Play Fantasy Football With the ALLGBP.COM Writers – Win Prizes!

EDIT: thank you for everyone for your interest; please check your email to see if you have been randomly chosen. 


It’s that time of the year folks!  This will be our third year hosting a fantasy football league pitting the writers against the loyal readers of ALLGBP.

PRIZE: Overall winner (if it’s a reader), will receive a $75.00 NFL Pro Shop Gift Certificate and a Packers autographed 8×10 picture (to be determined).

Format: Fantasy Football 

Draft: Live Draft Standard on Wednesday 27th, 8PM Lambeau Time

Scoring: Standard Yahoo! PPR (.2 PPR)

Playoffs: Week 14-17

Number of Teams: 12; 6 writers and 6 readers

If you would like to play with us this season, please leave a comment below with your email address in the email field (not in your comment!) no later than Monday 25th.  Participants will be selected at random out of those who have submitted an email address.  Please do not join if you cannot be an active participant.  If there is enough interest, we might create two leagues.

Just to recap last year’s league results:

*1. Optimal Butt Height  (Thomas) 9-4-0
*3. Smoking Jay Cutlers (Adam) 7-6-0
*5. The Jolly Rodgers (Chad) 9-4-0
9. The Hoshmazodes (Jason) 6-7-0
10. St. Cecilia’s HS (Al) 5-8-0
11. Team Brainwash (Marques) 5-8-0
14. Lost in Minnesota (Kris) 3-10-0
*2. Heisenberg (Marcos) 10-3-0
*4. TouchedbyTedThompson (Ian, 2012 Champion) 8-5-0
*6. Pigskin Perfection (Basil) 9-4-0
7. Breesus Christ (Jeremy) 6-7-0
8. VanellopeDevoGorilla (Cow) 6-7-0
12. SuperYooper (Bmorerasta) 5-8-0
13. Team blow goats (Jesse) 3-10-0

The overall Champion was Optimal Butt Height.

(* denotes Playoff appearance)  This year the writers conference will be composed of “our dear leader” Jersey Al, Adam Czech, Cory Jennerjohn, Andy Burch, Kris Burke and Thomas Hobbes.  For those of you interested in participating this year, our format will be very similar to what we have done in the past.






    Thomas Hobbes is a staff writer for Jersey Al’s


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