Rodgers Season-Ending Press Conference Highlights All Green Bay Packers All the Time
Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers
Rodgers spoke to media on Tuesday about the 2013 season and what is ahead

On Tuesday, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers gave his season-ending press conference.

I snagged a few highlights from it with some of my own commentary.  For a complete transcript or recap, check out any of the major Packers news sites shortly.

“I am settling in, slowly, to the unfortunate offseason.” – Rodgers has said that you earn your pay during the regular season and carve out your legacy in the postseason.  Despite having a Super Bowl win and MVP under his belt (no pun intended), Rodgers knows that continued lackluster performances by the team in the postseason will create questions about his ability to help the Packers return to another.

(On quarterbacks coach Ben McAdoo): “It was fun to see his personality come out a little more this year as we continued to become closer.” – as Jason Hirschhorn of Acme Packing Co remarked on twitter, this sure sounds like Rodgers expects McAdoo to land a job elsewhere.  McAdoo is said to be interviewing for the Cleveland Browns head coaching vacancy.

“My legacy as a teammate is helping out the young players.” – more “leadership speak” from Rodgers

(On liking the band Explosions in the Sky): “Amazing music.”never heard of them

“Every time I see Randall, I can’t help but smile/think about Chicago game.” – Rodgers has remarked, on a few occasions, how the most important thing to him about his time in the NFL are the moments on the field with his teammates.  This is one he won’t soon forget.

“This is one of my proudest years I’ve ever been part of. Proud to be a Green Bay Packer.” – most athletes like to think that their most recent work is their best.  Rodgers missed half of this season so from that standpoint, it’s significant that he says this.  He is likely proud of the team’s continued fight and ability to get a huge win to secure the North and earn another home playoff game.

“Collarbone is feeling good. I just had 2 games instead of 17 in a row to wear on me.  This is going to be an important offseason for me.” Set “high expectations” for physical conditioning.” – Rodgers admitted that he had to work a bit harder last offseason to get into shape for 2013.  Age will do that to anyone.  The good news is that his collarbone should continue to heal and he leaves no concerns about his readiness for 2014.

“I know that Ted and Mike are going to bring back the players that they think can help us win.” – this is an already-developing story with as many unrestricted free agents as the Packers have.  Many questions have already arisen about who will be back and who will play elsewhere.  Rodgers has been known to lobby for players that he likes and thinks can help the offense.

“I think this is the end of a window and the beginning of a new one.  This is the year when we can open up a window that can last for four or five years. It looks really bright.” – this single comment motivated me to write this post.  Probably the most telling thing Rodgers said all day.  While it’s hard to know exactly what he means, it is clear that change of some sort is coming to Green Bay.  Whether that is a coaching change, player changes or both, I expect more to be different from this year to next than any recent offseason.  Perhaps since 2005 when Ted Thompson stepped in as general manager.

“My contract runs for 6 more years. I expect to be playing at a high level for all six of those years and see what happens.” – I’m not sure whether Rodgers said this on his own or if he was asked about his future, but this sort of reminded me of around 2002/2003 when Brett Favre started dealing with constant questions about how much longer he would play.  It’s way too early to be having that conversation about Rodgers and at the level at which he is playing.  For at least the next six years, the Packers should be contenders in the NFC.

(On ‘Super TV work’ which I assume means his favorite sportscasters?) “It depends on who is doing the game. If it’s NBC, possibly. Probably not FOX.” – Does this mean Rodgers goes back and watches the same FOX broadcasts that most of us do and could he possibly be specifically pointing at Joe Buck and Troy Aikman?  I say that in jest, but only partially.

We will hear more from Rodgers as the offseason continues.  Head coach Mike McCarthy should be speaking to the media at some point soon and we will have some notes on that here as well.





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13 thoughts on “Rodgers Season-Ending Press Conference Highlights

  1. I am SO glad this guy is our QB. He is a physical freak and his mental preparation for games is perhaps only trumped by Peyton. And while he is a human, and therefore flawed, his “leadership” is going to help GB in contention in the postseason every year until he retires. That is NOT something we could say about #4.

    The fact is that almost every defense that makes the playoffs is darn good, and it’s hard to look like you’re all world against darn good defenses. #4 painfully showed us that in season ending choke jobs in 1997, 2001, 2000, 2003, 2004 and 2007.

    Rodgers hasn’t ever had a BAD game in the playoffs. (the NFC CG in 2010 in Chicago would be the closest). The man is the definition of consistent.

    That being said, this team needs some serious help at S and ILB, and maybe CB/TE (depending on Shields/Finley). Plus, drastic change at WR isn’t too far down the road either.

    Teddy has to step up his game from what it’s been since 2011, or we’ll be one and done once again next year. Mid level Free Agency should be part of the answer, because ARod isn’t getting any younger and it’d be nice to start piling up championships now. As we have seen with our last 5 1st round picks, those guys are rarely savior’s in their rookie year.

    Oh, and screw you Harbaugh and Kaepernick. You barely beat us – and we were down 20 dudes. Your days of dominating us are over. NEXT time, the story will be different – we will be the ones to end YOUR season. I personally can’t WAIT to see your downcast expressions and trite “we didn’t get it done” answers.

