Cory’s Corner: Eddie Lacy deserves Rookie of the Year All Green Bay Packers All the Time
Eddie Lacy has been a bull this year as he leads the nation with 441 yards after contact.
Eddie Lacy has been a bull this year as he leads the league with 441 yards after contact.

If there was a tinge of doubt before, there shouldn’t be any now.

And no, I’m talking about Aaron Rodgers or Randall Cobb returning from injury — which by the way, was amazing.

I’m talking about handing Eddie Lacy the offensive rookie of the year. It should be all his, no questions asked.

He shrugged off a concussion, nagging right ankle and foot pain and asthma that flares up in winter. He came into an offense that was predicated by the pass and won over the hearts of Packers fans with his grit, coal-churning engine and his stubborn-as-a-mule mentality.

Lacy is the reason the Packers are in the second season. When Aaron Rodgers went down in Week 9, it was Lacy that remained the consistent performer on an offense struggling to find an identity. With a roller coaster ride of four different starting quarterbacks, Lacy has churned out 10 games with 20-plus carries and five with 23 or more.

And to think none of this could’ve happened. Packers general manager Ted Thompson passed on Lacy, who was projected to go in the first round last spring, with Datone Jones in the first round. After Giovanni Bernard, Le’Veon Bell and Montee Ball were taken, Thompson swooped in and took Lacy as the 29th pick in the second round. Lacy was the fourth of five running backs taken in the second round.

The reason Lacy has been such a welcome sight in Green Bay is because the running back position has been an afterthought for 10 years when Ahman Green ran for over 1,800 yards and scored 15 touchdowns in his third Pro Bowl season. Lacy closed out the regular season by running for over 1,100 yards, scored 11 times and he started one less game than Green but didn’t get a Pro Bowl sniff.

Without Lacy, the offense would’ve resembled a ship with unsealable holes. It might’ve been able to move the ball every once in awhile, but when the time would come to get those needed yards, that is where they would’ve been sunk.

Lacy is the guy that defenses hate because he doesn’t just attack them, he punishes them. A prime example is the Packers’ comeback win at Dallas. With the Packers down much of the fourth quarter, he still got nine final quarter carries — including the eventual game-winning one-yard belly flop. Defenses just get sick of tackling the guy that would rather seek out and hit them, which is why he leads the league with 441 yards after contact.

Lacy leads all rookie running backs by 203 yards and is the top rushing touchdown scorer by three. Heck, the 5-foot-11, 230-pound back is tied with the speedy Tavon Austin for the most 40-plus yard runs by a rookie. Lacy catches passes, he picks up blitzing linebackers and he’s all done it with the surprising freshman poise while figuring out the intricacies of every Packers quarterback.

Lacy shouldn’t just win the offensive rookie of the year award, he deserves it. Someone had to carry the burden while its franchise quarterback was shelved for seven weeks.

And that person was the humble Eddie Lacy. He may not think he is that deserving or worth the recognition, but that’s exactly why he’s the guy. As a rookie, your job is supposed to be a supporting actor. But he has understood the script and performed so well that he isn’t supporting anything anymore — he is the best actor on a team living out a Hollywood script.

Hopefully a pass-happy academy doesn’t overlook the hardest-working rookie in the league.


Cory Jennerjohn is from Wisconsin and has been in sports media for over 10 years. To contact Cory e-mail him at jeobs -at- or follow him on Twitter: Cory Jennerjohn


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  1. He and Keenan Allen had great rookie seasons, as did Gio Bernard and Le’veon Bell. Of the four, Lacy gets my vote for ROY. We shall see about the long-term.

    >>And to think none of this could’ve >>happened. Packers general manager Ted >>Thompson passed on Lacy, who was >>projected to go in the first round >>last spring, with Datone Jones in the >>first round. After Giovanni Bernard, >>Le’Veon Bell and Montee Ball were >>taken, Thompson swooped in and took >> Lacy as the 29th pick in the second >>round. Lacy was the fourth of five >>running backs taken in the second >>round.

