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Game Notes: What sort of team will the Packers be under Scott Tolzein?  Fans got flashes of potential against the Eagles but also a lot of mental mistakes.  With a week to prepare as a starter, backup quarterbacks typically do about 9% better as the starter, will this be enough to overcome a lost Giants squad that’s finally righted the ship?

Inactives (via

Green Bay PackersGreen Bay Packers
12 QB Aaron Rodgers
13 WR Chris Harper
29 CB Casey Hayward
37 CB Sam Shields
53 LB Nick Perry
55 LB Andy Mulumba
67 T/G Don Barclay

16 QB Scott Tolzien will start for Rodgers; 31 CB Davon House will start for Shields; 96 LB Mike Neal will start for Perry; 74 T Marshall Newhouse will start for Barclay.

New York Giants
9 QB Ryan Nassib
23 CB Corey Webster
44 RB Peyton Hillis
59 LB Allen Bradford
61 C Dallas Reynolds
78 DT Markus Kuhn
81 TE Adrien Robinson

38 CB Trumaine McBride will start for Webster.

1st Quarter

  • Packers kick off, defense gets the first shot.
  • Packers defense looks pretty much the same, a couple good stops followed by a huge gain.
  • The Packers look lost or depressed, two 12-man on the field penalties basically shows they’re not into it right now.
  • Rueben Randle runs a nice mini pick route where the cornerback have to swap responsibilities and scores the touchdown.  You’d like to see tighter coverage by Micah Hyde but overall better offensive play and poor defensive play.
  • Good stop by MD Jennings leads to a 40 yard field goal for the Giants, I think this is the way that the Capers’ defense is supposed to work, give up some yards, but make the stop and force them to take 3 instead of 6.
  • Score: Giants 7, Packers 0

2nd Quarter

  • Out of nowhere, 70 yards of passing on two plays, 25 yards to Jordy Nelson aand 45 yards to James Jones; hopefully this opens up the box for Lacy and Starks.
  • I bet McCarthy is itching to give up on the run, but he knows he has to feed Lacy the ball.
  • Tramon Williams shows why he got that big contract in 2010, what an acrobatic interception.
  • Oh Marshall Newhouse, I thought you were supposed to be good against speed rushers…
  • Crosby with a beautiful 57 yard field goal, probably could have gone another 5 yards.
  • In all honesty, consider how beat up the Packers are and how badly they’ve been playing, being down 4 is about as good as you can hope for; looks like the Packers are starting to believe again.
  • Score: Giants: 10, Packers 6

3rd Quarter

  • Tolzein seems to have some issues with the center of the field, it seemed like last week he was also was missing a lot of defenders in the middle, but made good passes down the sideline.
  • Miscommunication between Manning and his receivers leads a field goal, at least the Giants are making mistakes too.
  • I like the fake field goal based on the distance and the risk vs reward, you got to do something to get a spark.
  • Brandon Jacobs pounds in the short touchdown, my question is, how much of that is situational and the Giants and how much of that is the Packers defense, keep in mind this same defense stuffed Ray Rice and Bernard Pierce 4 times at the goal line.
  • Score: Giants 20, Packers 6

4th Quarter

  • Two huge sacks for the Packers defense, first by Brad Jones and then a combination of Matthews and Datone Jones.  I’m actually a little surprise that Manning is holding onto the ball considering the situation
  • Wow, even as a Packers fan, that was a spectacular interception for Pierre-Paul.
  • Why are the Packers even getting a shot for sacks? If you were the Giants, knowing that the Packers aren’t going to score 14 points in 5 minutes, I would be running the ball every play and punting.
  • I do think it’s kinda of ironic that the Packers have turned back into the super traditional “dead ball” football team of pounding the ball down the middle and then throwing deep.  It’s a pretty startling difference from their spread offense.
  • Tolzien gets over 300 yards; in all honesty he’s play pretty good and might be the backup quarterback of the future.  Of course he’s not Aaron Rodgers but he’s not Seneca Wallace either.  A full offseason with the Packers and the McCarthy’s quarterback school will help as well.
  • And the moment I write that, Tolzien wings one into the middle of the field.  He’s probably been watching too much film of Rodgers cause Rodgers makes plays like that all the time.
  • Final Score: Giants 27, Packers 13

Thomas Hobbes is a staff writer for Jersey Al’s


67 thoughts on “Packers 13 vs. Giants 27: Game Day First Impressions Unfiltered

    1. Even with only 3 points, you gotta believe the Giants are going to give more respect to the passing game now, which hopefully means bigger holes for the running game.