    Vikings, Lions and Bears – you suck. We’ve owned you for 25 years. It’s not stopping anytime soon. 😀

    1. Bearmeat, you stole ALL of my thoughts about the Packers’ needs and all teams that suck (except you missed the DrugBoys)! 😀

  2. TT is notorious for locking a player up before his contract is over. He did it with Nelson and Jennings I believe, which turned out to be great deals for the Packers. I think he tries to do the same with Cobb this offseason. Jordy may have priced himself out of what the Packers can pay, but he loves Green Bay, Rodgers, the fans and hopefully stays past 2014. Boykin stepped up huge this season and will only get better. He’s a great possession receiver to move the chains. Quarless turned in some nice games at the end of the season after coming back from the knee. I think TT signs him to a affordable deal. This years draft is decent for TE so maybe they take one in the mid rounds. The Packers can win with Quarless. With last years draft, Bulaga and Sherrod, (Hopefully) coming back, a year under the belt of Bakhtiari and an offseason in a NFL weightroom, the O-Line could be a strong suit next year. With a strong O-Line we keep Rodgers clean and off the ground. Just keeping him upright gives a chance every year.

    It will be interesting to see if Capers comes back for 2014, retires, or is fired. No matter who is the DC, the Packers have to address the middle of that Defense. If Jolly’s injury isn’t real serious he comes back. He loves the Packers and I can’t see him walking, even if offered a few more dollars elsewhere, at least not to many more dollars. Raji wants to play in a 4-3 defense like many other Packers fans have said. No matter if he stays or goes, that $8 million is gone I’d think. TT and MM have some big decisions to make on who stays or goes. Only so much money to go around.

    I’d like to see Starks back in GB, but with Harris and Franklin coming back who knows. Lacy and Starks were awesome this year. Franklin will be more involved next year. That kid IS special and with a offseason to devise plays, MM will have him involved. What a backfield the Packers will have in 2014!

    AR’s comment about a new window beginning IS exciting. Perhaps this is the year TT brings in 2 mid-level FA that can help the Packers. While Pickett and Woodson aren’t “Mid-Level”, he did it once and may do it again. Can’t wait to see how it all unfolds.

  3. I hope that Rodger’s “window” comments are referring to big changes on the defensive side of the ball. The offense is solid at the skill positions except for maybe TE, depending on Finley’s return. The OL should be improved with the returns of healthy Bulaga, Sherrod and Tretter and re-signing EDS. On the defense maybe Rodgers knows that Capers will be retiring. It’s all speculation but we’ll see. To me, we need a new DC who brings a serious attitude adjustment to our defense, whether we play 3-4 or 4-3. As we have all covered in many previous posts we need better safeties and ILBs on defense and an impact DL would be nice as well. If we lose Shields to FA, CB becomes another hole to fill as well. Keep in mind that we don’t know the extent of Shield’s game ending injury. If it’s serious, it could affect his FA $ and even his return to GB. Also, I am not sure about Jolly’s injury status. Our D has more questions than answers. How our Packers answer those questions will determine how “bright” it will be through the “new window” that Rodgers is referring to. Thanks, Since ’61

    1. Shields’s injury was cited as being a bone bruise. Non-surgical. Should not impact his status.

  4. I’m not sure there is much reason to believe there will be a major change aside from the new draft picks, unless you count Finley and Raji leaving. both have under-performed recently and are likely to ask for way too much $$. I think Rodgers is optimistic because the offense was one of the best in the league and sooner or later all the high picks we’ve been spending on defense should contribute. I really don’t think the defense is that far away. Add a decent safety and maybe another OLB to sub when Matthews/Perry inevitably go down and I think the defense will be passable enough, given the strong offense. A dominant defense is a pipe dream when most of the salary cap is spent the offense, but we don’t need dominance.

    Replacing Capers at this point would only set the defense further back on the learning curve is terms a scheme and the skill set of existing players.

  5. No pain No gain – I want our defense to have a take no prisoners attitude. We give up too many big plays, too easily, even when we have a big lead. We rarely hold a 4th qtr lead in a close game. Even when we come back and win. I want to see an opposing QB a little nervous out there, because he knows he is going to be under pressure and need to run for his life for most of the game. I realize the rules favor offense now, I realize our opponents are going to make plays and score some points, they are professional players, but we need to make it hard for them, we need to make them pay for it. I want our opponents to remember the day and the price they paid when they play our GREEN BAY PACKERS. Thanks, Since ’61

    1. Well said Since 61. I had posted once about MM record when trailing by 7 points or less in the 4th quarter. Just this season we say the 49ers come back twice, and the Bengals back from 16 down. Or the Eagles and Bears game (1st game w/Bears) where they chew up 8 minutes or so and run out the clock. To many games like that where they look helpless to stop it. Then last season with the 21-3 halftime lead at Indy against a rookie QB playing in like his 5th game. It just seems Capers defenses have let opposing teams get back into games or sustain long drives to kill the clock way to often.

    2. just need another rusher or two since ours can’t stay healthy. attitude aint the problem. it’s ability

  6. Not sure how anyone could say that Finley has “underperformed lately”. He was having an incredible season before getting hurt? I understand people not liking some of his earlier antics, but on the field this season, Finley was playing great! That is undeniable. GoPack!

  7. This was a year of frustration for all Packers both fans, coaches and everyone realizes next season, with a few key elements gone and a few new one’s added, I only hope we get a break on injuries and bring a team down to the end with another NFC belt and then …to go deep into the playoffs. Can it be done…. absolutely…so we watch some basketball & baseball in the meantime and then…. get it on!

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