There’s no real way to know the full extent of Burnett’s injury but based on McCarthy’s comments and the fact that Burnett walked out of Lambeau Field under his own power, there is a good chance that Burnett could practice as early as today and might have a chance to suit up against the Saints.  If Burnett indeed cannot play, the Packers are pretty set at safety; instead of Burnett as the starter and Hyde and Clinton-Dix rotating with each other, both will likely start while Sean Richardson becomes the primary backup (speaking of Richardson, he might have earned some more playing time in his own right).


Continuing Injuries

Sam Shields: Sam Shields suffered an apparent freak injury to his left knee during the time in between plays during the 3rd quarter of the Dolphins game; even more odd is that Shields initially tried to limp off the field but finally gave up and called for the training staff.  Perhaps most unsettling is that there was no apparent cause of the injury; while there isn’t really any film of players in between plays (the live broadcast was showing other thing and NFL rewind/All-22 omit these sections), it appears as if Shields was playing fine up until that point. With unusual injuries like theses, it’s very hard to pin-point the exact injury outside of Shields’ comments that he felt a pinching sensation and that the trainers didn’t believe it to be a tear (other possibilities include some sort of patellar tendon injury). During McCarthy’s presser, Datone Jones, James Starks and Morgan Burnett all got positive responses while Shield’s was a lot more vague: “Sam is going through medical situation and if he’s ready to play, he’ll play”  From McCarthy’s sentiments, it would appear that at the very least, Shields’ injury was not minor and it’s highly likely that Shields will not play against the Saints after sitting out the Panthers game as well.  The Packers will likely stick with Casey Hayward and Davon House, who filled in for Shields last week with positive results.

Datone Jones: Jones injured his ankle against the Vikings in the 2nd quarter after someone rolled over his leg (even Jones isn’t entirely sure what happened); while he was able to get off the field under his own power, he was then carted to the training room and did not return for the rest of the game.  Jones did not practice the week afterwards and was ruled inactive against the Dolphins and then again against the Panthers.   This isn’t Jones’ first time with ankle issues as his rookie season was partially derailed during the preseason when fellow first round pick Jonathan Cooper landed on his leg on his first snap as a NFL player.  After that Jones’ was in and out of the lineup all season and didn’t appear all that explosive when he was.  Interestingly, Jones was a limited participant in practice last week leading up to the Panthers game, did not play, and then did not practice this Wednesday either, indicating a setback of some sorts.  However Mike McCarthy also gave Jones a positive outlook this week so it sounds like Jones is close to getting back on the field but it really just depends on how he feels on Saturday.  If Jones is inactive again against the Saints, expect to see Josh Boyd play more snaps as well as more NASCAR looks that require less down defensive linemen.


Recovered Injuries

Jarrett Boykin: Boykin appears to have injured his groin sometime during the Lions game in week 3 or practice leading up to the Bears game in week 4.  Boykin has been held out of practice since then and was inactive against the Bears, Vikings and Dolphins before finally getting the go ahead to play against the Panthers.  Boykin however did not play many snaps, 13 (compared to 9 by Kevin Dorsey) but interestingly was a part of the kickoff and punt units, indicated he’s health enough to play the most dangerous aspect of football, but it’s likely that Davante Adams has passed him up on the depth chart.  I would still expect Boykin to be in and out of the lineup for the forseeable future; GregJennings had a similar injury in 2012 and was also in and out of the lineup and practices for weeks before finally admitting defeat and electing to have surgery.  Again unfortunately, since this is a core injury, recovery is very slow since there is no way to really not use your groin/abdomen in daily life.  Kevin Dorsey and Jeff Janis were both active against the Dolphins and both could very well see more action with Boykin still out.  At the moment, its possible that Boykin feels recovered enough to try and play and he might even have some positive results like Jennings had, however it’s likely Boykin will have to have surgery at some point, it’s only a question of when.

