Breaking News… Julius Peppers Signs With the Packers All Green Bay Packers All the Time
Julius Peppers Signs with the Green Bay Packers
Julius Peppers Signs with the Green Bay Packers

No, this is not an early April Fools joke people. According to Josina Anderserson of ESPN, the Packers have signed Julius Peppers’ to a 3-year deal “for $30M max, $7.5M guaranteed & $8.5M in total in 1st yr salary.

Chicago cut Peppers this week when it became apparent his cap-heavy contract was to much for them to bear (snicker…)

By the terms of his contract with the Bears, he was going to count 18M against the cap in 2014 and over 20M in 2015.

Peppers started in every game during his time with the Bears, with 37.5 sacks in four years. 2013 was his least productive season with the Bears.

From what I’ve heard so far, it would appear the Packers will use Peppers as a rush OLB or DE/OLB hybrid to compliment Clay Matthews and setup a nice rotation of Matthews, Peppers, Neal and Perry depending on situation and assuring no one gets over worked. But make no mistake, his primary job will be to rush the passer.

Say what you want about how much Julius Peppers may or may not have left, it’s the same thing they said about Charles Woodson. There is hope for a more disruptive pass rush now…

And maybe the best part is, we no longer have to worry about THIS:


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103 thoughts on “Breaking News… Julius Peppers Signs With the Packers

  1. Well, TT surprised the hell out of me! I wonder how Peppers will do / fit into Capers’ defense.

    1. I’m with you, surprised isn’t even the word. This makes me wonder if the Packers will play more of a Hybrid 3-4 now. He’s 34 so it’s a one maybe two year rental. But, with a healthy Matthews, Perry, a motivated Raji (At least one would hope), Jones, and Daniels, a pass rush shouldn’t be ANY problem in Green Bay. Now, C.J. Mosley please fall to 21!!

  2. Didn’t see that coming….first year cap hit is $8.5 I believe. Not bad if he can add a little more punch to the pass rush. This is not the Peppers of 2008 but still a player that will demand some attention. I like it and the small guaranteed value means we can cut him in a year or two without much cap hit. Well played TT. GoPack!

    1. As soon as I saw news of this, my first thought was good move, good contract.

      Then, thinking about all the hand-wringing, nail chewing ‘fans’ that are never happy while second guessing every move, I had this thought bubble up.

      Imagine Ted as Rocky Balboa and Russ Ball as Adrian.

      Ted: Yo, Russ I gotta sign Julius Peppers. It’s what I am

      Russ: Before there were reasons for Free Agency I could understand but I don’t understand this. Even if you sign him, Woodson’s still gone. Why can’t you change your thinking? Everybody else does.

      Ted: Cause I’m a player! That’s how I’m made, Russ. That’s what you work with. We can’t change what we are.

      Russ: [Softly] Yes you can.

      Ted: We can’t change anything, Russ. All we can do is just go with what we are.

      Russ: You can’t go with what you are, you’ve read the papers, it’s suicide! You’ve seen him, you know how expensive he is!

      YOU CAN’T WIN!

  3. The signing does fit the notion that we are going to be a more flexible, athletic defensive front. If it’s Perry,Neal, Cm3,jones, peppers across the front, who is rushing and who is dropping out? I like it.

  4. Not sure what to think of it. They obviously see him as a DE and not an OLB. I guess it could work. He weighs almost 290.

    We’ll see. Proof is in the pudding.

      1. Could be, I guess. He’s pretty beefy for an OLB… Personally, I’d see him more as a Cullen Jenkins type.

        1. Absolutely see him in a Cullen Jenkins role. I don’t see an edge rusher in Peppers anymore, but I can see him dominate againt OG and C’s!

          1. I gotta agree. I see him more as a de than a olb. But I think it would be best if they move him around. Maybe Capers will bring back the Psycho package again.

      2. Really Al? I’d think they want him right next to Raji at DE. Might even help Raji play closer to the 2010 version when he had Jenkins next to him.

        1. That’s what I’ve heard. He could be a hybrid DE/OLB they have been rumored to be wanting to try for years now… Packers have said they want to get more “multiple” this year, meaning getting back to using a larger variety of defensive schemes. This certainly helps that cause.

