Packers release Ryan Taylor, add WR Kevin Dorsey to 53 man roster

The Green Bay Packers released special teamer and backup tight end Ryan Taylor and promoted practice squad wide receiver Kevin Dorsey to the active roster.

Taylor, a seventh round p;ick in the 2011 draft, showed little production this year on special teams, amassing only one tackle. On offense, he had only 10 snaps all season, all last week in the Vikings game as the Packers were running out the clock.

The Packers most likely decided to add Kevin Dorsey (a seventh round pick in the 2013 Draft) from the practice squad because of Jarrett Boykin’s injury. It seems to be lingering longer than the Packers expected.

Cornerback Tay Glover-Wright, A 6’0″ 175 rookie cornerback was signed to take Dorsey’s spot on the Practice Squad. Glover-Wright was an undrafted rookie in the Atlanta Falcon’s camp this year before being released on August 25th. Glover-Wright is another QB/wide receiver turned defensive back out of Utah State.



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5 thoughts on “Packers release Ryan Taylor, add WR Kevin Dorsey to 53 man roster

  1. You don’t see this too often – release a multi-year starter, mid season. It is unfortunate that we had to lose Jumal Rolle before this went down. I wonder if we were in the same position on Dorsey and the Packers decided to promote him rather than lose him. Still, I am glad that the Packers are not afraid move on with projects and look to keep upgrading the roster.

    I hope that Dorsey has something to add to this offense. He should know the playbook and he should be healthy. Perhaps he has some speed or kick return talent. Perhaps he’ll push Janis to buckle down and get up to speed.

    1. I have an inkling you may be right Razer. I bet another team was interested in Dorsey and they didn’t want to lose him.

      I never liked Taylor from the get go. I thought he was pretty much useless as a tight end. He was basically here for special teams and was always causing fights. He was probably the guy in high school that nobody liked because he bullied everyone. Just had that feeling about him. He reminded me Bill Romanowski.

      Dorsey could definitely have potential. Big tall kid with some speed. The Packers could not afford to lose him plus he’s also a good special teamer. This makes sense in favor of the Packers. Nice job Ted!!

  2. Seemed to me that Defensive line was higher priority. But then again, no NFL team currently considers my opinion worth much.

  3. Nice to see that TT and MM’s testes are descending a little bit, allowing them to actually “CHANGE” anything mid-season. Pretty insignificant, but I guess it could be a start. Now if they would send Guion back where he came from and sign a stud defensive lineman, that’s when the tables turn and I would bow to the masters Ted and Mike… Not holding my breath…

  4. I am guessing that Razer is spot on. I didn’t want Taylor to make the 53 in the first place, but that’s spilt milk now. Too bad we lost Rolle due in part to that decision. Still don’t understand why Goodson is on the 53. My guess is that someone was trying to sign or expressing interest in Dorsey. GB did not need to promote Dorsey; they have 4 healthy WRs, and the 5th will be inactive. If one gets hurt, they could promote Dorsey from the practice squad then. Only interesting thing that might develop is if Janis sometime down the road becomes the WR who is inactive on game days.

    I am keeping an eye on the practice squad. When Tretter returns, I expect him to back up center and guard, meaning that one of either Gerhart or Lane Taylor will be expendable.

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