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Ben McAdoo
The New York Giants have tabbed McAdoo as their offensive coordinator

ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported last night that Green Bay Packers quarterbacks coach Ben McAdoo has been hired by the New York Giants to be their offensive coordinator.

McAdoo will replace the departed Kevin Gilbride, who had served in that role since 2007.  Gilbride was a part of two Super Bowl championship teams as a member of Giants head coach Tom Coughlin’s staff.

Prior to accepting the job with the Giants, McAdoo had also interviewed with the Cleveland Browns for their head coaching vacancy and also for the offensive coordinator position with the Miami Dolphins.

Dolphins head coach Joe Philbin was offensive coordinator in Green Bay when McAdoo was tight ends coach.

The Baltimore Ravens had also reportedly asked the Packers for permission to interview McAdoo, but he had accepted the job with the Giants before he could meet with the Ravens.

The Packers now need to fill this important role and the popular choice among discussion circles is their current running backs coach Alex Van Pelt.  Van Pelt served as quarterbacks coach with the Buffalo Bills in 2008 and was in a dual role as quarterbacks coach and offensive coordinator with them in 2009.

Van Pelt joined the Tampa Bay Buccaneers as their quarterbacks coach in 2010 and 2011 before coming to the Packers in 2012 in his current role.

Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers expressed much admiration and respect for McAdoo on his weekly ESPN Milwaukee radio show last week and also had high praise for current offensive coordinator and former quarterbacks coach Tom Clements.  Rodgers liked the fact that Clements had been a quarterback before and hopes the Packers can bring someone in to help him maintain the high level of play that he has exhibited over the past few seasons.

Van Pelt was on the Bills’ roster as a quarterback from 1995 – 2003, mostly as a backup.






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24 thoughts on “Packers In Need of Quarterbacks Coach

  1. Well, here’s hoping someone plucks our special teams and cornerbacks coaches away… don’t hold your breath.

  2. Aaron Rodgers is so good at his game he has gotten Philbin a head coaching gig, Clements a higher rung on the ladder, and McAdoo an assistant position. It’s always interesting to see what those guys are capable of when they experience life w/o Rodgers. MM knows what that is like.

  3. Aaron Rogers is driven and a great quarterback. Just wait to see what happens when he “becomes an obsessed” quarterback like Brady/Manning.

  4. It’s always a positive commentary on the Packers program when one of our coaches or management personnel is considered and receives a promotion from another team. As usual another offensive staffer has been tabbed. Anyone remember the last time one of our defensive coaches was even considered by another team and what does that tell us about our defense? Thanks, Since ’61

  5. It tells us that those in the business i.e., the professionals, aren’t very impressed by the job our guys are doing. or, the personnel is so bad, they can’t tell what the coaches are. I lean strongly towards the latter. TT has done an assclown’s job of building a defense.

    1. I don’t get you Archie. TT hasn’t been perfect I agree with that, but he’s had John Schneider, McKinnzie, and Dorsey all land jobs as GM’s. Philbin is a HC. Jimmy Robinson left after 2010 to be Dallas WR coach and now McAdoo. This is all since what, 2009 or 2010? That comment only makes you look like a ass clown, and please one day tell us in a few words what a ass-clown is.

      1. Nice list, Nick. I’m a bit worried about the remaining talent supporting TT in the Packers’ Player Personnel department.

  6. Every coach that is any good gets out. Every personnel guy that is any good gets out. Most of the FAs that are any good get out. It’s like the rats jumping from the ship. But, hey, we’ve got TT and MM. Why worry? Because they are both assclowns!

    1. I’m not going to argue with you because frankly it’s that whole “arguing with the drunk” thing, but it seems like a lot of work to log onto this site, sign in, read the article, then read the comments and spew pure crap day in and day out. Do you honestly feel better after putting this jibberish in type?

  7. What the Packers need badly is a that MM will actually listen to and use in a game…Big Mike seems to have “brain freeze” during games, i know he likes to be this big offensive genius but he isnt…good coach though….

  8. It’s good to see that Archie has turned over a new leaf in the new year! I wonder how long the resolution lasted to “be more positive”……GoPack!

    1. Archie has made the big leap to use his worn out idiom as a adjective instead of idiotic name calling.

  9. The packers organization does seem to crank out coaches and personnel people regularly. like since ’61 said, it is a credit to those responsible. I think after a while it weakens us. Just like losing player. I kind of think you make a good point Billy. A good manager has to let go of things sometimes and trust the staff. Its hard to do, and holding all the responsibilty to yourself might seem like the right thing to do, but it can hurt everyone in the long run.

  10. I hear a certain ex-Packer QB has recently gotten into coaching somewhere in Mississippi. Maybe MM can hire him to coach QBs.

    Ok, yeah, that’s a joke.

    1. Mike’s afraid to send him a text to ask, for fear of what he’d get back.

      Sorry… Low-hanging fruit, there.

  11. Hank – Favre is coaching High School football in Mississippi. His team won at least a regional and maybe the state championship this year. Thanks, Since ’61

  12. We need an offensive cordinator… why the hell didn’t we just promote him? TT likes to hire within and develop his own, damnit we need an offensive cordinator and we just let one go. That is unfortunate.

    1. We let go the QB coach (to the Giants), not the OC. Tom Clements is still here as the OC.

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