Jamari Lattimore: Lattimore suffered a neck injury during the 2nd quarter of the Dolphins game and did not return, however he was able to leave the field under his own power.  Luckily Lattimore was active against the Panthers but apparently was being held on a pitch count with Sam Barrington subbing in for him. It’s interesting that Barrington got the first crack to replace Lattimore and not Brad Jones who seems to have finally and unequivocally lost the starting inside linebacker spot and now may actually be a 3rd stringer.  With Lattimore practicing in full, expect to see him play the majority of snaps again with Barrington as the first man up.

Tramon Williams: Two plays after losing Sam Shields, the Packers were dealt another blow by losing their other starting cornerback to an ankle injury.  Apparently, Williams had his leg rolled up on by linebacker Brad Jones, who was an injury replacement for Jamari Lattimore himself (while Jones has played poorly this season by all accounts, blaming him for injuring Williams is pure lunacy).  Williams was able to start against the Packers and almost deflected a pass to Clay Matthews who then strolled in for a defensive touchdown (which was called back due to a pass interference penalty on Williams).  With Williams practicing in full this week and the injury likely behind him, Williams will likely start against the Saints with Davon House and Casey Hayward subbing in for snaps.



Thomas Hobbes is a staff writer for Jersey Al’s


20 thoughts on “ALLGBP Casualty Report: Week 8

  1. They should try and get some picks next year for Brad Jones in a trade he is useless but maybe can get a mid round or even a 6th or 7th for him

      1. Your right I was joking they probably couldn’t get a 7th round for him even so guess they just cut him instead 🙂

    1. GB is a little short at ILB just at present, unless Carl Bradford has made major progress during practice. I don’t advocate jettisoning Brad Jones at this point.

      1. Notice to Packer Nation: Bradford has 30″ arms. Kyhri Thornton has 30″ arms. Raji has 30″ arms. You can’t rush the passer with 30″ arms. Would someone please notify our esteemed GM of this fact.

      2. Lattimore/Barrington/Bradford and Elliot can fall back into ILB if need be as well so they are not short…Matthews and Peppers also play ILB on plays so B. Jones is a useless man on the 53 plain and simple!

    2. That’s funny. GB could package Hawk and Jones together and nobody would offer them a conditional 7th round pick. You just don’t realize how foolish TT has been in awarding fat contracts to these two.

      1. Dude I am in agreement with you lol…I said they would be lucky to get a mid round but might get a 7th for him if not then YES he needs to go on the unemployment line and Hawk is playing for the simple fact he knows how to read offenses and make adjustments to the defense but as for a player he is past his time.

    3. That’s not a bad idea, but the Packers would be lucky if they could get a pack of socks and some ring-meat for this guy.

  2. This is all over the internet and talk radio today, but Percy Harvin and many Seattle Seahawks do not think Russell Wilson is “black enough”. So, management, wanting to keep their QB, let Harvin go.

    When this junk starts, the coaches have to end it immediately. Pete Carroll, showed at USC that he is not to be trusted. As a comparison, you’re gone in a heartbeat for this stuff at Notre Dame.,247361

    Whatever you say about MM and TT, they wouldn’t stand for this for 10 seconds. This can destroy a team, when the locker room is a place that no one wants to enter. I for one am glad we have the management and coaches we do. I like to think the Packers are a cut above other teams.

    1. The Packers are pretty darn good at staying away from black and white troublemakers though they will take a shot sometimes if the cost is little like with Colt Liarla. lol
      I think a lot of blacks do have a problem at times with so called white / black players who are well liked and well spoken. Why that is I can’t really say. Jealousy is probably on top of the list.
      We had a few black players likes like that on the Packers thru the years and it was never a problem. I am thinking right now of Sean Jones, Ryan Grant, Samkon Gado and Micah Hyde though none were ever at the no. 1 qb spot. They all had one thing in common. All are highly intelligent. That should not be a reason for some black players like Percy Harvin to come out and act like that’s a bad thing.
      For the record, I love Russell Wilson. I was praying TT would take him in round two just to keep him off the market. Harvin is an idiot. Actually I thank the moron for splitting up the team in half as it helps out Green Bay. Brett Favre taught him very well I see from when the both were buddies on the Vikings. Thank you Brett and Percy. lol

