Cory’s Corner: Jared Abbrederis keeps chugging along All Green Bay Packers All the Time
Jared Abbrederis was taken in the fifth round by the Packers. He is second all-time at Wisconsin with 3,140 career receiving yards.
Jared Abbrederis was taken in the fifth round by the Packers. He is second all-time at Wisconsin with 3,140 career receiving yards, behind Lee Evans’ 3,468 yards.

Jared Abbrederis is a classic Packers player.

And it has nothing to do with the fact that he was born and raised in Wisconsin or even played college ball for the Badgers.

It’s because he has beaten the odds and succeeded when nobody thought he could or would.

“Abby” is the “Little Engine That Could.” He keeps telling himself: “I think I can, I think I can, I think I can,” that before long, he has not only done it, but has exceeded expectations in the process.

I remember watching him in high school. He was nothing but a blur of orange and black as he led the co-op team of Wautoma and Faith Christian to its first football state title ever. And Abbrederis did just about all he could that day. The quarterback running an option offense ran for 53 yards and a touchdown, was 6-for-11 passing for 73 yards and a touchdown, he returned a couple of punts and he even found enough time to pick off a couple passes.

Abbrederis quickly became a fan favorite at the University of Wisconsin by outworking everyone on the field while maintaining the quiet, humble side, which is a dead giveaway for hard-working Wautoma.

The fact that he elevated himself not only as one of the best receivers in the Big Ten but in the nation is even more impressive, seeing as who was throwing him the ball. His freshman and sophomore seasons he saw the best quarterback play of his career with Scott Tolzien and Russell Wilson throwing him the ball.

But then Maryland transfer Danny O’Brien, Joel Stave and Curt Phillips took over. All three were vastly inefficient. O’Brien had trouble understanding the offense, Stave had trouble consistently completing passes to wide open receivers and Phillips was trying to come back from three knee surgeries.

However, Abbrederis played through all that. And the former walk-on who originally had planned on going to Wisconsin to run track finished up his Badger career by being named first team All-Big Ten for 2012 and 2013.

Abbrederis may not look physically imposing, judging from his pipe cleaner frame, but he has deceiving speed and is an accomplished route runner.

At every stop, he has had to prove himself and now that he is once again playing for the home team, he will have to do it again after the Packers tabbed him in the fifth round. However, this time, he will be catching passes from a future Hall of Famer, which will make his job a little bit easier.

Underestimate Abbrederis if you must, but he’s used to it. For the last two years, everyone on defense knew that Abbrederis was easily the best receiver the Badgers had and the majority couldn’t come close to stopping him.

All that matters is if you can play and Abbrederis has proven that he can. But if you listen close, you can hear him saying this to himself: “I think I can.”




Cory Jennerjohn is from Wisconsin and has been in sports media for over 10 years. To contact Cory e-mail him at jeobs -at- or follow him on Twitter: Cory Jennerjohn


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  1. He’s a try hard over-achiever type. Problem is he probably over-achieved to do as well as he did in College. Poor strength, average at best speed, decent quickness, not elusive. His ceiling is as a #4 or 5 WR in the NFL. If he were a top 3 WR he would be in danger of the team finding a better option.

    As a returner, he’ll get what the return is blocked for but he won’t break many tackles and lacks elusiveness.

    The best thing that could happen for him is to go on the PS for a year (or 2) so he can get ALOT stronger. He’s not an NFL ready player and I don’t think he’ll ever be more that a backup/ST player.

    1. Unfortunately, I agree with this. Can’t see him being much on ST’s either. Athletically he had to be one of the poorest from the WR group. The question is then, how much of being a good route runner will help him make the team. And even if he does, will he hold-up very long?