          1. That’s what I’m thinking as well Al. Personally I like the move. I think he’s got at least a year of excellent play in him and with all the younger players the Packers have on the DL and defense in general, he’ll be a leader the Packers were missing last year.

          2. Another thought and some of the other Packers DL players have already alluded to it, what a guy to learn from! Jones, Worthy, Daniels, and Boyd can all learn from him.

          3. I think Peppers would be the best OLB option to pair with Matthews in 2 DL nickel looks. A 4 man rush of Jones & Daniels from inside with Matthews and Peppers off the edge looks pretty strong to me.

            They can use the Psycho package again with Peppers standing up.

            He also looks like a good fit at OLB in short yardage. He can use his speed and athleticism to seek out runners.

            I do think Peppers fits best at DE in traditional base 3-4 looks. Personally, I would like to see more 3-4 base defense but only if they find an ILB and Safety that can cover. They might have the Safety in Hyde. There are still some FA Safeties out there, too. But it’s not looking good for the ILB unless they get lucky in the draft. The ILB FA market is looking pretty bare at this point.

            Athletic freaks like Peppers are perfect guys to move around a lot. I think he can play with his hand up or down. It’s just a matter of picking the right spots for each.

      3. I don’t see a 34 yr old Peppers being an edge rusher anymore. He did OK for the bears in that role last year, but his days of being an edge rusher are over and if that’s how they utilize him its a mistake to sign him.

        Think about Peppers lining up inside at DT and using his great length against OG and C tho?! Now that’s a huge mismatch. Peppers has the classic length and mobility of a 34 DE. 6’7 290 w/ long arms to control the OL and then move him to DT in pass rush and watch him dominate rushing the QB.

        I just don’t see the edge rush in him anymore, but love to see him dominate against OG and C.

        Where are your “hearing” the rush OLB? Would like to know your source.

        1. I’ll bet you would, but then you know what I’d have to do… Suffice to say it’s someone who actually meets with the Packers in person several times a year RE: the draft. It is a presumption on his part, but he’s been right many times before, so I treat it as credible.

          1. Was the fact that Peppers was on the field for so many snaps and a horrible Bears run defense the contributing factor in his lest productive season? Gotta think he’s still got two more productive years in the tank!

      4. Besides Capers has said he wants more traditional 34 DL. Well Peppers can certainly play 34 DE and use his length and can be moved up and down the LOS.

        1. Don’t know where you’ve seen that. His boss (McCarthy) has said many times they want to be “more multiple,” bemoaning the fact they played too much base this past year, mostly because of injuries and personnel limiting their options. Adding Peppers gives them a lot of new options. I think they’ll use him in a variety of ways, actually.

          1. Goes w the more multiple McCarthy was talking about. Guys that are 6’4 plus csn be used in more was ys than the 6’2 Rajis and Pickett especially if they have better mobility as Peppers does.

            5-7 years ago Peppers might have had the athleticism to function as an OLB now he barely has it as a 43DE.

            Packers need to use Peppers in a manner similar to JJ Watt. Dont force him to take on double teams and move him around the DL and primarily in passing situations.

            1. So, where have you seen Capers say he want’s more traditional 3-4DL? I’m curious because everything I’ve read is very different than that.

              1. Maybe Capers didn’t specifically say he wants more traditional 34 DL but think about it. Last year they started 3 traditional NT types. All 6’3 or less all 330 lbs or MORE. You cant be very “multiple” when you have in essence 3 NT on the field. Traditional 34 DE are the 6’4 285-300 range. You cant be multiple w/ Raji, Pickett and Jolly can you?

                But if you have more guys like Datone and Peppers you can use them in a lot of different ways. Even tho Worthy and Daniels aren’t typical 34 DE they do have the mobility to be used in more ways.

                Last year Capers had basically 3 NT starting that don’t have any mobility. They want to be more athletic and multiple in personnel groups and having more of the typical 34 DE allows that.

                Where have you read that they don’t want more typical 34 DE? They had 3 typical 34 NT starting last year. You can’t do anything w/ them but ask them to stand in place and be space eaters. You need the guys that have mobility (athletic) to be more multiple.

