Rodgers Speaks, Says Nothing All Green Bay Packers All the Time
Aaron Rodgers
Fans want to know when Rodgers is finally trading in the hoodie for a uniform

We have been through this drill enough that we all know it well:  Monday and Tuesday are off days.  Wednesday, back to practice and a bone scan.  Thursday, a teaser (perhaps) and Friday, the big announcement.

I’m, of course, talking about the playing status of Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.  For the past 45 days, Packer-land has obsessed over when #12 will get back on the field.  By now, we should all be used to the news that Rodgers is not quite ready, yet when that news has come, some interesting opinions have surfaced on message boards and social media.

As of Thursday, there still was no confirmation that there was a bone scan or an X-ray done on Rodgers’ collarbone.  It’s fair to speculate that one was performed, given that Rodgers is now within a normal recovery window and also given the team’s hopes that he may have made a jump in his recovery from the injury.  The key word there is “speculation”.  And that’s where it will stay until tomorrow.

Packers head coach Mike McCarthy and Rodgers both spoke to the media after Thursday’s practice.  ESPN’s Rob Demovsky wrote a brief recap.  He quoted only two lines from Rodgers, stating “I have a good sense of what’s going to happen” and “It’s an organizational and a medical decision at this point”.  Despite the brevity and lack of change in what has been said by the organization, much will still be made of these statements by Rodgers.

Twitter, Facebook, JSOnline (I personally recommend the comments section).  All mediums are filled with theories on what the brevity of Rodgers’ comments means.  Green Bay Press-Gazette’s Mike Vandermause opined that Rodgers was throwing the ball around at yesterday’s practice like he really wanted to play.

McCarthy went so far as to say that Rodgers looked good and like he was ready to play.  Unfortunately, McCarthy is just one cog in the process that gets Rodgers back in uniform and on the field for Sunday’s game against the Pittsburgh Steelers.  It would seem that both McCarthy and Rodgers are lobbying heavily to play.  But it’s what Dr. Pat McKenzie says that seems to ultimately determine the final decision.  There was speculation, based on the little that was said, that it seems like McKenzie is still holding Rodgers back and is not likely to clear him.  Again, more speculation.

It could also be the case that Rodgers chose to cut his media session short because he didn’t want to create a frenzy by giving too much of an indication that he would play.  And there’s even more speculation.

The bottom line is that none of us knows the truth and we’re all waiting on the official word from the team tomorrow.  If any of you have a great inside source or a new theory, feel free to share!




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41 thoughts on “Rodgers Speaks, Says Nothing

    1. Agreed. The keep asking Rodgers the same question and then blame HIM for not ahaving a new answer? LMAO What a bunch of tool-boxes.

  1. TT and McKenzie need to let ARod play. This is one of 6 or 7 years that GB has with their ALL WORLD QB in his prime. (If they’re lucky)

    We’re certainly not winning it all without him. We’re probably not winning it with him either. BUT if everything went right (running D gets better, Cobb comes back, Quarless keeps Finley a memory) then we could be competitive in the playoffs.

    If the worst happens and ARod re-injures the bone, he’ll still be 100% by next Training Camp anyway. Who cares about minicamp and QB school? He doesn’t need them to do well!!

    Good grief. I appreciate TT’s steadfast nature and his thoroughness and talent acquisition. And I appreciate that GB’s doctors really do have the best interests of their players at heart…

    But sometimes I want to smack both TT and Doc Mac.

