Packers Xs and Os Film Session: Anatomy of a Touchdown

James Starks TD run - Packers vs. Titans

The Green Bay Packers recently played the Tennessee Titans in their first preseason game. While the weather was ugly, and so were some of the plays, there were a few bright spots.

One such bright spot was the opening drive when most of the starting players were on the field. Matt Flynn quarterbacked a scoring drive that culminated in James Starks rushing for a 20-yard touchdown.

In the video below, I break down the play in detail. The video is high definition, so feel free to use full screen mode (the box symbol at the bottom right of the frame).

I also drew up the play to show the player alignments and blocking responsibilities.


If the Packers can run like this during the regular season, especially with Aaron Rodgers giving the constant threat of laser passing, the offense will be very balanced and cause headaches for opposing defenses.

I believe the video embedded above to be fair use under the premise of being a short clip of the original broadcast that is transformative for news reporting, commentary, critique, illustration, and teaching purposes. 


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24 thoughts on “Packers Xs and Os Film Session: Anatomy of a Touchdown

  1. Nice job with new site! A little confusing at first. Might be good to post a walk through. Go Pack Go! Thanks, Since ’61

      1. Hi Al – I was just me trying to figure out how to post.
        At first I wasn’t sure if I had to sign up again or not. I figured it out after a couple of tries. Not a big deal. First thing on a Monday morning, I was not yet awake and not expecting a new format. I’m good to go now, but thanks for following up. Keep doing a great job and thanks for all of yours and your team’s hard work. Go Pack! Since ’61

  2. I just like the way Starks runs. Quick to the hole, great at cutting back against pursuit and then ‘puts his foot in the ground’ and mashes the throttle.

    Lacy, Starks, Neal and Kuhn. Harris, good as he was for the Pack in ’12 when the cupboards were empty, just doesn’t have the physicality that these guys have. Come December that’s going to count for something.

  3. I like Starks a lot. WIth that said it was more a lucky fluke. Early in the game, raining cats and dogs, everyone rusty and all he has to do is run wide. Did a great job against a team not ready for primetime at that moment in time.
    To think or suggest were going to be a dominant offense is way too premature.
    O line not tested yet. Receivers are unsteady and not tested. Run blocking not tested.
    I will say the defense better step it up. Way too many huge holes again up the middle as we tend to send everyone on the rush or run protection and not dropping back to fill the middle. Not good.

  4. Starks since last season and now this has awarded me for my un-relentless backing of him since being drafted(my sleeper pick) when many wanted to let him go….Plates of crow for the many..LOL 🙂

  5. I gotta say, after watching this, I REALLY REALLY wish we had the whiners, i mean, Niners on our schedule this year. This made me confident that we could win. Maybe even beat them through and through.

    Jay your stuff is EXCELLENT. Sure glad Al’s letting you write for him. Keep it up!

  6. Must say I really do enjoy the film session stuff. Great job Jay breaking down the play. Shows you what happens when just about everyone executes their blocks.

    If that starting o-line unit stays healthy, I believe this has got to be a top-three offense in the league even without a big receiving TE like Finley .

    The player who concerns me most is Sitton. One day that back will lock-up and then it’s on to Taylor.

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