Packers Extend Contract of GM Ted Thompson

Packers GM Ted Thompson
Packers fans have to hope to see a similar image in the near future. This was Thompson celebrating the team’s last Super Bowl victory in 2010. (Photo: Corey Wilson/Press Gazette)

The Green Bay Packers announced on Wednesday that they have signed general manager Ted Thompson to a multi-year contract extension.  Terms have not been released.  Earlier this month, team President Mark Murphy said that getting an extension done with Thompson was a high priority.

With more years added to Thompson’s tenure in Green Bay and barring a sudden change in the team’s fortunes, this likely means that we will see the tandem of Thompson and head coach Mike McCarthy in Green Bay for the foreseeable future.

Thompson spoke about the extension on Wednesday and said that he was honored to be in his position as the team’s GM and that he considers himself a scout first, over everything else.

Thompson originally joined the Packers organization as a scout in 1992 under general manager Ron Wolf.  Thompson was with the Packers until after the 1999 season when he joined the Seattle Seahawks as vice president of football operations under general manager and former Packers head coach Mike Holmgren.

Thompson returned to Green Bay in 2005 as general manager and after one season, hired McCarthy to replace then head coach Mike Sherman.  This season will be Thompson’s 10th as GM for the Packers.

There were some questions about Thompson’s health during the offseason and questions arose about how much longer he would stay in his post as GM in Green Bay.  This extension indicates that he has no desire to slow down anytime soon and plans to continue to guide the Packers for a while longer.



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7 thoughts on “Packers Extend Contract of GM Ted Thompson

  1. Like him or hate him, he’s staying. We live and die with Ted. When I watched a few press conferences with Ted lately, I thought he was mentally slow. I guess he’s more cognitive than he appears.

    1. To be real honest i wonder if he has a drinking problem. I see that red nose is usually a give away. Sometimes when Ted speaks he appears as tho he’s been drinking.

      1. This is hilarious to me, because my close friends and I call TT “Beast Stand” whenever he takes a podium to address the public- he always looks like he was in the middle of doing keg-stands of Milwaukee’s Best before someone pulled him away from the tapper and hurriedly pushed him up to the podium, like, “Ted! What the hell are you doing?! You’re up! Get out there in front of the press! And for god’s sake, wipe the beer foam off of your chin!”

  2. Important deal. Very pleased. I wonder who he is grooming to take the reigns eventually? Or does Schneider or McKenzie come come back in 5 years, kind of like TT coming back to GB from Seattle?

  3. It’s good to have this done. This is a critical time to maintain organizational stability. If healthy the Packers are poised to take some major growth steps forward. TT has done and continues to do a solid job. TT, MM and A Rodgers are the major ingredients in place to lead the Packers on future SB runs. Go Pack Go! Thanks, Since ’61

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