Rodgers Not Cleared, Packers Mull Future All Green Bay Packers All the Time
Aaron Rodgers
Rodgers’ status for this Sunday and for this season remains a question mark


During his usual “Tuesdays With Aaron” show on ESPN Milwaukee, Green Bay Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers stated that he was still not cleared to return to play for the team.  This came after Rodgers had an X-ray for the first time since before the Thanksgiving holiday.  The results were apparently not what Rodgers, or the Packers, were hoping for.

Rodgers explained his timeline and thought process.  “We’re now four weeks and one day from my fracture. I’ve made a lot of progress. A lot of it is just the bone healing. Bone takes three to six weeks to heal. We all hoped we’d be on the short end of that.”

Rodgers has not officially been ruled out for Sunday’s game against the Atlanta Falcons at Lambeau Field.  He will practice with the team and be evaluated again this week on the slim chance that the Packers medical staff would clear him to play in that game.

If Rodgers is not cleared, Matt Flynn will start in his place, said head coach Mike McCarthy on Tuesday during a press conference.  McCarthy is going with Flynn over Scott Tolzien because of Flynn’s experience and comfort in the Packers offense.  Many are hoping that some of that comfort and familiarity produces much better results than Flynn and the Packers showed against the Detroit Lions on Thanksgiving.

Beyond this weekend’s tilt with the Falcons, there are still rumors floating around that if Rodgers is not cleared and the team’s postseason hopes get slimmer than they are now, that Rodgers could land on season-ending injured reserve.  Anything is possible, but judging by the comments and demeanors of both Rodgers and McCarthy, it would seem that if Rodgers is healthy enough to play, he’s playing.

For those clamoring for the team to play for a better draft pick next year, consider the team’s culture and the impact that quitting on this season could have.  Losing becomes a habit and a bad one at that.  Just as winning fixes most issues, losing creates them.  Confidence gets lost with each consecutive loss, just look at the Falcons, who entered this season as one of the favorites in the NFC.

Back in the 1970’s, former Pittsburgh Steelers head coach Chuck Noll was known to evaluate his players at the end of a down season.  Those who continued to play hard stuck around.  Those who quit were on the first train out of town.  While McCarthy is no Chuck Noll, he does at least say the right things about the expectations that he has of his players.

Every franchise goes through some unexpected down seasons.  This looks to be one for the Packers, although they are only a game and a half out of first place in the NFC North.  Many improvements need to happen in a hurry if the Packers are actually going to make something of this season.  If they are unable, they will be in a position to draft some impact players in next year’s draft.

Packers general manager Ted Thompson just let go of one of his fourth-round picks from last year’s draft today in that of safety Jerron McMillian.  Several other players from the 2011 and 2012 drafts are already on another team’s roster or practice squad.  With several departures from the team’s scouting and personnel departments in recent years, the Packers will need to see a much better return from the class of 2014 if they want to bounce back.


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43 thoughts on “Rodgers Not Cleared, Packers Mull Future

  1. Rodgers is not going to play this weekend. Whether he should is a whole other topic.

    Very likely the Packers lose, even to the crestfallen Falcons. Matt Flynn is not an NFL caliber QB. His best play is lobbing it to a receiver running the sidelines and hoping he’ll outfight the DB for the ball. Else, batted ball prone, indecisive and noodle armed.

    As far as the losing becomes habitual, well, yeah maybe for the rest of the season. But I think it has very little consequence on the next season(see about a million examples of teams with poor records one year – then in the playoffs the next). In football especially, does it even make sense to risk catastrophic injury that could effect next year by going all out when there’s nothing at stake? Yet another topic.

    My hope, if we lose Sunday, is the Pack tank the rest of the season(keep ARod out). It would be great to be in the top third of the draft for a change. It’s talent that usually wins out – coupled with desire. With Rodgers back next year, I would expect the Packers to be contenders. At that point the desire to win will be up-and-down what I’d hope to be a more talented roster.

    1. Matt Flynn had an awful game against the Lions; just awful. Yet he still holds the team record for most yards and TD’s in a game! To say “all is lost” is fatalistic [read “quitter”] and to ignore the ups and downs of the NFL.

