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Aaron Rodgers
Reports are emerging that Rodgers will start Sunday’s game against the Bears

According to the Twitter account of FOX Sports Wisconsin’s Paul Imig, a source is telling him that the Green Bay Packers will announce that quarterback Aaron Rodgers will start on Sunday against the Chicago Bears.

Here is his earlier tweet:


There are two things to keep in mind here.  The first is that until the team officially announces it, this is still speculation.  Imig, however, has proven a credible source when it comes to Packers news.

The second is that I need to get out of the predictions business.  Earlier this week during my Quick Hits post, I tossed out a few predictions that I had for the Packers this season and into the next few.  If Rodgers does, in fact, start, I’m already wrong on one of the biggest topics that I took a stab at.  But this is hardly about me and I think many of us already knew I’m not always right so on we move.

Rodgers has missed the team’s last seven games and eight if you include most of the first meeting with the Bears, in which he was injured.  That’s half of this season.  Rodgers’ return would surely give this team a boost, after watching them flail through the first month without #12 in uniform.  The questions may now turn from “will he play?” to “how will he play?”.  Sure, it’s Aaron Rodgers and he is likely to come in and offer more than any other quarterback on the Packers roster can.  But after missing two months, how long will Rodgers need to get back into a groove?

The answer is unknown but Rodgers did take the practice reps, on Thursday, that normally go to the starter.  However long it may take Rodgers to return to form, it can’t be too long if the Packers want a chance of winning Sunday’s game in Chicago and making the postseason.  This is a “win and you’re in” scenario with the loser going home.

Stay tuned for more and as the team moves closer to announcing Rodgers’ status for Sunday’s game.  A return against the same team who knocked him out and with a chance to win the NFC North on the line?  The media outlets have to be overjoyed for this late holiday gift!


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32 thoughts on “Rodgers Reportedly Will Start Sunday Against Bears

    1. ARod puts a lot of pressure on opposing offenses to score points because they know the Packers, behind ARod, are capable of lighting it up any given week. Doesn’t mean the Packers will hang 40, but it means opposing teams will take chances that turn into picks or 3-and-outs that they don’t necessarily need to do when Flynn or Tolzien is under center.

    2. He’s been practicing on a limited basis for 3 wks now. Along with this week of practice… I don’t think Rodgers will be very rusty if at all. The biggest thing will be his confidence in the shoulder. Once he takes a hit and gets knocked down he’ll right back in the groove of the game IMO.

      Not much rust, just get a hit out of the way and gain confidence and he’ll be in the game full speed w/o any reservations.

  1. I don’t want Rodgers back. In all honesty, I wish we would trade the guy for some draft picks.

    We could get the best Fullback, Kicker, and Long Snapper in the game, no doubt, if Ted would just let go of his darling system QB!

    And guess what? We all know Fraudgers is gonna blow it. It’s what he does best!

    1. WTF!!! You just named 3 positions the Packers don’t need! I was all in favor of cutting Crosby, LAST YEAR! This year Crosby’s been great, right down the middle. Fullback is a position half the teams don’t really use including the Packers on most downs. If anything the Packers need a OC to help MM. MM was at his best with Philbin. If the Packers had anything that resembled a defense, Rodgers would have a much better record when trailing in the 4th quarter. Go back and watch the game against the Vikings this year at look at some of his throws.

  2. While ARod makes a world of difference in how an opponent prepares for and plays against the Packers, we need to remember that he’s no panacaea. Even if he plays well, they might still lose…or even get blown out.

    All I want is for the Packers to play with the best players they have available on the field, and let the chips fall.

    …oh, and an aggressive, fast, and nasty game plan on the part of the D, would be nice, too.