                Capers has never had the true 34 DE while in GB. Why do you think they drafted Worthy (while only 6’2 has has good movement skills) Neal, Datone and now Peppers.

                I don’t know what your idea of typical 34 DL is, but I think of guys like Aaron Smith, Justin Smith, JJ Watt, not Jolly, Pickett, Raji.

          2. BTW I know a guy w insider type info and we both see him more in a Jenkins type role.

      1. Peppers has classic 34 DE size. 6’7 290+ long arms to control OL. At 34 he doesn’t have the edge rush ability he once had, but he’ll be a nitemare for OG and C’s rushing the QB.

          1. The Bears were using him more and more as a pass rushing DT last year. How does Hou use JJ Watt? Mostly as a DT in pass rush. How did the Packers use Jenkins? As a pass rushing DT. Peppers has always been a 43 DE, I understand that, but he IS 34 yrs old. His best days as a edge rusher are mostly in his past. But imagine him using his long arms to keep OG and C, from being able to get their hands on him and using his still good mobility to get around them. Also using him at some at LDE going against the lesser pass blocking RT, instead of always the premier pass blocking LT. Move him around like Hou does Watt. Peppers long arms can disrupt passing lanes inside too.

            It just makes sense IMO. Considering his age and somewhat declining edge rush skills, it makes sense to still be able to get the most out of his ability now.

            1. Cullen Jenkins was our starting DE. JJ Watt is an anomaly, and neither are comparable in terms of build or skill set to Julius Peppers, past or present.

              There’s a term in line play called “playing in a box” or “playing in a telephone booth” that refers to inside line play, because it’s congested and tight quarters. That’s not where you put length. Length is advantageous on the edges because there is room to work, but it is rarely looked at as an asset inside.

              That’s not to say that Peppers couldn’t be effective inside. But then, I don’t see anything that would suggest he would be, either. If length and athleticism were the keys to inside pass rushers, all those edge rushers would be placed inside where they are 3 yards closer to the QB.

              1. JJ Watt isn’t an anomaly. He’s got classic 34 DE size and versatility. Perfectly suited to being able to rush inside isn’t that much different to rushing outside. Long arms of Watt and Peppers keeps the blockers off them and allow them to use their mobility. Do you honestly think a 34 yr old Peppers still has the edge rush ability he once had to reach the edge? I don’t… Pass rushing come down to a lot of hand fighting, inside or outside. The guy that wins w/ his hands gets the upper hand since he can control the other and disengage at will. Not very many edge pass rushers are Peppers size and none have his size or had his athleticism. Peppers is more an anomaly as an edge rusher than Watt is as a 34 DE. Watt 6’5 285 or 290, Peppers 6’7 285 or 290. Both long arms to control and win hand fighting.

                Aaron Smith was a classic 34 DE, 6’5 295, Brett Keisel is 6’5 285 again classic 34 DE size. Peppers used to be unique in his ability as an edge rusher w/ his size and athletic ability. But he has lost some of his ability as an edge rusher, shown by his fewer sacks and more inside rush opportunities in Chi.

                He’ll still get some opportunities w/ the Packers on the edge, but given his declining athleticism he would be best used like Watt, Aaron Smith, Justin Smith, Richard Seymour (6’6 310 and another classic 34 DE). Let Peppers rush from DT, some from LDE against RT, and some from the Right edge. Watt, Seymour, and the Smiths are pass rushing DT, not edge rushers. Length is always an asset for pass rushers, inside or outside.

                Edge rushers in todays NFL are smaller, very quick and athletic. More like Matthews, Ware, Allen than like Peppers 6’7 285.

            2. Cullen Jenkins was our starting DE. JJ Watt is an anomaly, and neither are comparable in terms of build or skill set to Julius Peppers, past or present.

              There’s a term in line play called “playing in a box” or “playing in a telephone booth” that refers to inside line play, because it’s congested and tight quarters. That’s not where you put length. Length is advantageous on the edges because there is room to work, but it is rarely looked at as an asset inside.

              That’s not to say that Peppers couldn’t be effective inside. But then, I don’t see anything that would suggest he would be, either. If length and athleticism were the keys to inside pass rushers, all those edge rushers would be placed inside where they are 3 yards closer to the QB.

