Packers 2014 NFL Draft – Second Round Pick: Davante Adams, WR, Fresno ST. All Green Bay Packers All the Time
Davante Adams, WR Fresno State.
Davante Adams, WR Fresno State.

With their second-round pick (53rd overall) in the 2014 NFL draft, the Green Bay Packers select Davante Adams, wide receiver from Fresno State.


Davante Adams, WR 6/1″, 212lbs, 32 5/8 arms, 9″ hands


Redshirted in 2011, earning offensive scout team player of the year recognition. Was Mountain West Conference Freshman of the Year in ’12 when he amassed 102 receptions for 1,312 yards (12.9-yard average) and 14 touchdowns in 13 starts, setting conference freshman records for catches and yards. Led the nation in receptions and receiving touchdowns and set a single-season school record for receiving yards in ’13 when he started 12-of-13 contests and piled up 131-1,718-24 (13.1). Owns MWC records for single-season and career touchdown catches (38) as well as the school mark for career receptions (233).


4.56 40 yard dash, 14 reps on the bench, 1.64 10yd split, 77.75-inch wing span, 39.5-inch vertical, 123-inch broad jump, 6.82 3-cone,  4.30 20yd shuttle.


STRENGTHS: Broad-shouldered and well-built wideout who consistently wins at the catch-point, demonstrating good leaping ability, timing and hand-eye coordination. Tracks the ball well over either shoulder and has strong hands to pluck the ball when turned towards the quarterback. Quickly corrals the pass and wastes no time in getting upfield, showing vision to set up blocks as well as strength to run through arm tackles and a nice stutter-step to elude.

Deceptive straight-line speed to challenge deep and shows good balance and overall body control to gain separation on comeback and out routes. Good strength and courage to take passes over the middle and isn’t afraid of running through traffic. Alert blocker.

WEAKNESSES: Lacks the elite speed that his gaudy production indicates. Possesses normal acceleration and tops out quickly. Occasionally will allow the ball to swing away from his frame as he attempts to fight for extra yardage, which can result in forced fumbles.

Cognizant blocker downfield but isn’t nearly as physical in this area as he is when fighting through would-be tacklers. Production was certainly inflated by Fresno State’s spread offense and because he is the favorite target of highly regarded quarterback, Derek Carr.

Compares To: James Jones, Packers – Like the former San Jose State standout, Adams’ eye-popping numbers have come against questionable competition. However, his similar build, deceptive vertical speed and strong hands at the catch-point should help Adams emerge as a big-play candidate in the NFL.



When the 2014 draft process first began, I right away felt the Packers would be looking at a wide receiver early in this draft, mostly because I thought James Jones would leave and the crop of receivers are so good. As the draft approached, I felt even stronger about this and had settled on 3 potential targets for the Packers, Jordan Matthews, Cody Latimer and Donte Moncrief.

While Adams wasn’t in my top 3, he wasn’t far behind. Watching video of Adams, it was apparent he’s pretty close to a James Jones clone. The way he runs routes, the type of routes he prefers, ability to catch at the high point, soft hands, the way he runs after the catch, use of the stiff arm. then I went digging for the scouting report on Adams and who does he compare him to? James Jones.

Adams will be that big bodied #3 posession receiver that can run the fades and back shoulder routes along with the slants and bubble routes. Fresno State used him quite a bit on the WR bubble routes and screens with good success.

A solid B – B+ pick

Comments from Packers receivers coach Edgar Bennett (courtesy of Mike Vandermeuse):

*Goes up and makes tough catches. Gets yards after catch.
*He’s a complete football player. That’s what stood out. He competes. Has good size and strength, can create separation.
*He made most of his opportunities, that’s what it comes down to.
*He’s a high character indiviedual, tremendous work ethic, mindset is right. Mentally he’s ready as far as taking next jump. When he gets here he’s got to continue to work.
*On tape you see a guy who can get open. See a guy with strong hands.
*Some similarities to James Jones, but they’re different players. Jones was one of most physical tough receivers I’ve been around.
*Some of ways he was able to create separation on deep route (was impressive).
*His big wing span helps.
*He has outstanding vertical, 38, somewhere in that area.
*He’s a very focused young man. Having that understanding, know you have to earn it, he did that, proved that in college. He has the right attitude.



