Green Bay Packers Nose Tackle BJ Raji Lost For Season

Packers DL B.J. Raji

According to NFL League sources and reported by ESPN and NFL Network, Packers Nose Tackle BJ Raji has a torn bicep and will miss the entire 2014 season.

When BJ Raji left the preseason game against the Raiders in the first quarter, I held my breath.  The word that he would not return to the game game too quickly for my liking – usually an indicator of a serious injury.

After the game, coach Mike McCarthy said Raji was “confident” about the extent of the injury, obviously hoping for just a partial tear. Medial tests, however, revealed a much more serious tear, which normally requires 4-6 months to rehab.

After signing a one-year, 4-million dollar “prove it” contract, Raji had been doing just that, having his best preseason in several years. Now Josh Boyd is the likely next man up, with Mike Pennell and Letroy Guion (when his hamstring injury is healed) providing the depth at the position.



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16 thoughts on “Green Bay Packers Nose Tackle BJ Raji Lost For Season

  1. Even if the back ups do well, this is such a shame. I really wanted to see Raji rebound. Hes one of the best in the NFL when he plays to his fullest.

  2. This is why I hate preseason games. A starting player lost for the season for no good reason at all. Really stupid and unnecessary. When is the NFL going to learn that preseason games are only good for producing injuries and wrecking their product before the season even starts. Stupid! let’s hope this does not turn into a parade again this season. Go Pack! Thanks, Since ’61

    1. Preseason games for regulars are probably a waste of time. You are trying to figure out your low round draftees, free agents, walk-ons etc. to see how they play. I mean if Aaron Rodgers went out in a preseason game by a cheap shot from some jackass then there would be screaming. So I agree with you 100%.
      This is football, not tennis, golf or badminton. Players get hurt all the time.
      Look at GB’s roster of 90 players. Want to guess how many are in their 10th year or more? Only TWO: Julius Peppers and Aaron Rodgers. That’s it. You don’t last long in this game unless you are very fortunate.
      My guess is the Pack will pick up someone who is cut at the last minute by some other team just as all teams get down to 53 players to replace Raji if no one works out as a true 2 or 3 down player.

  3. This sucks, but the sky isn’t falling yet. Raji hasn’t shown the form
    befitting his big name outside of the latter half of 2010. The worst
    part is not losing Raji, but that behind him is Boyd, Pennel and Guion.
    All have talent, but all of them are also unproven. Perhaps Pickett or
    Jolly get a call now.

    Let’s just hope there aren’t many more big injuries.

    1. Exactly Bearmeat! This is why losing him in the preseason is such a waste. Given the weak play of our ILBs the result could be another season of being unable to stop the run up the middle. We’ll just have to see how it goes with Boyd, Pennel, I would be fine if they brought back either Jolly or Pickett to be part of the NT rotation, but I think the Packers are going to move on. Go Pack! Thanks, Since ’61

  4. I feel terrible for Raji. This was to be his chance to prove that he deserved another good payday and he has it end like this. It’s a shame, and I wish him a speedy recovery and hopefully he gets another shot next year.

  5. What bothers me about this is the similarity between Raji’s injury and Cullen Jenkins’ injury. Jenkins had the torn biceps and, once his injury healed, and his contract expired, he was allowed to walk.

    This preseason may have been Raji’s last in a GB uniform.

    1. If Raji had a great year the price tag would have Raji leaving GB,if he didn’t have a great year,it would have Raji leaving GB.

  6. This is where I think TT, MM and the rest of the coaching staff have really earned their pay. Packers have suffered through some really tough injuries in past the few years, but adjust, reload, often without missing a beat, and get right back into the race. Very resilient bunch. Hoping the same holds true again.

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