Packers vs. Jets First Impressions – 2014 Game Two

Packers Jets Lambeau Field

Green Bay Packers vs. New York Jets:  2014 Game 2

As always, this post it what it says it is, unfiltered initial reactions as the game progresses. I always find it entertaining to compare initial impressions from the heat of the moment with more measured thoughts with time to think about it.  Everything is up for discussion.


The Packers come to Lambeau Field hoping to redeem themselves in the eyes of many after a disappointing performance in week 1.

The Packers run defense will be tested again, this time b y two different style running backs and a physical offensive line.

Two starters will miss the game. One you’ll care about the other not so much. Bryan Bulaga and Brad Jones both being held out. Jamari Lattimore and Derrick Sherrod gettng the starts in their place.

Jets will be looking to force the #Packers into 3rd down passing situations, so they can pin their ears back a bit…


Today’s Packers captains will be WR Randall Cobb (offense), Morgan Burnett (defense) and K Mason Crosby (special teams).


Inactives for today’s game:

Green Bay PackersGreen Bay Packers
16 QB Scott Tolzien
39 CB Demetri Goodson
54 LB Carl Bradford
59 LB Brad Jones
75 T Bryan Bulaga
83 WR Jeff Janis
91 LB Jayrone Elliott

At LB, 57 Jamari Lattimore will start in place of Jones. At RT, 78 Derek Sherrod will start in place of Bulaga.

New York Jets
18 WR Walter Powell
32 S Josh Bush
51 LB Ikemefuna Enemkpali
55 LB A.J. Edds
70 OL Dakota Dozier
71 T Ben Ijalana
99 NT T.J. Barnes

27 CB Dee Milliner is active for the Jets but not starting. 30 CB Darrin Walls will start in Milliner’s place.



Mike McCarthy Pregame Show on 620 WTMJ:


We’re ready to play. We talked about it last night in the final team meeting. When you have 10 days to prepare, we are ready.

Sherrod and Lattimore: They are players that have been with us for a long time. Jamari is a heck of a football player, he’ll bring juice. Derek will be improved from his last game, he’s had a good week of work.

The team: I really like this group of men I’m coaching. Playstyle, quality of play and winning – those are the things we focus on.

NY Jets: uncommon opponents in first couple of weeks is a challenge.

Jets front four: big, long athletic defensive linemn. a big groupg, rangy group, three #1 picvks in the first four.

Geno Smith: I agree his footwork likes better. he looks more composed, he’s a good athlete, he’ll pull it down and run and that’s a challenge for us

Jets running game: It starts up front, big physical offensive line. You have to be real conscientious who’s in the game. Johnson or Ivory and their styles.

Keys to game: biggest thing is get our play style and be more consistent. Always have to win the battle in the trenches, play faster than our opponent – that’s the biggest step we’re going to take.



Packers vs. Jets – First Impressions – First Half:

Fumble on the opening snap – really? Didn’t see anything wrong with the snap. Rodgers seemed to pull away too soon. Oor was the snap late?

Sometimes I really feel like the Packers lead the league in embarrassing starts to games.

Geno Smith waltzes around right end untouched – touchdown Jets.

Sherrod gives up a sack on the Packers’ second pass. You can call that a coverage sack if you like, but is there any reason Sherrod can’t continue to ride his man out of the play?

Then on 3rd down, Jets send seven and it’s sack #2. untouched.

It’s been years now, and the Packers still can’t handle the read option. Matthews bites hard on handoff fake and jets pull off a 39 yard gain. Smith and Kerley BOTH around left end with NO Packers defender there.  Unbelievably bad.

Rodgers getting pounded on almost every play. Holding the ball too long quite often.

Minimal attempts to run the ball so far. Lacy has more receptions than carries. I attempt for 2 yards.

When Geno Smith appears to be picking your defense apart, there are some BIG, BIG problems.


Score at end of 1st quarter:   GB 3 NYJ 14

Fourth and 2 in Packers territory. Of course the Jets are going for it. Have the Packers shown ability to stop them?

Jets, after an 8 minute drive, lead 21-3. I’m speechless.

Unsportsmanlike conduct on the Green Bay bench? 15 big yards lost.

Rodgers keeps looking for the big throw, holding on too long and taking unnecessary hits. What year is this again?