    1. brad jones made plays throughout the game. he’s a TFL machine. He’s the best option to play next to Hawk.

    1. Keep in mind the Packers get the ball for the 2nd half, this could be a big momentum swing.

  1. Is house out, I see a lot of bush. That would suck if he is with Shields and Hayward out. I hope Bostick is ok

  2. Just as I was going to say we need to start some play action passing on 1st down , Tolzien throws a pick on play action. I think we need to still do it though, to predictable on 1st down

  3. Did anyone else knew there was a good possibility that MM was calling a fake punt afyer the penalty?

    1. I had a feeling as well, the return team was definitely not going to be a second slower after giving up the penalty.

  4. 20-6 after 3 qtrs. Pack has 6 pts and around 30 yards rushing through 3 qtrs. I sense a loss next week, too, if Rodgers isn’t back. This team basically sucks without Rodgers. Give Rodgers half the payroll, he deserves it.

    1. Rodgers basically has half the payroll, so that’s been taken care of. If you take a team’s best player and leader away from them, they’re bound to play worse, I think they’re actually playing pretty well all things considered.

  5. Good stop by the D, now Newhouse and the Oline need to block to Tolzien can go deep. The Lions lost, we have to win this game.

    1. I’m not sure Young would do any better. The Packers were not convinced, they decided on Tolzein, Wallace and Matt Flynn over Young. More importantly, as a free agent, he again has not attracted any attention; the NFL is done with Vince Young, simple as that.

    2. Young the dumbest man in football that can’t throw the ball. Yeah, he would help this. Wait, maybe he can replace Newhouse.

  6. Garbage time. A great season of promise left on the training room table. I can’t believe that we will let the Bears or Lions have the North.

    1. Do you remember the Packers in the 80’s? I’d take 16 losses like this one over that crap.

      1. Not to be a grump, but the playoff results under Capers remind me of the Lynn Dickey led packers. We put up points, they put up more….

  7. Again a couple bad passes by Tolzien and again a missed cut block by Bahktiari. Bahktiari has ONE job on a pass like that, cut the DE and don’t allow him to disrupt the play. He wasn’t even close to JPP. You simply don’t run that play and not have the LT cut the DE and he didn’t do it AGAIN!

    Simple fact is this offense is designed and tailored to Rodgers and none of the other QB’s can run it. Its not so much a reflection on any player or other aspect of the team, but if you take out the trigger man from an offense designed around that trigger man it won’t work.

    Its not like we didn’t know any of this going into the season and it wouldn’t matter who the backup QB is. Its a QB-centric offense designed for Rodgers. Without him nothing else works and that in some ways includes the Defense. Right or wrong it is the way it is w/ every Elite QB in the NFL. Take the Elite QB out of the offense tailored for them and the team suffers. Period!

    1. Totally disagree with your “simple fact” that the offense can’t be run by anyone but Rodgers. The ONLY complaint that I have with Tolzien is that he needs to improve his decision making, and that can definitely happen with experience.

      You do know Tolzien threw for 339 yards, right? Were you expecting 500?

    2. I’m not entirely sure that Bakhtiari knows it’s a quick pass, it could be something that Tolzien saw, in which case he would have no idea to throw a cut block. And as also mentioned, JPP wasn’t really rushing all that hard so cut blocking wouldn’t have slowed him down all that much anyways.

  8. Need Rodgers back. However, still only one game back. Beat the Viqueens, hopefully get Rodgers back and beat the Lions. Then we’re tied for the division lead at 7-5 with 4 games to play and I’ve left with the Bears. In the meantime the Bears will lose at least 2 more games. The Lions will probably lose at least another game or 2 as well. Gotta find a way to win the next 2. Defense was not terrible today. Most Giant points came off pick or good field position. Failed fake punt and Pierre Paul pick-6 sealed the defeat today. Thanks, Since ’61

    1. The more games the Packers lose, the longer it will take Rodgers to get back. I think even best case scenario Rodgers gets back for the Lions game, say they lose against the Vikings, and Rodgers suffers a setback (or the Packers have just been playing mind games with the Lions the whole time) and the Lions win that game as well. Chances are good that the Packers wouldn’t win the division at that point and chances are poor that they’d win enough games to make a wildcard berth. In that case, you could see the front office and coaching staff just shut Rodgers down and let him heal fully, no point in trying to salvage a lost season and risk more permanent damage to Rodgers and jeopardize Rodgers’ career.

