Packers vs. Seahawks Week 1 Game Predictions from All Green Bay Packers All the Time
Week 1: Green Bay Packers vs. Seattle Seahawks
Name Record To-Date This Week’s Pick Score Prediction
Kris Burke 0-0 Seattle Seahawks 27-20
You don’t like to start the season out 0-1, but the Packers have the last two seasons yet still won the division. It’s also best for them to get their toughest game out of the way early. The game comes down to another last minute Seattle touchdown, except no controversy this time.
“Jersey” Al Bracco 0-0 Seattle Seahawks  24-20
As much as I like this Packers team this year, and think they will meet up with and beat the Seahawks in the playoffs down the road, it’s too early here. First home game in Seattle since they won the Super Bowl, they will be hyped to the max.
Adam Czech 0-0 Seattle Seachickens 31-20
The Seahawks are too big, too strong and too fast for the Packers on this night. Oh well, the Packers will have 16 weeks to re-group and hopefully come out on top in a postseason re-match.
Thomas Hobbes 0-0 Green Bay Packers  20-17
Against all sense and reason I will be again picking the Packers to go 16-0 for the third year running.  With a balanced offense that can now finally control the clock, the Packers get to pick and choose when to strike, which allows them to narrowly squeak by with a victory.
Chad Toporski 0-0 Green Bay Packers  27-23
 It’s funny… Were it not for a horrendous call by the officials the last time these two teams met, the Packers would have won. In Seattle. Call me crazy, but despite the Seahawks being defending Super Bowl Champions, this Green Bay team is better overall than it was during the “Fail Mary” game. Have we really gone that cuckoo for Cocoa Puffs over the mighty Seahawks lately?
Jason Perone 0-0 Seattle Seahawks  28-21
 This Packers team can beat any other team in the NFL, just not on this particular night.  Defending champions at home for the first time since winning the Super Bowl and that crowd. It’s just the wrong recipe for a Packers upset win this early in the season, but they’ll keep it close.
Jay Hodgson 0-0 Seattle Seahawks 31-24
The Packers are poised to have one of their most balanced offenses in years, and that’s the key to this game. They must remain balanced and stick with the running game even if they fall behind early or if the tough Seattle defense stymies it. A balanced running game will help with the crowd noise. Unfortunately, they will come away with a loss.
Cory Jennerjohn 0-0 Seattle Seahawks 24-20
 This game will come down to a couple things. First, how well rookie center Corey Linsley can make adjustments in one of the noisiest NFL stadiums. He must be able to read and react to a defense that sacked Aaron Rodgers eight times in 2012. And second, the ability of the defensive line to stop the run. The Seahawks ran the ball 53 percent of the time during the regular season last year and with a mediocre receiving corps, expect plenty of Marshawn Lynch and Robert Turbin.
Andy Burch 0-0 Green Bay Packers 27-17
 This is the best Packers team in years. Maybe even better than the Super Bowl team. Dom Capers and Mike McCarthy have tricks up their sleeves that they haven’t shown on tape. The Packers will stop Marshawn Lynch and make Russell Wilson beat them in a shootout, which I don’t think he can do against the Packer’s healthy and talented defense.

Chad Toporski, a Wisconsin native and current Pittsburgh resident, is a writer for You can follow Chad on twitter at @ChadToporski


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  1. I’d give Seattle a 65% chance of winning. GB has a real shot, but SEA is the favorite for a reason.

    Even if GB loses, they’ll still win the division.

  2. The Packers are going into a very tough place to play. But this team is better than the 2012 edition on offense and defense. I think the difference is this game will be the Packers up tempo offense with Eddie Lacy pounding and wearing down the Seattle defenders. This will negate Seattle’s speed on defense as the game wears on. Ball security and limiting penalties must be priorities against this team. The Packers cannot afford to have offensive drives stopped by penalties and they cannot allow Seattle to extend their drives with penalties. That will be almost as bad as turnovers against Seattle. On the flip side it will be great if the Packers can create a few turnovers. The defense needs to stop Lynch and make Seattle offense one dimensional. If this is achieved the Packers have a real chance to stop the Seattle offense. I like the Pack 30-23. Go Pack Go! Thanks, Since ’61

  3. If the NFL is serious about keeping defenders off receivers this year, it works in the Packers favor against Seattle (although homefield could negate some of those Packer-favoring hankies). I think the Packers throw to run on Thursday night. Packers win: 31-17.

  4. This year’s preseason theme for this Dom Capers lead Packers defense is “You ain’t seen nothing yet”. Capers is going to unleash hell on the Seahawks with all his new and improved toys on defense. He has never had this many quality pass rushers all at once. They have been holding back waiting for this moment. The Packers will be every bit as good on defense in this one as Seattle. The difference will come down to 4 people. Rodgers and Lacy vs. Wilson and Lynch. Rodgers and Wilson will cancel each other out but youth prevails in the NFL and Lacy will have the bigger game. He ends up being the difference. Packers 17-Hawks 16.

  5. The most interesting part of this article is the rather low predictions for the packer’s offense. The average GB point production predicted by Allgbp’s staff above is 22.11 (average prediction is 24.67 for Seattle) with no less than 6 staff members predicting that GB will only be able to muster 3 TDs or less. If GB holds Seattle to less than 24 points, I expect GB to win.

  6. I think Packers will win, but with score something like 22-21 or similar. It will be close and Aaron will be the difference. I respect Russell, but I’ll say those type of games wins experience…

  7. we are still very weak up the middle on our D; Jones, Jones, Hawk, Burnett and unproven safeties. how do we stop Lynch? or chase down the elusive wilson? I see Lynch having a much easier time of it than Eddie will have with Seahawk middle. Rodgers will have to score just about every possession. It ain’t going to happen.

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