    2. Losers tank seasons! regardless of playoff or not when Rodgers is healthy he plays. PERIOD, end of discussion. This isn’t baseball or basketball where teams tank seasons!

    3. If the Packers lose to the Birds, 2013 is over. Even if AR is healthy, you don’t play him.

      Why? Aside from the sieve OLine and that associated risk and the need to see what, if anything Flynn has left in the tank and Tolzien has, period, there’s another reason.

      For 5 weeks, the Packernation has bought the idea that you win with AR, lose without him. What if he comes back and the team can’t make the 180* swing required and they keep losing? How damaging would that be to the psyche and confidence of the team going forward? And what if Shea McClellan tries to go 2 for 2 and AR gets re-injured?

      Risk isn’t worth the zero-reward. File the 2013 season under ‘L’ for lost, play the reserves, then cut away the dead-meat in the off-season and re-tool for 2014 with the perception that any game is winnable with AR at the helm intact.

      1. “Aside from the sieve OLine and that associated risk and the need to see what, if anything Flynn has left in the tank and Tolzien has, period, there’s another reason.”

        I’d rather assess these guys based on an off-season of OTAs and training camp, not a cobbled-together reduced playbook.

        “What if he comes back and the team can’t make the 180* swing required and they keep losing? How damaging would that be to the psyche and confidence of the team going forward?”

        What if you bench him and you learn this at the start of next season? I’d rather learn it now and have the off-season to make “adjustments” than potentially throw away 2014.

  2. TT/MM don’t have the brains to tank the rest of the season.

    And even if they did, what it would matter, they would draft Hawk or Raji or Harrell or Morgan Burnett. They are ass clowns.

    Next question.

  3. If Rodgers is healthy enough to play, play him, period. Even if the playoffs are out of reach. If hes healthy for the last 2 games, he should play, beat the Steelers and more importantly, BEAT THE BEARS! This would end the season on a winning note and carry it over to next season. We dont have much football left and watching a couple of games with Rodgers is a lot more fun than watching the mess we have with out him. I want to get this taste out of my mouth ( and im sure the team does too)and Rodgers is the answer to that. The difference between 5 wins and 7 wins is not all that big in the drafting position, especially when TT is picking players like Hawk, Harrell and Raji when he has high draft picks

    1. Were the season to end today, the tie vs a loss, has cost us the 10th pick. Instead we pick 16th. But, again, it’s not where you pick, it’s who you pick. We passed on players like Crabtree, Bryant, DeMarious Thomas and Darrelle Revis.

      Picking offense – TT is OK
      Picking defense – TT is an ass clown
      Being a HC – MM is an ass clown
      Picking HC – TT is an ass clown
      Picking coaches – MM is an ass clown

      Once again, it’s a sorry state of affairs on GBP land. Were it not for AROD it would be the 70s and 80s all over again. I remember back then, the fan support for management was always overwhelming.

      I give a new GM three years to succeed. Most great ones do it in one year. Ditto head coaches.

      Three consecutive years of decline and I clean house.

      2010 = Super Bowl win
      2011 = 15-1 but one and down
      2012 = 11-5 and one and down
      2013 = 9-5-1 at best and no playoffs.

      Three strikes and you are an ass clown.

  4. I want to see the Bears try and defend the Packers offense with Rodgers at the helm. I love when teams put 8 in the box and Rodgers , Nelson, Jones and Boykin shred them. I further enjoy teams playing cover 2 and watching Lacey smash his way through defenders and Starks slash his way through the D. Lets end this season on a high note

  5. I would like to see them win, but give new guys a chance to show something at positions where the current guys aren’t doing so well. Specifically guys like Boyd, Richardson, banjo& Hyde at safety, lattimore, tretter (if he can go), Davis, stoneburner or Taylor. Maybe insert them in a couple at a time. They can’t do that much worse.

    1. I agree. Send a message. If you can’t do the job, we will find somebody who can. unfortunately, MM is not one to enforce accountability. That may be at the heart of the whole problem. Although I think TT’s awful drafting, particularly of defense, is by far the #1 reason for the Packer’s disappointing finishes since the Super Bowl. What if AROD goes down in game 1 next year?