    It was even worse than that, the ass-clown GM of ours passed on Lacy again in the 2nd rd, preferring to trade down for virtually noting in return and risk losing lacy again. His rational was there were several players at that point that he felt the same about and was assured of getting one of them on the trade down. So it’s not like TT was hell-bent on Lacy even late in R2. Don’t forget that TT is the same guy who wouldn’t give a R# pick the BEAST-MODE (Lynch) and consistently argued for years that the game had changed and passing teams didn’t need a run game to balance out the offense. That’s your ass-clown-in-chief talking.

    1. So you’re blasting GM for not picking Lacy earlier than he did, when he was able to pick up extra picks AND get Lacy? Seriously?

      That trade actually allowed Thompson to move back up into the 4th round and get Jonathan Franklin.

      Some fans will always find a way to bitch about Thompson.

      1. You can’t really give TT credit for getting Lacy, it was more like fate. It was a deal where we will settle for him because he is still around. And what a deal he turned out to be. If he stays healthy, he could be a hall of famer. I still can’t give TT credit for him however…

          1. At least he knew when the value outmatched his own personal concerns with Lacy.

            You forget: the rest of the league let Lacy go, too.

      2. If TT got Franklin out of that deal, i guess we have to say the other guys got the better of TT.

        For whatever reason, MM does not seem to like Franklin.

        1. Franklin is on IR. He’ll be fine. He was in MM doghouse for fumbling. The one game he got to play in for more than a return or couple carries, he gained 103 yards. MM will draw up a boatload of plays for him this summer.

    2. TT still got the guy he wanted Archie. I get it as we all do, you don’t like TT. He’s not my favorite because of previous drafts, but if you bag on him for the 2013 draft you obviously don’t have a clue. You’ve mentioned in previous posts that TT was a idiot because he didn’t take Sheldon Richardson. HE WAS PICKED 13TH OVERALL! It was IMPOSSIBLE for TT to draft him. Datone will be a All Pro one day, just watch him next year and years after. I live in Los Angeles and watched him plenty. He was the absolute perfect pick over anyone available. Lacy and Franklin will form one of the most dangerous back fields in the NFL for years to come. Trottier and Bahkatieri (sorry if misspelled) will actually give the O-line something they haven’t had in years. Reliable depth with a mean streak! No more Marshall Newhouse!!! PS.. No one cares if you made money and your wallet is fat.

      1. As Bob McGinn pointed out, it usually takes DL guys three years to really figure out how to succeed in the league, since most of them spent their college career succeeding on the basis of pure athleticism. I agree that Datone is going to be great, and I think that Franklin, with the exception of one HORRIBLE fumble (in which the T completely missed his block) looked super promising as well. And let’s not forget that Starks is also playing great, and has stayed healthy in his supporting role. I haven’t seen so much to like about the Packer running game since….ever!

    3. Are we still harping on Lynch? He was a good but not great back in Buffalo, with a checkered past and a bad attitude: a malcontent. He was in the coach’s doghouse and asking to get out of town. Is that what you want around a team full of young guys? It’s easy to look back and “shoulda, coulda” but let this one go.

    4. I speak the truth and you guys dis me. I guess you guys just want to hear what you want to hear. Did you know Schawrtz’s 5 year W-L record was the worst since Matt Millen? Yet it was better than Bart Starr’s! As great a person and QB as BS was, he was ass-clown’s ass clown of a head coach. Now I’d argue a big reason was the BIG TRADE by the biggest ass-clown of all time, Dan Devine. Bart also had bad luck with inuries and his #1 picks going to Canada. I’d argue that the Rich Campbell pick over Ronnie Lott was the straw that broke the camel’s back. However, if you people were around back then, I’m sure you would be cheerleading your way through two decades of losing. I’m as big a Packer fan as anybody but I see no value in deluding myself. In fact, it causes harm because it allows the ass-clown to hand around longer. GB will be absolutely destroyed by SF this Sunday. Put all your money on SF -3.

      1. Your damn right I was cheering for the Packers when they were losing. Did it suck losing all the time as we Packers of the 80’s, and the 70’s? Of course, in the 70’s and 80’s Green Bay was as horrible as football teams came. Funny thing is Archie, they still sold out every game. Fans still continued to love their Packers. You also need to remember in the 80’s the Packers couldn’t compete with the Dallas’s and the San Francisco’s of the world because of a thing called MONEY! Hell Deon Sanders kept changing team’s like a hooker, to the highest bidder, Dallas or San Francisco!

