NFL Draft Prospect Profile: DL Ra’Shede Hageman All Green Bay Packers All the Time
Minnesota Gophers defensive lineman Ra'Shede Hageman
Minnesota Gophers defensive lineman Ra’Shede Hageman

Packers prospect profile: DL Ra’Shede Hageman

Player Information:

Ra’Shede Hageman,  DL  Minnesota, 6-6, 310 pounds,  Hometown: Minneapolis, MN


NFL Combine:

40 time: 5.02

Vertical jump: 35.5″

225 lb. bench: 32 reps

Broad jump: 114″

News and Notes:

Converted from tight end to defensive line during his redshirt freshman seasons. … Was two-time all-state tight end in high school … First team all Big Ten and third team All-American his senior season. … Received the Bronko Nagurski award, given to the team’s most valuable player, his senior season. … Had 13 tackles for loss senior season. … Foster child, mother was a drug addict, father died before Ra’Shede met him. … More about Hageman’s difficult childhood.

 What they’re saying about him: 

  • Mike Mayock:  The Hageman kid is really interesting and especially given his background and where he’s coming from and what he’s had to go through in life, and I think the hard part is putting the tape on in one game, you see a kid that can go as a Top 15 pick and then you put the next tape on, and then he disappears for three quarters and that’s a fifth or sixth round pick and you have to rectify the whole thing if he blows up the Combine; who are we getting. That’s the important thing is trying to understand the kid, because the talent is certainly there.
  • Terrific movement, flexibility and range. Loose ankles. Can work the edges. Able to redirect and chase athletically. Fierce tackler. Rare leaping ability for his size (workout all-star). Disrupts passing lanes. Has a “wow” factor at his best. Has immense upside. Team captain.


Video Analysis:

  • Size and length look very intimidating
  • Big-hitter
  • Good lateral movement and ability to make a tackle downfield
  • Slow to react at times
  • Extremely difficult to handle if he gains leverage

If drafted by the Packers:

Since I live in Minnesota and punish myself by watching the Gophers, I’ve followed Hageman’s entire career. Most of the scouting reports are accurate: He’s got a ton of ability, but tends to disappear for stretches. Some say his disappearing acts raise questions about his effort. Whenever I’ve observed Hageman go into hibernation, he appeared to be really tired. Hands on the hips, breathing heavy, slow of the ball — the usual signs. I wonder if conditioning was an issue for him in college and if an NFL conditioning program would fix that.

I really want to see Hageman rushing off the edge in a 4-3 scheme. I think that’s where he fits best in the NFL. His height and natural physical skills remind you of Julius Peppers. That’s not to say Hageman wouldn’t fit in a 3-4 scheme like the Packers. If it all comes together for a talented player Hageman, he’ll find a way to produce in any system.

However, I wonder if Ted Thompson might be looking for more immediate impact in an early pick. Hageman will likely need some time to develop. But man, it’s awful tempting to fall in love with everything Hageman could bring to a defense. If the Packers want to go more athletic on the defensive line, Hageman definitely fits the criteria.


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15 thoughts on “NFL Draft Prospect Profile: DL Ra’Shede Hageman

  1. I like the sounds of a big man to help rebuild our D-line. I do not like the sounds of a guy who disappears. Guys who take plays off or can’t stay with the pace of the game cost you when you really need them. We’ve seen this with Raji, we don’t need a taller version of the same.

    Give me a smaller but bigger effort Aaron Donald.

  2. You want a good prospect at linebacker “Chris Borland”. He is short but is always on the ball. I know the packers don’t draft local but this guy is a good prospect and they can take him later in the draft.

  3. I agree…the video didn’t show much on Hageman.

    The combine numbers look decent. The article seems to show if he’s in a structured environment, he does well.

    Green Bay (the city) might be a good place for him. If the Packers go after him, I hope it’s 7th round or as a UDFA.

    1. from what I’ve read, there isn’t much chance of him being around that late. most have him going in the 1st or 2nd

    2. from what I’ve read, there isn’t much chance of him being around that late. most have him going in the 1st or 2nd

  4. I couldn’t find any 2013 game film on Hageman, so the video is from over a year ago.

  5. TT is already dumpster shopping, he’s bringing in Woods for Pittsburgh and Daniels from Houston For A look

    1. Sure seems that way. Even the dumpster guys never make it to Green Bay. I find it strange that every FA that the Packers are supposed to be interested in, never even make it Green Bay. Errrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!

  6. Well, we know one thing for sure, Green Bay needs to come away from Day One with either a safety or a defensive lineman. My ideal scenario would have them taking Clinton-Dix or Pryor in the first, and maybe a guy like Hageman if he is still there in the second round. My favorite defensive lineman is Aaron Donald, but I think he will be scooped up by Tampa in the first round…

    1. What if their plan is to move Hyde to FS? Do they still draft a S at #21? I think they should take the best player available, offense or defense. Disclaimer: This is just my opinion and its expression is not intended to make anyone else feel angry, small or unimportant! GoPack!

      1. I think Hyde at safety would certainly be an upgrade over what they had. I just feel like if they want to solidify that position and leave no doubts, they should take Clinton-Dix or Pryor. As to your disclaimer, you won’t get any grief from me. I am as passionate about the Pack as anyone here, but I also keep things in perspective and understand that it’s all in good fun. Peace… 😉

  7. “Perspective”… I love that word. Glad to hear it 1standGoal. If they do move on a S in round one, I’m ok with it if they feel he is best player. i’m warming to the idea of moving around, possibly back to maximize number of 2nd/3rd rnd picks. Gopack!

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