  6. When you are paying a player $130 million you play him. Records, standings, draft picks regardless. Also you play the players who give the best chance to win regardless of the situation. Why? Because it also helps the other players and protects them as well. For example, the opponent will not be able to send 8 guys after Lacy when Rodgers is in. The Oline will protect better for Rodgers because he gives them a chance. When they are more aggressive they are less likely to become punching bags for rushing defenders and they are not 5 trying to block 7 or 8. Hopefully the defense tackles better because they are not on the field for 35-40 minutes. Do you see Atlanta not playing Ryan because they out of the playoffs? I could go on and on for playing your best players, not the least of which is trying to maintain some integrity in the sport. If Rodgers is healthy he should be out there. As Dave Robinson said, “We didn’t play no mamby, pamby football”. Go out and play and win. No excuses and no prisoners. Thanks, Since ’61

  7. I want to know who’s floating the rumors?! I think its garbage. When Rodgers is healthy enough he will play again. Just a matter of the bone getting to the point where a re-break can occur. Once that happens Rodgers should absolutely play, regardless of playoffs or not. You don’t sit him when he’s healthy. PERIOD!

    Its one thing to hold him out the last game b4 the playoffs begin, its completely different to tank the rest of the season. THat will not happen.

  8. I agree we should play our best 11 on offense and defense, I’m just not sure we’ve been doing that for the past few weeks. At some point, if players are not performing, they need to go with the next guy in line. I’m hoping MM unearths a gem in the process – ala boykins, shields or EDS. I don’t think its giving up. Lombardi, laundry, name the coach would bench someone if they’re stinking the joint up. Some of the players on our team have been doing just that for weeks now. If those are our best defenders, we are in need of help!

  9. I do think it’s time for Capers to go, but I’d like to keep Trgovac and Greene. I don’t know if they’d stay or not if their boss went.

    But in KG’s words: “It. Is. Time.”

    1. Someone said something in response to my comment on Darren Perry as a DC candidate, and that was, “why promote a position coach who can’t inspire his players to perform?”

      The defense in general is underachieving, and you’d have to ask yourself if Greene is made to look good by CMIII? If DC goes, there’s a very real chance that a house-cleaning on defense is in the cards.

      1. I’d clean house starting with TT. Will Mark Murphy do that? Doubtful. But I’d bet all defensive coaches will be let go. Nobody on that staff deserves to come back with the possible exception of KG. Not as DC but OLB coach. The new coaches need to clean house. Let Shields go, Williams too. Start Hayward and House. Draft a big-time safety to team with Burnett and see if that helps. Cut Hawk, start Lattimore, and draft replacement for B Jones. Get as many DL as you can. Go into FA if nec. On offense, keep James Jones and go get a top TE. Ebron could be the guy.

  10. Rodgers should play if cleared and the risk of re-injury is small as long as GB has a mathematical chance of getting in the playoffs. If there is no chance, sit him. Play Flynn and also give Tolzien some time in a real game to see what you’ve got. Some other rookies should see more time if the coaches think they could benefit long-term. No one thinks a team is tanking it when they play a rookie QB even though they have a veteran back-up with whom they probably have a better chance to win. Integrity of the game is not compromised if the goal is to develop your young players rather than to get a better draft pick.

  11. I’m sorry ‘thegreatreynoldo’ but I just have to disagree with you, and disagree with all the fans that want to tank the season to move up a few spots in the draft or to get a look at Tolzien. If Rodgers is 100% healthy, play him. If thats not until the steelers game, than fine. It gives him a game to get back in the groove before the bear game. I’m I the only one that cherishes this rivalry? The oldest rivalry in the NFL. I lived through the 80s and watched every Packers/Bears game. They kicked our asses and their fans cut us down at every opportunity possible. They still hate the Packers. F the Bears. They ruined our season and love the fact they took out Rodgers. I hope the bears have something to play for in the last game of the year and Rodgers and the Packers beat them at soldier field! Even if they don’t have anything to play for, I hope we beat them. I truly dislike the Bears and every true Packers fan should want the packers to beat them, or they just don’t get this rivalry! And the onky way the Pack wins that game is with Rodgers

  12. Let me put it this way, I get sick to my stomach watching the Bears beat the Packers and I feel like S&!t for days afterwards. Really? People want to tank Rodgers if his fit to play at the end of the year? SMH! I hope Rodgers is ready for the Cowboys game, also. I hate the Cowboys. . So while the rest of these fans want to quite just because we may not be in the playoff race, I will be hoping for the best Packers team (Rodgers) to be on the field.

