NFL Free Agency: Packers Re-Sign TE Andrew Quarless All Green Bay Packers All the Time

NFL, Green Bay Packers, NFL Free Agency, Packers free agency, Packers free agents, Andrew Quarless, Andrew Quarless contract, Andrew Quarless free agentThe Green Bay Packers have announced that they have re-signed tight end Andrew Quarless.  Terms of the new deal were not disclosed, but according to Pete Dougherty of the Green Bay Press-Gazette, it is a two year deal.

The tight end position had been labeled as one of the needs for the Packers this offseason after Jermichael Finley’s neck injury and subsequent unrestricted free agency.  With Finley’s football future in doubt, many wondered if the Packers would look outside the team for a tight end or give Quarless a shot.  He played well down the stretch last season and that apparently was enough for the Packers to bring him back for a couple more seasons.

Getting Quarless back is big after reports that Jermichael Finley is still awaiting medical clearance.  He’s reportedly a favorite to land with the Seattle Seahawks once/if doctors give him the all clear. That is still far from a certainty, however.

Green Bay had also reportedly been interested in former Texans tight end Owen Daniels and even had him in for a visit.  The signing of Quarless does not necessarily exclude the Packers from adding Daniels as Quarless and Brandon Bostick are currently the only tight ends under contract. Daniels was reportedly planning on visiting with the Washington Redskins soon, so the Packers will have some competition for his services.

As for Quarless, he finally began to show promise late in 2013.  He missed all of 2012 with a knee injury he suffered late in 2011.  He caught a touchdown and had over 50 receiving yards in two of the Packers’ final four games and was earning a much bigger role in the passing game.  Along with Bostick, the Packers have a pair of solid tight ends but may still be one player away from checking tight end off their need list.

Will it be Daniels or will it be someone else? Only Ted Thompson knows for sure so stayed tuned to for all your Packers free agency news!


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65 thoughts on “NFL Free Agency: Packers Re-Sign TE Andrew Quarless

  1. Is Gomer(TT)Pyle going to save any money for impact players or just keep the same cronies we had for last season? Maybe his theory is: lets just eke into the playoffs and then get bitch slapped all over the place.

    1. I’d argue that with signing Quarless Thompson has done both; at the moment it sounds like Quarless signed a 2 year, $3 million contract, hardly an amount to really get angry about. If it’s really that low, Thompson could still go out and spend big (not saying he will, just that he can) while getting a good backup tight end with experience in the system.

  2. Maybe I shouldn’t be so hard on Gomer…does he have a surprise up his sleeve. Gomer says Surprise, Surprise, Surprise, no change for me that’s to SCARY… Hey Gomer when you are done changing you are DONE…

  3. There goes Owen Daniels. If I was a FA, I would feel as though I was wasting my time flying to GB for a interview.

    1. Remember though, MM likes about 5 TE’s on his roster. Who knows, the Packers might find one that can catch.

    2. You seem to think interviews only work for the team you are flying to; it also drives up the perceived value since now it looks like other teams are interested as well, which naturally drives up the contract numbers. A couple years back Chad Clifton called in a favor and had an interview with the Redskins just to get purportedly get more money from the Packers.

  4. This is a good thing. Now that Quarless is locked up, he who was a legend in his own mind can take his YOTTO (which stands for Yo Old Ted Thompson, Owned) show on the road and steal $$$ from the Seahags.

    My Adios Haikosis
    Just a pretty box
    Filled with ‘tude and empty hype
    Someone else fooled now.

  5. Guys – can we just chill the heck out? We ALL know that being a Packer fan sucks in March. It has for almost a decade now. TRY to keep in mind that March and January are the only months that it has usually sucked to be a Packer fan basically since TT showed up. EVERY fan base in the NFL has something to complain about AT LEAST 2x a year. We are lucky. Imagine being a Browns/Jets/Lions/Jags/Raiders fan!

    We’ve had a pretty good run. Last year was a DOWN year, and we STILL won the division.

    Chill the #### out.