Good thing #Packers have that screen game going to keep the jets pass rushers honest….  #sarcasm

Jets punt for the first time, as Packers finally get a third down stop with 4:30 left in the half.

Rodgers accuracy very off today. Throws are high, low, behind, etc.

After pulling within 21-9 and 3+ minutes left, Packers try an onsides kick. Personally, I’m looking to pin the Jets deep at this point of the half, try to get a stop and get ball back in good position. Instead, Jets have great field position and are driving.

Luckily, Mike Daniels puts a hit on Smith, causing a floater that Tramon Williams picks off on the 3 yard line.

Davante Adams getting some snaps today. Big catch and run on a slant to put the packers on the Jets 5YD line.

Every time we’ve heard the announcer say, “Rodgers, quick pass” the play has worked. Can’t hold the ball today, Aaron. Small chunks.


Score at end of 1st half:   GB 16 NYJ 21


Packers vs. Jets – First Impressions – Second Half:

McCarthy wastes a time out on a challenge of a Decker sideline completion where it was pretty obvious to everyone Decker got both feet in. SMH.

Personally, I’m not going to try to pick up a first down on 3rd and two by handing off to Derek Sherrod’s side. I’m going left.

Clinton Dix beat badly deep by Decker but Smith overthrows him. Whew…

There is some hitting going on in the middle of the field. Thank you Jamari.

Jets haven’t tried a read option in awhile. Really bad job on their part. Packers haven’t shown yet that they know how to play it.

Packers score go ahead TD, execute two point conversion and tempers flare. Jets’ Wilkerson throws punches at helmets and gets thrown out.

Datone Jones has two hands on Smith but doesn’t wrap up, Smith finds Powell for a huge third down drive extender. End result is 3 more points for the Jets.

Dee Milliner looks like he can’t run full speed. probably should not be playing. Rodgers takes advantage, hits Nelson for a catch and run TD.

Rodgers with a  Tony Romo / Jay Cutler type throw that is intercepted. Luckily, Jets called for 12 men on the field.


Score at end of 3rd quarter:   GB 31 NYJ 24

Nothing like the second and 22 handoff up the middle.

Rodgers still in that stubborn, I’m not just going to throw the ball away mood. Result: sacks and hits.

Still can’t believe the Jets have totally forgotten what worked for them early in the game. AKA, any type of option play.

Matthews runs down Vick for the sack. Think he was yelling at him like in that Mic’d up video?

Wow, Jets nullify a long TD pass because they called time out just before the play. That’s a very Jets type play.

Julius Peppers drops in coverage and almost gets an INT. Way to go big man.


Final Score:  GB 31 NYJ24


Final Thoughts:

Pretty hard to believe, after all their experience with it, that the Packers are still so absolutely clueless against any type of option play. And we’re not just talking struggling, we’re talking no players withing 5 yards of the player who ends up with the ball.

There was SOOOOOO much I didn’t like about McCarthy’s decision-making today.

Wasn’t crazy about Rodgers, either – wen’t back to his old refusing to throw the ball away ways.

Excluding any type of option play, Packers run D did a good job today. Ivory and Johnson with 64 yards rushing on 25 carries.

Only one pass to a tight end today. Of course, they were needed for pass protection help a lot today. Does make it more difficult on the wide receivers to get open (Unless you’re Jordy Nelson).

Mike Daniels backed up the talk with his play today.

Lattimore needs to play over Jones – defense needs his “juice.” Otherwise, not to many big hits from the Packers LBs.

Wilkerson and Decker going out, time out call, all some nice strokes of luck for the Packers today.



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24 thoughts on “Packers vs. Jets First Impressions – 2014 Game Two

  1. Packers get the win despite some troubling signs. Most importantly, Rodgers holding the ball too long and taking hits. Also, some of his throws are off, much like during the Seattle game. So far this year his accuracy has not been the same. Packers defense was not pretty but they got the job done after giving up two long drives early in the first half. After trailing 21-3 the Packers outscored the Jets 28-3 from the mid 2nd qtr on. I’ll take it, maybe we get on a roll now. Go Pack Go! Thanks, Since ’61

    1. Agree that the GB Defense looked better after midway through the 2nd quarter. Hawk had 2 tackles for loss early, but the middle overall was soft, mostly as to the pass; run wasn’t great in the middle but it was better. CMIII, Peppers, Daniels, Tramon all very disruptive, Clinton-Dix lucky.

