Cory’s Corner: Aaron Rodgers is the NFL’s best QB — and its MVP

DeMarco Murray has been one of the biggest surprises of this young season. And there’s a good reason why he’s receiving MVP consideration. The fourth-year running back has tied Jim Brown’s record with six-straight 100-yard games to begin the year. If he hits the century mark in Week 7, he has an NFL record for a surging Cowboys team.

Amazingly enough, there have been MVP whispers for J.J. Watt. The Houston Texans would not be anywhere close to 3-3 without the omnipresent services of the fourth-year defensive end. But it’s highly unlikely that he’s going to get the top prize.

The one guy that isn’t getting any MVP love is Aaron Rodgers. He has brought the Packers back from the dead and after a three-game win streak, has Green Bay tied for the fourth-best winning percentage in the NFC.

Rodgers’ biggest hurdle is probably himself. Most people are accustomed to seeing him zip precision passes. When the Packers struggled out of the gate with a 1-2 record, much of the blame landed on his shoulders.

Well, if that argument is true, then when the Packers are winning, he has to be showered with credit.

What’s most impressive is that Rodgers has 15 touchdown passes and just one interception. And the only reason that pass was hauled in by Seahawks cornerback Byron Maxwell was because it trickled off the hands of Jordy Nelson.

He’s also proven this season that he can respond to adversity. After the offense gave up nine points in a devastating loss at Detroit, Rodgers bounced right back. He was only 7.1 points away from a perfect passer rating with a dominating win at Chicago the following week.

Once again, Rodgers has played through musical chairs at offensive line. From the slow and underwhelming Derek Sherrod at right tackle to sparking confidence to untested rookie center Corey Linsley.

And then there’s Lacy. Last year’s Rookie of the Year is 22nd in the NFL with only 51 rushing yards a game. He is 140 yards off his pace from last year through six games. That’s at least a game and change that Rodgers has to make up for.

Finally, Rodgers hasn’t had the benefit of an athletic tight end to ease the burden in the red zone. With the loss of Jermichael Finley, the Packers still have a vacancy for a dynamic tight end that cannot be guarded with a lone linebacker or defensive back.

Add in the gaggle of special plays that define who Rodgers is. The absurd 22-yard touchdown to Randall Cobb placed just past the left hand of Bears cornerback Isaiah Frey at Chicago. The 66-yard bomb that seemed to float from heaven to an open Jordy Nelson vs. Minnesota. The five-yard touchdown missile to Cobb on the run with three Miami defenders closing in ready to tear Rodgers’ head off. The courage to hang in the pocket on fourth-and-10, take a hit, and complete an 18-yard pass to Nelson at Miami. And finally the four-yard touchdown pass to the seldom-used Andrew Quarless with three seconds left for the win in South Florida.

Rodgers is the best quarterback in the game. Period. He has Peyton Manning’s intelligence, Ben Roethlisberger’s elusiveness, Tom Brady’s poise and Drew Brees’ accuracy. He is the reason the Packers will win the NFC North for the fourth straight season — even though the defense has shown glaring inefficiencies.

The fact that Rodgers hasn’t been mentioned as an MVP candidate is because it’s understood that he already is one.


Cory Jennerjohn is from Wisconsin and has been in sports media for over 10 years. To contact Cory e-mail him at jeobs -at- or follow him on Twitter: Cory Jennerjohn


11 thoughts on “Cory’s Corner: Aaron Rodgers is the NFL’s best QB — and its MVP

  1. Right now, Philip Rivers definitely deserves MVP over Rodgers. Rivers currently leads Rodgers by a ton in the following measures

    Completion percentage (69 to 64)
    Total yards (1756 to 1419)
    Yards per game (293 to 237)
    Yards per attempt (8.82 to 7.51)
    Passer rating (117.6 to 111.4)
    QBR (87.1 to 82.4)

    Rivers has the same number of passing TDs (15) and only one more INT (2).

    The Chargers are 5-1, including a victory of SEA. The Packers are 4-2, without beating anyone particularly good.

    CBS Sports does list Rodgers as one of their MVP candidates.

  2. I fear this article is written only as a server to kool-aid fans who ignore any and all facts about other players in regard to the MVP.

    I love Rodgers as noted via my user name,but at this moment he IS NOT and SHOULD NOT be the MVP, if voting on now.

    Could this change as the season progresses,absolutely,but until it actually does,this is a shame and disrespectful toward those who as of now are and should be voted as MVP.

    Watt and Rivers hands down are playing above and beyond our beloved and seemingly over protected Aaron Rodgers.

    One fake spike and win cannot and should not erase all of the average and below average play/decisions,(however small in amount) we have witnessed to date,along with the wins and losses to each team and their level of significance in league rankings. 🙂

  3. Rodgers is the MVP based on pure talent but I would say he lacks the production to be getting people’s attention. That being said, his performances the last couple of weeks have been out of this world.

    The pump fake scramble in Miami was better than the fake spike and he’s made some out of this world throws scrambling out of the pocket with a LB in his face.

    I fear Rodgers will always be underrated simply due to the size of the Green Bay market.

  4. Are you seriously writing this article claiming Rodgers is the best QB in the NFL the same week Peyton Manning just joined Brent Farve as only the second person in the 500 TD club? That’s just flat-out silly.

  5. My biggest knock on Rodgers is his refusal to throw to anyone he doesn’t trust (i.e. anyone not named Nelson or Cobb). This is the Brady prima donna syndrome. Lots of QBs have to deal with rookie WRs and TEs. When Rodgers became the starter, he had Driver, Jennings and James Jones, all veterans. Favre had to deal with Jennings (Rd 2, 2006) and Jones (Rd 3, 2007) in their rookie years, and they caught 45 and 47 passes for 632 and 676 yards, respectively. Nelson and Cobb did okay in their rookie years with Rodgers as the starter (33 receptions for 366 and 25 for 375), but nothing like what Favre got out of Jennings and Jones (and I think Nelson and Cobb have far more talent than Jennings and Jones had). Adams with 17 receptions for 167 is on schedule to have 45 receptions for 445 yards, but considering Quarless is only averaging 2 receptions/game and R. Rodgers has a measly 2 receptions for the entire season despite playing a lot of snaps, it appears to me that the QB did not have much choice. Quarless as a veteran should have many more receptions, and it seems that defenses (and Aaron Rodgers) largely ignore R. Rodgers when GB does have him run a route.

  6. Right now Manning, Rivers and Murray all deserve it over ARod. Maybe Watt too (although I’m in agreement that a defensive player won’t win the award ever again in today’s NFL).

      1. On what merit? Completion percentage? TDs? Record? All deserve it more than ARod by the end of the year. Plus, I really do think the NFL wants to send Pey Pey out on a high note.. the 2nd Denver Bronco to retire as SB champ (this time with an MVP too) would make the NFL a LOT of $$

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