    1. That being said, I would love to TT to loosen his garter belt a little bit (like Schneider/McKenzie have done) in March. When he makes a mistake (not all that often compared to most GMs), it’s that he trusts “his guys” too much. But this is who he is. He’s 65 and not going to change.

      Complaining when you KNOW you can’t fix the situation is pointless and just makes everyone around you miserable.


      1. Funny you bring up Reggie McKenzie, someone want to guess what the hell is going on over there?

        1. My guess is that he will try to draft and develop and supplement with 2nd and 3rd tier FAs (much like TT when he started). Oakland may be a franchise with a rich NFL tradition, but right now it’s the pit of despair and no one wants to go there unless they are way overpaid.

          1. The pit of despair …..sounds like the Packers’ defense under TT. But here comes MM with the solution – take players who can’t do one thing well and teach them to do multiple things not well. yeah, that’ll work. Only in GB could you sell such rubbish to the fans.

    2. Not only in March but in December too. Lack of talent on Defense and poor O line make Aaron a hurt boy. Keeping the -20+ defense and acquiring several rookies will not make for a completive team. Check the odds for the pack to go to the Super Bowl in 2015…not very good.

        1. I agree Bearmeat. I think the Packers have turned a corner with the offensive line. With Bulaga back to full health, the continued development of Bakhtiari at LT, and Thompson hitting the bulls-eye with Eddie Lacy, I feel alot better about Rodgers’ protection moving forward. I just hope they can get EDS re-signed soon, so they have some continuity at center.

          1. I agree on the O-Line turning the corner, as long as Bulaga stays healthy. The man hasn’t played football since week 9 of 2012! I’m really curious about Sherrod though, love to see him turn the corner and play.

  6. Each time Gomer passes on a steal of a deal free agent, I hear the Aaron Rodgers clock go tick, tick, tick, tick…

  7. Another good resigning. Quarless started to show something towards the end of last year. He has great hands and will run in traffic. Glad to have him back.

    However, I am a little worried about our D-line. At this point, we could probably resign our placeholders from last year but that doesn’t move us forward. If only Raji hadn’t crapped the bed, we might have a base to build on. Hoping for a big draft.

  8. Three of our own FAs re-signed. Get EDS and we’re 4 for 4. That leaves one for TT to sign based on the comment that we would sign as many as 5 FA’s this year. Maybe we get Starks back too. Woopie! It’s still early in the game. There is plenty of time and plenty of FA’s left.
    Go Pack Go! Thanks, Since ’61

    1. Agreed ’61, especially your point about Starks. I think he proved to be a great complement to Lacy last season and I am hoping they get him back in the fold as well. Go Pack!

      1. I’d love Starks back. The Packers have no idea how Harris might be after the knee injury leaving just Franklin really. I love Franklin but he has to hang onto the football. McCarthy’s doghouse is not where a young player wants to be.

    2. Starks is the one guy I’d like to see back which means TT will let him go. Q is about as ordinary as they come. Ditto Neal. Raji isn’t even that. SS is a step above ordinary but waaaay overpaid. Another clownish FA season by the guy in the clown car – grandpa Ted. He will be 67 in two years when his contract expires. For the sake of this organization, not to mention AROD, that better be the end of the TT/MM-era.

      1. At what point does AROD demand a trade to a team that is a superbowl contender? Gomer (TT) may be just assanine enough to trade him. I love the Packers, however, what a waste of the most brilliant qb ever…

        1. Charles,

          I tried to restrain myself, but you are just a low class troll. Anyone who had a life would be pretty happy about the fact that in the last five years the packers are 55-24 in the regular season and 5-4 in the playoffs with one superbowl win. That makes me pretty happy I’m a Packer fan. You need perspective in your life.


          1. Well Joe, who pissed in your cheerios this morning? If you are happy with average thats fine, but some people strive for perfection. I believe Vince Lombardi just turned in his grave after your statement. If he were alive and heard you say that, you would get a swift kick to the ding ding…

            1. What is average about 55-24-1? My calculations put that at 68% win record, and last I checked average would be 50%. Lombardi himself was at 73.8%, an amazing number to be sure but 68% is pretty respectable. I’m not saying we shouldn’t strive to be better but I watch every game and 68% of the time over the last five years I have been a happy GB fan. I’ll take that every year even if it doesn’t end with Vince’s trophy coming home. Still the constant negativity on your part about TT is laughable at first, then tiresome, then asinine. TT’s football knowledge and capabilities would shame yours, and his record in the draft, which is always a crap shoot, is much better then average.

