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2013 NFL Playoffs: Wild Card Round
Name Straight Up Against the Spread
Kansas City Chiefs at Indianapolis Colts (-1.5)
Kris Burke Chiefs Chiefs
“Jersey” Al Bracco Chiefs Chiefs
Adam Czech Colts Colts
Marques Eversoll Colts Colts
Thomas Hobbes Colts Chiefs
Cory Jennerjohn Chiefs Chiefs
Jason Perone Colts Colts
Chad Toporski Chiefs Chiefs
New Orleans Saints at Philadelphia Eagles (-2.5)
Kris Burke Saints Saints
“Jersey” Al Bracco Saints Saints
Adam Czech Eagles Saints
Marques Eversoll Saints Saints
Thomas Hobbes Saints Saints
Cory Jennerjohn Eagles Eagles
Jason Perone Saints Saints
Chad Toporski Eagles Eagles
San Diego Chargers at Cincinnati Bengals (-7)
Kris Burke Chargers Chargers
“Jersey” Al Bracco Chargers Chargers
Adam Czech Bengals Chargers
Marques Eversoll Bengals Chargers
Thomas Hobbes Bengals Chargers
Cory Jennerjohn Bengals Chargers
Jason Perone Bengals Bengals
Chad Toporski Bengals Chargers
San Francisco 49ers at Green Bay Packers (+2.5)
Kris Burke Packers Packers
“Jersey” Al Bracco Packers Packers
Adam Czech 49ers 49ers
Marques Eversoll Packers Packers
Thomas Hobbes Packers Packers
Cory Jennerjohn 49ers 49ers
Jason Perone Packers Packers
Chad Toporski 49ers Packers

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5 thoughts on “2013 NFL Playoffs Predictions, Wild Card Round: AllGreenBayPackers.com

    1. 4 u dave……packers 31 49ers 24. our ground sets up Rodgers for banner game. dave hides head in shame,promises never to write drible about our packers again. film sunday at 9 15pm

  1. Packers, Saints, Colts and Bengals!

    9ers and Chargers go home to defrost.

    Thanks, Since ’61

  2. Been following the pack since 1970. Do not expect much this season due to defense helathy or not and a O-line minus two number 1 draft picks. Here is the deal. You love this team and a succesful year is anything over 500. Pee and moan all you want about Ted, Mike and Dom but almost any fan of any team would take the packs last 25 years! We got to do better with number one picks.

  3. Standings after Wild Card Round:

    Kris: 5-3
    Al: 5-3
    Adam: 5-3
    Marques: 4-4
    Thomas: 5-3
    Cory: 4-4
    Jason: 3-5
    Chad: 3-5

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