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C.J. Fiedorowicz
TE C.J. Fiedorowicz

Packers prospect profile:  TE  C.J. Fiedorowicz

Player Information:

C.J. Fiedorowicz, TE  Iowa,  6-7, 265 pounds  Hometown: Johnsburg, IL


NFL Combine:

40 time: 4.76

Vertical jump: 31.5″

225 lb. bench: 25 reps

Broad jump: 9’8″

News and Notes:

Named Most Outstanding tight end at 2014 Senior Bowl. . .2013 First-team All-Big 10 by coaches. . .had a reception in 31 straight games. . .career-high six touchdown catches in 2013. . .Coaches Appreciation Award, Offense recipient

What they’re saying about him: 

  •  Good versatility, showing the ability to come off a down block to get past defenders as a receiver. Good body control and soft hands for such a large man.  Fast in a straight-line and is a physical and attentive blocker.
  •  Has outstanding size and big hands. Has size to widen the hole or seal defensive ends. Good balance and body control for his size. Surprising lower-body flexibility to sink his hips to run sharp-angle routes. Has stature and enough speed to threaten the seam. Understands how to use his frame and physicality to create subtle separation. Makes athletic hands catches off his frame. Sizable catch radius. Shows toughness and concentration in traffic. Lowers his shoulder to deliver a blow after the catch. Can line up in-line or split out. Smart and durable. Builds to average speed. Fairly straight-linish athlete. Not elusive after the catch. Can improve as a move blocker and develop more of a mean streak to finish blocks. Average production. Could stand to adopt a more blue-collar work ethic when people aren’t watching — is not a self-starter and has been able to cruise on his rare size and natural ability.


Video Analysis:

  • As I always disclaim, this is a “highlight” reel.
  • Shows quite a bit of Fiedorowicz’s blocking abilities, which are good.  Spent more time in three-point stance than a few other TE’s I have profiled
  • Not quick getting into his routes and does not change direction well
  • Speed is not an asset, won’t pick up much yardage after the catch
  • Can make some tough grabs in traffic and uses his size well
  • Seems to be the type of receiver who needs to be in the right offensive system to thrive.  Won’t likely do it on ability alone

If drafted by the Packers:

Fiedorowicz projects to be a third or fourth round pick in this upcoming draft and I completely agree.  If he falls into the fourth round, he becomes a good value at that spot and if the Packers haven’t already addressed the tight end position, Fiedorowicz could be their guy at that time.  He’s a huge target, something Green Bay and quarterback Aaron Rodgers have not had.  Ideal in goal line situations.  He would be a good special teams contributor right away.  Fiedorowicz isn’t a #1 tight end at this point.  To pair him with either Andrew Quarless or Brandon Bostick would only slightly upgrade the position.  The Packers need a speedier threat down the middle and Fiedorowicz is not that guy.  He is said to have some issues getting motivated and for a guy with some other holes in his game, that should be a red flag.  His appeal to the Packers is going to depend entirely on what they do in the first few rounds.


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19 thoughts on “NFL Draft Prospect Profile: TE C.J. Fiedorowicz

    1. Despite his off-field issues, I wouldn’t mind the Packers taking a shot at Lyerla with their 7th round pick.

    2. Despite his off-field issues, I wouldn’t mind the Packers taking a shot at Lyerla with their 7th round pick.

  1. I would be happy if the Packers selected Fiedorowicz in the 3rd round.
    The problem for the Packers is that they will probably not find that field stretching TE like Finley unless they plan on using their 1st round pick on Ebron, Amaro or Seferian-Jenkins.

    1. I read where one scout called Ebron the next Jimmy Graham, maybe even better. Obviously that’s a pretty ballsy statement for a kid that’s never played a NFL down, but man he’d be fun to have in the Packers offense I’d bet. If C.J. has motivational issues and your looking for a big TE who can block and be effective in the Red Zone, draft Niklas from Notre Dame.

      1. Ebron is NOT Jimmy Graham. Graham is 1/2 foot taller, more gifted.

        GB could use a bigger blocking TE who can help move the chains which Fiedorowicz can do. 3 or 4th round is ok in my book.

        Only Seferian-Jenkins (IMHO) is better for the team.

        1. Lol.. I said I read it and I don’t think it. Just saying a lot of folks think this Ebron is something special. I doubt he’s 6″ shorter than Graham too, that puts graham at what then?

  2. This draft is supposedly deep in talent, but not so much so at tight end. After Ebron, there’s not a lot to choose from. This guy would be ok maybe 3rd or 4th round, but in this write up he doesn’t sound like much of an upgrade over Quarless or Bostick. Considering the needs at S, Ilb, D line, depth at TE, is probably 4th round or later.

  3. I’m OK w/ CJ Fed in the late 3rd, preferably 4th round. He doesn’t have the speed to stretch the field, but the Packers don’t have a need for that any more. With the running game becoming a large part of the offense it’ll do a lot of what a Speed TE would. The running game, Lacy specifically, is going to hold the LB for a second longer, allowing a TE to get behind them. It’ll also keep the safeties from being in a 2 deep shell all game or Lacy will be able to punish them.

    With Lacy in the backfield I think its just as important to get a good blocker at TE. CJ Fed would be the type of TE to help maximize Lacy’s effectiveness.

    I don’t like that he has motivation issues, but will live with it. I do like that he tested extremely well in the 3 cone and shuttle drills. That tells me he has the ability to get off the LOS if taught properly. It also means that if he refines his route running he’ll be able to get separation in his routes.

    Having a speed slot TE is more a luxury for the Packers IMO. Its might be better for the offense to have a TE that can block and be a check down TE. He’ll still have his share of opportunities as a receiver if he develops a repore w/ Rodgers and helps the run game.

  4. I’m looking at Fiedorowicz as a end-of-third round comp or 4th round pick. Another in same tier may be Lynch from Georgia. A later round guy with more “down-the-field” potential, but underachieved in college is Xavier Grimble from USC.

  5. I disagree with some that think we need a TE with speed to run the seem. )Reminder splitting safeties doenst do much inside 20). We have Cobb to do split em outside the 20. What we need (and stats show it) is a tall TE in red Zone or for short yardage situations. This kid is good blocker and should get better-this will help run game(also makes def wonder is TE going out or blocking.. He has the height with the hands and body control for balls in end zone or for short yardage. BTW Finley definitely aint known for his blocking.

  6. The Packers have had outstanding luck with guys from Iowa of late…Hyde, Daniels and Bulaga leap to mind. Bulaga is probably the worst value pick of the bunch and he’s pretty good, IMO.

    With Quarless set to start and Bostick available to be the “WR disguised as a TE”, this kid could be allowed to develop at his own pace. I doubt he’d have much trouble unseating Ryan Taylor and Jake Stoneburner for a roster spot.

  7. I would love to see this guy @ 3rd comp pick or 4th round. He is a great red zone target. I’m thinking he could be a great asset in one area where our offense struggled last year. Mid rounds would be a good value pick.

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