Favre’s Return to Green Bay Set for 2015

Brett Favre recently said no to play for the Rams. Would he say yes to a different team?

After much anticipation, former Green Bay Packers quarterback Brett Favre announced today that he will be returning to Green Bay in 2015.  Favre released a video to make the announcement.

Not too long ago, I wrote about speculation that both Favre and the Packers were concerned that having him return this season might not be met with the type of reaction that both sides would want to see.  Both Favre and Packers team president Mark Murphy were claiming that they didn’t want the former face of the franchise to be brought back to any audible boos that may come from the crowd.

Initially and earlier this year, it was reported that there was a scheduling conflict last season and Favre couldn’t attend a game because his duties as an assistant high school football coach kept him busy into December.  For what it’s worth, Favre maintained that reasoning during Monday’s teleconference with the media, despite having also come out and said he was unsure what the fan reaction would be to a return.

Whatever the case really was is moot now.  It has been announced that Favre will be back during the summer of 2015 and will be honored by the Packers.  According to reports, the team will induct Favre into its Hall of Fame on Saturday, July 18th.

The Packers will also hold a retirement ceremony for his famous #4.  Favre will also and almost certainly take his place in the team’s ring of honor and have his name added inside of Lambeau Field.   Favre and his family will attend a game next season and the number retirement will take place at that time.

There had been some speculation, earlier this year, that Favre might be honored this season and at one of the team’s home games.  Talk then centered around merely bringing Favre back to attend a game, perhaps to ease him back into the Packers family or maybe even gauge the crowd reaction?

Regardless, Favre will be back at Lambeau for the first time since October, 2010 when he was with the Minnesota Vikings.  He certainly should be back as part of the team and take his rightful place next to some of the past Packers greats.  For all that Brett did to resurrect the Packers organization over 20 years ago, he should be receive a warm welcome.  In the words of former Packers assistant coach Kevin Greene during the 2011 Super Bowl, “it is time”.

I realize some will always disagree and will always take issue with how Favre departed Green Bay in 2008, and that’s fine.  Just know that, come hell, high water, or another broken thumb, Favre is coming home to Green Bay.




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27 thoughts on “Favre’s Return to Green Bay Set for 2015

  1. Yeah, good to close door on the bad blood, have the ceremony and retire the number is fine with me. Yeah, we know all the dirt and reasons why he should “never be forgiven”. But folks, this is only sports, and in the end…its just not that big of a deal; all that betrayal stuff. In the real world of war and heinous crimes, people have to forgive and move on, and do so. Have perspective. Get over this little thing, this Favre drama and move on.

    1. Packett: “people have to forgive and move on, and do so. Have perspective. Get over this little thing, this Favre drama and move on”.

      I do not ‘have to forgive’. I am not obliged to move on. Fans have as much right to boo as they do to cheer.

      If you never turned against Favre, or did and then forgave him, that really is fine, because it is your choice. If you still dislike him at this point in time (as I do) that is also fine, because that is my choice.

      1. Turophile; I respect that you may not like him. But there is a difference between not liking someone (Favre), vs. ostracizing the former player from well deserved honors and opposing a repair and resolution. I didn’t like him much after all the ballyhoo, but I still suggest a restitution is good for all, and that in perspective, its a game in the bigger picture.

        1. I do not think Favre should be ostracized, nor that he should be barred from receiving honors from the Packers.

          I can accept that the Packers and Favre want to do this thing, but Favre has given fans reasons to boo him, so if that is what they want to do, it is their right to do it, without being scolded by those that want to cheer.

          As for the “restitution is good for all”, I think you are right, the fan base has been split so badly over him, closure would be no bad thing.

      2. I guess some forgot he was not resigned by the Packers. So he should of went to play in Europe just to please some of you. Just like all the girls you guys broke up with should have joined a nunnery. LOL I will be there to cheer very loudly for the toughest and one of the best players in the game ever. He took the Packers out of the darkest days when even our first round draft pick went to play in Canada.

  2. Couldn’t agree with Jason anymore, “It is Time”. I’ve always said in the ultimate “Team Game”, Favre was the main reason the Packers began to matter again in the NFL. While playing in Green Bay the Packers had one losing season, 2005 when TT began to clean up the mess Mike Sherman created. Those seasons in the mid 90’s with 3 straight MVP’s and a SB Championship. Like Rodgers, he made everyone better who played with him. I didn’t like it when he went to the Vikings, but after 16 wonderful seasons in Green Bay I forgave him the second he retired.

  3. Favre is arguably the greatest player in Packer history. He may be surpassed by Rodgers some day and let’s hope that happens. But in any case he brought the franchise back and made all of us Packer fans proud again. He gave us a chance in every game, played hard, played hurt and gave us everything he had. Yes, he messed up at the end, but like his career that’s over now. He deserves to be honored for what he did on the field for the Packers and the fans. We were in a good place while he played in Green Bay and we are in a good place now because of what he did for Green Bay. Think of the Packers in the 90’s without Favre. Reggie White probably does not come here if he doesn’t play against Favre in 1992 before free agency. We probably don’t win a SB in the ’90s without him. Good free agents began to come to GB because they knew that they could win with Favre. Without him the Packers might still be in NFL hell. IT is time to get it done and move on. Thanks for the memories Brett! Go Pack Go! Thanks, Since ’61

    1. Greatest player = Hutson.


      But in recent memory, you are correct, it is Favre. And you answered the argument that White was “more important” to the 90’s Packers resurgence. No Favre = no White.