    1. I’m curious, is this the same doctor that treated Greg Jennings last year? Told us Shields would be back in X number of weeks last year, but it was much, much longer? Same Doctor that examined Charles Johnson, the 7th round WR drafted this past season who sat on the PS, was claimed off the PS only to find he had a tear in the knee once in Cleveland? Clearly we have a totally different point of view of the “talent acquisition” TT has provided the Packers. 50% of the 2012 draft class are GONE, no longer Packers. 70% of the 2011 draft class are GONE, no longer Packers. This is TT hoping for a 2014 draft closer to 2013, than the nightmares of 2010, 11, and 12. Perhaps this is the average for all GM’s in the NFL, 11 of 20 pick’s already off your roster after a season or two. If anything, this season has shown that Ted T has been able to hide the poor drafts of the past because he hid behind Rodgers greatness. This of course is my opinion based on the numbers provided by

      1. Nick .. Not sure that McKenzie is the only doctor involved in ANY of the players’ injuries. I think he’s kind of a ‘low level’ doctor for the routine stuff (hammies, groins, doing minor scopes on knees, etc). Most players seem to go out of town to have major stuff fixed. I know Jennings was supposed to go to Philly to have the sports hernia fixed, but had to wait because of Hurricen Sandy. Anywho … I know TT has lost a bunch of guys, but how many on the current roster are guys he drafted / hired? Then you have to figure-in his salary cap and winning percentage with these same guys. I think THAT number is the most important aspect. For them, it’s a business. For us? It’s a distraction and always an emotional attachment. Just sayin ….

        1. Good points KW, I’m just not a huge TT fan. Like said, I follow the Packers and their drafts. Earlier in the season the announcers mentioned a stat where 50 of the 53 players have only played for GB. This is a TT built team. I’ve always said TT was the BEST at managing a salary cap. The Packers front office has been picked apart in 3 of the last 4 years so maybe this is at least part of the reason the drafts from 2010 – 2012 were so poor. That and the Lions drafting Titus Young instead of Randall Cobb! Thank you Detroit!! You’re sure as hell right about being a business for them and a emotional attachment for us, what a roller coaster of a season. Flynn needs to do it for one more game and then, I don’t see how they’d hold him out vs the Bears, payback time!! BTW…Nice Bike!

        2. McKenzie is NOT some low level Dr. He is the Packers team physician. And a very good orthopedic surgeon! But he’s not an expert on every type of injury. When a player needs a knee reconstruction they send the player to THE best, Dr Andrews, when a player has neck surgery they send him to the guy that did Mannings surgery. Once the surgery is performed by the specialist Dr McKenzie takes over and has full control of everything there after. Players go back to the surgeon for periodic checkups like any patient would after surgery w/ the Dr who performed it.

          That in no way makes McKenzie (one of the highest regarded team physicians in the NFL BTW) a low level Dr.

          It does point out however that you have very low level of knowledge on how ALL NFL teams handle surgeries. Do you have any idea how good you have to be to even be considered for a position as an NFL team physician! Only the best of the best get to that level!

      2. Why are you even a Packers fan? Clearly you hate everything GB Packers! You hate Thompson cuz he is a horrible GM even tho he brought the Packers a SB! You hate McCarthy cuz he sucks being a HC and can’t call good plays, even tho he has a winning % near Lombardi and Holmgren AND calls plays for a prolific offense!

        Hell now you hate McKenzie since he and Thompson wont let Rodgers play!

        Just go cheer for the F’n Queens! You seem to think their GM and HC are far superior to the Packers even tho that team sucks!

        Its obvious the Packers suck at everything to you even tho they win A LOT!!! Clearly your a better Orthopedic Surgeon then McKenzie, a better GM than Thompson and a better HC Offensive play caller than anything the Packers have!

        Just make you life easier and cheer for the viqueens, bares, kittens or any other team since you KNOW they are all better than everybody the Packers have! Even tho the Packers win more than almost every other team!!!

    2. Sorry, I don’t agree. Do you honestly think that the Packers don’t want to play Rodgers?? Of course they want him out there. But they are doing the right thing by not playing him if he’s not fully healed. I tip my hat to them for caring about Rodgers’ long term health and for not giving in to the pressure of fans who only care about beating the Steelers and keeping the playoff chances alive. Rodgers should be grateful he works for an organization that values each individuals’ health more than it does winning a big game.

  2. Rodgers ain’t playin. Write it in ink.

    Feel free to make fun of me and rejoice if I’m wrong.