  2. How the hell did we win?
    A lot of players are going to have a very bad day when film is reviewed. We have to get better. Thank God for Jet’s Coach Marty Mohrinweg’s call for a timeout.
    God was watching over the Packers today. Well, he isn’t called Saint Vince for nothing.

    1. Good point. Mostly because Milliner was playing on one leg.

      1 – the untimely Jets time-out
      2 – 12 men on the field voided an INT thrown by Rodgers
      3 – Smith missing wide open Decker
      4 – Jets losing Wilkerson and Decker down the stretch
      5 – all the sacks against AROD
      6 – no run game by the Pack.

      How the hell did we win?!

      AROD/Jordy is great combo and Milliner, playing injured, was no match today. Take away that match-up and it was an ugly day except for the Packer defense rediscovering how to stop the run in the 2nd half. The latter may be the most important thing to come out of this game. Lattimore has earned to be a starter. Even Burnett made some tackles today.

      Now let’s replace Hawk. If not with Barrington, then let’s go get Arthur Brown. We need to do something to keep this defensive momentum going. Not every opponent will cover Jordy with a one legged CB.

  3. How many times has a MM team looked GOOD in September? I think the only start better than 2-2 in his 9 years at the helm has been 2011.

    1. That said, the defense is BAD. If they don’t get it corrected fast (and there’s no reason to believe they will) this season is going to get uglier quickly.

    2. Rodgers was responsible for a lot of the problems today. All but 1 of the sacks IMO. He’ll never learn to just throw it away.

    3. What happened to running the darn ball MM? You have Lacy – USE him!

    4. GB was lucky to win today. The Jets are gonna shoot themselves in the foot.. if this was a good team – GB loses.

    1. There’s no reason to believe the D will be corrected? Wtf kinda talk is that??? There are only 4-5 reliable veterans on the D, everyone else is still developing, and will continue to develop throughout the year, especially Ha Ha and Datone Jones. The D could be completely different by year’s end.

      1. Chad – come on. With the exception of late 2010, when a bunch of unknowns stepped up, WHEN has MM actually FIXED the defense so that we can rely on it getting a much needed stop or turnover?

        Never. That’s when.

        1. You’re assuming the rest of the season will be terrible for the D, based off of two lousy games! You’re just looking at all the negatives when there were also plenty of positives.

          The game seemed like a disaster at first, but golly, the D SHUTDOWN the Jets for the rest of the game!

          The problem in week one was the inability to stop the run, but that was clearly addressed this week. The Johnson Ivory duo were almost ineffective.

          Furthermore, in both games the Packers secondary has really cracked down the passing game. Remember in 2011 when we allowed the most passing yards ever? This almost a 180 turnaround from that. The Packers are currently 6th best against the pass.

          One last note – You do know that the main reason both these teams were able to get as far as they is because of the read option, yes? Now hear me out, they definitely don’t do so well against the read option, but how many teams have a running QB like Seattle on New York? Only Cam Newton remains on our schedule. Everyone else will not be able to execute it so well.

          Theoretically speaking, we will only improve on D, and there’s some strong evidence showing that.

          1. We also haven’t played any passers who can thread a needle yet either. Let’s see how we do against Stafford, Cutler and perhaps most of all Brees/Brady before we call the defense improved against the pass. Especially since the run D has been atrocious. Why bother throwing when you can just ram it down the defenses throat?

            I don’t buy it yet. Sorry. There’s 9 years of history with MM’s defense. And 7.5 of it is bad. Not “ok.” BAD. I hope I’m wrong – but I’ll believe it when I see it.

  4. The timing of the onside kick was as egregious a playcall as I’ve seen. Al, you were right on with the notion of kicking deep and playing field position. Rodgers is off. Glad to see Sherrod hold up after a rough couple series. Yes they chipped to his side but he was not the matador he was early. MM play calling was atrocious. Passes twice on first and second and goal, then runs draw with lacy on 3rd and goal from the 6. Lacy spending too much time dancing this year. Needs to run To the hole and accept 3-4 yards by lowering his head. Dancing for a 2 yard loss too often this season. — I was happy to see the D play better in the second half, but the play in the first half after having ten days to prepare leads me to feel we were out coached yet again, especially on defense. — glad we were resilient enough to pull out a victory. Need to improve in a number of areas. GoPack!

