Does Anybody Care About Greg Jennings Returning to Lambeau? All Green Bay Packers All the Time
Vikings WR Greg Jennings returns to Green Bay to play the Packers on Sunday.

Remember back when former Packers WR Greg Jennings was questioning the leadership of quarterback Aaron Rodgers and generally acting like an ass after signing a fat new deal with the Minnesota Vikings?

A lot of Packers fans circled Nov. 24 on their calendars. That was the day Jennings and the Vikings were coming to Lambeau Field and the first opportunity Packers fans would have to let the boos reign down on the former Packers standout.

Now that Nov. 24 is almost here, does anyone even remember Greg Jennings and that his return to Lambeau is almost upon us?

I’m going to the game Sunday, and I completely forgot that it’s Jennings’ return until I randomly thought of it earlier this evening. At this point, Jennings isn’t relevant enough to warrant booing.

A lot has happened to the Packers since Jennings contracted diarrhea of the mouth. Half the team — including Rodgers — is injured and the season is close to falling off a cliff. Packers fans just want their team to win a game and probably care less about booing Jennings.

Jennings also hasn’t done anything in Minnesota. He looks like just another past his prime WR who was given a giant contract and won’t come anywhere close to fulfilling the investment.

I’d rather save my energy for cheering the Packers than boo Jennings.

Oh, I’m sure Jennings will hear it when he trots out on Sunday, but the catcalls won’t be nearly as loud as what they would have been had the Packers hosted the Vikings in week one.

Greg Jennings: Standout wide receiver and Super Bowl champion in Green Bay. Mr. Irrelevant in Minnesota.




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29 thoughts on “Does Anybody Care About Greg Jennings Returning to Lambeau?

  1. Its not that they went, its where and how. Jennings, favre, and to a certain extent sharper and longwell too. Had to take a few shots parting shots at the pack, the city, TT…. And go to the frigging VIKINGS. It doesn’t leave endearing memories. They were heroes in green bay but now tarnished. Others leave with no hard feelings.

    The Jennings thing shows how tricky the high priced free agent thing can be. One or two bad signings can cripple a team. Also wreck a players career. I’m not saying jennings is a bad player. The queens just paid a lot for a guy that isn’t really helping them. Didn’t work out for either, the Viking flushed the $$$ down the toilet, Jennings was there to grab it, but he might be way better off with a few $ less in a different place.. The money could be better spent. I don’t blame Thompson too much for being reluctant to do that. I hope they don’t boo jennings either, but that is almost a bigger insult, that he isn’t relevant enough to warrant booing. Enjoy the game, make lots of noise, they need it I think, Go Pack!

  2. If I were the Vikings gm, I would package all three qbs, maybe get a 4th round draft pick for the bunch. And use it to draft Stave. They’d be way better off.

      1. Well he’s only a Sophomore, but mostly I tend to agree. I don’t see him being an NFL starter, not at this point. He would have to make huge progress in the next 2 years to warrant being drafted high enough too mention. He’ll likely get a chance as a late rd pick or UDFA.

  3. Greg who? Look, the bottom line is that just like Favre, he was very important to the Packers in bringing home the Lombardi Trophy. I wouldn’t be surprised if he still feels the hit he took in the end zone by Troy Polamalu.In his Packers career he was the “go to” receiver and rarely did he ever let us down. So he made a decision to go for the money, many of us would have done the same thing. The stupid decision he made was when his mouth starting going due to his sister’s influence. That doesn’t erase the great memories I have of his performances as a Packer.

    1. “In his Packers career he was the “go to” receiver and rarely did he ever let us down.”

      I believe this is ultimately what led to his going for the money and leaving town: the Packers WR ensemble was diminishing his significance. If anything, his injury last year and the play of Cobb, Nelson, and Jones in his absence showed that he was just a cog, and not the engine. With others whispering in his ear, I think it snowballed and led to the “break-up” we all observed.

      As long as AP is in town, it wouldn’t matter who is under center in Minnetonka these days. Jennings might even be wishing he had Scott Tolzien throwing to him at this point.

    2. “The stupid decision he made was when his mouth starting going due to his sister’s influence”

      Jennings is a big boy. If his sister caused him to say things due to her “influence”, then he is a very weak person.

  4. Like a lot of folks, I think that the season he’s having is his own version of hell and he knows it.

    I think the best things Packer fans could do would be absolute and total silence no matter what he does – pre-game intro’s, catches, drops, whatever.

    Like Michael to Fredo, it simply says ‘you’re dead to me.’

    And on the schadenfreude front, anyone notice Greg Jennings face all over the TV anymore? Got to be letting some of the air out of that ego that bloated up pretty good.

    1. Being paid millions of dollars for playing a game is hell? Anyone have Satan’s phone number?

  5. No. He’s not relevant. Maybe he would be if GB wasn’t in the middle of their season falling apart. I’m more concerned that they find a way to win on Sunday and get ARod back by Turkey day.