        Nobody is dissing you and I can only speak for myself, you make no sense and this comment proves it. Now your bringing up the 1981 1st round and wondering why the Packers took Campbell over Lott. Campbell was a All American and the Packers needed a QB. Campbell was a bust but if you think Lott would have made that team a SB team, you’re more delusional that I imagined.

        If you had a clue, were a true fan, you’d understand that the Packers were finally able to compete again with big market teams when a thing called the salary cap and shared revenue came into play. Matter of fact who signed the first HUGE FA? Green Bay did with Reggie White. The Packers have had 2 losing seasons in 22 years you ASS-CLOWN! In 2005, Shermans last year and 2008, Rodgers 1st year.

        The 49ers may come to Lambeau and destroy the Packers as you say. With what has happened with this team this year and to make it to the playoffs is pretty remarkable. Rodgers was 6-2 as the starter this year. Did TT screw up not having a back-up in place? Damn right. God knows I agree with you on some of TT past failures in the draft, 2013 wasn’t one of them. It drives me crazy that TT won’t consider free agency but the Packers are in the Playoffs for the 5th year in a row, and 6th time in 7 years. NFC North Champs for the 3rd year in a row. A REAL fan would see the GOOD in that Archie! Instead you bring up Bart Starr and Dan Devine and make yourself look even worse in your debate.

        1. The Packers still had Lynn Dickey, & that wasn’t a good draft for QBs.

          The best of the lot was Neil Lomax (2nd QB drafted, in the 2nd rd.) Lomax was brilliant sometimes, sometimes not, but didn’t play all that long & retired just a couple years after Dickey. In the end, they probably got as much out of Lynn Dickey as they would have from Lomax.

          Considering the lack of QBs in that draft, Lott really wouldn’t have been that bad of choice. Future HOFers Mike Singletary, Howie Long & Rickey Jackson were also available.

          1. Remember the made the Trade fo JJ Jefferson in 82 0r 83. I remember watching the 1983 Pro Bowl and Loften, Jefferson and I think even Paul Coffman were playing. That was a hell of a offense. Problem was it was a pretty bad defense.
            The had drafted a kid named Tim Lewis from Pittsburgh I think, who was developing into a great CB. He had a back or neck injury that robbed him of a promising career.

        2. And look where the free agent playing teams are now with the salary cap. The pack!!! is in great shape, KUCKLE-HEAD.

          1. You right Wendell but a Safety sure would have gone a long way THIS year. Denver added A FEW pieces. The key is you don’t rebuild, you add a piece here or there. That’s what I wish TT would at least consider. He says he does but I think that’s a smoke screen. One thing is clear, he has a plan, Especially with all the FA on the Packers this year and next. He’ll need every penny to keep players like Cobb, Nelson, and Shields.

      2. Weather forecast for Sunday is ten degrees. That’s cold. I wonder how the 49ers will respond to some SERIOUS cold….

        1. I hate to say it, but SF is probably one of the teams least affected by adverse weather. I’d expect their line play, defense and running game to be about the same. I guess it could affect Kaepernick & the passing game.

          1. We will see when they play the game. As of Thursday, they are calling for a high of only 1 degree on Sunday. I think that the weather will have an effect.

        2. I suspect the cold will be a psychological thing. If you’re trailing or getting physically whooped, it will be more meaningful.

          Which team do we think THAT will most likely apply to?

  2. lacy is great. It would be a real shame if he is not ROY. Although i noticed after the epic cowboy game he was overlooked for rookie of the week, even though he led all rookies in both yards and scores that week. I really hope he gets it.

    I guess if a person could see it as our GM screwing this up and missing the boat, if they based that on pure negative emotion, and no real fact.

    It may be time for such a person to find a team they can be happy with. They may call themselves a Packers fan, but constant discontent in the face of success shows other wise.

  3. Lacy is so amazing they should let him play both sides of the ball. We could use that heart on defense. I bet Kevin Greene would love to coach him.