      Really like this guy and his story. I watched him succeed at UW, but I just don’t see it translating to the NFL. Would love to be wrong…

  2. Ranking the Green Bay Packers’ Top 10 NFL Draft Sleepers Since 1980

    Nice article. Not a single one was drafted by Ted Thompson. Majority drafted by Ron Wolf. Wolf and Thompson were equally bad selecting players in R1 but at least Wolf hit big time on a lot of picks in R5 and later. Just keeping it real.

  3. Abbredaris is a story I look forward to following. Undersized white WR taken in the 5th round are not usually NFL locks. Strange but it appears Ted Thompson sure does like himself some white WRs – he’s got at least three on the roster now. Most teams have none.

    1. When I was in the USMC everyone had the same color: Green. Have always thought this way because of friends I had in school many years ago. Feel the same way now…All our players are green and gold…Also, my personal opinion is that using the descriptions via color are inherently racist, though unintentional. If you must use descriptions concerning race, use African-American, Caucasian-American, etc. My t-shirts are white, I’ve never met a single person the ‘color’ of my t-shirt. Think about it…

    1. Best thing that could happen to both would be to spend at least a year on the PS. Neither is ready for the NFL. Janis has the higher upside and could develop into a good NFL WR. Abbrederis is just a guy. Easily replaceable…

  4. No way he makes it on the Packers’ practice squad without another team picking him up.

    1. Wouldn’t bother me a bit. He’s just “a guy” who is quite easy to replace. Only reason anyone here likes him at all is he’s a former Badger.

  5. This guy is gonna be a beast and probably will break most of Donald drivers records if not all of them. GO PACK GO!!!!!

  6. Every team need a #4 or #5 WR who knows their role and can contribute on special teams. I’d rather have that than one who’s overblown ego thinks he’s a #1 or #2. Abbrederis may not have a long career but he could be a valuable role player thru his rookie contract.

  7. Everyone here needs to go and watch the movie “Waterboy” again. He can do it, he can do it all night long..

  8. Only thing that will stop him from being a good NFL player and GB Packer is his slight build and injuries. I like everything about him but I don’t know if he can hold up physically, I hope so.

  9. I am not sure that I would call Jared a “classic Packers player” just yet, since he hasn’t even made the team. I hope, like many of my fellow bloggers here, that he does make the team and plays well, but let’s get through the training camp first. I think that Stroh’s analysis is spot on but anything can happen and it’s too early to tell. I believe that he will try hard and play hard if he gets the chance, but I am not so certain yet that he has enough to make it in the NFL long term. Maybe the PS is the way to go with him for a season or 2 and then see if he can grow into the league. Go Pack! Thanks, Since ’61

  10. I’VE SAID IT BEFORE AND I’LL SAY IT AGAIN. YOU CAN’T TEACH someone intangibles! Abbrederis has the work ethic, discipline and some serious talent. And yet, we see teams gamble on players based on talent alone, who flame out in a year or two.

    After all, we’ve seen plenty of these so-called “studs” who get drafted in high rounds and then fail. Remember Charles Rogers of the Lions? Or what about Mike Williams of the Lions, Reggie Williams of Jacksonville, or David Terrell of the Bears?

    Wes Welker was 5’9″ 185 lbs. and didn’t get drafted because of the same nonsense that is being written today. Have we not learned anything?

    1. Welker is stronger, quicker and more elusive than Abbrederis. Poor comparison… Intangibles can make up for a lot, but Abbrederis already over-achieved while in college, its a whole different level in the NFL.

  11. It’s a nice story and I hope he does well, but let’s not pretend that all this hoopla has nothing to do with the fact that he’s from Wisconsin. There’s plenty of guys all over the place that are ‘try hard’ players trying to make it in the nfl that don’t end up doing anything. I also don’t think it’s right to assume that a player doesn’t work hard just because he’s talented. The thing is, there are talented hard-workers all over the place but usually the first things that are mentioned about them is that they are talented at this or that. Sometimes it seems like when a coach starts out by saying a guy is a hard worker, it’s because they have trouble finding other good qualities to talk about.

