Surviving Sunday: Packers News, Notes and Links for the Football Deprived All Green Bay Packers All the Time
Surviving Sundays with no Packers Football
Surviving Sundays with no Packers football.

Last season it was Mike Daniels. The season before it was Randall Cobb. If the Packers are going to contend for a Super Bowl in 2014, at least one player will have to make the leap from potential to breakout star.

Here are the top contenders:

WR Jarrett Boykin
Boykin is probably at the top of most people’s most likely to break out lists. He was successful last season and he has Aaron Rodgers throwing him the ball. Teams will be ready for him in 2014, though. If he’s going to make the leap, he’ll have to do a better job of getting separation.

DL Datone Jones
Unlike Boykin, Jones is probably near the bottom of most people’s lists. Fans soured on Jones late last season and, apparently, so did the coaching staff as fellow rookie Josh Boyd got more snaps down the stretch. I still have high hopes for Jones and I think he can fulfill those hopes. You need to be patient with young defensive linemen. They rarely break out in their rookie seasons. Let’s see what year two brings for Jones.

CB Davon House
We’ve been waiting for House to take the next step for a while now, haven’t we? If he doesn’t take it in 2014, he probably never will. House’s size appears to make him an ideal fit in Green Bay’s defense, but whenever he strings together some good plays, he follows it up with a couple of stinkers and winds up on the bench. With Tramon Williams, Sam Shields, Micah Hyde and Casey Hayward on the roster, House doesn’t have much room for error.

LT David Bakhtiari
We all groaned when Bryan Bulaga went down and the rookie Bakhtiari ended up starting at left tackle. By the end of the season, those groans turned into “Huh. That kid can play.” Yes, it was a good debut for the kid whose last name I hate spelling, but his ceiling is higher than just a feel-good, surprising rookie playing well in a tough spot. The Packers offense can be a whole lot better if Bakhtiari transforms from promising rookie to left-tackle anchor.

TE Brandon Bostick
Based on what little I’ve seen of him, Bostick seems to do everything well except catch the ball. He especially seems to struggle with drops in traffic. If he develops his hands, especially in tight spaces, I like what he can do in the passing game.

LB Jamari Lattimore
Remember when Lattimore had a few good games in place of Brad Jones and we all pegged Lattimore as the next breakout guy? He faded down the stretch, and now we’ve kind of forgotten about him again. I have no inside info (or “sources,” as the big shots on Twitter would say), but I don’t think Lattimore was healthy late last season. It’s going to be another long year on defense if A.J. Hawk and Jones once again get most of the snaps at inside linebacker. Lattimore will get a chance to show what he can do and we’ll probably find out for sure if he’s the real deal or not.

DL Jerel Worthy
Wouldn’t it be nice if Worthy bounced back from his ACL injury and broke out? My expectations are low on Worthy for multiple reasons: 1) He wasn’t that great as a rookie, 2) he’s coming off a serious injury and 3) Ted Thompson hasn’t exactly been hitting the ball out of the park with his defensive line draft choices lately.

DB Micah Hyde
If Hyde hangs onto that late interception against the 49ers, Hyde’s star would be shining much brighter than it already is after a solid debut season. Even though he couldn’t come up with that big pick, he still could be a difference-maker on defense, either at safety or as a slot corner. Hopefully he avoids the second-year injury bug that struck down Casey Hayward.

Packers news, notes and links

  • Why haven’t the Packers re-signed Matt Flynn yet? Are we really going to play the backup quarterback game again? I hate when the backup quarterback becomes an actual issue. Fans overreact to the issue and the whole ordeal gets annoying. Sign Flynn and get it over with.
  • Stop whatever it is you’re doing and listen to this No Huddle Radio podcast with Dan Shonka from Ourlads NFL scouting service. You’ll be up to speed on NFL draft prospects in no time.
  • The Packers exhibition schedule includes games against James Jones, Charles Woodson and the Raiders, John Dorsey and the Chiefs, as well as the Titans and Rams. Yawn…
  • John Rehor gets the debate flowing once again this week with a post about the Packers passing game. What if Randall Cobb gets hurt again? What if Jordy Nelson also goes down? What’s up at tight end? Depth could be an issue in the Packers passing game for sure, but we’ll see what the depth situation looks like after the draft.
  • This is one of the most boring stretches of the offseason in recent Packers history. I suppose that’s a good thing. It means players are staying out of prison and there aren’t any soap-opera like situations like we’ve experienced recently with Brett Favre and Greg Jennings. Kind of makes blogging about the team a challenge, though. Thanks for sticking around and reading during these slower times.

