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James Jones
Jones leaves Green Bay after six seasons and will join the Oakland Raiders

James Jones is now a former Green Bay Packer.  The free agent wide receiver has signed a three-year deal with the Oakland Raiders.  The move will reunite Jones with former Packers personnel man and current Raiders general manager Reggie McKenzie.

Jones reportedly received some early interest from the New York Jets and was said to be in favor of joining the Carolina Panthers, had they expressed interest.  On Monday, Jones chose the Raiders and the San Jose native is headed home to California.

The Packers didn’t seem to have an early interest in bringing Jones back according to Frank Bauer, Jones’ agent.  This report emerged in late February.

Jones was a third round draft pick by the Packers in 2007 and his departure leaves only placekicker Mason Crosby left from that draft class on the current Green Bay roster.

Jones had 301 catches for over 4,300 yards and 37 touchdowns in his career with the Packers.  Jones led the NFL in receiving touchdowns in 2012 with 14.  Jones overcame early problems with dropped passes and entrenched himself as a top option in the Aaron Rodgers-led Packers offense.

Jones’ departure leaves the Packers with Jordy Nelson, Randall Cobb and Jarrett Boyking at wide receiver.  The emergence of Boykin last season likely gave the Packers confidence that he could fill some of Jones’ role.  With the draft upcoming in May and what is said to be a deep class for wide receivers, don’t be surprised to see the Packers get after one sooner than later.


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30 thoughts on “Former Packers WR James Jones Joins Oakland Raiders

  1. This strikes me as odd.

    Jones was very productive, there aren’t any other big bodied receivers waiting in the wings, and his price tag was modest.

    I think healthy Lacy and Harris will be great for the offense but still scratching my head on this one.

    1. It’s likely because he’s going to be on the wrong side of 30 by the time the season starts. Think about it this way, Jones basically got an similar deal 3 years ago when he was entering the prime of his career, why would pay him the same when he’s likely to decline?

    2. I don’t think Jones was “very productive” during his time in GB. His career averages in yards, catches and TDs are not that far above what any competent WR could do in that same number of snaps with a QB like Rodgers. Heck, Bill Schroeder was more productive catching the ball from Favre back in the day.

      Jones did have the one great year in TD catches. But that’s a major outlier in his yearly stats.

      Jones is an average player and he won’t be hard to replace. Especially with Rodgers staying put in GB. That Jones’ likely replacement was plucked off the scrap heap is Exhibit A.

      1. 37 TD’s out of 301 catches isn’t exactly average when you’re the #3 (or even the #4) WR on the depth chart as Jones was for the majority of his career.

        When you think about the number of drops had early in his career- a good number of them when he got behind the coverage and had open field in front of him- Jones’ numbers could have been absolutely staggering for a #3 WR.

        Sorry to see him go, but Boykin is a YAC play maker waiting to happen. Excited to see Jarret get increased play time.

        1. Well, yes, if he had made a bunch more big catches, his numbers would look better.

          As things actually happened, he was under 45 catches for 615 and a shade over 5 TDs for his yearly averages over 7 seasons. He never topped 900 yards or 65 catches. Maybe I have a different definition of what is good production and what is average. But Jones’ numbers sure look average to me.

          1. “he was under 45 catches for 615 and a shade over 5 TDs for his yearly averages over 7 seasons.”

            ..As a #3 or #4 WR, with the likes of Greg Jennings, Donald Driver, Jordy Nelson, and recently, Randall Cobb on the field at the same time 😉

            Just heard on the radio today that James Jones is tied for #1 in the NFL for receiving TDs over the last three seasons.

            He’s not a super star. But he’s certainly better than average, all things considered, in my opinion.

    3. I don’t see why you think this is odd. Packers have Nelson and Cobb ahead of Jones and he would have had to fight Boykin for the #3 WR job. Boykin is younger, cheapers, same size, speed and ability and Boykin is going to be making the minimum.

      Makes all the sense in the world to let the 30 yr old walk and let the younger cheaper Boykin take his role. They had very similar numbers last year already. Boykin is getting better and Jones will be declining soon.

      Packers got the best and cheapest years out of Jones, it time to let someone else pay for his declining years. Its the Packers MO w/ FA entering their 30’s.