    1. I love to watch Lacy play, but his type of back tends to have a short shelf life in the NFL.

      That makes me sad.

  4. OK Archie we get it you’re not a TT guy. If any of the GM’s thought that Lacy would be THIS good, he would have never made it to the 2nd round. TT had Ball & Lacy rated nearly equal, thus a trade down netted him an extra pick + a quality RB. Good thing for us that Denver took Ball instead! The asthma & foot injuries made him a risky pick in the eyes of the teams picking before us. What they all overlooked was his heart, character, & ability to play through injury. AS far as Lynch goes, you can bet TT wishes he would have made the deal in hindsight. Lynch had his own baggage, which is why there were only 2 teams interested in trading for him.

    1. That’s a excellent point Dan. If ANY GM had thought Lacy would play like this, no way do they pass. The knock coming out was injury prone. If not for a cheap shot by Merriweather, he doesn’t miss a game. He’s played through the ankle and no question should be rookie of the year. The only one that deserves recognition is the kid from the Chargers, Allen. But Lacy should win and it shouldn’t be THAT close.

      1. Allen played with Rivers and a mostly-healthy supporting cast over the course of 2013.

        Lacy had to carry the Packers on his back for six weeks.

      2. Lacy wasn’t injury prone. He never missed a game and possibly a practice at Bama. Teams were scared off by the toe surgery and thought it would hinder him. They’re mistake… He’s gonna be a stud RB for the next 5-7 years. He just takes too much punishment (and dishes it out) to have a longer career unless he learns to pick his spots.

        1. You’re right Stroh, but teams like the Steelers and Broncos came out and said they were concerned about the toe and remember reading different articles prior to the draft calling him injury prone even though he never missed time. They also questioned how good he really was because of the line he ran behind.

          1. “They also questioned how good he really was because of the line he ran behind.”

            Virtually all of us here did as well.

          2. The question about how good he really is, is pertinent. He was playing behind an outstanding college OL. Same could be said for a lot of the Badger RB’s too. I liked what McCarthy said about RB… How great RB make the OL, but the OL doesn’t make the RB great. Or something to that extent. But that was one reason I didn’t want to use a 1st on him. Anytime in the 2nd was fine w/ me, just not in rd 1.

            BTW IMO there IS a big difference between injury-prone and having concerns about his toe.

            1. Din’t he have a injury during the combine? Couldn’t compete if I recall. He also didn’t play much and depending on WHO you listened to, that was a plus or minus. He was behind Richardson and shared time with Yeldon.

    2. Doesn’t matter if it’s TT, Bart Starr, Dan Devine or any other ass-clown, I’m against ass-clowns managing my team, regardless of their name. You guys saw what this team looked like w/o AROD. And that’s after having way running this club for 9 f’in years. Do you think it is going to get better? If so, I have a bridge to sell you.

      1. Then go get a different team, Archie. One that makes you happy and that you dont spend all your time complaning about.

      2. Archie, we all see why you are an average Joe Snuffy the bag man and not running a team as the GM. Grow up

  5. I think I just need to stay away from some of these comments… Banging my head against a wall would make it feel better than suffering through the stupidity.

    1. I bet I can guess who you’re referring to! And yes, it’s pointless to respond to people who don’t use evidence, believe in fate, or don’t know much about the game. Especially when they’re as stubborn and intelligent as a mule.

  6. I love what Lacy brings to the table. He can be the perfect single back..a guy that can really run the ball and an ace pass protector capable of doing things like Kuhn did on the game-winning TD pass last Sunday.

    I think he got a little too beat up this year, tho. I would like to see the Packers spotting in the other guys more. For the rest of this year, that means Starks. Into next year, DuJuan Harris and Johnathan Franklin are added to the mix.

    Rodgers with a run game. This could be really fun.

  7. Lacy has been fantastic. My only concern is durability over the long haul. He’s delivered a lot of punishment, but he’s taken a lot of it too.

    Lacy is going to have to learn from the BUS (Jerome Bettis) how to pick his spots to punish defenders, and to go down or out of bounds the rest of the time.