Non-Packers links and other nonsense

  • RIP Ultimate Warrior. Here’s hoping you’re shaking the ropes in the big ring in the sky.
  • I quit drinking soda pop in high school and I’ve never regretted it. This piece about the history of soda in the United States is fascinating and re-affirms that I made a good choice. That said, if you want to drink soda, drink soda. Making laws to discourage people from consuming soda is silly.
  • You can make fertilizer out of wind energy? Yup, you can make fertilizer out of wind energy.
  • Yes, we are all stupider because of politics.

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61 thoughts on “Surviving Sunday: Packers News, Notes and Links for the Football Deprived

  1. Hyde is the only one that is worth the effort. Lets hope he’s not Dr. Jeckle this coming year. CB Davon House is terrible and is constantly chasing his tail. He got burned so many times he is like a hot dog left too long on the gril.

  2. If all those players mentioned stay healthy I’d be happy. I think for most of them will get better, especially Jones. I had read that some “Experts” thought it would take Jones a year to see why he was a first round pick. If you compare the game stats of Datone Jones picked 26th to Floyd, 23rd, Werner 24th, and Sylvester Williams picked 28th, all 3 have very comparable stats. Jones had fewer tackles than some but the most sacks.

    I really haven’t followed Bostick that closely, but considering Adams comment about him makes me wonder why Owen Daniels wasn’t signed. Ravens signed him to a one year, $1 million contract with no signing bonus or guaranteed money. That seems like a pretty low risk, high reward type contract Ted would love.

    I think Hayward needs to be added to this list as well. If the Packers get those leaps from Hayward, Hyde, and Jones, this defense could actually be one of Capers better defenses, at least a top 8 defense.

  3. The Pack needs new life in the ILB position…a real weak area, mediocre at best..i doubt anyone on the roster is going to make a difference there…

  4. The Pack needs new life in the ILB position…a real weak area, mediocre at best..i doubt anyone on the roster is going to make a difference there…

  5. Adam, you neglected it include the link to the soda article. Yes, I’m that bored — I’d actually like to read it.

  6. Adam, you neglected to include the link to the soda article. Yes, I’m that bored — I’d actually like to read it.

  7. Good list of ascending players. I’d add a few others including: Quarless (INJ), Cobb (INJ), Sherrod (INJ), Tretter (INJ) and Barclay. On defense I’d argue Perry (INJ) and Neal (position switch) are still ascending. Of course, every NFL team has a similar list.

    Today’s Packer Mock Draft:

    (1) Trade w Houston pick 21 for pick 33 plus first pick in R4.

    With 33rd pick Pack takes R Shazier ILB.

    (2) Allan Robinson WR

    (3A) Troy Niklas TE

    (3B) Jarvis Landry WR

    (4A) Z Mettenberger QB

    (4B) Ed Reynolds S

    (5A) Kirksey ILB

    (5B) Y Smallwood ILB

    Shazier will never leave the field. Our concerns at WR4, WR5, TE and QB2 would be over. Robinson is first round quality WR in another year. Niklas is a unique talent. Landry will be a fan favorite. Mettenberger can develop as quality back-up and be trade-bait down the road. Reynolds is a very competent S. Kirksey and Smallwood both better than our current starting ILBs.

    Only disappointment is we didn’t get a top DL prospect. I guess Peppers & Guitron will have to suffice.

  8. Packers are fine on offense adding another playmaker there isn’t going to make much difference.

    Boykin will be just like James Jones, which is why the Packers weren’t interested in resigning him. He was very much like Jones already last year.

    Its on Defense where the Packers are in serious need of a playmaker or 2 to step up. The best candidates weren’t even mentioned. Nick Perry and Peppers…

    On Defense Perry, Datone, Worthy, Lattimore, Neal, Heyward, Burnett and Hyde are the players that will be needed IMO. Peppers has done it, but not in GB and in our D he is an unknown to some degree. Putting Perry and Peppers in a position to make plays should happen w/ the use of the elephant end. Especially Perry… Peppers should get some snaps there to, but should also get most of his pass rush reps at DT.

    There’s a lot of talent on the cusp of becoming much more productive. Just need one or two of them to take that next step. This will be a top 10 Defense this year IMO!

      1. Oh, good comeback… You provide such great material to backup your opinion.

        It was #12 2 years ago, w/ better players now and young players coming of age and stepping up it will be top 10!


      2. Stroh is right Cow, the Packers actually are right there, especially if they stay healthy. If a team was due a season without a ton of injuries it’s the Packers and if that happens, top 10 all day long.

        1. Hope you guys are right.
          I’m skeptical based on the tiny little fact that the following position groups are below NFL average…


          Other than that, they’re in pretty good shape.

