Lattimore Remains Unsigned All Green Bay Packers All the Time
Jamari Lattimore
Lattimore remains unsigned on the eve of Packers team workouts

According to Rob Demovsky of ESPN, Green Bay Packers linebacker Jamari Lattimore remains unsigned one day before the Packers will begin offseason workouts.  Without being signed, Lattimore won’t be permitted to join his teammates.

The Packers were not expected to tender Lattimore following the 2013 season, thereby making him an unrestricted free agent.  Instead in early March, the Packers did designate the original round tender on Lattimore.

Under the original round terms, Lattimore can sign an offer sheet with another team.  The Packers then have an opportunity to match those terms and keep Lattimore.  If they do not match another offer sheet, Green Bay would receive no compensation from the receiving team because Lattimore was originally an undrafted free agent back in 2011.

The current offer is for one year and $1.431 million for the 2014 season.

Lattimore filled in last season when starting inside linebacker Brad Jones was forced out with a hamstring injury.  In limited time, Lattimore was adequate and appeared to be making a case for more playing time.  After the 2013 season, there will still talk about whether Lattimore might push for a starting spot in 2014.

With the draft just over two weeks away and with much chatter about what the Packers could do to address the linebacker position, Lattimore’s unresolved contract will continue to hamper his prospects of moving up the depth chart.

In many instances and as former Packers Vice President Andrew Brandt has often said, deadlines spur action.  With the Packers starting to gather tomorrow, this could very well be a non-story soon.





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10 thoughts on “Lattimore Remains Unsigned

  1. Lattimore played well at times, but also poorly at times. His main issue is consistency, but then again Brad Jones wasn’t very consistent either (and a lot more expensive). Lattimore is worth keeping, especially for special teams value where the Packers are weak, but the price must be right: veterans minimum and certainly not to exceed $1.4M.

  2. Maybe not assignment wise but physically, Lattimore was very consistent. That makes him better than Hawk or Jones. The latter two can be assignment perfect and still not make plays. Making plays is what matters most. My dream is a career ending injury for Hawk and two new starting ILB for GB in 2014. Shazier, Lattimore and Barrington would be a good fresh start. How Winston Moss keeps his job is beyond me. It would nopt surprise me in the least to see major regression in our OLB this year with Moss’ expanded duties.

  3. Poor Jamari having AJ and BJ in front of him….oh wait, they suck! Solid up the middle with those 2 studs and safeties destined for greatness. Nice job TT

  4. Linebackers are coming in the draft. The kid from Ohio State is our guy and his speeds may revitalize Hawk for a couple years. Latimore is a back up if he is with the Pack at all. With that, he proved to be adequathe l
    ast year.

    1. Not being an expert on RFA rulse, a tender estabilishes a floor on a salary offer, right? Meaning, it’s essentially a contract offer. So all Lattimore has to do is say, “Yep, I’m in,” and it’s all done. If so, then the ball is really in Lattimore’s court right now and not the Packers. Can someone clarify?

      1. That is true. I can only speculate, but have to think Lattimore wanted a multi-year deal and is delaying the signing of his tender to express that to the Packers. That no other teams have put in an offer sheet has not helped his cause much either.

        Sam Shields signed his tender around now last year and I would expect Lat to do the same sooner than later. Every day he doesn’t, he’s missing time with the team.

        He was said to be one of those who spoke to the team in the locker room at halftime in Dallas so he seemingly has high character.

        I expect he will sign his tender and hope for a solid year that he can leverage into a more lucrative deal next year.

        1. Shields IIRC didn’t sign until the mandatory camps began, he wasn’t in GB for all the workout/voluntary stuff. I think the same will be the case w/ Lattimore. I do think Lattimore would be better served to be in GB for the voluntary work as well.

  5. IMO Lattimore fits better in Hawks position than Jones. His physicality is much better than either Hawk or Jones. I’m working on the assumption that if he stays he would be behind a draft choice who presumable would be a weak ILB. It just depend on his finding some consistency and his knowledge of the defensive playbook. I could live w/ an ILB unit starting Shazier and Lattimore at ILB. Both would add physical play and better athleticism that what we currently have.

  6. Sign the damn tender dumbazz, no other team wants you. We are willing to use you, so lets get going…

  7. Lattimore is the player that everybody has, but no one really wants. He’s able to keep the seat warm and not embarrass himself until you find a player that you are actually satisfied with. He can play special teams, but can’t be special.

    Especially at a position like linebacker, there will be hundreds of “NFL Lattimores” who don’t make it onto an opening day roster.

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