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It’s back, one of the best NFL Draft Guide values out there and the only one written SPECIFICALLY for Packers fans. This guide is brought to you by the fine folks at CheeseheadTV, with contributions from yours truly and other more talented writers and draftniks.  This Packers-centric guide to the 2014 NFL Draft is a must-have for any Packers fan.

You’ll get over 100 pages of feature articles, interviews, predictions and most importantly, player profiles and rankings. And this year, there will also be videos! It’s all catered to Packers fans and how each player would fit into Green Bay’s schemes, including their 3-4 defense. We also have a Packers-specific mock draft (note who predicted Datone Jones as the Packers’ first pick) and a breakdown of every position on the roster.

But don’t take my word for it, check out the 2013 guide in it’s entirety below.



Pretty cool, huh? Can you believe it’s only $5.99 if you pre-order order now? Just visit the Cheesehead TV shop to order and ensure your copy gets delivered to your inbox by April 1 and you don’t have to pay full price after our release date.

Here’s what the cover of the 2014 Guide looks like:

2014 NFL Draft Guide
2014 NFL Draft Guide

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3 thoughts on “2014 NFL Draft Guide: Green Bay Packers

  1. Let’s talk about inside linebacker. I’m starting to worry that we won’t get an inside linebacker in free agency or the draft because of Hawk, Jones, and Barrington under contract and Lattimore being tendered. I can’t see us carrying 5 inside linebackers. How does everyone feel about this?

  2. TT will take the best player available , if that’s a ILB in the first or 2nd rd, that’s who he will take

  3. There not too bright is they pass on Chris Borland. He is short but has a nose for the ball. You don’t have to be tall to tackle someone if you in position. The Packers don’t like to draft local talent but if he is around in the later rounds they should take him.

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