  5. great move!!! this is what we were waiting from TT!!! this is great…for a very young team like GB peppers fits great! talent experience and leadership

    1. What am I missing? Why is this comment hidden? I’d take Jared Allen in a minute for the right price, just what could that hurt (other that the cap, but I did say “right price”), God know he’s given GB fits. I am surprised by this Peppers thing and the money TT threw at a 34 y/o, I’m glad to have him, but wow, didn’t see this coming.!

      1. It probably has a low rating because no one wants Allen. Liability against the run, not a scheme fit, wants too much money, etc. And he’s a generally annoying person who I hear is a locker-room problem.

  6. lot’s of money for an over the hill type player so unlike TED. Only thing I can think is we could have had any of the yooung DE for the the sme price and even the Byrd contract to NO is just about the same per year. WHO would you rather have had?

    1. Can’t just average years. Need to look at guaranteed money and ability to get out of contract. With Peppers, it’s very doable. I will be shocked if he’s here for the 3rd year of contract.

    2. I agree. He is 34 years old. I don’t get it. He’s had a great career but I don’t think he has 3 years left, so maybe the thinking is that we get one good year and maybe two and that is good enough. That is a lot of money for a 34 year old DE and we only have so much of a salary cap. 1/3rd of that is now gone.

      Like everyone else I hope we are all pleasantly surprised and that this is a great move.

      1. His career at 34 yrs old is over as a pass rushing DE/edge rusher. However, considering that he still had good mobility, tho not great like it once was, he can use his length and mobility perfectly as a 34 DE. And consider what a mismatch he would be pass rushing against OG and C. He could dominate as an interior pass rusher where he length makes it impossible for OG and Centers to even get their hands on him.

    3. Come on, dude. The way his contract is structured, they’re renting the guy. The Pack can release Peppers after the first year with minimal cap damage. The Byrd contract is ridiculous. That’s Ed Reed in his prime money. I realize the cap has gone up, but the Packers already have the highest paid player in the league on their roster in Rodgers. Matthews is one of the highest paid defensive players in the league. Those two contracts almost guarantee the Pack will not be in the business of signing day-1, overpriced FAs. Not while Matthews and Rodgers are still wearing green and gold and cashing those checks. Not to mention there are guys who are already on the roster that they’ll desperately want to resign/extend. Nelson, Cobb, the Tackles just to name a few. You should be thanking your lucky stars that us Packer fans have a GM who doesn’t leverage the future health of the cap and roster to chase ghosts in FA. That’s why the Pack are consistently in the Playoffs under TT. They lost to what many people said was the best team in the NFC last year by a field goal with a SEVERELY depleted defensive roster. See Andy Mulumba hobbling after Kaep as the QB scrambles for that fatal 3rd down conversion. Now imagine Julius Peppers in on the same play. The Pack will once again make the playoffs and be in the hunt for the Lombardi trophy and its due in large part to Ted Thompson.

        1. Thanks Al! A guy can only take so much from some of these we’d-cry-if-a-january-game-at-lambeau-was-cold fans! I couldn’t be more excited about the potential for versatility and impact Peppers brings. And on a cap friendly deal to boot. What’s not to like?

        2. Thanks Al! A guy can only take so much from some of these we’d-cry-if-a-january-game-at-lambeau-was-cold fans! I couldn’t be more excited about the potential for versatility and impact Peppers brings. And on a cap friendly deal to boot. What’s not to like?

    4. I’ve read that only $7.5 mil is guaranteed. He hasn’t been that great as a 4-3 DE the last couple years but maybe that is cheap enough to kick the tires on the off-chance that a position change breathes a bit of life back into his career. still, I can’t say I’m a huge fan of the move

      1. Imagine him not as a 43 Edge rusher, but as a pass rushing DT. Think about the mismatch he will have rushing against OG and C’s! He can create havoc inside as a pass rusher. He’s not the edge rusher he used to be, but he still has classic 34 DE length and good mobility, tho not great anymore. Perfect fit as a 34 DE and inside pass rusher.