              1. Since I had to look up Vince’s winning percent, I read the rest of the Wikipedia article about him and this little fact amazes me.

                “On February 2, 1959, Vince Lombardi accepted the position of head coach and general manager of the Green Bay Packers.[69]
                The 1959 Packers were an immediate improvement, finishing at 7-5. The fans appreciated what Lombardi was trying to do, and responded by selling out every game for the 1960 season. Every Packers home game—preseason, regular season and playoffs—has been sold out ever since”

              2. Correction, Vince had a 75.4% regular season winning record in Green Bay, and a 90% winning record in the post season.

              3. Joe, Joe, Joe… you have a lot to learn. Comparing TT to Vince is assanine.

  9. As I said at the end of the season. Nothing is going to happen major until the packers miss several playoffs. Look at their history, guys like Bengtson, Starr, Devine, Gregg all were clingons for many poor seasons. All the tickets are sold and lots of people are happy to be the best in the central division only so get ready for another year of almosts.

    1. Since you already know the outcome of next season, can we assume you’re not going to watch? If they do better than your prediction, will you be happy or still angry that TT will still be running the show?

        1. Wow, is that the best you’ve got Charles?….”why don’t you marry him????”….I don’t love TT I just disagree with your opinion that the sky is falling.

  10. So far I like the signings. They’re not far from being a pretty complete team. I’m not a fan of breaking the bank for anybody else other than Jordy, cobb or Bulaga. At the right price add eds, Pickett and/or jolly, tolzien or Flynn, maybe Finley on the cheap, maybe Starks to the list. Let the rest go. They need to go outside of the team for a safety, a returner, a linebacker or two, a wr and more depth. A couple of free agents and good drafting and they’re set. The keys to next year are a defensive attitude, health, kick returns and coverage and SAFETIES. I think they can easily acquire the players to do it, but can they do it with the coaching they have?

  11. Ian Rappaport hit it on the head “Packers plan on being big spenders this year” good job Jimmy Olson wannabe. Old Lee Liberace Thompson is just going stark raving mad throwing all the cap dollars at all his guys responsible for that 2-5-1 run and see ya later playoff redo. And he’s not done yet….fat lazy ass Raji’s next up. Give him another week though, Duke Preston’s older brother Billy is planning on one of those GB visits nobody takes. Getting the jist as to why Favre wants nothing to do with him? AR’s got to be on the same wave length of will be real soon as the years fly by with this freak at the controls

    1. You do realize that more people than Rodgers were hurt during that 2-5-1 run, don’t you?

  12. Wouldn’t have mattered…they could have easily gone 0-8! CM would have been doubled and tripled just like he’s going to be this year. Teddy can’t find ’em and Capers can’t coach ’em

    1. Well it looks as though you have it all figured out. I’ll call coach McCarthy and tell him we can just forfeit every game…Bobby D says you won’t be any good this year. Just think of all the free time we all just captured. Amazing, thanks Bobby D!

      1. Some watch and see nothing, others watch and see all. Always been that way and always will be that way. This franchise is being led by a clown. His good decisions are outnumbered by his bad decisions 10 to 1. All ya gotta do is open your eyes (and your mind).

        1. Others are wise enough to take it all in before coming to black and white conclusions…..

    1. mmmmmmmmmmmm….mmmmmmmmmmm green and gold Kool-Aid. Actually, I don’t need Kool-Aid, I have rationality on my side.

      1. Schen, more like you have Gomeritis, you are infatuated with Gomer and you are blinded by your love for him. It can happen to the best of them. Have you seen Shallow Hal? That movie reminds me of you and your love for Gomer(TT)…

        1. Too scared to stand on the merit of your arguments Charles????? you’ve played the “marry him” card and now the “gomeritis” card….I’m overwhelmed by your genius.