      1. For the life of me, I have never, ever understood what people see in “The Almighty Percy Harvin.” Sports commentators make utter fools of themselves when they drool and fawn over his “mad skills” and “explosiveness.” They ask dumbass questions like “Is there a more dynamic player in the NFL than Percy Harvin?” What a crock of shit. He’s never had a single 1000 yard receiving season… not one! His per catch average is 11.4 yards, which is “OK-ish” …. if you are a tight end. So far this season, 71 players (including 12 TEs) have a better per catch average than that. “Ooooh… but he can run… he’s MULTI-DIMENSIONAL, you see.” Bah. He’s averaged 170 yards rushing per season, which is 10.7 yards per game.

        Plus, he’s a major A-hole, and he can’t stay on the field… and, according to recent reports, sometimes refuses to go on the field even when he is healthy.

        Maybe Russell Wilson ain’t “black enough.” Percy Harvin ain’t “good enough.”

        I don’t credit the Seahawks for dumping Harvin. They were incredibly stupid to pick him up in the first place. Very, very, very stupid. Over to you, NY Jets….

        1. I love the fact that this trade blew up in John Schneider’s face. If TT did what Schneider did, people would want him terminated immediately.

          Schneider has been riding a high the past two seasons or so. Everything he was doing was turning to gold. Now the past year it’s turning to shit and I love it. 3-3 now and gave up a first, third, and 7th for this scum bag? Oh, throw in the fact he’ll have to shell out zillions now to Russell Wilson and Richard Sherman as both will demand to be paid top dollar at their positions.

          Funny thing is, I bet it’s Schneider now with the migraines not Harvin. lol

          1. What it says to me is confirmation of the notion that teams are built through the draft, and GMs should be very careful about signing high priced free agents. Really good players don’t make it to free agency unless there are some warts.

            I don’t have anything against Schneider (although I don’t mind seeing the Seahawks take a kick to the groin). The Seahawks are good because Schneider made some great draft picks. Even one or two great drafts can put you over the top. You land a Wilson, an Earl Thomas and a few other guys and you’re a contender for a long time. That’s how it works.

            In free agency, don’t be stupid and take huge risks. Think about this: How good would a very reasonably priced James Jones look in Seattle right now? Instead of paying that idiot Harvin 25 million guaranteed just to walk in the door and piss everyone off, you get a cheap, hardworking character guy who can open up the offense for everyone.

            Harvin was just a bad, bad, bad signing by Schneider. It will hurt them a ton. And then you give up draft picks on top of it? Ouch….

        2. If you don’t see the obvious physical gifts of Percy Harvin, you need glasses. Is he injury prone? Yes. Is he an A-hole? Apparently. Is he an incredible physical talent? Absolutely. Don’t let your prejudices cloud your judgment.

          1. I can see his “obvious physical gifts” just fine (and I already wear glasses). What I can’t see is PRODUCTION, and this is because Harvin has never produced at an elite level, or anywhere in the same hemisphere as his pay scale. What good are physical gifts if they don’t translate into catches, yards and touchdowns?

            Ryan Leaf had physical gifts. How did that turn out?

            So yeah… Harvin looks damn good on a 30 second highlight clip, but as you said, “don’t let your prejudices cloud your judgment.” In the end, Harvin doesn’t get it done.

      2. I was shocked when TT passed on R Wilson in the 2nd round. God, if he used a 2nd round pick on a piece of crap like Brian Brohm why wouldn’t he do so on someone as obviously gifted as R Wilson? TT is a pretty crappy GM in my book.

        1. If Rodgers was 34 or 35 I bet TT would have taken him.
          For the record, TT is the one of the greatest GM’s in NFL history Archie. His record speaks for itself. Health of his teams the past 4 years has always been the issue. We are FINALLY seeing what TT can do when he has most of his weapons healthy. God help the rest of the NFL.

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