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19 thoughts on “Packers 2014 NFL Draft – Second Round Pick: Davante Adams, WR, Fresno ST.

  1. Just watched his video. Dude snatches the ball out of the air and his catches are smooth. He really does seem like a James jones clone only younger and cheaper. Good pick. GoPack!

  2. I just can’t get excited about getting a james jones clone in the second round(or really any round). I hope I’m wrong.

  3. Crud… Cards took Niklas and now the Texans took Fiedorowicz at the top of the 3rd, both way earlier than projected. That really stinks, those are the two TEs I was really hoping for…

  4. The Packers must be high on him, the pick was in with time on the clock. We needed more depth at receiver with JJ and JF gone. I hope Adams is another TT 2nd rd receiver success story. Boy, Nix sure dropped. His laziness caught up to him

  5. Greg Jennings, Jordy Nelson, Randall Cobb all came from the 2nd round, James Jones from the 3rd. For what that’s worth.

  6. Such a waste of a pick. Better and Faster WR’s were still on the board and waiting in the Hall. Will never be a star!

  7. Preferred Moncrief but can’t complain about Adams. Like how he catches the ball w/ his hands and high points jump balls. With his leaping ability should be a Red zone target.

    I like he improved his pedestrian 40 time at his Pro Day. Ran 4.51 like Jordy did. Faster than James Jones, much better leaper. He’ll be better than Jones was. Possibly could develop to be near Jordy ability, but I don’t quite see that upside.

    Another Thompson WR gem in the 2nd. Could have been Niklas if he hadn’t been picked by AZ, but I always thought they would go WR in the 2nd.

    Now if they can get Carlos Fields it would be a very good draft!

  8. Since both my TE picks were already gone, I’m OK with this pick. Very solid pick. Was really hoping for Niklas from ND. Go Pack. Thanks, Since ’61

    1. I’m not sure the Packers hadn’t telegraphed their interest in Nicklas to the point that AZ targeted him at that point. That’s a little bit of a reach on my part…I don’t think you throw a 2nd just to nip someone else, but it might have been a consideration.

  9. Good value pick. Likely to have a nice, 10 year career as a very good #3 or possibly as a #2. TT didn’t go for the home run in Moncrief, a possible #2 early or even #1 receiver down the road. Can’t argue with TT about WRs in the 2nd round.

  10. Decent sized frame that becomes really nice when you consider he led all WRs in the draft with a 39.5″ vert..

    Kid loves football, is a grinder, considers himself a student of the game..

    Production trumps everything, this guy had crazy production.

    If he develops like we’ve seen virtually all our WR’s do, he’s another playmaker waiting to blossom.

  11. Lastly, when are people going to learn.. You don’t need sub 4.45 speed to produce in the NFL. We as Packers fans should KNOW THIS BY NOW


  12. No problem with the pick, but was it the best pick. I think he would have been there in round 3, but I wanted to see TT make a move for Fiedorawicz. Impact TEs were not in abundance. WR are plenty into the 3rd rd. Abberdaris still there.

  13. This was a weird pick. Never heard of this guy. Very average measurable. I think TT must have fallen in love from film. That’s the only way to explain this pick this high. Another factor is durability. This kid is a workhorse and stays healthy.

  14. This was a weird pick. Never heard of this guy. Very average measurable. I think TT must have fallen in love from film. That’s the only way to explain this pick this high. Another factor is durability. This kid is a workhorse and stays healthy.

  15. TT finds WR that fit the system and are productive. I liked Moncrief better, too, and also have a hunch that they could’ve gotten Adams in early-mid round 3, but it’s hard to doubt the track record TT has when drafting WR.

  16. I’m shocked that all the top TEs and Cs plus Murphy , Cricton, and Archer(as returner) all went so early. However, can never have enough talented WR with the amount of times we throw the ball.

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