  7. FINALLY! Peppers will be solid in run D and will give us some much needed pass rush.We could still use a big body in rotation(Picket).I was really disappointed we passed on Houston and Joseph ,but this has much less risk and big upside.

  8. it a 8mill dollar rental…if he does not work out here, not a cap hit next year…but what if he does work out.dont you think hes motivated to win for a change….great deal for both sides. bet TT is not done yet. TT CAN NEVER WIN WITH THESE MADDEN FANS

  9. Good signing! He will act as a mentor for Jones and hopefully teach him the skills that will make the young guy elite. Pep can still be situationally effective and is still one of the more explosive D lineman in the league. I think Jared Allen might have more in the tank but Peppers should help! GPG!!

    1. Peppers is infinitely better against the run than Jared Allen. Allen is struggling to keep on weight, only 260 at this point. Can’t hold point of attack. Teams ran at him a lot last year. GoPack!

      1. That’s why I see Peppers primarily as a DE in the Packers system. He’s a good run defender and he’s almost 290. I think he can hold up at DE, assuming that the Packers rotate Jones and others in to keep him fresh.

  10. Anything to help us get away from using the constant nickel alignment of two down line man most of the time… They had ZERO pass rush using that look.. Teams will at least have to respect both sides of the line now.. Lets hope for a HEALTHY 2014!

    1. Mike Neal tweeted this: “So we get Julius Peppers!!! LOL and we got BJ back…and we already got some dogs!!! Well damn let the hunting begin!!! #Go Pack Go”


      1. Good rotation of guys to get after the QB. Nice to see guys getting excited. This signing is growing on me.

  11. History says defensive ends transitioning to OLB don’t go well with the worse result being knee injuries (ie. Kampman), especially older DEs because of different stresses on the knee. Of course there are a few exceptions (Neal seems to have made the transition quite well)and others. But Dwight Freeney went from dominant to ordinary. Hope for the best.

    1. History actually shows that 3-4 teams actively seek out tweener type DE’s (small, athletic DE’s around 260-280lbs)to convert to OLB.

  12. I see lots of possibilities for 4-3. Raji, Daniels, Boyd maybe some others at DT. Jones, Worthy, Neal, Peppers at DE. Mathews becomes a tackling machine at LB, great lateral range, quick to the ball and always a threat to rush the passer.

  13. My guess is Peppers = elephant in Packers new “hybrid” 3-4 defense.

    Maybe rushing from a standing position will ease his back problems that have kept him from practicing for last two years as his game slipped. For same money I would have much preferred D Ware but this contract is much easier to get out of after year #1/2.

    It’s funny to read the Ted can do no wrong crowd switch from Ted doesn’t overpay for over-aged cast-offs to Peppers is just what this defense needed. Apparently TT can do no wrong in their eyes, they are just pro-management regardless of who management is and what management does.

    1. Alright, can’t let this one go…

      “apparently TT can do no wrong in their eyes, they are just pro-management regardless of who management is and what management does.”

      Just like you are anti ted Thompson whatever he does. You are no different than the always “Pro Ted” crowd, so don’t throw stones at them. You haven’t shown the ability to be level-headed and/or fair when discussing TT.

      1. I’m not “pro TT” I’m just “anti-Archie”… Ok, I’m just kidding. As I mentioned above. I started more lukewarm on this signing but it has started to grow on me. I think some of the tweets from people like Danone jones and Neal and their excitement helps me get more excited as well. GoPack!

      2. You are full of crap Jersey Al. If you go back in the annals you will see I started out very pro-TT. He got off to a fast start in GB and I was the first to herald the AROD pick (I was not a BF fan by that time). I was disappointed by the performance of the defense but I hung in there and fully enjoyed the SB win. It is everything TT has done since that has reeked of a clown. So your’e willingness to say something that you now nothing about is a true disappointment. Apparently the truth hurts. It’s OK to be a company man Al, it’s a free world. What’s not OK is to be one but get pissed off when you are called out for it.

