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Kahlil Bell
Bell was reportedly signed to replace Johnathan Franklin

The Green Bay Packers have reportedly signed former Chicago Bears and New York Jets running back Kahlil Bell, according to ESPN’s Rob Demovsky.  Bell hasn’t played a down this season, after spending time with the Bears and Jets over the past two seasons.

Bell had his best game as a pro against the Packers on Christmas Day, 2011 when he rushed for over 120 yards in a Bears loss to Green Bay.

Bell’s signing means the Packers will need to make a corresponding roster move to make room for Bell.  Neither Bell’s signing nor any indication of what the next move will be have been announced by the Packers.

One scenario would have the Packers sending a current injured player to injured-reserve.  Among the possibilities are center Evan Dietrich-Smith, receiver Randall Cobb, offensive lineman J.C. Tretter or quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

The  move to sign Bell became necessary when the Packers placed rookie running back Johnathan Franklin on season-ending injured reserve after he suffered a neck injury against the Minnesota Vikings in week 12.


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20 thoughts on “Packers Reportedly Sign Running Back Kahlil Bell

  1. Well a lineman to block for him might have been maybe a better move, are we just blowing this year off????

  2. With all of the injuries… if Cobb and Rodgers go to the IR, should the Packers just forfeit the rest of their games? If they end up looking at this a an extended preseason they might be doing just that. If they only have one win in them, please let them beat Dallas. They haven’t beaten the Cowboys there since 1975.

    1. Wasn’t that Starr’s first win as coach? 19-10 with Rich McGeorge catching the clinching TD? I was out in my front yard kicking a football around, listening to the call on the radio.

    2. Once out of the playoff picture, good can come from playing to win. It is a time to see what players quit! If they quit in these last 4 games, they get cut…PERIOD. If they are willing to quit, they probably will relax during meaningful games as well. Chuck Knoll used this philosophy.

      1. I like this attitude. While it would be nice to get some young guys some playing time to see what they’re made of, it’s important to always play to win. Trying your hardest when it’s looking bleak builds character and fends off the losing culture that seems to take over some teams’ locker rooms. The guys that are still out there trying their damnedest are the keepers.

  3. I would guess Tretter or EDS, depending on just how badly he is injured. If it is EDS, we are really in deep doo-doo. Isn’t it somebody’s job to make sure we have a competent back-up at all times at all positions, especially QB and C? Would that be the GM?


    Just saw GB would draft 16th if season ended today. W/o the tie and assuming a loss instead, the Pack would be drafting 10th! We drop 6 slots for one lousy tie. MN’s draft position would drop from 6th to 9th if it had a win instead of a tie i.e. MN and GB would have been drafting back-to-back at 9 and 10. Since we tied, that would seem more fair than 6th and 16th! Ha, maybe they will draft a Hawk or Raji type! Although based on last year’s 3 R1 picks, whoever is running the show in MN seems to know how to draft as it appears they selected three impact players in R1 alone. Hell, that is one more than TT has to show for 9 years of drafting (and all 7 rounds). Somebody tell me again why is it TT is revered as a drafting guru? Oh yeah, he keeps his own picks. That explains why we are in the mess we are!!!

    1. So TT is an idiot and can’t build a team . . . and the Vikings GM is some kind of genius? And we only have two good players on our team? And you want the Packers to tank yet complain when they don’t win?!?

      And this gets 5 thumbs up votes. . . .

      My God Al, what has happened to your comments section?

  4. I hope Tretter is not placed on IR and he is able to get on the field. GB needs to see what they have in Tretter as a possible C next year, given that EDS is a FA.

  5. Couple of things:

    Franklin went on IR because of a concussion? I thought that even he said that he was okay (no neck injury). I wish they would give more complete information about these things. Do we need to be drafting another RB?

    Tretter played LT at Cornell. So, we will take a guy and try to remap him to play center to replace our UDFA center. I understand that LT’s are usually athletic guys but retraining all these guys to play another position is both uncertain and time consuming. Heaven help Rodgers for the next couple of years.

  6. I read that K. Bell had ONE good game, and that was against Green Bay’s defense. And we signed him as a FA? WTF?

      1. yup, and this right up Ted ‘alley”….a cheap discard….sure to help bring another superbowl to TitleTown…

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