  2. He must have really wanted to get out, The Raiders?????? usually the place were players go when their light is about to go out!! To bad, he was very bright in 2012

    1. I bet he didn’t want out, he knows that unless the Patriots or the Broncos come calling, he’s going to get the most production (and therefore money) with a star quarterback. Chances are good the Packers offered a relatively low contract and the Raiders offered a better deal. Another thing to consider is that Jones grew up in San Jose, so he’s really close to home at Oakland.

  3. He didn’t want out, he wasn’t offered a contract. The Packers have Boykin who’s the same size and has about the same speed as Jones does anymore. The draft is loaded at WR and they also have Chris Harper whom they signed last year off waivers. I have a feeling he’ll make up for Jones with Rodgers and a offseason under his belt.

    Going to miss James Jones nonetheless. He played through pain and was great in the Red Zone. Without Finley and now Jones I’ll bet Ted adds someone before the season starts dependinding on how draft plays out. Thank you James and good luck. This is the business side of football

  4. Since Jones left the division, I can say with all sincerity I wish him the best of luck in Oakland.

    1. Spot on. Classy guy, just a mensch. I promise we’ll not be seeing any “Greggy tweets” out of him.

    2. Spot on. Classy guy, just a mensch. I promise we’ll not be seeing any “Greggy tweets” out of him.

  5. I liked JJ, but I believe he can be replaced. Those 2 drops in the playoff loss to SF still sting.

  6. Good fortune to you and your family JJ. You never complained or drew attention to your self.Your came on the last cocouple of years and I know AR is going to miss you. I Met Your Mother In Law At LAX and she was more than happy to poise for a picture of me and her. You are now close to home ( no cal) bless you

  7. Good on JJ to get some decent coin to finish his career. The Packers where just not going to spread the money to the WR this year. There were too many other areas to address. I hope that he helps that franchise move in the right direction.

  8. If there is one thing that TT has proven himself able to do, it’s find WRs. TT could find a capable WR at a petting zoo. Even the anti-TT crown will have to admit that much.

  9. Sorry to see JJ go. I wish him luck in Oakland. But it’s better to lose a player a year early, then to keep him a year or two too long. TT has been good at realizing when a player is reaching their point of decline and JJ is probably there or a season away at best. We have WR covered with Boykin and Harper and maybe the draft. We still need a TE, Center, Safety and an ILB. Go Pack Go! Thanks, Since ’61

  10. Just keep replaying his playoff drops, one bouncing off his helmet and the other bouncing off his chest. No surprise the Raiders came a callin, they love that.
    JJ was a good guy, but I believe he was about to start his decline. This is a win, win. He will make a fine Raider. Bye bye JJ…

    1. Those playoff drops were glaring. Tough catches, yes, but to have them bounce of head was disappointing. — JJ was a great Packer and I wish him the best. While his 2-3Million might not seem like a lot of money, all the pennies add up at the end of the day and when you can get receivers like Boykin or draft picks for considerably less, it makes sense to let him go. GoPack!

  11. Tough to be a Packer fan and not like JJ. Had a very productive career in GB. Never complained. 100% class guy. He will be missed for depth for sure. Three WRs is not enough to start a season with, though I can understand not paying $3.5MM/yr for a 4th WR turning 30. TT will likely draft a WR in this WR talent rich draft.

    OTOH, TT deigned to keep one of my other favorite Packers – James Starks. He, who along w AROD, is probably most responsible for our improbable SB run in 2010. So it looks like we enter the season strong w depth on the OL, strong with depth at RB and strong w/o depth at QB and WR.

    Offensive draft needs: TE, depth at WR, and depth at C. Oh yeah, maybe a #2 QB in case of deja vu.

    Defensive draft needs: add a young stud at each level.

    Specialist: Maybe a real return guy.

    1. Archie? I agree Starks gave us the running game we missed at the beginning of that season.

      1. Love that we kept Starks. Also, did anyone see that Raji is only guaranteed $500k on that 4mil contract? I know it is a lot of money as we look at it but relatively speaking in nfl terms, that is a low-ball.

  12. Archie, just have to echo your post. Love the addition of Starks. He helps lacy immensly. When looking at what the pack needs couldn’t say it better. Good luck to James Jones

  13. Does anyone have an idea about WR Chris Harper? He was a 4th round pick of Seattle last year that was cut and we picked him up and stashed him on the 53. We don’t usually do that unless he has potential…any potential as wr or the?

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