    The Bus has said in the 1st Q he’d intentionally punish guys 100% of the time. The 2nd quarter 75%, 3rd 50% and by the 4th only 25% – but it didn’t matter. By then the defenders were sick of seeing him and wouldn’t really try.

    Bettis was the only power back that I can remember since Emmett Smith who lasted more than 5 years. Guys like Michael Turner, Brandon Jacobs and Peyton Hillis never learned that lesson and wore down after only a couple years as a result.

    1. Bearmeat – another great power back who lasted overv5 seasons was Earl Campbell and let’s not forget our own Jim Taylor and of course Jim Brown, the greatest of them all. Thanks, Since ’61

      1. As great as those players were Since 60 – that was a different era. IMO the game is faster now. Backs have to have enough juice to push it 30 yards down the field without getting caught….

        1. Bearmeat – you make a good point as usual, but Jim Brown was pretty fast even in his day and I’m confident that many of today’s DBs would want to try to tackle him one on one after he got through the front 7. Most of them can’t tackle as it is now. In any case Jim Brown remains the only running back with a 5+ yards per carry average for his NFL career. He was also rushing for 1,000 plus yards in 12 game seasons up to 1960. Tough to compare eras but it makes for fun discussions. Here’s hoping Lacy plays long enough to be included in future discussions of the great ones. Happy New Year to all Packer fans and fellow bloggers! Thanks, Since ’61

          1. Barry Sanders begs to differ. He has a 5.0 rushing average for his career and had 10 yrs over 1000 yds out of 10 year career. Also the NFL instituted a 14 game season in ’61. Seems you should know that? 🙂

            1. Hi Stroh and Happy New Year. I meant to write “up to and including 1960”. Also I did say that Jim Brown was the only back to have a “5+” yards per carry rushing average. I was aware of Barry’s record at 5.0 that’s why I added the plus for Brown, actually he is 5.2. Sanders is one of the greatest also. Thanks for pointing out my typos. Fingers moving too fast I guess. Sorry, need to try to make posts clear as possible. BTW, I enjoy your posts. Thanks, Since ’61

    2. Don’t forget “Sweetness” (Walter Peyton)who seemed to love to give a blow or two. The only bitter thing about him was that team he played for.

    3. Lacy is very much like Bettis. Not so much Emmitt. Emmitt wasn’t really a power RB, he just played behind a powerful OL. Ahman Green was far more a Power RB than Emmitt. Emmitt was a great RB to be sure, and he had some power, but that wasn’t really his forte IMO.

      1. I like the analogy in how they run, but Bettis played at over 250 pounds. I might guess that helped him to absorb the punishment he did and still have longevity in the league.

        I would argue that Lacy has better feet than Bettis, so adding bulk and diminishing quickness probably isn’t a good idea for him. Just my thought…

        1. I would actually like to see Lacy drop a few pounds. Get down to the 230 range instead of what looks more like 240ish. He looked different in college and seemed to have more speed/quickness while at Bama. I don’t think it would affect his physicality at all.

  8. Cory – I think that you have made a good case for Lacy to be named ROY. He is certainly the Packers MVP for this season. It would be great to have players with his heart at all our other postions, except for QB. One of the problems for Lacy is that he does not get as much national coverage playing in GB. Also, he is a humble, quiet type of guy, which I think is a good thing. Plus he has a lot of character. If you look at Sunday’s game against the Bears, the Bears were clearly focused on stopping Lacy and the toss play. This can only open up the rest of the offense, similar to how the old Lombardi Power Sweep opened up the offense back in the 60s. Teams know they have to stop Lacy. Think of what that will do for a healthy Rodgers, Cobb, Nelson, etc… He should be a great fit with the Packers for years to come. I am honestly not sure of some of the other candidates and their qualifications but based on what I have seen and what I am aware of for other candidates, I think that Lacy should win based on his contributions to the Packers season. Thanks, Since ’61

  9. If Rodgers would have stayed healthy and the team was wining Lacy would have been featured more. Because of the Rodgers story and the losing he got pushed aside. No one wants to write a story about a outstanding back on a losing team. roy is not that big a deal. Can you imagine how good he would have been if he had a good offensive line to open holes? Now if we could find a couple outstanding safety’s and two good linebacker we could be the team to beat.