        1. Archie, as long as you’ve been commenting on this site, you haven’t had one good thing to say about Thompson. I have criticized him, lampooned him and praised him, depending on what the situation called for. If that makes me a company man in your eyes, then so be it. Most reasonable people would see it as something else. You have one viewpoint, one topic and it never changes. You hijack every comment section and turn it into a Ted Thompson hatefest. You never take the time to consider all sides of a story. I have little use for the opinions of people who do that. If you came out once in awhile and said something positive about Thompson, you might have a few more ears willing to listen. As it is, the majority of us here are tired of your broken record. You said you were going to back off – I guess that didn’t last long…

        2. yeah, just for fun, I went back and looked at your very first comments on this site in May of 2013. (yes, I have EVERY comment ever left on this site) Five out of the first ten got blasted with multiple “thumbs down” for mindless ranting without anything of substance.

    2. Archie,
      If management consistently puts a product on the shelf that has been the class of its own division, been to the playoffs almost annually, put one Lombardi trophy on the shelf as recently as a few years ago and is making moves to get this team into the playoffs and into the hunt for another Lombardi Trophy, then you’re damn right i’m pro-management.

  14. One more note – some may think this means TT will draft a S in R1 but I don’t think that will happen unless TT trades up which I don’t expect him to do. Why? Pryor and Dix both are looking like they will be off the board long before 21.

    The top defensive options on the board at 21 may be CJ Mosely (ILB), Aaron Donald (4-3DT),Ra’Shede Hageman (3-4DE) and K Ealy (DE/OLB).

    Mosely – looks like a possible bust to me.

    Donald – would be out of position for GB (of course when has that stopped TT). I like the guy and think he would make a great ILB in Packers’ defense but I don’t see TT going this direction.

    Ebron – off the board.

    Hageman – he could be our guy! Like Peppers, he’s 6’6″ but 25# heavier and just as strong and athletic. He is a true 3-4DE and he could learn from Peppers fro a couple of years while being a rotational guy.

    K Ealy – May be 3-4 OLB complement to CMIII TT has been flailing around for.

    Question is what do we do with J Worthy? Is he another TT bust on the defensive side of the ball? Sure looks it. However, were he to come on in his 3rd season, along w Datone Jones and Peppers and Hageman (or Ealy) and Neal and Perry and CMIII….. Must fix ILB and S in the draft in R2 and R3. Maybe there’s hope for this defense yet. When MM focused on OL it got better. When focused on created a running game, it got better. Now he is going to focus on making the front 7 more “hybrid”. Maybe he can make it work. This is TT/MM’s last chance to salvage/resurrect this defense. Their legacy depends on it.

    1. Aaron Donald will be long gone by the time Green Bay selects. My gut tells me that Tampa is going to take him with their first round pick. Looking at video of him, Donald reminds me a lot of Warren Sapp. And my guess is that both Lovie Smith and Leslie Frazier see him as an ideal fit in their Tampa-2 scheme. Just my $0.02, for what it’s worth…

      1. Yes he would be logical for TB but not at #7. Ya gotta figure them for a QB if one of top 3 is still there. The earliest I see Donal going is in the mid teens. But overall, I agree, Donald is most likely off the board before GB picks, same as Ebron and the two S.

        Just don’t give me CJ Mosely. For my money he isn’t physical enough or instinctive enough.

        Good ILB are found in rounds 2 & 3. TT probably feels snake bit drafting DL – he’s 0 for 6 picking ’em in the first 2 rounds now (0 for 4 in R1 and 0 for 2 in R2). Sort of like Matt Millen taking a WR every year. But I think DL is where the value of the 21st pick will be: Hageman or Ealy (Nix is too Raji-like and Tuitt seems to be ranked below Hageman/Ealy). Of course, TT could trade down to avoid an 0 for 7 streak. Personally, I’d take a shot at 21 with either one of them.

        Don’t give me CJ Mosely!

        1. Ya, I was looking at more vids of Moseley, and I’m starting to feel the same way. He doesn’t seem very instinctive and gets washed out of plays too easily. I’m hoping that one of the two safeties, Clinton-Dix or Pryor will be there for the Pack at #21. But I’m starting to like this Deone Bucannon guy from Washington State. He looks like he can be had in the later rounds too.