          How many defensive players do we KNOW that, barring injury, will be productive/impactful players?

          1. Matthews
          2. Shields
          3. Daniels

          Everyone else has question marks.

          You guys are assuming that Perry, Worthy, Peppers, Neal, Raji, Burnett, Hawk, House, D. Jones, B. Jones will all play better than they did last year.

          I’m not assuming anything.
          I’m just going on what I’ve actually seen out of each of these players… which is… not a whole lot.

          1. No we’re not assuming ALL of them play better. We have Matthews, Shields and Tramon as possible playmakers already.

            All the Packers need is for one or two of the mentioned players to take the step up to at or near playmaker status. Ideally you have one at each level. DL, LB, CB and Safety. You don’t need playmakers at EVERY position.

            Peppers and Daniels on the DL.

            Matthews and one of Perry, Neal or an ILB drafted.

            CB is sound. Maybe one of the best groups in the NFL w/ Shields, Tramon and Hayward.

            Hyde and/or Burnett at Safety.

            Top 10 Defense easily!

            1. People who are basing this defense improving on Peppers and Hyde crack me up.

              For the life of me I do not understand how so many people see Hyde as some sort of superstar. He’s an average player. I honestly do not think he’s that much better than Bush when it comes to actually covering receivers.

              As for Peppers – there are a lot of people who are in for a VERY rude awakening regarding this guy. He’s bad. He was a disaster last year. He’s always been hot and cold. Now he’s old, his bank account is bloated from his long playing career,he’s playing in a defensive scheme he’s never been involved with before, and his cold stints are much longer and more numerous than his hot stints.

              Dude’ll have like 3 sacks and 20 tackles.

              He won’t even be on the team in 2015.

              1. Hyde isn’t a superstar. But he’s a damn good player that can make plays in various ways. He can cover from the slot, he’s a zone aware player and he can tackle very well. Everything about him suggests he’ll be a damn good safety and that he’s better suited to Safety than CB in the NFL.

                Peppers had a down year last year due to the fact that Chi had no one else to generate a pass rush last year. In GB he’ll be second to Matthews and should make Daniels job a lot easier!

                How you can possibly call yourself a Packer fan and be so negative about EVERYTHING Packers is ridiculous! Face it your a 9er fan. Oh did you notice that kaperdork and Aldon Smith are in a lot of trouble?!! Take them out of NFC consideration. Seattle will have their hands full w/ the Packers this year… Mark it down!!!

              2. Seattle will beat the Packers by 2 scores.
                49’ers without Kprnick and Aldon Smith would still have a better roster than GB (by the way -they’ll both play every game next season).

                “Everything about him suggests he’ll be a damn good safety…”


                Never mind that…
                1. He’s never played safety at the pro level. And played it sparingly/poorly in college.

                2. He lacks sideline to sideline speed.

                3. We have no idea if he’ll understand the angles involved with a completely new position.

                4. He’s never had to call coverages in his life.

                Funny how you glanced over those minor details.

                By the way – you can be a fan of a team and still see that the team has GLARING holes in it.

              3. Your so Full Of Shit CowPie!

                Seattle’s offense is pedestrian. A good D can hold them to 24-28 pts and the Packers offense is very explosive and balanced. Hell Lacy is a more physical player than anyone on Seattle front 7. Once he gets in the secondary he’ll pulverize Sherman. And w/o being able to concentrate on Rodgers he’ll be able to get the ball to open recievers.

              4. “A good D can hold them to 24-28 pts…”

                1 – the Packers do not have a good D.
                2 – 26 points on average would have put them in the top 10 in the league… how, exactly, would allowing 24-28 be considered “holding” them to anything?

          2. You forget the way Perry was playing before his injury? 3 sacks, 2 FF in his last 6 quarters of play before the broken foot. I still like Perry and am optimistic about him, especially from the “Elephant” position. OR McCarthy finally acknowledged that they need Perry rushing the QB from the right side. The Packers will have several combinations that they can put on the field this year, not just Matthews. With all the injuries last year the Packers just became to predictable and have said as much themselves. Teams knew what was coming and blocked them up well. That won’t be the case this year and the whole defense will look better.

          3. As Stroh says, we don’t need all the question-mark guys to pick it up a notch. only some of them. As with most things in the parity of the NFL, the deficiencies and strengths are not nearly as great as fans and media tend to make them out.

            As you’ve already provided the negatives, I’ll add some positives.

            #1, GB graded as the 12th best defense (PFF) overall just 1 year prior, with essentially the same guys. And they graded 2nd-best in coverage, with the same secondary.