    1. I’m not going to make fun of you because I think you are right.

      To all those Packer fans with young children out there:

      Yep. I’m totally going there. 😀 If ARod doesn’t play this weekend because Doctor McKenzie is a wuss, PLEASE send all your babies’ dirty diapers to:

      1630 Commanche Ave
      Ste 101
      Green Bay, WI 54313

        1. By the way – that’s the practice that McKenzie works at in the offseason…

          If I could delete that last post I would… momentary lapse of judgement due to frustration at the man’s actions.

          I still think ARod should play.

          1. George Carlin — there was a classy guy. By his own admission, he was a drunk, druggie, and used his act to voice his anger about everything he felt like screaming at, much like a whiny kid.
            Could he be funny? Yes. But he could also be extremely cruel. Much of his anger came from the hatred he had for his own mother. He said that in an interview I once heard.
            Just like his idol, Lenny Bruce, he died too soon. Maybe that’s not a coincidence.

      1. I thought I’d seen everything when it comes to irrational comments from fans about Rodgers’ playing or not playing. But this one takes the cake. McKenzie is a wuss? In case you haven’t noticed, the NFL just had a law suit brought by former players in regard to the way injuries were dealt with in the past. The result is, the NFL is going to be much different than it ever was in the past concerning injuries.
        McKenzie and the Packers are doing the right thing in protecting Rodgers. Remember — it’s always tougher to make the tough decisions when you know it gives you less of a chance to win. Anyone who doesn’t think TT and MM want Rodgers out there as much as the fans do is simply being unrealistic. Hats off to the Packers for being a classy organization which looks out for the long term health of their players.

    2. When they waited ’til Wednesday to do the assessment, you knew it wasn’t a good sign.

      …and if he was going to play, there would be no gamesmanship about it.

  3. I agree with Bearmeat on this, but it doesn’t seem like it’s going to happen. Unfortunately, our season once again will be riding on Flynn instead of Rodgers. Flynn is getting better, but the steelers Do is better than Dallas and Atlantas. Can we count on our D against a pro bowl QB this week to help Flynn?

    This will be an intense game. Go Pack!

  4. Packers should be able to beat the steelers but its going to be tough. Their D isn’t the steel curtain with the injuries and our D should be on the rise. Where would we be without Lacey? I was a fan but I didn’t think he would be this good. I would love to see us to continue to improve on D and then we Rodgers returns for the Bear game we will be running on all cylinders just in time for the playoffs. Maybe Cobb will even be ready to go by then. I don’t like seeing Jolly go down….. Not a huge injury but NO MORE INJURIES!

    1. Yep, the whole thing is a charade, they have known all along that the chances of AROD playing again this year were slim and none from the get-go. It’s a diversion for other teams and psychology for our own troops not to give up the ship. They think we are all idiots. They should look in the mirror – that’s where they find the ass-clowns. TT retires and MM goes to TX. Please GOD!

      1. We are being ‘played’ as a secondary effect of the team playing the upcoming opponents. I don’t feel good about that – apparently you do.

        1. Not really. I just don’t get bent out of shape over the games that NFL teams play with injuries and injury reports.

        2. You can only be “PLAYED” if you believe you are an integral part of the team or the opposing team! ?? The only way a fan being “PLAYED” would have to be told that Aaron Rodgers IS playing and then NOT playing him. Unless maybe you’re really deep in FANTASY FOOTBALL and get all bent out of shape because you can’t plan ahead to play one of your guys. ??
          To me, AR isn’t the entire reason I root for the Packers. And for the sports media making something out of what THEY even call NOTHING about Rodgers is just plain rediculous IMO. Just saying …

  5. Don’t feed us with the BS that it is up to McKenzie. McKenzie is just a puppet for TT. The only way TT can redeem himself is to fire McKenzie immediately and let Rodgers play on to the superbowl. Its not like we have great strength and conditioning or a competent medical staff, think about it… It has to be hard for Aaron to keep his mouth closed on this one. He is one class act. This BS is only going to hurt the future of the organization. Who knows maybe Aaron will ask for a trade to a team that will let him play and put an O-line in front of him???????