          1. Schen, I believe it is pretty straight forward, your love for Gomer blinds you. He could trade AROD and you would tell us how this is a positive move for the Packers. Is that clear enough for ya…

            1. Actually, no that doesn’t clear anything up. I don’t advocate trading Rodgers and I would be upset at TT for doing so. I would call for his head at that point. I don’t agree with everything he does. I do wish we could do a little more in free agency than we have. I don’t however, want to see us screw up our cap to do so.– You and I have one fundamental difference about this team. You think it is about to hit the scrap-heap, that it is nearly devoid of talent and its all TT/MM’s fault. I think the team is much closer to the top and needs a few pieces and a season of good health to win it all. — I prefer to sit in my position, you apparently like to sit in yours.

              1. Schen, I think we have an above average team. Just not enough to take it to the next level. TT is just a little long in the tooth and will not make the necessary changes to get to the next level. If you enjoy backing into the playoffs and getting bitch slapped then TT is your guy. Old Gomer is not changing anytime soon. This is my opinion, you don’t have to agree…

  13. To me, from what i can gather, there aren’t very many people fascinated with Andrew Quarless. I’m one who’s a big fan.

    He was injured for nearly two years, and he sat behind Finley for most of his career, so obviously the big numbers aren’t going to be there.

    But when Finley did go down this year, Quarless had a handful of productive games. Imagine if he was a starter for all 16 games? I believe he could have 500+ receiving yards, and 5 TD’s or so. Possibly more.

    Plus, for what it’s worth, PFF grades him as one of the top five blocking TE’s in football.

    IMO, Quarless is very underrated.

    1. I agree with you 100% however do you think Quarless will ever get through a whole season without injury? I for one don’t think that is probable…

  14. Quarless did come on at the end of last season and like Chad said, he a decent blocker, much better than Finley. His cap hit is only 1.25M next year. It’s good to have him back

    1. Exactly, for what they paid him it’s a great signing. Depending what they do the rest of the way, Thompson just may take one of those TE in Round one, especially if Ebron is there at 21. He may be to good to pass up.

      1. good signing. he is a solid player, and his contract is very reasonable. GoPack!

  15. Ebron will NOT be there at 21. TT would have to trade up to close to top 10 to get a shot at Ebron.

    Vince Wilfork – is demanding to be cut by the Pats. I would have much rather had DeMarcus Ware but this guy would be a big step up from fat-ass Raji. I’d put $8MM/yr into Wilfork for two years before I’d put $4MM into Raji. One is a warrior, the other is a pu**ey.

    1. Who says we can’t all get along. Archie, I agree that having Wolfork over Raji would be a good thing. Not sure we could get him for $8M but I would support having someone of his caliber for a year or two. GoPack!

  16. I’m a TT supporter, I think the pack has done well with him at the helm, and I think quarless was a really good signing. I’ll be looking at TT through a different prism after reading these posts thoigh…Gomer, Lee Liberace….much better than the old assclown …love it.

  17. SB are the only target. not to make PO every season.
    and we have the best QB in the NFL and may be the best in NFL history.
    and TT has only a ring. he is failing at all. it’s absurd brady as 3 rings and aaron just 1!
    wake up TT!

  18. Here is my last post on this subject as Charles and I have bantered back and forth and he is correct that we don’t have to agree, so we will have to agree to disagree. I am of the opinion that if we remain fairly healthy, our defense will be vastly improved and we will finish with at least 11 wins. If we finish in the 8-8/9-7 region (and Rodgers is healthy) I pledge to be the first one to call for MM and TT’s head. If the team wins the Super Bowl, as I think they can, I hope we can all just try to be a little more patient in this world of instant gratification. Our defense does not need to be a top 5 defense. I think it will be in the teens which will be good enough. Our offense will be top 5 and we have a QB that can make all the throws, something Manning could not do in the Super Bowl. If I’m wrong, I will be happy to pat Charles on the back and congratulate him on his correct opinion. Until then, I will appreciate my positive take. GoPack!

    1. Vince Lombardi will be keeping a close eye on you Schen. You may want to wear a cup.

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