            #2, Last season, they were probably 1 Hyde dropped-interception from holding the second-best team in the league to 20 points (only 4 teams have done better vs. Kap) and winning the game. That was without their 2 best players on defense (CMIII,Shields) and their best rookie from the previous year (Hayward). You could say the OLB position is one of the most important in containing Kap & all 4 of the Packer OLB’s were hurt. CMIII was out, Neal lasted 5 snaps, Perry & Mulumba both played through injury. I think even Palmer was on IR by then. Not to mention that 5 of the GB offense’s 9 drives lasted on average 1:45 minutes and gained a grand total of 1 yard.

            #3, I agree we can’t assume B.Jones, Burnett, and Raji will as good as they were 2 years ago, but by the same token, we can’t necessarily assume they will be as bad as they were last year either. in either case, it’s a 1 year sample size. This is especially true for Jones, since he graded top-10 at his position for the first 16 games he played at ILB until he hurt his hamstring vs. Detroit.

            #4, if you look at just about any Superbowl winner, they had some holes or deficiencies in one place or another. You can win a championship without having good players at all 22 spots.

    1. “This will be a top 10 Defense this year IMO!”

      The odds of your “opinion” being right is about 100-1.

      “Packers are fine on offense adding another playmaker there isn’t going to make much difference.”

      My or my, you are myopic.

      We are still a pass first team. That means a few things:

      (1) we need a bona fide QB2; and,
      (2) three WR is hardly enough to start the season with.

      Injuries could decimate our QB1 and WR in game 1. I agree our more acute needs are on defense but you must draft BPA. There is tremendous value in Robinson; Niklas; Landry and Mettenberger.

      1. No the myopic one can’t see the young developing players on this D, besides the addition of Peppers changing the complexion of the Defense.

        Packers can use a WR, no doubt about it, but there is no way they use 4 of the top 5 picks on an offense that is already in the top 5 in the NFL.

        Flip that around and say 4 of the top 5 on Defense and your much closer. Most likely it’ll be 3 on D and 2 on Offense. Talk about myopic using 4 of the top 5 draft picks on a Top 5 offense is idiotic!

        Shazier/Mosley ILB
        Moncrief WR
        Brooks Safety
        DeQuan Jones DL
        CJ Fed TE

        Now that’s a draft that is both BPA and addresses needs.

        1. Please list these “young developing players”.

          Here, I’ll start…

          1. Daniels

          Oops. Sorry. I made the whole list for you.

          1. Jesus you’re a freakin TOOL.

            Hayward, Datone, Perry, Hyde all seem to be on the cusp. Peppers should be a playmaker or at the least commant a lot of attention, which makes it easier for other players to make plays.

            1. Hayward – who knows. I still say 3 of his picks were horsesh*t throws put right in his chest. And that hammy was obviously pretty serious. I think we’ve seen his peak.

              Perry – ahh, yes… Nick Perry… The new JerMichael Finley. Looks the part. Shows flashes here and there. But always something holding him back (injury here, injury there, whinny for having to play a position he doesn’t like). He’ll be on the move once his contract is up.

              Hyde – See my above post for my take on this “savior”.

              And saving the best for last…

              Justin Harrell… OOPS.. I mean Datone Jones. The invisible man. I love how people defend him by saying “it takes a few years for defensive linemen to adjust to the pro game”. Meanwhile he’s losing snaps TO ANOTHER ROOKIE (DRAFTED 141 picks after him)!

              1. You need to check out what Floyd, the 23rd pick, Werner, the 24th pick, and Williams, the 27th or 28th pick in the first round last year did before you call Jones a bust already. A few had a few more tackles but none of them had as many sacks. Scouts said before the draft last year that it would take Jones a year or so before he’d be effective. That and he was injured last year, that was the main reason Boyd started taking snaps from him. Jones will be just fine cow.

              2. Just because Floyd, Williams, and Werner also sucked doesn’t mean that Datone didn’t. I’d like to see their snap counts.

                “That and he was injured last year, that was the main reason Boyd started taking snaps from him”… Sorry – NO. Jones was healthy at the end of the year… and Boyd was still ahead of him on the depth chart.

                Face it… Boyd’s better than Jones. And that’s not saying a whole hell of a lot.

    2. I like Kenny Ladler at Safety as one of the 3rd rd picks. Love that he boxes in the offseason. Also from Vandy, which would make him the 3rd member of secondary from vandy (along with Hayward and Sean Richardson). Those guys are smart.

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    1. Ladies and gentleman, our first hexadeca-post!

      If you’re trying to break the thumbs-down record I think I’d rather have another trite “TT MM DC are stupid all our players are horrible fire everyone and move the team to Mexico” comment than this many re-posts.

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