  9. Well, some significant improvement, better tackling, tramon Williams looks much better. Their defense lets teams throw over the middle way too easily however. If I were the giants I would try that every play. Is that the fault of dbs, linebackers, no pass rush or play calling? Hate to think I’m screaming through my tv at the wrong people. A couple of big blunders by Tolzien, hope he learns. He throws a nice deep ball.

  10. Interesting thought but receivers running through the Packers secondary uncovered has nothing to do with Rodgers. Not having a Safety worth a damn has nothing to do with Rodgers.
    Like or or not, this is the product of several poor drafts by Ted T. Injuries aside, we’ve saw it week in and week out. Healthy secondary or injured secondary it doesn’t seem to matter. I mean can you believe Ted T gave Burnett 24 million!! We get him for 4 more years!!! If Thompson really was as brilliant as everybody says, this defense would have been fixed by now.
    I agree with you about Rodgers but only because when the defense gets it ass handed to them like today, the Packers score 35 points when Rodgers plays and nobody talks about the terrible defense because it’s a win.

    1. The defense “got its ass handed to them?” Really?

      The Giants scored 27 points. 7 points were scored when the Packers defense was not on the field. So the Packers D gave up 20 points.

      The Giants scored 10 of those 20 points on drives that started in Packers territory. I don’t think the GB defense was responsible for the short field.

      So far this year, the average number of points a team scores per game is 24.4. The Packers gave up less than that. The Giants have averaged 19.2 ppg so far. The Packers gave up 20.

      So far this year, the average yards a team gains per game is 349. Yesterday, the Packers gave up 334. The Packers outgained the Giants by 60 yards.

      No, the D wasn’t great. But I don’t think you can say they “got their ass handed to them.” If Green Bay had won the game, no one would be crying about the defense.

    2. Rodgers has a ton to do with the defense. Rodgers makes sure the opposing offenses don’t the the ball close to the end zone. Rodgers makes sure that the defense doesn’t have to deal with an offense that’s rallying behind a Packers interception. Rodgers makes sure that the defense gets to catch it’s breadth on the sideline instead of during a play. Rodgers makes sure that the opposing offenses have to play one dimensionally in order to keep up with the Packers. Just cause a quarterback isn’t on the field when the defense is on doesn’t mean he can’t help the defense out.

  11. Its so frustrating watching the Pack lose to teams we would beat with Aaron at the helm. The Pack would easily be 8-2 right now and with a nice lead in the division. The would have finished 14-2 or 13-3. Oh well, not much we can do about it. The bears took Rodgers out and they are basking in the glory of all these Packers losses. I have bear friends who think their team is good. Weather our season is over or not ( have to beat the Viks and Rodgers needs to be back for the Lions game or it probably is) I hope the last game of the year is a must win for the bears and the Rodgers lead Pack kicks their asses at Soldier Field

    1. If Rodgers is back Thanksgiving and we get our Oline healthy, the season can be saved. If not, it’s over and we should put Rodgers on IR.

      1. If we lose next week against the Vikings the season is over and it may be over already. Even with AR, two or three of the remaining five games are losses, given our ridiculously poor secondary and equally atrocious tackling. At best, including a win against the Vikes, the Pack finishes 9-7. That probably isn’t good enough to win the division or to be invited to the dance as a wild-card. As to the worst . . . well, I don’t even want to think about it.

  12. Wish they’d let Rodgers call the plays while he’s hurt. Curious to see how he’d do. Offense was too conservative for my tastes early on. Too much ineffective running on first and second down leaving tolzien with third and long.

    Not ready to give up on the playoffs but the defense isn’t good enough to win it all even with Rodgers at QB.

    1. Rodgers calling the play is a good idea but it’s more effective if he’s actually behind center. He also doesn’t think as much since it’s second nature to him. If we can get Barclay healthy I’d put Rodgers back in for Thanksgiving but if not, we’re risking getting him hurt for the long term if we rush him back. Newhouse is going to get him killed.You can still make the playoff at 10-6 so we can still afford to lose to Minnesota.

    2. I don’t see much of a benefit, it’s not like Rodgers needs play calling experience as he calls the no huddle/2 minute drill and I don’t know why you’d think that Rodgers would be more aggressive with Tolzein than McCarthy was, Rodgers knows just as well that you can’t ask Tolzein throw the ball all game long.