    1. If ARod had stayed healthy, Lacy would never have been given credit for his own work. He would always have been called the beneficiary of defenses playing the pass and trying to stop the run with 6 or 7, but not 8 or even 9, in the box.

      1. IMO if Rodgers stays healthy, Lacy runs for over 1400 yds 4.5 average and 14 TD’s and there is NO question about ROY.

        1. I might argue the yardage numbers would be the same (maybe more receptions/yds), but that he would have done it on fewer carries.

          1. He’s going to get his 20 carries almost no matter what. But if Rodgers is healthy all year he would surely have a much better yd/carry ave. Also Rodgers being on the field extends quite a few drives giving Lacy more opportunities since he’s on the field for more of the clock time.

    2. I truly believe even TT HAS TO see that this time, and be active in FA. He needs to sign a Safety because this years draft is weak at the position. Other than the kid from Alabama, it’s a weak draft and he’ll be long gone by the time the Packers draft at 32!

      1. What good safeties to you foresee in the FA Market. Personally I feel good about Burnett, he is not Nick Collins yet, maybe never, but he is a very good player. I still see potential for Jennings and Richardson. Richardson very much. You right, though we can not let Safety be an area of weakness.

    3. The fact that Aaron Rodgers got hurt strengthens Eddie Lacy’s case even more.

      Chargers wide receiver Keenan Allen never had to worry about a backup quarterback or backup quarterbacks for that matter.

    4. I don’t know if you noticed but in the Dallas game where Lacy ran down inside the 5 for 9 yards, that was a audible called by Flynn. Rodgers had a head set on and wouldn’t be surprised if he had something to do with getting Flynn into that play. I have no idea how many can talk to the QB on the field but Flynn didn’t see that on his own I’d bet.

  10. It is remarkable that Lacy did all this and will be a top candidate for ROY without a solid O-line, Rodgers for the most part and injured for the rest. The bottom-line is “he is a stud”. We should be very thankful that he fell to us. As for TT’s role in it, a mix of dumb luck and opportunity presenting itself. It is not unlike having Rodgers fall into your lap. I am glad that we finally addressed our poor backfield after the pathetic RB situation for the last 7 or 8 years. Just like our current safety problems, I don’t understand why we wait so long to fix obvious weaknesses on this team, either through the draft or via FA.

    1. I find it incredibly lucky that Lacy didn’t turn out like Mark Ingram or Trent Richardson…who might still be OK in Indy.

    2. Exactly Razer, dumb luck. Same thing I said but in different words. Just like MM was dumb for wanting to punt while trailing with 4 mins to go and with our defense. I don’t want dumb people running my team. I call them ass-clowns because I am furious.

      1. “Just like MM was dumb for wanting to punt while trailing with 4 mins to go and with our defense”

        If he wanted to punt, they would’ve punted. Did they punt?

        Isn’t it the responsibility of the HC to consider as many possibilities as possible (in the time available) in making his decision?

    3. Not a big fan of his, but Ryan Grant wasn’t bad. Over 1200 yds in ’08 and ’09 and Ahman Green was a quality RB as late as ’06. Just the year we had to live w/ Brandon Jackson was REALLY bad, then just a couple years w/ sub RB play.

      1. Yup winning that SB with Brandon Jackson and Starks at the end was a bitch huh? Jackson was a pretty damn good blocker and ran the screen pretty well too. Rodgers felt safe with Jackson blocking just like he does Kuhn now.

    4. I think TT had a fairly good idea were he could get Lacy. I think he probably knew the Bronco’s would take Ball, or he would not have traded back, or at least he knew there were enough quality backs in the 2013 draft that it would be silly to over reach for an RB. I think luck and circumstance led to Lacy being the best of the bunch. I think it is possible that if the Packers had taken Monty Ball, that he could be in consideration for ROY.

      The packers showed signs last year of being a running team. In week 2 against the Seahawks, after getting pounded in the first half the pounded the ball with Benson and took the lead, before the Fail Mary. When Dujuan Harris came in things really started happening.