    1. Well said Bearmeat. Jennings is someone else’s cap concern.

      We have our own difficulties and that is the only focus for me and most fans.

  6. Gosh, for all the crap that Thompson is currently taking from the “Fire TT” crowd, is it possible that maybe Thompson actually knows what he’s doing when it comes to free agents?

    Hmmm. Maybe we shouldn’t bring this subject up… some posters might become so conflicted they go into convulsions.

    1. Keep in mind that TT also tried to sign Greg for 10 mil a year before 2012 and for 7.5 a year after 2012.

      He can still play but he’s not worth half that (kind of like Raji). Thankfully, Craig Frenning’s ego desired to be “the man”.

    2. So true Marpag. TT has made a lot of tough decisions (Favre, Woodson, Jennings) on some very popular players. Ultimately, he has kept the franchise moving forward while avoiding crippling cap situations. Jennings could and has been replaced and the Vikings have inflicted a big hit to their cap.

      After hearing that Raji turned his nose up to 8 million per year, I can see another storm a brewing for TT. It is not an easy job and I doubt that any poster could navigate these waters. Now, just get us a safety and lets go.

      1. “Jennings could and has been replaced and the Vikings have inflicted a big hit to their cap.”

        I can understand the Vikes wanting to support what they thought would be their young QB of the future (Ponder) after a good year by surrounding him with pieces (Patterson, Jennings, Rudolph). They just didn’t see what Jennings really was: a very good receiver in his prime who was already showing signs of wearing down. If anything, the FA market last offseason for WR wasn’t overwhelming.

      2. “After hearing that Raji turned his nose up to 8 million per year, I can see another storm a brewing for TT.”

        There has been plenty of talk here that the Packers are really a 4-3 team trying to play a 3-4. Certainly, it has the appearance that TT was stocking up the DL in anticipation of potential losses to age/FA. If Dom were to go, this team could very conceivably hire either a 4-3 and not lose much–if any–ground.

        1. That is my gut on us moving towards a 4-3 under a new defensive coordinator. We don’t seem to have the manpower for an effective 3-4 and it won’t get any better with the loss of Raji and maybe the end of Pickett

  7. We need GJennings to play well for the rest of the year. I believe what round our compensatory draft-pick for him, in part, depends on his play this year.

    Else, I don’t hold a lot of negative feelings towards him. He must of felt under appreciated near the end of his stay here, which I don’t agree with. Also don’t agree with a lot of his criticisms of the org., but more along the lines of not quite understanding why, than being pissed with him.

    Jennings miked reactions during SB45 were one of the highlights for me upon rewatching. He was also a very good receiver for us. The way it’s played out recently was totally unnecessary which I hold him accountable for.

    1. Actually, our return value in compensatory draft picks is based on the contract he signed, not how he plays. He signed a doozy. We will get a good pick for him. I’m guessing a 4th rounder. GoPack!

      1. Yeah, the contract is a big part of the formula but from the NFL’s own web-site: “Compensatory free agents are determined by a formula based on salary, playing time and postseason honors.”

        So how he does this year does factor in. Looks like we’ll lose ground on that.

        1. If playing time is a factor that’ll help a lot. Jennings is getting time on the field, but he’s not productive due to the cluster fuck that is the vikes QB situation. Obviously he won’t be getting postseason honors. But compensation and playing time might get us a 4th or so.

  8. I’m over Jennings. if Karma exists, Greg got his dose of this moral law of cause and effect. Like others, im more in tune with gluing my hopes to a saved season. IF the pack wins sunday, and IF rodgers comes back for the lions, we have a chance. I doubt rodgers will be back for thanksgiving, it would only be 3.5 weeks from a injury that takes 4-8 weeks to heal, but I guy can
    dream and hope, its all we have right now. m

    1. As those who are more wise in the human body keep saying, it’s the issue of the weakened bone and the possibility that it could be broken more severely if he plays early and not an issue of pain management (that he suggested at one point).

      So, as I see it, where does ARs ability to sustain lesser hits and not re-break his collarbone come to be and how does that mesh with the OL’s ability to protect him? Don’t forget that the hit that knocked AR out came when he was on the move, not when he was in the pocket. You’d better bet that if AR takes the field against the Lions, that DL is going to take its shots at him (which they aren’t averse to doing, anyway).

      I’ll be honest with you: if I’m MM, I take AR as soon as he says he can play. This season is lost if he misses much more time, and it’s lost if he gets re-injured. The likelihood that a re-broken collarbone will have lasting effects on ARs play in the future is pretty low (based on my reading and not on any personal knowledge of medicine)…it likely just means he’s done for the year.

      I would be willing to hedge my bets and let him play because–even if the Packers beat the Vikes–a loss to the Lions on Thanksgiving would all but end the Packers playoff hopes. The only way that changes is if the Packers beat the Vikes but the Lions lose to Tampa. Possible, but not likely.

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