    1. It’s like when asked about a girl and starting off by saying she’s got a great personality.

  12. Darn it, Rossoneri83 beat me to the reference but, anyway, Wes Welker anyone?

  13. I inherently dislike all the “experts”, including real experts who claim a player won’t succeed because of ________ (all the reasons mentioned above). As if you want to be the first person to predict failure. I hear the same in the real world of Management “well, I’m a tough boss, y’know…pragmatic, call it like it is”. Well BS on you. The world is made great by people who look for potential. Kudos to TT. Give Abbrederies a try, and to all ‘experts’ already predicting his fallout; I’m not joining your noise, even if I have to tolerate you later blathering some version of “I was the first to call this a bust”.

    1. The same people were hung up on Micah Hyde’s 40 time last year, he did pretty well last year. But here and other sites he was to slow and it was his fault the Packers lost to the 49ers. Personally I thought it was more because the Packers were missing Matthews, Hayward, Shields, Neal, Jolly, Jones, to name a few.

  14. I think the better comparison is to Jennings-Both are going to go only as fara as their route running takes them- neither are exceptional gifted physically but , it could be said Jennings his concerned a good WR.Just food for thought-here are some intangables from each ones combine #’s:
    ActuallY Abbrederis beats jennings in just about everything so if Jennings was successful why cant Abbrederis?(sorry the cut and paste didnt correctly carry over-but side by side Abbrderis beats jennings on everything except few pounds lighter)

    Ht Wt Arm length Hand size 40-yd dash
    10-yd split 20-yd split 20-ss

    6 ft 1 in 195 lb 31 3/8 in 9 5/8 in 4.44 s 4.08 s 6.80 s 30.5 in 9 ft 8 in 4 reps 32
    All values from NFL Combine[10] Wonderlic[11]


    Ht Wt 40-yd dash
    10-yd split 20-yd split 20-ss

    5 ft 11 in 197 lb 4.42 s 1.57 s 2.60 s 4.18 s 6.69 s 36.5 in 9 ft 9 in

  15. The guy was widely considered the best route runner in the draft. He got open against everyone at the Senior Bowl. He beat Roby(first rounder) in the OSU game like a drum. — I agree that he is not going to be a #1/#2 receiver but he fits the bill for a 4th receiver on this team perfectly. The PS would be a waste for a player like him. He is not going to get much stronger and it won’t matter. He’ll be in the slot or in motion. He will be competing against 3rd and 4th CB’s. Way too much emphasis on his “measurables” and not enough time watching him on film. The guy gets open. Period. He will fill a good need on PR. The practice squad is for guys that are athletic but need seasoning and need to learn the details of the game. I think he will make the squad (4th/5th WR and PR) and be a solid contributor when called upon. GoPack!

    1. but will either grow cool brett swain hair?, that’s what the next CozyCorner needs to focus on. GoPack!

  16. I watched the guy run routes and he is amazing. He gets open, over and over again. He catches with his hands not body.

    He is slight. So was Ed McCaffrey and he was an amazing receiver. My wife’s a Bronco fan and I enjoyed watching him play. Eric Decker thought enough of him to ask for his jersey number.

    Watch him run routes. Over and over. He will make the team and we will be happy with him.

    1. This is based solely on the highlight reels I watched, but it looked to me like he was NOT a natural ‘catch-with-hands-extended-from-body’ type receiver.

      I saw far, far too many balls being cradled into his chest and stomach. That was the only thing that stuck out to me as being undesirable, however, and if he can correct that bad habit, he looks like he should have a career.

  17. Just remember all the names of those that don’t think Abbrederis will amount to much in the NFL. He needs to get stronger, no doubt about it. Line up the guys that ran a 4.40 40 and 4.50 40, and you wouldn’t be able to tell who crossed the line first. These same people that are bagging on Abby, are the same ones that said Hyde was to slow. They look at a 40 time and think it’s the tell all, be all.

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