Packers vs. Giants Week 11 Game Predictions from All Green Bay Packers All the Time
Week 11: Green Bay Packers vs. New York Giants
Name Record To-Date This Week’s Pick Score Prediction
Kris Burke 5-4 New York Giants 27-23
The play of Scott Tolzien last week gave fans some hope but another soiling of the bed by the defense shows how much trouble the Packers are still in until Aaron Rodgers returns. The Giants are hot and the Packers are in a tailspin. The defense lets everyone down again as Green Bay loses its third straight.
“Jersey” Al Bracco 5-4 Green Bay Packers 24-14
When Mike McCarthy gets that look in his eye in a post-loss press conference, things usually improve the following week. While the Giants have won three in a row, they have not impressed me at all. Here’s hoping the Packers’ defense shows up this week.
Adam Czech 7-2 New York Giants 22-17
Eli Manning isn’t that great of a quarterback, but like the rest of the team, he’s really lucky. After starting 0-6, the Giants have feasted on a lame-duck Josh Freeman, Matt Barkley and an injured Terrelle Pryor to win three straight. On Sunday, they get the Packers’ third-string QB and will get just enough lucky bounces to win their fourth in a row and send the Packers to their third-straight defeat.
Marques Eversoll 6-3 New York Giants 20-16
While I think the Packers’ defense will step up and force a couple turnovers, the Giants’ defense has been phenomenal the past few weeks. They’ve allowed a total of 13 points in three games, and now they get Scott Tolzien at home. Consider me skeptical.
Thomas Hobbes 5-4 Green Bay Packers 20-17
I said it last week and I guess I have to say it again, the Packers offense will be a lot better when their quarterback has had a week to prepare as the starter.  Considering Tolzein was given an open playbook against the Eagles, I’d expect to see an even more balanced and less predictable offense this week.  As for defense, everyone has to be feeling the heat to perform and hopefully that helps, but what definitely will help is Clay Matthews not having a bowling ball for a hand.
Cory Jennerjohn 7-2 New York Giants 31-20
Amazingly, the Giants started 0-6 and are still vying for the NFC East crown. Eli Manning is a good quarterback but with no running game, he has been exposed with many poor decisions. The Giants win this game on the strength of its defensive line. Getting pressure to disrupt Scott Tolzien, who is making his first career start, early will pay dividends late for New York.
Jason Perone 6-3 New York Giants 45-7
Fool me once. .you know the saying.  The Packers are struggling and they’re facing their old nemesis Giants in New York.  The Giants have won three straight and they still have something to play for in the weak NFC East.  The last two matchups between these teams haven’t ended well for the Packers and that was with Aaron Rodgers at quarterback.  Until I see it with my own eyes, I’m picking this one to end much like the last few.
Chad Toporski 6-3 Green Bay Packers 27-21
My gut was right last week, so here’s hoping it’s right this week. I think the Packers are going to pull out an upset on the road after being embarrassed the past two weeks at home. Against Eli Manning, the defense will get its first interception since Week 7.

Chad Toporski, a Wisconsin native and current Pittsburgh resident, is a writer for You can follow Chad on twitter at @ChadToporski


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  1. I am trying hard not to lose hope. But in all honesty, I’ve seen too much of the crappy version of Capers defense over the past 5 years to be anything but skeptical.

    NYG 28
    GBP 17


  2. Thomas, chad and al gave the correct answers I believe. The rest of the prognosticators need to study up. Al’s got it right, McCarthy has that no more of this crap look about him. I like it, and fingers crossed, he it makes it happen. Packers 20 giants 10.

  3. This game is a good example of what the NFL is about these days. Before the season I looked at the schedule and figured this game as a probable loss for the Packers, based on last year’s game and the Packers O-line struggles with the Giants D-line in recent seasons. Then the Giants go 0-6 and I’m thinking this game looks good for the Pack. Then Cobb is gone, JMike gone and Rodgers is hurt. The Giants win 3 in a row and get back in their division race. My point is that NFL seasons and teams twist around erratically and 2-3 weeks can change everything. The Pack is down right now but it can all change quickly, with a win in NY and a win at home against the Queens and the return of Rodgers. Due to business travel I had to give away my tickets for this game, but I am hoping for the defense to play with reckless abandon and pressure Eli all day, for the offense to control the ball and the clock and for the Pack to pull out a 23- 16 victory. Remember last year, we went to Houston and won big, when we were expecting the worst. I know we had Rodgers then, but the whole team stepped up that night. My gut tells me that our team is stepping up this week. If they do we can be 7-4 going into Detroit. Enjoy the game, due to the time difference, I ‘ll be sleeping when the game is on. (LOL). Thanks, Since ’61

    1. ” I am hoping for the defense to play with reckless abandon and pressure Eli all day, for the offense to control the ball and the clock and for the Pack to pull out a 23- 16 victory. ”

      This is what I was hoping for last week. The big difference: Andre Brown is no LeSean McCoy, and the Giants resurgent defense hasn’t had to face a legit NFL QB over that span. They don’t face one this week, either, but–assuming the same QB starts and finishes for the Packer this week–I have a feeling the Packers get this one done. 26-24.

  4. Exactly right with the reckless abandon ’61. Football is such a game of momentum and attitude. That’s been missing, especially at the end of the game. Take it to ’em!