  3. Da Bears must go into hibernation early once again. Pack Attack, Pack Attack, Pack Attack… Let Jay be Jay and throw at least 3 picks…

  4. With Rodgers, Lacy and Cobb playing the O-line should be motivated to step up and get the protection job done. Every pass play should have a back and TE chipping at defenders. Weather permitting, We should come out throwing to open up the running lanes for Lacy, then pound with Lacy to control the clock. On defense, we will need to generate pressure on Cutler, otherwise our DBs will be eaten alive. That’s my concern for this game. Not getting pressure on Cutler. If we can pressure Cutler, we can control this game. We’ll score points, the question is can we hold the Bears down. Go Pack Go! Thanks, Since ’61

    1. Pressure? From whom? Daniels? Maybe. CMIII, Perry & Neal are pretty much out of commission. Maybe Hyde too. Raji is fat lazy slob. Pickett is too old to move. Jolly Roger is out. Datone Jones is busty. Maybe some blitzing? That would be dangerous given the weapons JC has. No. methinks this has shootout written all over it. 45-44 Packers if we are very lucky. I’m surprised Bears are a dog at home to the Pack. Neither team has a defense. Both teams can pass & run the hell out of the ball. Bet the ranch over!

      1. Archie I agree on some of the points you make, but to call Datone Jones “busty” makes me wonder. Very rarely will you see a rookie DL come in and dominate. The 2013 draft is the one draft that I actually think TT hit on in the last 4. Next year you’ll begin to see why the Packers drafted both those boys from UCLA. Franklin will shine next year and Jones will have 8 sacks at least and a starter.

        1. By busty I don’t mean he is a bust yet just that we were expecting a whole lot more out of him in his rookie year than we got. For the real deal DL rookie, see Sheldon Richardson/Jets. By busty I mean the chances of him being a bust are not insignificant. I agreed with the pick at the time it was made based on what was left on the board. I leave open the possibility that he may blossom next year but the fact he is losing PT to a 5th round rookie has got to be somewhat disconcerting. I think the 2013 draft was TT’s best draft in a long time, maybe ever. Bakhtiari was a great find and I have high hopes for JC Tretter as well. Hyde was a great find as well. Lacy was what the doctor ordered. Jones we will have to wait on and hope for better things to come. Right now a S R1 would look a whole lot better. Franklin is a head scratcher. He looked great for 2 Qs vs CINCY. Aside from that, not so much. Sure wish we had taken Zac Stacy instead. If Datone Jones develops into a Vonnie Holliday type, I will be happy. If he is Jerel Worthy II, we are screwed.

          1. Richardson was picked 13th overall and was the first DT to come off the board. Jones was taken 26th. Neither DL taken just before Jones or after has set the NFL on fire either. I like Jones motor and think he’ll be one of TT better picks. Richardson also plays next to Muhammad Wilkerson and Quinton Coples both first round picks. Trust and believe if Wilkerson was available for the Packers in the 2011 draft (Taken 2 picks ahead of Sherrod) TT would have ran to turn in the card.

  5. This will be an interesting test for Shields. If he can shut down either tall WR, Pack will have no choice but to pay the man to stay around.

  6. I’m sure the Bears will try to take ARod out..this includes cheap shots. If they do, I hope the officials will do their jobs and protect ARod.

  7. I agree with Archie. I don’t see the D putting much pressure on Cutler, which is a shame because he rattles so easy. CM3 hasn’t been a deference maker since coming back from his broken hand, but, he was the only D player we had that had the capacity to be a consistent pass rusher.

    Daniels has the tools, but I would think that the bears are aware of him. Raji is nothing, picket and Wilson are fat run stuffers, D jones is non existent (bust?) Worthy can crack the 46 game day roster (bust?), Perry? Is it his bad foot that is holding him back? Plus the bears O line is improved.

    The only way we bring pressure is if we scheme and blitz, which is dangerous with our DBs against the bears receivers.

    Then there’s Forte and their running game. Lets face it, our D has issues and with out CM3, Jolly and Hayward, our D is just down right bad.

    The good news is the Bears D is bad, too. Rodgers will have to win a shoot out and I’m glad he’s back.

  8. As fans, we all want AROD to play Sunday but I hope TT/MM are not taking a chance with his future by bringing him back too soon just to try to win a Divisional Championship. If AROD re-injures the collarbone, just as CMIII has done with his thumb, it will be unforgivable. So I hope that for once, these ass-clowns know what they are doing.

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