  5. No love for Davon House? He was huge today.

    Actually the entire D played well after the Jets first 21. Several 3 and outs and some big plays.

  6. Game Balls to:

    Mike Daniels – an absolute beast today

    Derek Sherrod – for holding up despite a bad start

    Mason Crosby – absolute clutch kicking to keep the game from getting out of hand

    Shawn Slocum – for once making the special teams an asset vs. a liability.

    Jordy Nelson – 209 yards career high!!

    Jamari Lattimore – for not being Brad Jones

    Julius Peppers – he’s been a millisecond away from several sacks today and almost had an int. He’s going to be huge as the season progresses

    Aaron Rodgers – one hell of a comeback. Didn’t panic. He’s put on a pedestal at times but he also needs to be acknowledged.

    Marty Morningdove – probably deserves the most credit for his timely timeout. Thank you Marty!! You might want to wear some dark sunglasses and a wig tomorrow back in NY. Just don’t take off on your motorcycle and abandon your team. lol

  7. Spot on. Game was excruciatingly painful to watch, not because of the start, Linsley although he was being aggressive in his block, it was yet another surreal start,, to a must win, show up, important game,, but McCarthy’s once again atrocious play calling made winning seem like a dream, and it has to end. All of the the plays described were just hard to believe anyone would call, let alone our great offensive mind. Hard enough to win without your coaches over thinking or missing the obvious. Let Rodgers call the plays.

  8. The last 35 minutes was respectable (except for the NY’s touchdown-timeout gaffe.
    3 thoughts;
    1) Seems GB get wins by opponent-errors, more than going out and pounding a win. (I can’t remember when I last saw a thorough pounding from the opening whistle).
    2) At home, after 10 days, being down 21-3; tells me the coaches again didn’t have the team prepared. (can’t remember when I last saw a pounding from the opening whistle).
    3) GB defense still makes second tier quarterbacks look like top ones (except for Romo and Cutler).

  9. Nice article, Al. I pretty much agree. I can call it a coverage sack because it was a coverage sack. Agree with Bearmeat: all but one of the sacks should be charged to Rodgers (and that was schemed well by the Jets allowing a LB a free lane to Rodgers). Some were egregious. In fact, Rodgers had plenty of time today. Same problems with the WRs failing to get separation, at least early. Agree with everything Tomsin wrote. Hard to evaluate Sherrod since he had a RB or TE helping him nearly every passing play. Lacey looked bad. Nelson’s stats are great of course, but before he started to rack up the yards, Nelson carried GB on his back making extremely difficult receptions even though he was not really open during the first half, primarily.

  10. What the HELL IS WRONG WITH ALL OF YOU!??? For God’s sake we WON!! I’m sick of this doom and gloom crap! Gee, if only the Pack won 45-10 every game I guess everyone would be happy!

    All this “the Jets shot themselves” nonsense is pathetic! The Pack made an equal amount of bone-headed mistakes that could have cost them the game, so it goes both ways. They WILL be corrected in time!

    Yes, Rodgers hasn’t been himself, but does anyone here honestly think he won’t fix that in time? He threw 8 picks in the first half of 2010, and I was hearing a lot of the same “Rodgers doesn’t look like himself anymore” just like what I’m hearing now. Well guess what, he only threw 4 more all the way up to the Super Bowl game. Give Rodgers time, he WILL get better.

    In 2009 and in 2010 the Packers D had a slow start, but continued to improve as the season progressed, and there’s good reason to think that will happen again. Ha Ha, Daniels, Datone, Lattimore, and a number of others players are both developing and improving. The defense still has a pretty good chance of improving a great deal by year’s end.

    Things haven’t been pretty, but the overall trend is inclining. We haven’t been able to say that for years now! Be happy!

      1. You mean the game that we WON??? I have to be on acid to see that there’s some positives about a game?

        Yikes dude, are you a new fan? Cause if you’ve been watching the last five years like I have you would know that the Pack start off the season slow, but after about five games or so they get into a rhythm. The main reason that rhythm seems to trail off is because of injuries. We still have almost every key player we need.

  11. First Impressions is my favorite article to read every week. It brings back all the meaningful plays of the game with the emotions attached. I think all of Packer Nation would agree with your take on the game. A win is better than a loss, but hard to watch this team regress in so many ways – O, D and coaching. Hope Micah Hyde is ok as well.

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