      2. Dallas and Chicago are the most likely landing spots for Donald. He is a 43 3 tech DT. He was born to play that position. Tampa already has Gerald McCoy as their 3 tech DT. They aren’t likely to take him that high. Donald is gifted as a 3 tech, but he has to be in a 43 D to be most effective. Otherwise he’s likely in a situation like Daniels where he is a role player, not an every down playmaker.

    1. To use another R1 pick on an OL is certainly possible but it would be a minor shock given our defensive needs. TT usually drafts for need in R1. However, I could envision him drafting Zack Martin or the top G (maybe with a small trade-down) and moving Lang to C. But I think Tretter will be a good C and the Pack needs on defense are so great they can’t be ignored.

      Trade down in R1, use top 3 picks for defense, one at each level and reserve our lower R3 pick for the TE from Iowa.

      That would go a long way towards revitalizing our defense. With more rotation we may see less injuries as well.

  15. I don’t mean to ruin the party, I’m excited about the signing like everyone else is. If nothing else, it’s just refreshing to see Thompson actually finally come out of his comfort zone.

    And I say this knowing that TT would only do something like this if he had a good reason for it. It could be that he sees something in Peppers that Bears no longer see in him, and quite possibly they’re now thinking of doing more 4-3 work.

    It’s just that… Peppers is still 34 years old. He only mustered 7 sacks last year in a 4-3 system. I can’t say that this signing will have an impact that will help out the defense as much as people seem to think it will.

    John Abraham had a stellar year, especially for a 35 year old, in Arizona. 11.5 sacks, and 4 FF’s. As an OLB! But he still didn’t show the kind of decline that Peppers presents.

    Here’s hoping though! I just really hope the Packers actually have something in store for him, and aren’t just hoping this signing somehow works out.

    1. Chad, the bears let him go because he was going to count $18Million against their cap. He will only count about $8.5 against ours. That is a huge difference. For the bears his cap number was paralyzingly. For us, it is manageable. Like Vic Ketchman always says, “the cap runs your team”.goPack!

      1. Best part is, he’ll cost more on the Bears cap this year, than the Packers! Ted’s laughing all the way to the bank

    2. I’d say you’re being pretty reasonable, Chad. I don’t necessarily see this as a slam-dunk signing either. I’m more “intrigued” than anything. I can imagine some possibilities that would be hard to defend, especially with Peppers and CM3 coming from the same side. But there’s always some pretty big questions when a guy is 34 years old and his last year seemed a bit down.

      For what it’s worth, Peppers had 2.5 sacks in 2007 (13 games) and 8 in 2010, but if anyone wrote him off back then they jumped the gun a bit.

      Time will tell.

      1. Yes, intrigued is a good way to describe how I feel about the Peppers signing. And excited to see TT use more tools available to him to build the team.

      2. You do make an excellent point, I hadn’t thought of that. Players have down years all the time. I believe Randy Moss only 800 receiving yards before he broke the TD record the following year.

  16. Im lovin this pickup. Peppers will undoubtedly get some one-on-one looks, which (i havent looked back at the film but) im assuming he wasnt getting much of as the premier rusher in chicago. He’ll also get a lot of rest with our rotation on the line.

    1. I think most teams w/ good or better LT would generally let them block Peppers one on one. Clifton would have taken Peppers one on one, he was good to very good LT but not elite. With Peppers always rushing from RDE it became pretty easy to match a quality LT against him. Given Peppers advancing age I would consider him best used everywhere on the DL. But I would move him around (and Matthews for that matter) to get favorable mismatches. Peppers from DT, LDE and some from RDE. THe Packers moved Jenkins inside in pass rush. That along w/ Perry, Jones and Neal makes the Packers front 7 very multiple.

  17. Great move. If the 7.5 mill is his signing bonus the cap hit for this year is only 3.5 mill. Thats outstanding. Doesn’t hurt the cap at all.

  18. Great move. If the 7.5 mill is his signing bonus the cap hit for this year is only 3.5 mill. Thats outstanding. Doesn’t hurt the cap at all.

  19. My guess is he will be used at both LB and DE, he’ll be used alot on passing downs, where they should move him around alot to take advantage of mismatches. Should be interesting to see how Capers uses him…

  20. Well worth the risk. I like the signing a lot. Nothing but upside really, we have the cap room.

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