      There comes a point when holding a grudge becomes unreasonable, no matter that it is every person’s right. It would have been sad if the Green Bay honors were done after the national (Canton) ones, this makes sure that won’t happen.

      I hope Favre will attend the Alumni game in 2015 and be introduced on the field along with the other greats. I hope that his speeches at his Packer HoF and Canton inductions will repair his connection to the fans (including me) who still want more of an apology.

      But even if that doesn’t happen, it’s time for the team to move forward. Keep your personal ‘hate’ or disapproval if you must; the team needs to get this over with and move on.

      1. Ed – Thanks for the good points and good feedback. Also, because of Favre, there is another generation of younger Packer fans from all over the country who probably would not be Packer fans otherwise. This is important and continues to be important to the financial health of the team as these new fans buy Jerseys, memorabilia, shares of stock and tickets to their local games when the Packers come to their home towns. Who knows what type of financial shape the Packers would have been without the Favre years. Some of the bitter fans should remember that the franchise might not have survived financially without the Favre years. We don’t have a rich owner to make up for seasons if the team loses money. Fortunately, he will be recognized and we can all move on. Go Pack Go! Thanks, Since ’61

  4. Favre was hands down the toughest qb to play the game. If Favre took the hit that breaks his collarbone he jumps back up and finishes the game.(maybe some vicodin to ease the Pain) He was the last of the gladiator type players. He was exactly what the Packers needed at the time. He was a tough s.o.b. and deserves his accolades. Anyone that boo’s him at the ceremony deserves a swift kick to the ding ding. Not saying he was the best or smartest qb ever, but hands down the toughest.

    1. If Favre ever had a broken collarbone he would have been sat down in a cast for 8 weeks just like Rodgers was.

      The results of getting tackled *with* a broken collarbone include permanent disability and death.

      Keep your opinions if you must, but when your comments are this whacked out don’t expect anyone to respect them.

      1. Ed, do you know a lot of people that have died from a collar bone injury? If it is not displaced it really isn’t that serious. Also Dr. ed they do not cast a collarbone.

  5. Favre will be remembered most for having the most TOs in NFL history, for his consecutive game streak and for disgracing himself as a Packer at the end of his Packer career. I would boo him just as I would boo Benedict Arnold.

  6. The best that I can muster up is complete indifference to his return to GB and whatever the Packers organization chooses to do with respect to him.

  7. If Murphy thinks we ought to just accept this, he ought to have to wear a No. 4 VIKINGS jersey. In fact, that goes for every fan that thinks that Favre is a true Packer.

      1. Very funny. I guess I should just let this traitor have his way. No big deal.

        1. I consider it a wash. Traitor as you say or not he gave the Packers something they hadn’t had in a long time. He won a superbowl for the Packers. So at the end of his career he didn’t handle things very well. Who cares, cherish the good years he had with the Packers and let it go. When with the Vikings he took a royale smack down, probably took a few years off his life. Isn’t that payback enough for being a “traitor” as you say?

          1. What I find so astounding is that statement that I hear over and over again. “cherish the good years he had with the Packers and let it go”. You apply this to the fans like me, but why haven’t you applied it to Favre? Obviously he doesn’t give a crap about those years, so why in the world should I?

            It’s not about what he did, it’s about the fact that he wasn’t the least bit sorry or had any remorse. He was GLAD that he was sticking to the Packers, and he only had selfish reasons for doing so.

            1. Chad – I understand how you feel. I didn’t like many of the things that happened with Favre at the end of his Green Bay career and beyond. But I ask you, why keep carrying the baggage?
              Anger, Frustration, Hate, Disappointment, it’s all unnecessary baggage. However you and other fans feel about Favre, that baggage gets heavier and heavier the longer you hold on to it. What do you need it for? Carry enough of it in your life and it becomes your life. Let it go and enjoy football for what it is, a sport, entertainment, fun, excitement. Having a player like Favre as part of our history is something to enjoyed and remembered. You have the choice to make what you want of it. There are millions of NFL fans of other teams who will never see a player like Favre play for their team for their entire lives. Think of how they feel and what they would give for a player like Favre. We have been beyond lucky to have Favre then Rodgers. Go Pack Go! Thanks, Since ’61

    1. So Lombardi should be wrapped in a Washington Redskins Jersey in the Packer HOF because he went to Washington? Reggie Whites wife should have had to wear a Carolina Panther jersey during Reggie’s induction into the HOF?

  8. Brand new to this board. I wanted to make a comment about Favres return to Green Bay. I guess I ask why are people holding such a grudge to Favre going to another team vs. past Packer players? I mean even Lombardi retired and then went to Washington! Reggie went to Carolina, Marco Rivera to the Cowboys, Desmond Howard to Oakland?, and Greg Jennings to Minnesota just to name a few. I think I have the answer however; the pain/anger is worse with Favre simply because you loved him so much! It hurts a lot more when you truly care. If I’m wrong, correct me. Thanks! Go Pack!

  9. You might have have a correct theory. Otherwise , I don’t get the hate. The Packers didn’t want him. Well ,fine some of you can hate ,but I’m very glad that I can thoroughly enjoy the greatness of Favre. Even the ending was great. In that championship game against the Saints he was getting pounded ,but still kept playing on. Rogers coming in to his own was the only reason I wasn’t angry at the Packers for letting Favre go.

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