Super Bowl Odds Update – Packers a 10-1 Bargain

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As training camp progressed, I was beginning to get a really good feeling about this Packers team. Now that we’ve seen the Packers first team offense and defense for a few series in pre-season, as rock group Boston once sang, it’s “more than a feeling.” This Packers offense as a whole could be the best we’ve seen in the Aaron Rodgers era.

With a solidified offensive line, pass-catching options galore and a multi-pronged running attack, opposing defensive coordinators will be having nightmares after watching Packers game tape.

On the defensive side, the Packers now have Julius Peppers, a younger/more active defensive line, an embarrassment of riches at cornerback and big improvements at the safety spot. All of these factors bode well for a more physical and attacking style defense this season.

Yep, I’m pretty optimistic about this team. I’ll say it right now, this will be the year they surpass the San Francisco 49ers, getting further in the playoffs than the Niners and defeating them if they meet up again.

The one big obstacle in the Packers’ path to a Super Bowl win will be the Seattle Seahawks. Can the Packers defeat the Seahawks in the Superdome in the playoffs? In a few weeks we will get a few clues (but nothing more than that) when the two open the 2014 NFL Season on Thursday Night Football.

Since we’re in looking ahead mode, let’s take a look at the current Las Vegas Super Bowl odds from, as we like to do from time to time. It still boggles my mind that the Broncos are listed as the overall favorite, after getting plastered by the Seahawks in last year’s Super Bowl. Perhaps the unlikeliness of the same team winning two years in a row plays into this? I just don’t know.

Even with that. Why are the Seahawks fourth on the list and what have the Patriots done to warrant being the second favorite overall? Anyone?

If I were a betting man (and I’m not), I would be looking at the Seahawks and the Packers as the two best bets on the board. (For those of you who are, check this site for live Super Bowl 2015 betting.)

In fact, I would consider placing equal bets on both of them and hope for the Packers at better odds.

I do believe these two teams will meet in the playoffs and the winner will go on to be Super Bowl Champions.

(For those of you interested, here is a complete list of Super Bowl odds as of 8/17/2014:)
Denver Broncos 13/2
New England Patriots 7/1
San Francisco 49ers 15/2
Seattle Seahawks 15/2
Green Bay Packers 10/1
New Orleans Saints 12/1
Chicago Bears 14/1
Indianapolis Colts 18/1
Philadelphia Eagles 25/1
Pittsburgh Steelers 28/1
Detroit Lions 33/1
Arizona Cardinals 40/1
Atlanta Falcons 40/1
Baltimore Ravens 40/1
Cincinnati Bengals 40/1
New York Giants 40/1
San Diego Chargers 40/1
Carolina Panthers 50/1
Dallas Cowboys 50/1
Kansas City Chiefs 50/1
St. Louis Rams 50/1
Washington Redskins 50/1
Houston Texans 66/1
Miami Dolphins 66/1
New York Jets 66/1
Tampa Bay Buccaneers 66/1
Cleveland Browns 75/1
Minnesota Vikings 75/1
Buffalo Bills 100/1
Oakland Raiders 100/1
Tennessee Titans 100/1
Jacksonville Jaguars 250/1


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5 thoughts on “Super Bowl Odds Update – Packers a 10-1 Bargain

  1. Barring injury, GB will run away with the NFCN and get the #1 or #2 seed in the NFC. The other bye will go to the Saints. The NFCW teams will beat the crap out of each other.

    Then the playoffs and who knows…. GO PACK GO!

    1. Bearmeat, I agree with you. If injury free our offense can dominate the conference. I am still concerned about our defense though, at least until I see them in some actual regular season action. Our safety play shows some improvement but also still looks a bit shaky to me. As for the ILBs, we’ll see who starts and how well they perform once the season starts. For now let’s get through the pre=season injury free. Go Pack Go! Thanks, Since ’61

  2. Al, I agree with your optimism and obvious improvement of the roster. The things that exist that have to always be considered is injury and improvements on other teams. Though injuries affect all teams, the Pack seem to be afflicted more than the rest, or at least it seems that way to Packer fans. A healthy team can take us a long, long way. The NFC Central have an improved Bears team as well as an improved Lions team, two teams that we have to face twice. Then we have to look at other teams like the Saints, Niners and Hawks, three teams with excellent management who know how to improve a team. Though not playing the Niners this year until the playoffs, they surely are improved. Let’s just enjoy the ride….

  3. If the Packers can tighten up the coverage on D, thus team will be hard for anyone to beat. Let’s hope Williams picks up were he left off last year and that Shields, Hayward and House are all improved. Hyde and Dix will be learning on the job, but the talent is there. If we have no major injuries, this team is set for a run.

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