      PFF has graded our interior line quite high all season, and Bahktiari has shown to be good. These guys are good, and they have shown it.

  11. TT is a good GM. The NFL draft is always a crap shoot. It is a combination of luck, skill, injuries, and how long it takes players for the “light to turn on” in their adjustment to the NFL style of play. The salary cap and the reverse order drafting has made the NFL a league of replacement. TT also does a very good job of finding free agents after the draft and during the season. Let us hope that Eddie Lacy lasts as long as the BUS.

  12. A lot of people complain about TT not trading for Marshawn Lynch in 2010, but we went on to win the Super Bowl that year without him. If TT would have made the trade, who knows how the rest of the season would have played out. Would you really go back and redo things and risk the season ending differently? I wouldn’t.

    That’s the problem with some “fans.” Just winning the Super Bowl that year wasn’t enough for them. Instead, they’re gonna bitch forever about a trade that didn’t happen.

    1. Some of that’s about 2011. Remember that offense & how on #12 was that year. Then add Lynch. Not sure they would have won the Giants game anyway, but Lynch would have given the Giants something extra to worry about.

      The deal with the Seattle was for a 4th rounder in 2011 & a 5th in 2012. The Packers got Davon House & Terrel Manning out of those picks.

      1. I understand how good lynch is compared to the guys we got with those picks. But without him, we won the Super Bowl. And, right now, the Packers have a young stud of a running back in Lacy that’s gonna be great for a long time. Be happy for that. Lynch will probably be done in a couple years.

        So why are people bringing this trade up every other day? It’s just a nitpicky complaint to bash TT and it’s completely stale and irrelevant.

        The “fans” still whining act like if the trade went down, the Packers would of had this offense that would win that Super Bowl every year and they’d be an unstoppable dynasty. But, those people are dead wrong. The offense has been great. It’s not the problem.

        The Packers didn’t win because of their defense and last I checked, Marshawn Lynch isn’t lining up at safety. The people still complaining about the trade are completely delusional and sound like a bunch of Uncle Rico’s. MOVE ON!

      2. Lynch will be 28 when next season starts. Given his running style its unlikely he remains as good as he’s been much longer. He would surely have helped in ’11, but I’ll take our SB win and not complain about not getting him. The ’11 season was derailed by the D, not the Offense. Just don’t think Lynch could have gotten us over the hump in ’11. Also in ’11 we didn’t really face the kind of adversity as ’10 and ’13, which I think teams need to survive and thrive in the Playoffs.

        1. I think the main problem in the 2011 Giants playoff game was getting blown away in the trenches, especially on offense. A runner like Lynch (or Lacy) who can rack up yards after contact would have had more of chance than Grant & Starks. The Lynch option may have kept the Giants a little more honest. Would Lynch have put them over the hump in that game? I don’t know? By the same token, i don’t know that Davon House will be winning them games, either.

          People raise the issue because it points to a certain stubborness on TT’s part. The price was low & Lynch was better than anyone they had at RB at the time.

          1. I think there are many things to consider when you bring a player in. Lynch is great, but he also has a laundry list of issues that the Packers may not have wanted to deal with in their locker room.

            Seattle is a very differently built and run team than Green Bay. Seattle has risen from multiple years of bad teams with high draft picks, like the 49ers of late; while the Packers are a perennial winner like the Patriots. they likely have very systems. The seahawks expect players to arrive ready, the Packers get players ready and that requires a different sort of player in the locker room.

            Whatever TTs reasoning was on Lynch, I trust it. He has a great mind for talent and player synergy. He passed on Lynch and took Howard Green of the street, sounds dumb, but it won us a Superbowl.

  13. Lacy is great. IF we can play keep away from SF’s running attack (not likely with their D) we’ve got a chance.

    I just don’t like the matchup of our horrendous run D vs their fantastic run O…

    IMO we get crushed on Sunday. 🙁

    I’ve never hoped to be wrong more.

    1. “I just don’t like the matchup of our horrendous run D vs their fantastic run O…”

      By the numbers, their run O is no better than the Packer run O. The Packers threw for half-again their yardage on the season, though. It’s nice to not need those yards, I guess.