      1. But my guess is Rodgers also knows it’s easier to throw against a defense that is expecting a run on first down. (Rodgers called a good half against detroit a couple of years ago, but I acknowledge detroits d was really bad.) In hindsight the packers plan was probably to go run heavy,eat up clock and hope to shorten the game. And to that extent their plan worked as it was close up til the pick six.

  13. Newhouse sucks. Why does MM think he is starter quality?

    MM’s play calling sucked too.

    1st down – lacy run
    2nd down – Lacy run
    3rd down – throw short of sticks.
    4th down – punt

    Jints can’t be run on. Apparently everybody knows that but MM. The way to win this game was to come out throwing, get up by a couple of TDs and then mix run/pass rest of game.

    Jints vulnerability is vs deep passes. Too bad MM called very few.

    Defense played better but at crunch time secondary couldn’t cover Nicks or Cruz despite having each triple teamed when targeted. CMIII still handicapped by wrist cast. Daniels was held several times and not called. Tackling was much better.

    Apparently changes a good number of MM’s play calls at the line because what we have witnessed last 3 games is barbarically moronic.

    Lacy ran like a bull on TD score.

    Yes, this team totally sucks w/o Rodgers and would be one of the worst teams in the league w/o him. I sure hope he’s back vs Vikings.

    DET lost today as well. That helped. I sure hope Rodgers is back for game vs Vikings this week.

    1. I attended the game. The offense play calling deserves an F. Run the ball, run the ball, short pass, punt. Everyone I sat next to knew what was coming. Finally the passing started and the Pack moved the sticks. Tolzien appears to be a good backup qb but he has to learn to throw over defenders and not just line drives. That is why they were picked off this game and last week. Also, except for the interception where Manning and his target were not on the same page, the secondary is terrible. How can the Giant’s receivers be all alone and then after the catch, two or three defenders show up. I am usually very positive, but after seeing first hand what I saw today, I think it’s wait ’til next year.

    2. I’m pretty sure McCarthy doesn’t think that Newhouse is starter quality, hence why he was a backup until Barclay got hurt. Sherrod is still probably on the mend so he’s not really an option either, hence Newhouse was in the game.

      Also, I’m pretty sure the Packers knew that the Giants were a good run defense team, but with a young quarterback, you have to lean on the running game in hopes of a easier pass defense. Really, it’s not about getting yards with Lacy it’s lessening the pass rush for Tolzein and giving him bigger windows to throw in.

  14. If we played Detroit today they would have eaten our lunch. This is a team that has no chance of winning in the NFL. The defense is without talent with the exception of Mathews and Hawk. Barnett should be shown the door today! The play calling is lousy. The returns never reach the 20??? How many times can you run up the middle for no yards? It will probably take two seasons of not making the playoff’s this year will be one before the Green Bay fans ride their beloved leaders out of town on a rail. There can be no improvement on defense because the talent is not there. There will be no joy in packer land for at least two years, that is if they have the guts to sent TT and most of the coaching staff to a better place.

    1. I’ve been combing through the Packers past drafts by Ted T and frankly I haven’t got a clue why we trust him. The Packers have drafted 18 players that play defense since 2010 alone. Burnett and Perry are the only ones that start. Hayward makes 3, if you count him as a starter. THAT is why this defense is so pathetic. If your a draft and develop team that’s made 18 picks for the defensive side of the ball and only 2 start, you have problems. If Marshall Newhouse is your best Tackle option for the Tackle spot, you have problems. Lastly, where the hell did Lattimore go? The defense seemed a hell of a lot better with him in the game than Jones. I guess if they pay ya, they play ya (See Tramon Williams). Sorry for negativity guys, very frustrated Packers fan here. Rodgers gets sacked by a guy with a 1/2 entering the game and the fricken season is on life support.

      1. I think you have to take it in perspective with the NFL overall, keep in mind the success rate for drafting players is basically 50-50 in the higher rounds and then way worse after that. Think of all the Aaron Curry’s, Rolando McClain, Vernon Gholston etc.

        As for Newhouse, Newhouse is essentially the 5th best tackle after Bulaga, Bakhtiari, Barclay and either Lang or Sherrod (I’d wager Sherrod is better than Newhouse at this point). This isn’t Thompson not getting guys, this is guys getting hurt (if you want to blame Thompson for drafting injury prone guys, fine but I don’t think anyone knows who would get hurt and how often if they didn’t have an injury concern in college).
        Finally, you take out Manning, Brady, Brees or any other top flight quarterback and see how that works for them. If you have a star NFL quarterback, you lean on him but if he gets hurt you are screwed, Packers just got unlucky this year.

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