    1. If you really get sick and feel like crap for days after a Packers loss to the Bears, then you should probably seek some sort of help. We all love the Packers, that’s why we’re on this site reading the blogs every day. But, it’s just football. There are bigger things in life! Don’t take it so seriously…

  13. If I were Rodgers I would asked to be traded to a team that wants him to play not save him for the future. Another injury to the clavicle is the least of his worries. Poor Aaron has the ability to shatter every record out there, but, they want to save him. Save him until he is 40?? If he wants to play, I say play the man. The strength and conditioning coaches and medical staff for the Packer organization are the WORST in the league. I would trust what Aaron feels, it is his body after all. The Packers will continue to be the most injury plagued team in the NFL. Thats what happens with poor management and execution. Go Aaron Go…

    1. I do blame the S&C staff for AR’s broken collarbone and all the other injuries he’s suffered over the years…

  14. Some interesting takes here and thank you all, as always, for reading and for the support.

    What makes this such a hot topic is the fact that, and this is echoed by the beat writers and journalists as well, the Packers just don’t share any information when it comes to player health. I see some coaches (Mike Tomlin, for example) who will literally say what the injury is and what the timeline is going to be. With McCarthy, a guy’s arm could be hanging by a thread and he’d still say “he has an upper body issue. It’s medical and we’ll see what Dr. McKenzie and his staff have to say later on”.

  15. There are so many pieces to this so called puzzle to possibly make the playoffs…. playoffs!!!! Even if all this magic could possibly happen, and yes Virginia there is a “Santa Claus” not only do you risk having one of the best QB’s of the modern day era going down more serious than what has happened already. This has been a dismal season to say the least, and not saying lose to get a better draft pick, cause that does not hold true that often, and would only cost more money. Not to mention TT & MM draft picks have not been up to the task. With this porous line that we have we endanger AR to an actual break which could hamper his off season workouts. Play Tolzien and get him up to speed with the whole offense. Now is the time to evaluate the team and see who needs to be let go after the season. So many holes to fill, and the draft is not going to take care of all of them. We need to be more active in FA. TT and MM need to put the egos aside and do what is best for the the team. I get the whole being fiscally responsible, and not saying that we drop ridicules money on second tier players, but it is a part of the NFL and we for the most part refuse to venture into it. There have been exceptions I do know that so no lists please. Shut AR down…evaluate the rest of the team to see what you need to do this offseason. If we lose out and get a higher draft pick, and someone is there that would be an immediate impact player than get him, if not use it as trade bait. A lot of takers out there every year. Oh and if MM stays then hire a “CREATIVE OFFENSIVE COORDINATOR” to call the plays this vanilla crap is getting old, AND….. drum roll please…………… FIRE DOM CAPERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. there will be no playoffs this year…everyone is waiting to see Philly beat the Lions…i say it doesnt happen…and why wish for a higher draft choice, TT will probably trade down or out of the first round anyway…he dont like to spend Packers money ya know….

      1. billy, maybe thats the problem everybody is going over the ways we can get to the playoffs by other teams losing. The one thing they are forgetting is the fact that we have to win too…

  16. Take the exact same scenerio with Favre going down with a fractured clavicle. Guess what they jack him up with vicodin and he comes out after halftime and wins the game. Or use Bart Starr, Vince tells him it is not a weight bearing bone get your lilly azz back out there. Starr goes on to win the game. Times have changed, poor Rodgers may not play again this year…

  17. My sentiment on winning and losing as well big T. Playoffs are for winning teams, the better teams, we’re 0-4-1 in the past month. Play one play, one game at a time.

  18. I think we pretty much proved the packers are a one pony show & the pony is A-rod. His playing anymore this year with just 4 games left & realistically, no where to go is risking the teams FUTURE. Sit him out along with Cobb & the rest of the walking wounded & play the rest of the subs & see if they’re NFL material. The team needs a change of direction & some enthusiasm. If the goal is the SB, it ain’t goanna happen this year. Atlanta’s a perfect opponent to try new things, they’re dead in the water too.

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