      The key issue is that the Packers haven’t seen a Defense like San Fran’s since at least week 3 (Cinci) and arguably week 1 (San Fran). They’ve seen a couple pretty good front 7’s, but not like this. I hope the OL is up to the task. If so, this could be a barnburner.

      1. You make a great point about our rush O. But the problem still remains our rush D against their equally strong rush O.

        IMO they will score on 2/3rds of their possessions. We’ll be lucky to score on 1/2 of ours.

        Defense matters in the playoffs. And ours sucks once again.

        (man I’m sick of typing that)

        1. “IMO they will score on 2/3rds of their possessions. We’ll be lucky to score on 1/2 of ours”

          I’d trade 3’s for 7’s, though… 😉

          1. lol. Me too. I’m not trolling. I REALLY hope I’m wrong. I just don’t see enough on the defensive side of the ball to make me think we can outscore a team with a decent offense and a great D.

            1. The Packers faced an excellent running offense in the bears, and managed. Having rodgers back will be big for the defense too. They were spending too much time on the field with the back up QBs

              1. “The Packers faced an excellent running offense in the bears”

                Too true, but they also faced one of the league’s worst run D’s in the Bears. Not the case with SF.

          2. So if I’m doing my math right, they get 2 points per possession, we get 3-1/2. Should work out to about a 28-17 win.

    2. Bear, I’ve been feeling the same thing. I’m hoping that in their preparations this week, Capers will put more emphasis on playing physical, with good sound fundamentals, instead of emphasizing the exotic formations. Capers is a good coordinator, but I think he sometimes over-does it with the exotic stuff and out-thinks himself.

    3. It’s supposed to be 7 degrees and that’s without the wind chill. I grew up in that cold weather and mover to LA 27 years ago. 38 degrees above zero is almost unbearable to me now. While I’m concerned about the same thing, their run offense vs our run defense, cold weather can help against a warm weather or doom team. Hell I heard it could snow too. That may help tilt the field, stranger things could happen.

      In my dream world it goes like this. Packers beat the 49ers and Saints beat Eagles. Saints go to Seattle and win. The Packers go to Carolina and win. NFC Championship game is Packers vs Saints AT Lambeau. SB is outdoors in New York, anything can happen!

      1. I kinda like the idea of beating the Seahorks in their house, then playing Philly for the NFC title game. Packers down by three in the 4th, 4th & 27…

            1. I like the Packers to beat the 49ers and then go to Seattle and pull off the upset, with a RW hailmary getting picked of by shields, a different kind of failmary.

  14. We are lucky to have James Starks backing up Lacy.

    It makes Lacy a better back by resting him from time to time. No one here is petrified when Starks goes in as they know he can do it. Maybe not 4th and goal from the one, but anywhere else on the field Starks has been solid.

  15. I agree Alex, having Starks fill in for Lacy from time to time is awesome. Starks runs like a man on a mission of late. I don’t think the offensive line received the credit due them for the job they did Sunday in protecting Rodgers.

    I love the attitude of the Offisive line, they seem to have a chip on their shoulder. I hope they shock the world and dominate the niners line. Remember ..”on any given Sunday”.

  16. SF is way better than the Pack at every position except WR (toss-up) and QB. And QB may not be the case if AR doesn’t improve immensely from Bears game. Cutler got better every week following his month long layoff but even after 2 weeks back he still wasn’t as sharp as he was just before he was injured. Kaepernick is playing his old self lately. He has 3 big studs WRs and a pounder like Lacy behind probably the best OL in football. They will destroy front 7, front 8 and front 9. Could be a career day for Gore, Kaepernick and one of the three WRs. This will be a most embarrassing loss for GB. It will cost SD his job even though it is not his fault that TT can’t draft defensive players to save his life. Sad state of affairs 9 years into a GM’s tenure. Please God, don’t doom me (and AROD) to another 6 years of TT/MM and Hawk/Raji!!!

    Have a Happy New Year everyone!

    1. “It will cost SD his job even though it is not his fault that TT can’t draft defensive players to save his life.”

      Who is SD?

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