What Would You be Doing if the Packers were in the Super Bowl today?

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Here’s a fun little poll for Packers fans to think about what they might be doing today if the packers were playing the Broncos instead of the Seahawks. Weigh in with your response and come back later for the full results.

What would you be doing today if the Packers were in the Super Bowl?

Sitting in MetLife Stadium cheering them on.0%
Hosting a Super Bowl party at home.0%
Going to a Super Bowl Party wearing Geen and Gold.0%
Locking yourself in your room and watching the game by yourself.0%
Cheering for the Packers to lose.0%
Watching the game at a sports bar in NJ or NY after have spent a few days soaking in the Super Bowl atmosphere.0%
Yelling “McCarthy Sucks” or “Fire Capers” at the TV screen every time something doesn’t go the Packers’ way. 0%
Anything but watching the game.0%
Saying “Favre would have completed that” every time Rodgers throws an incompletion.0%
miss the game because you’re still hung over for the previous 48hrs of non-stop partying.0%


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10 thoughts on “What Would You be Doing if the Packers were in the Super Bowl today?

  1. I’ve been in GB for every SB they’ve won. Wasn’t in GB for the SB they lost. I would either be in GB going to a SB party or in NY at the game. Once in my lifetime I want to go to a SB.

  2. I told my youngest daughter we would do our best to get SB tickets for her 16th birthday if the Packers made it to the SB. Sadly, the SB didn’t happen for the Pack.

    We’re celebrating at home and hoping Peyton wins a second to tie Eli.

  3. I can’t believe how lopsided this game was. Sure going to be hard to argue against focusing more on defense than offense after tonight.

    1. I agree Defense is still the focus. But Manning was TERRIBLE and that wasn’t just Seattle’s Defense. His arm strength is really poor and he’s an absolute statue in the pocket. Seattle was pretty much gifted at least 20 pts due to Manning’s ineptitude.

      I didn’t see Seattle as being that dominant on D, as opposed to Manning looking like he needs to retire.

      1. Manning’s pocket awareness (or lack thereof) is what I noticed. He didn’t seem to know where to go when things started collapsing around him. That’s one place where Rodgers shines, and it’s a good quality to have against teams like Seattle.

  4. Manning had a bad game, but I contribute it mostly to Seattle’s D. They shut down the running game, collapsed the pocket with pressure, had outstanding coverage on Denvers receiver’s, didn’t make mental mistakes, didn’t miss tackles, swarmed to the ball and played aggressive , physical football. They have a very talented D. Pretty much the opposite of the Packers D. TT is not doing a good job lately with finding the complete talent needed to have a top notch D.

  5. Let’s put it this way, Denver would have put up at least 35-40 points on the Packers D, with their rocord setting offense, even on a bad day. Manning would have shredded our D. Would have been a shootout.

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