  5. The Giants Oline isn’t very good. Clay will be playing with a smaller cast and could become a difference maker in this game. Daniels could have a good game also and I like that D jones had 2 sacks last week. Pressure will help our DBs. The giants run game isn’t nothing to fear.

    Tolzien will have to play smart as far as taking risks. There were some throws last week into crowded coverage. Looks like EDS will play and Barclay will be a late decision(they ordered him a knee brace). If we have our starting offensive line, (no Newhouse) I feel the Pack has a good chance to win this game.

  6. Do I dare believe that our defense will step up and carry the team. I called for this after Rodgers went down only to have the D crap the bed these last two games.

    Do I dare believe that a struggling Giants team continues to make mistakes and the Packers steal this one. We seem to fit Eli Manning’s eye and with our secondary playing like the clown band, it is hard to believe.

    Do I dare to believe that a 3rd string QB who joined the team in week one will lead a talent depleted offense to victory.

    It will be close, 23-17, but I believe. Go Packers!

  7. We are losing games that should be easy victories, even without a quarterback. This whole team is in a huge funk. Hopefully MM can beat the funk out of them. Still no reason for this team not to make the playoffs. There are college teams out there that could beat our competition. We don’t have to play awesome, just play consistent, buck up and tackle and were fine…

    1. “We don’t have to play awesome, just play consistent, buck up and tackle and were fine…”

      Well said Big T. While it would be nice that some guys step up and make big plays, we really do need the defense to play steady and without mistakes.

  8. there are no playmakers left on this team.

    Matthews is not a playmaker with his missing hand.

    Nelson is not a playmaker without Rodgers.

    Lacy is not a playmaker with this banged up OL in front of him.

    Giant’s arrow is pointing up and they’re at home.

    Packer’s arrow is pointing STRAIGHT down and they are on the road.

    Giants have a 2 time SB winning qb (albeit playing at below his normal level).

    Packers have Tolzein.

    If you’re picking the Packers in this one – it is 100% because of your love for the team. No rational thought involved.

    Every single advantage tilts towards the Giants.




        1. It’s called “spin.” Facts or no facts, it’s all in the presentation. What you include, what you don’t include, and from what angle you present it.

          1. You want me to be more “gentle”?

            I’m going to say what I think.

            This team has no balls.

  9. This season is not over. Even with a probable loss at the Giants, we can run the table and win the division/wild card. They just need to play with a little heart instead of just going through the motions. Coach please light a fire, lets do this thing…

    1. This team has no heart.
      Showed the lack of that quality during the final 9:32 of last week’s game.

      If you’re going to put your faith in McCarthy… be prepared to be disappointed. Dude can’t win without a pro bowl QB running his show.

      It must be very disheartening to be a member of the Packers knowing that Rodgers is your entire team.



      Rest of this team is so average it’s painful.

  10. This team hasn’t gotten a “good” game out of more than a couple good players in a while. Whether its lack of playing together, being undermotivated, being poorly utilized or something else, they’ve done it before and hoping they can still do it. Tolzien isn’t going to light the world on fire, but if others step up and make a difference I believe they can do it. I remember a Rodgers-less game a couple of years ago when then played the champs, the patriots. We were going get killed. A guy like Flynn at the controls? No chance. We didn’t get killed, we almost won against huge odds. Patriots and Brady are much tougher than this year’s giants. We went on to a pretty decent year as I recall. It can be done. Its there to take.

    1. That season’s defense didn’t suck ass like this one’s does.

      Oh – and the offense had Jennings.

      There are no parallels between these seasons.

      2010 was special.

      2013 is an embarrassment.

        1. only the game score was a look into the future.

          all of my other statements have been proven as fact over the last two games.

  11. The team doesn’t suck. Until Rodgers and half the team went down we were talking playoffs, taking the division, superbowl… Not just Packer’s homers like me either. They were ranked highly by a lot of people in all circles. Show me any team that suffers this many injuries, including losing the starting qb 3 games in a row, that isn’t going to take a dive. The defense was playing well until the bears game as well. Not great, but not sucking. They need to step up, maybe theyre trying too hard, overthinking , I don’t know. 2010 was special, but had lots of parallels. As you may recall, they almost missed the playoffs, they got the 2nd wildcard on the final game against the bears. They had a makeshift defense where guys named shields, Williams, Mathews, hawk, picket, Raji,…were mainstays. Do these names look familiar? By the way, guys like zombo, Walden, lee, were also mainstays -they’re long since discarded. There’s a lot of parallels. Do they have to adapt to rough circumstance? Hell yes, but they been there before. I’m staying optimistic until there out.

  12. Who would have predicted last week the under dog Rams would go into Indy & maul the “home team”. It’s hard to tell if a team is up or down & as the Season winds down, more & more upsets occur. Just when you’re ready to throw in the towel on the Pack, They’ll play a decent game & they are due! I think they can beat the Giants who are just a so-so team. Who would have thought the Jaguars would actually beat anyone. time for STRANGE things to begin.

    1. Right now the Rams have more talent on offense and defense than the Packers.

      On offense it’s close… On defense it’s not even a debate.

      How sobering is that?

  13. The Giants have had the Packs number lately, but Eli “My name is Eli and I like chicken, them’s the rules” Manning is going to be exposed for the under achieving younger brother he actually is. Fluky performances on over achieving teams and SB wins aside, he will throw up more ints. than Tolzien and the Pack finally beat the football Giants.
    Go Pack Go!

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