    1. Actually MEDICAL decisions are made by the Dr’s. NOT by Thompson! He has to balance the Packers long term success vs the short term need/desire for Rodgers to play. McKenzie is NOT a puppet for anyone. Get your head outta your ass! If McKenzie clears him and he gets re-injured and by some fate is done for his career McKenzie faces a multi Hundred Million dollar lawsuit!

      I don’t like it either but you better learn to live w/ it!

      1. Perhaps you need to listen to the presser by MM. Rodgers wants to play and MM thought he should play. If you honestly think TT had nothing to do with this, then you need to get your head outta your ass! (That’s a page from Stroh’s book, insults)

        1. I didn’t say nothing. Thompson is looking out for the long term interests in the Packers and Rodgers so he has a stake in it, clearly! But McKenzie can’t allow a Personnel professional over-ride what he thinks! Apparently you haven’t heard of the Dr’s oath! McKenzie can’t put on player on the field just cuz the player, HC or GM want him out there! He can only allow the player to play when the Dr believes he is healthy and the risk is minimal to the player! Otherwise he’s breaking his oath as a Dr and setting himself up for a multi Hundred Million dollar lawsuit! Apparently YOU need to read and as always Learn More!!!

        2. Of course McCarthy wants Rodgers to play! THe HC’s job is to win games is it not? McCarthy’s job is much more difficult w/ Rodgers out! The GM has to think Long term more than Short, so he has to guage the risks of Rodgers playing 7 or 8 more years instead of just this year. THe team physician, Dr McKenzie has to put the players safety ahead of EVERYTHING the HC or GM want! Apparently you don’t understand the delineation of responsibilities here. Now you should!!!

  6. Anybody remember Shanny playing RG3 on a bum knee at the end of last year? How’d that work out?

    Turns out fan bases get a bit peeved when team leadership risks the long-term health of a franchise quarterback for the sake of a game or two, even if it’s true that they were just trying to make the playoffs.

    Until someone on this board has a copy of the medical reports and the brains to read them, I don’t know what everyone is arguing about.

    Sure, it sucks. But the fact that a guy can throw a football does not in any way imply that his partially healed left collarbone will be able to withstand the impact of a blitzing linebacker, or a hard collision with the frozen tundra.

    If there is one thing that the past few weeks should have taught us, it’s that having a top-flight QB on the field is THE determining factor of NFL success, and ought not to be handled recklessly.

  7. I find it interesting that there’s been no mention the last couple weeks of how the injury has healed.Only that it’s an organizational decision that it’s not the right time for him to play. It tells me the doc’s out of the picture. For a team that glorifies it’s fans and understands what a special relationship it has with the fans, its too bad they have to be so secretive about everything.

  8. I don’t care how important this game against the Steelers is. The Packers are doing the right thing by not playing Rodgers if the collarbone is not fully healed. I heard Troy Aikman talking yesterday about a concussion he suffered in a playoff game right before the Super Bowl. He said it was by far the worst concussion he ever suffered. He played in that Super Bowl and the Cowboys won. But he said if that same injury happened to him today, he would not have played because there is no way he would have been cleared to play. He said injuries are looked at differently today, and in his opinion, it’s the right thing to do it the way it’s being done today. I could not agree more. Rodgers’ long term health is far more important than this game, in spite of those short-sighted peoples’ opinion that he should “tough it out” and play.

  9. PERSONALLY, I just as soon see AR sit the rest of the season out. If we would be fortunate enough to win the next two games & the Division I would think that would be about as far as we could get. The one factor I think most Packer fans are concerned about is if he comes back & gets hurt again, How will that affect his long term future. It’s sort of “retreat today to fight tomorrow” I just don’t think we are a Super Bowl team this year.

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